D-Day almost here for politicians and...
Father John Wellinger

Pittsburgh, PA

#521 Nov 29, 2013
Gleaning information from a person's medical record is a lot like gleaning information in the confessional. I made a lot of money and secured a lot of drugs by selling information I heard in the confessional to my political friends. Much of the information sold concerned information on politicians, community leaders, etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if this person was selling information to local politicians.

This is the kind of stuff the feds would even cover up to avoid mass hysteria. The feds will never allow the average citizen to know just how corrupt and evil politicians really are.
Confucius say

Mckeesport, PA

#522 Dec 1, 2013
It is dangerous to be alive or walk the Port combat zone or practice covert political corruptions.

The Detroit former mayor did not get it right!

Pittsburgh, PA

#523 Dec 1, 2013
Pray for the gambling man at Christmas
The Gambling Men Roundup

Mckeesport, PA

#524 Dec 2, 2013
www wrote:
Pray for the gambling man at Christmas
With all due respect I believe you intended to type MEM!

West Mifflin, PA

#525 Dec 2, 2013
The Gambling Men Roundup

Mckeesport, PA

#526 Dec 3, 2013
WTF wrote:
Yes for MEM for members -- sorry about being too cryptic WTF!
Do Not Lie To Grand Jury

Mckeesport, PA

#527 Dec 4, 2013
Apparently "do not recall answerers" do not work well with these prosecuting attorneys and this grand jury!

Prosecutors in Aaron Hernandez case allege girlfriend lied 29 times

The Associated Press Sporting News

FALL RIVER, Mass.— The girlfriend of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez lied to a grand jury nearly 30 times, including saying she could not recall where she left a large box Hernandez allegedly told her to dispose of, prosecutors allege in new court documents.

Prosecutors outlined their accusations in a document filed in Fall River Superior Court on Monday explaining a perjury charge against Shayanna Jenkins, The Herald News reported. The accusation about the box had previously been made during her arraignment.

Jenkins has pleaded not guilty and her attorney has accused prosecutors of overreaching. A message seeking comment was left with her attorney Tuesday.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty in the killing of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semipro football player who was dating Jenkins' sister. He is being held without bail.

Prosecutors also say they believe Jenkins lied when she said she couldn't remember several conversations about Lloyd's murder that she had with Hernandez.

The court documents say Jenkins told the grand jury in August that she didn't know why Hernandez changed plans to visit New Hampshire and that she never talked to him about why he needed to meet with his lawyers.

The documents also say Jenkins lied about only seeing one gun in her house and about a confidentiality agreement and issues related to the people who cleaned her house, among other topics.

In October, defense attorney Janice Bassil said in court that there was no evidence Jenkins lied. She called a prosecutor's questioning of Jenkins extremely aggressive and described the relationship between Jenkins and Hernandez, who have a child, as "don't ask, don't tell." Bristol County Assistant District Attorney William McCauley said in November that most of her testimony was not credible.
Truth of the Year Award

Mckeesport, PA

#528 Dec 16, 2013
"One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors."

- Plato
Plea Deals R Convictors

Mckeesport, PA

#529 Dec 18, 2013
As usual, confidants and colleagues and cohorts become your defense nemesis when they launch the weapon of Mass Destruction for self preservation commonly known as a PLEA bargain..

I wonder if any of the 16 gambling consortium indicted have armed their dooms day weapon?

SAC Capital Fund Manager Michael Steinberg Guilty Of Insider Trading

AP |By LARRY NEUMEISTER Posted: 12/18/2013 4:20 pm EST

NEW YORK (AP)— A portfolio manager for one of the nation's largest hedge funds who was accused by the government of cheating to boost sagging results in 2007 was convicted on Wednesday of insider trading charges.

The verdict against Michael Steinberg in Manhattan federal court was announced only after he was checked by a nurse because he had slumped in his seat and appeared to faint when the jury first entered the courtroom.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Sullivan, who set sentencing for April 25, told jurors Steinberg had a "bit of a dizzy spell" but that he had been checked by the nurse and Steinberg's brother, who's a doctor, and that everyone including the 41-year-old defendant agreed he was fit to receive the verdict. When the first of five guilty verdicts was read aloud, Steinberg's head dropped back and he looked up.

Lawyer Barry Berke has said an analyst who worked for Steinberg framed him to avoid going to prison himself. After the verdict was announced, Steinberg shook his head as he spoke with his lawyer and later embraced family members.

