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Aiding Our Enemies


#57817 Jun 2, 2014
Terror suspects freed by Obama admin. were labeled ‘high risk’ in 2008: report
May 31, 2014

All five terror suspects the Obama administration exchanged for the release of Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl on Saturday were deemed in a 2008 Pentagon dossier to be ‘high risk’ for launching attacks on American interests if released.
“They are undoubtedly among the most dangerous Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo,” said Thomas Joscelyn, a senior editor at the non-profit Long War Journal.

Jihads Friend in Obama


#57818 Jun 2, 2014
Taliban Gloats Over Jihad Victory

Taliban leaders claimed a jihadi victory following President Barack Obama’s decision to release five of their top leaders held at Guantanamo Bay, in exchange for one U.S soldier who walked off his base in 2009.

The five leaders were “released due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty and the sacrifices of the heroic and courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate,” which is formal name of the Taliban’s movement, said the June 1 statement.

Obama described the trade as a “recovery” of the U.S. soldier.

But the Taliban’s press release described it as a trade.


Export, PA

#57820 Jun 3, 2014
Has to be Corbett
Obamas POW Deserter Pal

Narberth, PA

#57821 Jun 3, 2014
6 soldiers killed searching for ‘deserter’ POW, fueling backlash
June 2, 2014

Six soldiers died in the frantic search for Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal immediately after his mysterious disappearance five years ago, fueling the increasing backlash over the POW’s recovery.

Former platoon mates of the now-recovered serviceman accused Bergdhal of deserting his post and blamed him for the unnecessary deaths of comrades.

“I was pissed off then and I am even more so now with everything going on,” former Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl’s platoon, told CNN.

“Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.”

Tom Corruptett

West Mifflin, PA

#57822 Jun 3, 2014
one term Tom is behind in the polls Wolf will straighten out this state. Wolf is ahead by 15% in the polls
quit shipping our drilling gas out of state and out of the country let's keep it here so we can have $25.00 a month gas bills......and charge the other states triple...... we need to vote out the scum Corbett.... he's backed by big gas and oil people
PA Voter

Avondale, PA

#57824 Jun 3, 2014
Vote for me
PA Voter

Avondale, PA

#57825 Jun 3, 2014
Or Wolfe
PA Voter

Coatesville, PA

#57826 Jun 3, 2014
Vote please
Get the Story Straight

Chambersburg, PA

#57827 Jun 3, 2014
[Monday Night]

WH apologizes to Senate intel chief for prisoner swap secret

The White House has apologized to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for failing to alert her in advance of a decision to release Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay.

Feinstein told reporters that she received a call from Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken on Monday evening apologizing for what the administration is calling an “oversight.”

“I had a call from the White House last night, from Tony Blinken, apologizing for it,” she said.

“He apologized and said it was an oversight,” she added.

Feinstein also said leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence panels were almost unanimously against a prisoner trade when it came up in 2011.



[Tuesday Morning]

Mike Rogers: No Hill briefing since 2011
President Barack Obama, speaking in Poland earlier Tuesday morning, said administration officials “have consulted with Congress for quite some time” about the possibility of a prisoner exchange.

But Rogers, appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said Congress hadn’t heard anything from the White House in years and that the administration only informed them of the deal after it had already taken place.

Obamas Deserter Hero

Chambersburg, PA

#57828 Jun 3, 2014
Bowe Bergdahl’s Vanishing Before Capture Angered His Unit
JUNE 2, 2014

Sometime after midnight on June 30, 2009, Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life.

He slipped off the remote military outpost in Paktika Province on the border with Pakistan and took with him a soft backpack, water, knives, a notebook and writing materials, but left behind his body armor and weapons — startling, given the hostile environment around his outpost.

Obama Idiot or Obama Liar

Chambersburg, PA

#57829 Jun 3, 2014
[George Washington wasn't president at the end of the Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln wasn't alive at the end of the Civil War. Harry S Truman, not FDR, was president at the end of the World War II.]

Obama Compares His Actions to Washington, Lincoln, FDR
June 3, 2014

"This is what happens at the end of wars," President Barack Obama said Tuesday when he was asked about swapping American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists.

"That was true for George Washington, that was true for Abraham Lincoln, that was true for FDR. That's been true of every combat situation, that at some point, you make sure that you try to get your folks back. And that's the right thing to do."

Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#57830 Jun 3, 2014
The election won't be over until November, but Gov. Tom Corbett may have an uphill fight ahead of him.

According to poll results issued Tuesday by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, Democratic Candidate Tom Wolf has a 25 percent edge over Corbett when placed head-to-head. An additional 15 percent of those who responded to the poll said they were undecided:

Tommy Corbett is a proven failure and the majority will thrash him come November.

Read the shocking story here:

Tom Corruptett

West Mifflin, PA

#57831 Jun 4, 2014
Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads Governor Corbett by 20 points in poll !!!

Tom Wolf, the businessman from York County, who won the Democratic nomination for governor in a primary race last month, tops Gov. Tom Corbett, 53 to 33 percent, a poll released this morning says.

The Quinnipiac University Poll of registered voters across the state shows that voters disapprove of Mr. Corbett’s performance by 55 to 35 percent and 58 percent of voters say Mr. Corbett does not deserve to be re-elected.

"The election is five months away, but Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett looks like easy prey for Democratic challenger Tom Wolf," Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a press release.

Thirty percent of voters who disapprove of Mr. Corbett, in an open-ended question permitting any answer, point to education as the main reason; 8 percent explain their disapproval for Mr. Corbett’s handling of fracking and the environment.

Nineteen percent of voters who approve of the governor point to the state budget, finance and taxes, and 12 percent cite the economy and jobs.

