Any Update on the Cornell Sex Scandal?

Any Update on the Cornell Sex Scandal?

Created by Just Checking on Dec 18, 2010

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Exhume Sex Scandal
#903 Aug 17, 2012
Look at the Prothonotary Website. It makes for some interesting reading. Ms. D is asking for a jury trial – then the details of all the actors will become public again.

GD-06-031640 DiBattista vs McKeesport Area School District, etal.

They have to dig a little deeper to bury this with the late Dr. Risha.

Brinkhaven, OH

#904 Aug 22, 2012
Ness Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>Wow - and they cremated Jerry Sandusky and these MASD educators are free!.

I heard that one door watcher was exonerated of all suspicion. This is in conflict with this news article and the fact that he was disciplined with some time off.

I guess for public consumption he came to an erroneous conclusion to preserve his political image.

This seemed like part of the late Dr. Risha cover-up that might be of interest to the Federal Agents.
and the watcher is the mayor of our city
High Profile

Mckeesport, PA

#905 Aug 22, 2012
hunku wrote:
<quoted text>
and the watcher is the mayor of our city
May be the watcher will soon become the watched due to the Dr. Risha investigation spill over to MASD!
Imbrogno Colateral Damage

Mckeesport, PA

#906 Aug 23, 2012
High Profile wrote:
<quoted text>
May be the watcher will soon become the watched due to the Dr. Risha investigation spill over to MASD!
Perhaps the wheels may be coming off the wagon or should I say the closely watched MASD Cornell door off the hinges.
the peeper

Pittsburgh, PA

#907 Sep 3, 2012
any news yet?
The Omen Threat

Mckeesport, PA

#908 Sep 3, 2012
the peeper wrote:
any news yet?
Too soon -- we must wait for the Ms. D. case to go to trial. I guess she is waiting for some type of decision from the Commonwealth BOE that has been sitting there for years.
Never Say Never

Mckeesport, PA

#909 Sep 3, 2012
Erica DePalo, Former 'Teacher Of The Year,' Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Student

Posted: 09/03/2012 2:31 pm Updated: 09/03/2012 2:31 pm

What a difference a year makes.
Erica DePalo, 33, won the Essex County, N.J. Teacher of the Year award in 2011. Last Friday, she was arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her 15-year-old honors English students, according to CBS New York.

Many of the students that the station spoke with were blindsided by the allegations.
“I was kind of shocked,” Arnold Ajondo said.”I was a little surprised. She was really close with the students and we all liked her. She was always there after school if you ever needed any help.”

DePalo was charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Star Ledger.

The paper reports that authorities believe the relationship began on June 15 and ended last Tuesday.

Police declined to release further details about the alleged relationship and also did not reveal how authorities first learned of it, according to Montclair Patch.

In a statement obtained by Patch, the West Orange Public School district announced that DePalo has been suspended "immediately and indefinitely.
Monica the Harmonica

Mckeesport, PA

#910 Sep 8, 2012
The Omen Threat wrote:
<quoted text>
Too soon -- we must wait for the Ms. D. case to go to trial. I guess she is waiting for some type of decision from the Commonwealth BOE that has been sitting there for years.
I suspect that something may be more in the near future because the case on the County Court Docket per the Phrothonotary’s web site.

Let me check with Bill next time around to see if we can move it along.
Cornell White House Pride

Mckeesport, PA

#911 Sep 19, 2012
EXCLUSIVE: Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House advance staff involvement

By Jana Winter
Published September 19, 2012

Federal law enforcement personnel and a congressional committee are anxiously awaiting an overdue inspector general's report that they believe may reveal the involvement of two White House advance team members in the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia earlier this year.

While much of the attention in the case has focused on the actions of Secret Service personnel, multiple law enforcement and congressional sources tell that investigators also discovered two White House advance team members checked in prostitutes as overnight guests at a Cartagena hotel in the days before President Obama's April 13 visit.

"Three U.S. delegation members that stayed at the Hilton brought prostitutes back as overnight guests. One of them was ours (Secret Service) and the other two were White House staffers," a high-ranking Secret Service official told . "We knew very early that White House staffers were involved."

Twelve of the 13 agents investigated for alleged misconduct in Cartagena stayed at another hotel, the El Caribe. Only one of those charged with misconduct had a room at the Hilton, where President Obama and the White House advance team also stayed.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in April, just days after Obama's visit, that there was no indication any White House advance team members were involved in the prostitution scandal.
But whether there will be any reference to the White House staffers in the upcoming report, from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General, remains to be seen. The report has yet to be delivered, though DHS OIG officials said Tuesday it would be submitted in the coming days. Acting DHS Inspector General Charles K. Edwards initially told a congressional panel in May he was aiming to present it by July 2.