Prosecutors during the monthlong trial said Steinberg made illegal trades between 2007 and 2009 after receiving insider information from an analyst, Jon Horvath, of San Francisco. Horvath pleaded guilty last year to insider trading charges and agreed to testify against Steinberg as part of his plea deal.
Whistleblower Delight

Mckeesport, PA

#530 Feb 7, 2014
Tis the season for 16 melodies by the Whistle blowers. Will the melodies include the names of those who permitted the Porkster to operation with impunity and own the City and MPD?

CBS Pittsburgh » Nate Harper
‎Today, ‎February ‎7, ‎2014, ‏‎9:37:10 AM

Businessman Sentenced To 3 Years Probation In City Police Computer Scam
‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎14, ‎2014, ‏‎8:59:13 AM | hlang84Go to full article
PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP)— A businessman and former friend of Pittsburgh’s ex-police chief has been sentenced to three years probation for bribing a city official to get a $327,000 contract to put radios and computers in city police cars.

The judge concluded that Arthur Bedway Jr. cooperated with the government, is 64 years old and the chance for getting in trouble again is low.

Bedway pleaded guilty in August to conspiracy, bribery and mail fraud charges. In addition to the probation, Bedway must also pay $30,000 in fines.

He is an entrepreneur from Robinson.

Bedway contends former Pittsburgh police chief Nate Harper came up with the idea and was paid $10,000 for his role in it. Harper’s attorneys have repeatedly denied that.

Both Harper and former city systems analyst Christine Kebr were also charged in the case.

They both pleaded guilty and face sentencing next month.

Kebr pleaded guilty in December 2012 to taking $6,000 in bribes from Bedway to help his business, Alpha Outfitters, land the contract in 2007.

Kebr says she took the bribes to prepare bids that made it appear Bedway’s business was owned by a woman to take advantage of city set-asides for female-owned businesses.

Harper pleaded guilty to federal charges back in October.

After the hearing, Bedway and his attorney still contended that former police chief Nate Harper was the mastermind of the conspiracy.
Indictments Reduce Size

Mckeesport, PA

#531 Feb 11, 2014
Cuts estimated to save $23 million a year

December 18, 2013

by Katherine Rodriguez

In its final session of the 2013 calendar year, the Pennsylvania House approved two bills that would reduce the size of the legislature by a fourth by 2022.

House Bill 1716 would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to cut the 203-member House by 50 members while House Bill 1234 would reduce the size of the 50-member Senate by a dozen.

Both bills were put forth by House Speaker Rep. Sam Smith (R-Jefferson) as his solution to the pitfalls of the legislative process.

“A smaller legislature means state government will be more productive and more responsive,” Smith said in a press release.

“This bill will bring a greater level of understanding between the people crafting legislation. The end product will be more responsive to the needs and concerns of the people of Pennsylvania.”

The proposed changes would not happen overnight.

The process would first require full legislative and voter approval of changes to the state Constitution. Once the constitutional amendments are approved, the legislature would have to re-draw legislative districts in order to reflect the changes in representation.

The process to amending Pennsylvania’s Constitution is no small feat. Both House and Senate would have to approve the bills in the current 2013-14 session and the following session in 2015-16.

Voters would have to approve the changes to the state Constitution by referendum soon after the legislature’s vote no earlier than November 2015.

If the changes go through, this would be the ninth instance where the state Constitution has been changed since December 1873. The last time an amendment to the state Constitution passed was in 1978.

The proposed changes would not only affect the state Constitution and legislative representation, but it would also affect many legislators and staffers employed by the legislature.

Pennsylvania’s legislature is one of the country’s highest paid legislative bodies in the country, with an average salary of $83,801. Only California’s state legislature tops Pennsylvania in pay.

The cuts are estimated to save $23 million a year once the plan is implemented.

But not everyone supports the plan. Rep. Mark Cohen (D-Philadelphia) sees the plan as having potential downsides.

“You’d have 25-percent less advocacy before governmental agencies,” Cohen said in an interview with CBS Philadelphia.”You’d have 25-percent less civic leadership.”

Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny), on the other hand, thinks the public underestimates how much courage lawmakers have to cut down on their size.

“We often ask citizens to do more with less,” Rep. Saccone said.“We should do with less.”

The Senate will vote on the bills when it reconvenes January 7, 2014.
Who Can B Trusted

Mckeesport, PA

#534 Mar 6, 2014
And, the good indicted despicable colonel was the Controller for the U.S. Air force, but an audit nailed him. Who watches the Watchdog but the feared auditors?

