MASD Hiring Practices
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Hooray for Common Sense

Mckeesport, PA

#1 Jun 27, 2013
School director Trisha Gadson wants to see policy changes that would add transparency to hiring practices. Gadson shocked fellow board members during Wednesday's meeting when she cast a “no” vote on five pages of personnel recommendations because of the “appearance of impropriety.”While she said her vote was not intended to dispute the qualifications of any applicant or employee, Gadson said she believes the June list of hirings—often referred to as “green sheets”—may cast a negative shadow on hiring practices.“We have a responsibility as a district to operate above the appearance of impropriety, and it is my personal opinion that we did not do that,” she said.
Long after the list of hires, leaves of absence and conference requests was approved 6-1—with Gadson dissenting, and Joe Lopretto and Mark Holtzman absent—Gadson called for a policy change preventing any member of the district's personnel committee to be party to a relative's potential hiring.She requested that the district “adopt a practice that prohibits employees from interviewing and scoring applicants who are seeking employment that are related to them.” Because of the legal protection of personnel matters, the board did not identify the staff members in question.Gadson's motion was tabled after board president Patricia Maksin asked that the request be revisited formally.“I think that this is a knee-jerk reaction,” Maksin said.“If you want to do some sort of policy change, I think that the way to do that is to go through the policy committee and to get the (PA) School Boards Association involved to find out about wording and find out from our solicitor how it needs to be worded. You might have valid points, but I don't think this was the way to go about solving that issue.”Director Chris Halaszynski said he was offended by Gadson's use of the term “impropriety” in any context.“I voted yes on the green sheets, but the word ‘impropriety' was used, and it made me want to pump the brakes a little bit on that,” he said.“That word sounds pretty harsh. It's a heavy cloud. When we leave here tonight, that's going to be a buzz word without a doubt.”Gadson said she does not allege that any impropriety occurred, but rather that the process be more transparent — a request she has heard on many occasions in her role as chair of the district's diversity committee.“The appearance of impropriety means that it looks like something could occur. It doesn't mean that something did occur,” she said.
Combining Gadson's dissenting vote with her later motion, Halaszynski said, the public could get the wrong idea about district hiring practices.“I was concerned that it put a light on this board saying we did something we shouldn't have done, that it didn't look right or that it was shady,” Halaszynski said.He commended the district's personnel committee — a team of administrators and staff — for putting the time in to find candidates they believe are fitting for district jobs.
“I see the long hours involved in the hiring process and how stressful and demanding it is,” he said.
Director Mary Jane Keller also referenced the district's “fine administrative staff and interviewing team” who she said regularly provide personnel recommendations that are above question.
“This is one unfortunate issue that happened,” Keller said, referencing Gadson's issue with at least one of Wednesday's hires.“I agree with you that it should not have happened, but to vote no for all of the ones on that green sheet—many of whom we know are very competent in their jobs, some of whom are substitutes who have been working for five or six years waiting for a contract.”
Gadson said she respects the district's administration and has found them to be responsive and accommodating to public concerns.“However, if I don't stand for what I believe, I stand for nothing. Everyone who has come to these meetings knows me to be a straight shooter. I speak exactly what I believe. I respect you all, but on this we do not agree.”
Socratic Method

Dravosburg, PA

#2 Jun 27, 2013
So who got hired?

West Mifflin, PA

#3 Jun 27, 2013
like i said right after the election Trisha Gadson
will be just a fixture on the board,the fix is in and nothing will and can be done. Her hands are tied . you people should have cleaned house there.
One would think you assholes would learn by now.
she's not in the majority her opinion and vote wont matter........but any guy that is hired this year by the great powers of the school board will get a great swearing in party and a free handjob by yours truly. i will also save your sperm and donate it to the sprem bank for future birth of idiots
yeah baby!
Hooray for Common Sense

Mckeesport, PA

#4 Jun 27, 2013
A true professional would recognize a conflict of interest and recuse themselves from any action that could result in the appearance of impropriety.

Halaszynski is indignant due to the use of the word "impropriety"???

Well, I'm disgusted that only Gadson seems to think that following HR 101 hiring procedures / best practices is important to the taxpayers and parents in this district.

A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in another.
The presence of a conflict of interest is independent from the execution of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before anycorruption occurs. A widely used definition is: "A conflict of interest is a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary interest."[1] Primary interest refers to the principal goals of the profession or activity, such as the protection of clients, the health of patients, the integrity of research, and the duties of public office. Secondary interest includes not only financial gain but also such motives as the desire for professional advancement and the wish to do favours for family and friends, but conflict of interest rules usually focus on financial relationships because they are relatively more objective, fungible, and quantifiable. The secondary interests are not treated as wrong in themselves, but become objectionable when they are believed to have greater weight than the primary interests. The conflict in a conflict of interest exists whether or not a particular individual is actually influenced by the secondary interest. It exists if the circumstances are reasonably believed (on the basis of past experience and objective evidence) to create a risk that decisions may be unduly influenced by secondary interests.