The delay has sparked speculation the report was being altered or manipulated to conceal or minimize the roles of some of those involved, multiple Secret Service officials with senior leadership positions told . Meanwhile, Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, of the Senate Homeland Security Committee sent Edwards a letter on Sept. 14 asking for information about the status of the report.

A congressional source told the Senate committee staff is particularly eager to see the report because it "includes information that two members of the White House advance team had prostitutes overnight."
"The Committee wants to know if White House staff engaged in improper conduct in Cartagena, which the White House previously denied," the source added.
"We are writing to inquire about the status of the investigation we requested into the April 2012 incidents in Cartagena, Colombia, involving the U.S. Secret Service and possibly other federal personnel and certain foreign nationals," the letter said. It was not clear what level of White House advance team personnel were involved or if they had access to classified material about the president's visit.
Tragic N Heart Wrenching

Mckeesport, PA

#912 Sep 30, 2012
Anthony Robert Taglianetti Murders Superintendent Keith Reed: Cops

By SAMANTHA GROSS 09/29/12 10:57 PM ET EDT

NEW YORK -- A Virginia man accused of driving hundreds of miles to upstate New York to kill the superintendent of a small school district believed the man was having an affair with his wife, a person familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on Saturday.
Anthony Robert Taglianetti II made the more-than-six-hour drive after intercepting a communication between Clymer, N.Y., resident Keith Reed Jr. and Taglianetti's wife, said the person, who requested anonymity because the information was not being publicly released by authorities.

The two had had a romantic relationship some time ago when the Taglianettis were separated, the person said.
But Reed's brother objected to any suggestion that Reed was having an affair.

"As far as we can tell, Keith had no idea that she was married," Kevin Reed said in a telephone interview Saturday from his brother's home.

Kevin Reed, a retired FBI agent, said a profile of the woman on a social networking site listed her as divorced. He said his brother met her on the dating website , but didn't discuss the relationship with family members.

The wife, Mary Jenks Taglianetti, did not immediately respond to an online message seeking comment.

Investigators discovered a handgun in the car Anthony Robert Taglianetti was driving when he was captured Friday in Virginia following a nationwide search, authorities said. The weapon was to be sent for ballistics testing to discover whether it was used in the killing.
The 42-year-old Woodbridge, Va., resident was charged with second-degree murder hours after his capture and was to appear in court Monday on the issue of extradition, authorities said. It wasn't clear whether he had a lawyer. A man answering the phone at a number listed under Taglianetti's name declined to comment.

On Saturday night, Kevin Reed watched as his brother's three daughters sorted through their father's belongings. He talked of how his brother enjoyed his job and the students, and said the slaying has ruined many lives.
"He loved his job. He loved the kids. He knew every kid's name, K through 12," Kevin Reed said. "The kids' lives that he's not going to touch now – it's just a terrible, terrible loss."

He said his brother's assailant was evil.
"He didn't just ruin my family's life," Reed said. "He has affected thousands of lives with three shots. He's a coward, and I'll be there in court every day."
Authorities found Reed's body Monday about 150 feet from his Clymer home, where he lived alone. Kevin Reed said his brother had been divorced for several years.

Keith Reed Jr. had been superintendent of the one-building Clymer Central School District and its 468 students since November. The small town, 70 miles south of Buffalo near Pennsylvania, has a population of about 1,500.

The Chautauqua County sheriff's office said Thursday that it was searching for Taglianetti in connection with the shooting. The next day, deputies with a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force found him on a rural road in the Shenandoah County area of Virginia. They had issued a description of his vehicle earlier, saying they believed it was loaded with camping and survival equipment.

Reed's funeral was held Friday at the United Congregational Methodist Church in Salamanca. He is survived by his three daughters – two in college and one a recent graduate – as well as his parents, who are in their 80s. The burial was on his father's birthday, Kevin Reed said.
Alienation of Affection

Mckeesport, PA

#913 Oct 1, 2012
Alienation of affection is a legal theory used to assert the tort of interference with marriage. It historically originated when women were considered the property of their husbands and any attempt by another to have relations with the woman was considered a property tort committed against the husband.