Two Former Guardsman Charged With Stealing Nearly $300,000 From Military

By Liz Reid

The United States Department of Justice Wednesday announced charges against two former enlisted Guardsman at the 171st Air Refueling Wing in Coraopolis.

U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton said Col. Gerard J. Mangis, 59, of Shaler Township is charged with 110 counts of conspiracy, honest service wire fraud, false claims and theft of government property. Mangis was formerly a Vice-Wing Commander at the refueling wing; he was relieved of his duties in 2011.

Robert St. Clair, 50, of Bel Air, Maryland is charged with one count of conspiracy, eight counts of false claims and one count of theft of government property. St. Clair was formerly a tech sergeant at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Together, they are alleged to have stolen nearly $300,000 from the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard.

“With all that is going on in the world, with sequestration which we’ve just been through, it is particularly repugnant that someone would steal from the United States Air Force in a manner such as this,” Hickton said in a news conference.

The indictment charges that between 2002 and 2011, Mangis and St. Clair had a mutually beneficial arrangement that resulted in both men being paid for work they did not perform.

Mangis’s role as controller at the Refueling Wing allowed him to pay St. Clair for a contract job which he never performed. In exchange, St. Clair funneled military workdays to Mangis.

Hickton said authorities were tipped off when the Air Force did an audit of special training days and military workdays and found that Mangis had claimed to work more military workdays than was feasible given his civilian work schedule at the Refueling Wing.

“A person who is receiving civilian pay might be able to receive military pay for active or inactive military duties on days off, but you can’t get paid twice for doing the same thing,” Hickton explained.

Hickton said both men were experiencing personal financial problems at the time. He also said it appears that others might have been involved in the scheme.

“I can’t give you an estimate about the likelihood that others will be charged,” Hickton said.“I can tell you the investigation has widened, it’s active, and we believe that there’s more fraud present and when we have others to charge we will.”

Mangis was arrested at his home Wednesday morning and made an initial appearance before a federal magistrate Wednesday afternoon. He was released on $10,000 unsecured bond.

St. Clair will be ordered to appear before a U.S. District Judge at a date and time not yet determined.

Homestead, PA

#535 Mar 6, 2014
that's chump change in Porky's world HAAAAAAA!!
New Judge in Town

Mckeesport, PA

#536 Mar 6, 2014
A local news media article projects that the Porkster will deal away his 4 four felonies and 53 misdemeanor counts.

It appears that the local news media has attempted to subtlety usurp the legal authorities of the Court of Common Plea Judge and the Commonwealth’s Attorney General Office with a wishful projection. Let these authorities do their jobs.

It appears that the article overlooked the unreported incomes of over a million dollars, intercepted communications, and a perfect sting on a state representative.

The author of the article neglected to mention or project what the Porkster has to contribute or reveal incriminating information to consummate to “DEAL” away of 57 counts. Some call it flipping others opt to call it dealing away.

Is the meddling of a “new member of the defense team” really worth the possible embarrassment if their projection is injudicious?

The ongoing Mon Valley negativities and corruption must be worth enough for the Commonwealth to convene a 37th grand jury to perpetuate the risk of further alleged embarrassments.

There has to be a better defense strategy than "embarrassment."

‘Operation’ worth it”

"Operation Pork Chop" appears about to fade away, as at least seven of 16 defendants will enter pleas rather than go on trial on charges of involvement in an alleged Mon-Yough gambling ring.

We wonder who is more embarrassed. the defendants or state officials who certainly are enforcing the laws against illegal forms of gambling, but aiding and abetting the consortium of the state lottery, franchised casinos, horse racing and licensed small games of chance.
Details of the plea agreements may not be made public until the seven bargainers go before Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Joseph K. Williams III on April 17.

The biggest plea bargain well may be the one that accused ring mastermind Ronald M. "Porky" Melocchi will enter, to deal away four felony and 53 misdemeanor counts, 49 of which involve the gambling devices he allegedly distributed through Back Alley Vending.

Given a renewed effort by the Corbett administration to legalize keno, we wonder what is the sense in keeping among illegal "gambling devices" the video games with knock-off switches.
An argument about paying back the casinos their license fees is less and less a problem.

Given the depreciation allowed in the 2004 law legalizing the electronic gaming parlors, each now would get about $16 million of their $50 million fee back.

Meanwhile, nine defendants await their trials and the "Operation Pork Chop" investigation still is regarded as ongoing by state prosecutors.