West Mifflin, PA

#5 Jun 27, 2013
no law against nepotism but exposing a male customer's penis while tugging on his meat whistle in public can get you in trouble
Anti Nepotism Policy

Mckeesport, PA

#6 Jun 28, 2013
Patty wrote:
no law against nepotism but exposing a male customer's penis while tugging on his meat whistle in public can get you in trouble
At one time MASD had an anti-nepotism policy. But then the Dravosburg darling became chair of the policy committee and is was dropped or rescinded.

History is our witness on how this benefited her off spring's career advancements.

Taylor, MI

#7 Jun 28, 2013
Yes, she sat on the board for what seemed like forever to get her daughter in an administrative position. In the meantime, the daughter destroyed job opportunities for others by telling lies. SMH.

Unfortunately, when you look at all of the board members, only 1 or 2 of them do NOT have ulterior motives and actually have the students' best interest at heart.

I blame the current superintendent for allowing all of this bs that he is FULLY aware of to go on.


Taylor, MI

#8 Jun 28, 2013
The state would love to know what is REALLY going on in MASD.
Political Cover Ups

Mckeesport, PA

#9 Jun 28, 2013
Karma wrote:
The state would love to know what is REALLY going on in MASD.
You mean like the AG and the Cornell School sex scandal cover up by the late Dr. Risha and his elected official friend and MASD board, law department, and administration.
The Big Reveal

Taylor, MI

#10 Jun 30, 2013
We all need to pull together and report all of this crap to the state and proper officials.
jizz in my face

West Mifflin, PA

#11 Jun 30, 2013
pull this right toward your mouth
Two Much Politcal Pull

Mckeesport, PA

#12 Jul 1, 2013
jizz in my face wrote:
pull this right toward your mouth
What is "This." I think that this is a scarf or face guard or oxygen mask.
Nancy N Sluggo

Mckeesport, PA

#13 Jul 6, 2013
Two Much Politcal Pull wrote:
<quoted text>
What is "This." I think that this is a scarf or face guard or oxygen mask.
This is just too funny.

Mckeesport, PA

#14 Jul 6, 2013
I went to mahs it's messed up teacher sux

West Mifflin, PA

#15 Jul 7, 2013
i was caught several times masturbating under my desk at cornell skool.
i had massive orgasms and was dripping my love juice all over the floor. i was sent to the principals office where i gave him a hand job and
he siad keep up the great job he didnt call my parents and he looked forward to his weekly handjob from me
we became best buddies all thru grade skool.

i used to massage his nuts while stroking his endowed rock hard member.
Trust Know One

Mckeesport, PA

#16 Jul 9, 2013
July 3, 2013

Harrisburg man accused of stealing from state retirees

(Harrisburg, PA) Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced today the arrest of a Harrisburg man who is accused of stealing money from two state retirees by diverting their pension checks into a bank account he allegedly created for the purpose.

Sheldon Anthon Stephens, 25, of 335 Market Street in Harrisburg, faces three felony counts. Kane says Stephens was a paid intern in 2011 for the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS). His job duties gave him access to account information.

Stephens allegedly diverted one pension check, and attempted to divert the check of a second person, into a fictitious bank account before he was caught.

Stephens is charged with:

One count of Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition.

One count of Criminal Attempt, Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition, and

One count of Identity Theft.

Stephens surrendered to authorities this evening. His preliminary hearing has not been set. The case will be prosecuted in Dauphin County by Deputy Attorney General Daniel Dye.
A person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Mount Pleasant, PA

#17 Jul 13, 2013
Socratic Method wrote:
So who got hired?
the people that were hired some never worked before . That is not fair to the ones that have subed and did one hell of a great job . I want to know why they were not hired! It's always a game of who is related or friends with someone on the board. That was never a practice before and should not be now . Shame on this board for doing this and shame on the public for letting it happen. Certain people should not be on the board. When some one is let go for not doing their job, that's it . Not to be brought back cause someone on the board says so. I just can't take it any more . I want my school district to be a lot less disturbing. I'm tired of people putting this board down too. Do the right thing!!!!

West Mifflin, PA

#18 Jul 13, 2013
hire me for the best hand job in western pa.
Guy Grand

Elizabeth, PA

#19 Jul 24, 2013
Who was the guy on the school board who did not live in McKeesport any more but still sat on the board and hired his wife?? Ed Something????

Mckeesport, PA

#20 Jul 24, 2013
But u can still teach in west Mifflin!!

Patty wrote:
no law against nepotism but exposing a male customer's penis while tugging on his meat whistle in public can get you in trouble

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