Mr. Wolf also tops Mr. Corbett on character traits, the poll says. Voters say that Mr. Wolf is honest and trustworthy (50 percent to 16 percent), that he cares about their needs and problems (55 to 18 percent), and that he has strong leadership qualities (58 to 13 percent).

Read the shocking details here:

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-sta...
Karl Rove

West Mifflin, PA

#57834 Jun 5, 2014
Third poll shows Wolf with at least 20-point lead on Corbett !!!

Three polls in four days have all shown York County businessman Tom Wolf with at least a 20-point lead on Gov. Corbett. This morning, a Quinnipiac University Poll put Wolf ahead, 53-33 percent.

That follows a Public Policy Polling survey from yesterday, which put Wolf ahead 55-30 percent. A Rasmussen Reports poll on Sunday put Wolf ahead 51-31 percent.

The Quinnipiac release says Wolf escaped "apparently unscathed" from the four-way May 20 Democratic primary. It also showed voters disapproved of the job Corbett, a Republican first elected in 2010, is doing by a margin of 55-33 percent, with 58 percent saying he shouldn't be given a second term.

Corbett's policies on education were the biggest reason the registered voters in the poll say they won't vote for him. More than 50 percent of those polled said Wolf would do a better job on that issue, along with the economy and jobs, energy and the environment and health care.

Read the true facts here:

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/cityhall/T...
Jerry Sandusky

West Mifflin, PA

#57835 Jun 5, 2014
More bad news for Corbett !!!

Raleigh, N.C.– PPP’s newest Pennsylvania poll finds Democrat Tom Wolf with a significant lead over incumbent Republican Tom Corbett in the race for Governor, despite support for Corbett’s decision not to appeal a recent court ruling on gay marriage.

Tom Wolf currently holds a 25-point lead over incumbent Governor Tom Corbett, bolstered by their diverging approval/favorable ratings, as Wolf picks up 55% of the vote to Corbett’s 30%. Pennsylvania voters have a strongly negative view on Corbett’s job performance, with 27% approving and 58% disapproving of his performance.

On the other hand, voters have a favorable opinion of Tom Wolf by a similar margin, with 47% viewing him favorably compared to only 20% unfavorably. Wolf naturally has strong support amongst Democrats, with 79% of the vote, but also picks up almost a quarter (24%) of the vote from Republicans, and a large majority (63%) of the vote amongst independents.

Read the truth here:

Whiney Progressives


#57836 Jun 5, 2014
'Mandela' Screenwriter Blames '12 Years A Slave' For Sucking 'Up All The Guilt About Black People'

Steve McQueen's film "12 Years a Slave" not only received incredible praise from moviegoers and film gurus, it also snagged an Academy Award for Best Picture. But not everyone was happy about the film's success.

William Nicholson, screenwriter for "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom," spoke out against the movie complaining that McQueen's film stole his thunder. Talk about being a sore loser.

Nicholson discussed the flick this weekend at the Hay Festival in Wales attempting to explain why the movie chronicling the story of Solomon Northup is the reason his biopic "didn't get the kind of acclaim that I wanted."

"I'm incredibly proud of this film. Unfortunately it didn't get the kind of acclaim that I wanted," he told the Daily Telegraph. "It didn't get Oscars.'12 Years a Slave' came out in America and that sucked up all the guilt about black people that was available."

Nicholson continued to stick his foot in his mouth, ultimately ignoring the fact that although the black American struggle with slavery and the South African fight against apartheid are similar, they are two completely different things -- although apparently in his opinion, people are incapable of having too much sympathy for both at the same time.

"They [the audience] were so exhausted feeling guilty about slavery that I don't think there was much left over to be nice about our film...."

Obama Endangers Us All


#57837 Jun 5, 2014
Taliban Commander Tells Time Bergdahl Swap Will Encourage More Kidnappings
June 5, 2014

Time magazine received a call Thursday from a Taliban commander who said that the recent prisoner swap for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl set a precedent for more kidnappings of American soldiers and other valuable targets.“It has encouraged our people,” he said.

The commander, who has been in communication with Time for several years and has previously provided reliable information about Bergdahl, spoke anonymously as he is not authorized to speak with the media. He said he’s been close to negotiations regarding the Bergdahl swap.

“It’s better to kidnap one person like Bergdahl than kidnapping hundreds of useless people,” the commander explained (the Taliban frequently kidnaps Afghan nationals for ransom and leverage).

“Now everybody will work hard to capture such an important bird.”

Mr French

Pittsburgh, PA

#57838 Jun 5, 2014
Well, I'm the guy that tells you there are Presidents you can critique and there's President's you can't. Now Mybama, that's not quite a President you can't criticize, but it's almost a President you can't critisize.

So I'm gonna make a fudgin' ruling on this right now.You don't fudgin' criticize him. You understand?

Oil City, PA

#57839 Jun 5, 2014
PA Voter wrote:
Vote please
Why??? It is who counts the votes that matters. And now a days it is who programs and rigs the electronic voting machines. Hell we made sure Obumfuk got every vote in certain precincts in key swing states.
Obama Channels Nixon


#57841 Jun 6, 2014
Renowned Liberal Law Professor: Obama the President Nixon Always Wanted to be
June 4, 2014

Respected liberal professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, an admitted supporter of many of Obama’s policies who has also been a sharp critic of Obama’s continual abuse of power and unconstitutional actions, compared Obama to another disgraced U.S. president, Richard Nixon.

Appearing on FOX News’ Hannity on Tuesday, Turley discussed with Sean Hannity Obama’s latest criminal activity, breaking a law he signed requiring him to notify Congress thirty days prior to the release of GITMO terrorists, Turley told Hannity,

“Barack Obama is really the president Richard Nixon always wanted to be.”


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