In Illinois, for example, if the spouse can prove that the third party’s affections were the sole and proximate cause of the breakup of the marriage, then the spouse may recover. Damages are monetary and do not include emotional distress or pain and suffering. As a result, recoveries are generally small and are limited to actual out-of-pocket losses. These typically include the lost income the spouse contributed to the marriage or the value of society (or services) the spouse contributed to the family or household. Often the mere placing of a price tag on the spouse, deposing co-workers and publishing the affair is enough to compensate the jilted spouse, even if the award is minimal. Beware, in some states it is possible to sue any party who contributed to the encouragement or continuation of the affair, even if they were not the paramour. An Illinois court permitted a spouse to sue his wife’s employer for alienation of affection for aiding her and the paramour in concealing the affair and passively encouraging the relationship.
White Lightning

Mckeesport, PA

#914 Oct 1, 2012
Maybe peeper mikey & jimmy will whistle their way thru the one day 'be a poobah' class this month. Typical of them , too lazy to do it the right way over 3 months. Seems like jimmy wants to control that whole block since his 'People's Bldg.' is a freaking wreck of an eyesore.
Cover Up Success

Mckeesport, PA

#915 Oct 1, 2012
The Cornell School sex scandal is history and dead and buried.

There is just a sliver of hope that it will resurface again the Allegheny County Court.
Confucius Say

Mckeesport, PA

#916 Oct 6, 2012
White Lightning wrote:
Maybe peeper mikey & jimmy will whistle their way thru the one day 'be a poobah' class this month. Typical of them , too lazy to do it the right way over 3 months. Seems like jimmy wants to control that whole block since his 'People's Bldg.' is a freaking wreck of an eyesore.
Sometimes one should focus more on trying to control or to recast the misdeeds of the past for future self preservation.

As one example, the barrister needs to recast history to restore his corroded professional reputation.
Double Standard

Mckeesport, PA

#917 Oct 15, 2012
This guy gets nailed by the feds for his cover up, but the MASD and City coverups go unnoticed.

Ex-supervisor of Allegheny County Jail guards pleads guilty in inmate beating
October 15, 2012 11:01 am

Bob Donaldson / Post-Gazette

James Donis, former Major of the Guards at the Allegheny County Jail, leaves the Federal Courthouse today.

Rich Lord / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Once the major in charge of Allegheny County Jail guards, James Donis today pleaded guilty to falsifying reports to impede a federal investigation and could face upward of a year in federal prison following sentencing.

Mr. Donis, 50, of Shaler, agreed after prosecutors said he beat an inmate and then, a year later, added to his incident report a false claim that the inmate resisted and disobeyed orders.
He declined comment after his plea hearing.

On April 6, 2010, inmate Gary W. Barbour tried to escape through jail vents, and was caught in the mechanical room, Assistant U.S. Attorney Shaun Sweeney said at the hearing.

There, Mr. Sweeney said, Mr. Donis "punched Barbour several times in the face" despite the fact that the inmate did not resist.

A year later, Mr. Donis learned that the FBI was investigating. He prepared a false addendum to his report saying that Barbour was "combative" and "refused to comply with commands" and "attempted to break free," Mr. Sweeney said.

As part of a plea agreement, the government will drop charges of deprivation of civil rights and making false statements to law enforcement.
Sentencing guidelines suggest that Mr. Donis could face 12 to 18 months in prison. His attorney, Charles Porter, said he will argue for a sentence of probation with home detention.

Sentencing is set for Feb. 20, and in addition to confinement Mr. Donis could be forced to pay restitution.

Indiana, PA

#918 Oct 22, 2012
Give it up Vengence is mine said the Lord!
Mr Cornell

Mckeesport, PA

#919 Dec 19, 2012
I hear they're still digging , not on the grounds, but in the sex scandal records .
sherlock holmes

Canonsburg, PA

#920 Dec 19, 2012
Mr Cornell wrote:
I hear they're still digging , not on the grounds, but in the sex scandal records .
Was the Cornell Sex Scandal ever connected to the child/sex/drug ring that operates in McKeesport?
Penetrating Question

Elizabeth, PA

#921 Dec 19, 2012
sherlock holmes wrote:
<quoted text>
Was the Cornell Sex Scandal ever connected to the child/sex/drug ring that operates in McKeesport?
That is something the public will never know. If there is such a ring, the organizers keep it top secret.

But I guess Pork and many other beneficiaries thought they were under the radar, and then the well coordinated raids tumble their infallible kingdoms in a less than a good day’s work by the authorities.

I think that such as sex ring is an figment of one's over zealous imagination.

In my opinion no such thing exsists in the Port.
I know everyting

United States

#922 Dec 20, 2012
There is no Conspiracy to the Cornell thing that happened.. the one slut got dissed and lost her job.. now she is pouting. The rest are either dead or no longer working for the district. End of story.. well.. all but 1 and she is at White Oak from what I am told. There is no scandal.. and no kids were involved. They were all adults consenting equally. Good for them. There is no other ring in the Port. that is rediculous. Porky and his locations also have nothing to do with anything else. Did they get the machines from Pizza Gyro too?

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