Is all this really worth the embarrassment?
Return on Embarrassment

Mckeesport, PA

#537 Mar 8, 2014
New Judge in Town wrote:
A local news media article projects that the Porkster will deal away his 4 four felonies and 53 misdemeanor counts.
Meanwhile, nine defendants await their trials and the "Operation Pork Chop" investigation still is regarded as ongoing by state prosecutors.
Is all this really worth the embarrassment?
I would cogitate that over $1,000,000 in cold cash is more than worth your proclaimed embarrassments.

Additionally, I would cogitate that the embarrassment of intercepted communications and the Porkster stating he owns the city and the state representative’s hilarious PSP sting operation are off setting embarrassments.

Not to mention the bungled super secret meeting at a local east 5th avenue potential “spot” under the authorities surveillance.

The embarrassments might even be worth more if and when the RICO act is invoked and all their ill-gotten possessions are confiscated by the authorities.

Do you think that months of work and investigations by the AG and PSP and grand jury are going to go away because of your lame "embarrassment" stigma defense?
who let the dogs out

Homestead, PA

#538 Mar 8, 2014
It's never too late to call off the dogs, better to call them off at the sidewalk instead of waiting for them to come barking at your front door.
Once they get that far, you're pretty much screwed.

But your a puppy

Baden, PA

#539 Mar 9, 2014
This /\ post is an example of why you should drink and post
Harry Ballz

Homestead, PA

#540 Mar 9, 2014
Senatorial Zzzs

Baden, PA

#541 Mar 9, 2014
Paying $15,000 to the twice drunk DUI McKeesport solicitor instead of child safety isn't McKeesport priority. Elash received a pay instead of child safety.

McKeesport has money, but is known for abusing money.

Daniel Carr is currently indicted for illegal gambling payouts in his Viking Bar. Perfectly painted, a crosswalk goes to his Viking Bar up the road from the Higdon fatal incident.

The political Brewster family owned Tiger Town had Jersey Barriers. McKeesport funds were wasted on seldom used Brewster blue seat benches.

Senator Brewster, former mayor for eight years of McKeesport has plaques honoring him all over McKeesport. Why not recycle some Brewster plaques to buy paint for child safety crosswalks?

The crosswalk wasn't painted in in front of Founders Hall. Automobiles stop at the red light on the very faded remnants of the Founders Hall location. If a adult doesn't recognize the crosswalk, how is a child expected to?

Daniel Carr, owner of the Viking and current McKeesport councilman voted against roadside memorials. If his vote against them were majority, Higdon days after the McKeesport city council meeting wouldn't be even allowed a roadside memorial in front if Founders Hall.

Businesses in McKeesport are mostly politically owned. Many others are political friends to those on office.

Senator Brewster has been sleeping on McKeesport curb cuts for the disabled, children's safety for years!

Many houses in McKeesport are also a danger to children

McKeesport choose to give a $15,000 raise to the current twice DUI city solicitor instead! He pled guilty of DUI for crashing his white Cadillac SUV at 716 Long Run Road and remaining silent until discovered for drunk driving by a investigation prompted by Daryl Segina.

The drunk drivers are rewarded in McKeesport if they are a friend politically (aka a good neighbor). Illegal gambling indicted included are several city officials of McKeesport, past and present.

Brewster is at a children's support group the girls relative supports sleeping with arms folded, not caring for McKeesport nor children.

Brewster has ignored the disabled and has judgments against the city on his prior mayoral clock. Brewster supported Elash and hired him, Elash drove DUI a second time. He could have killed someone by striking them with his white Cadillac SUV that he totaled while driving drunk.

Daniel Carr was in charge if The Palisades that the McKeesport city solicitor Elash drove from drunk!

Brewster finest photo opportunity at the children's organization!


This picture was taken at the place that is connected to the precious Higdon girl in more than one way. Brewster could care less about child safety, but only dedication of buildings, funds from his formerly refused pay, and plaques around the city bearing his name. Brewster is very self serving.

Brewster has been using McKeesport as a political stepping stone for years.
Paying $15,000 to the twice drunk DUI McKeesport solicitor instead of child safety isn't McKeesport priority. Elash received a pay instead of child safety.

McKeesport has money, but is known for abusing money.

Senatorial Zzzs

Baden, PA

#542 Mar 9, 2014
Brewster has been using McKeesport as a political stepping stone for years.
Paying $15,000 to the twice drunk DUI McKeesport solicitor instead of child safety isn't McKeesport priority. Elash received a pay instead of child safety.

McKeesport has money, but is known for abusing money.


The photo is of Brewster catching some sleep with arms folded at a children's organization. Who's dump truck hit the girl and why is the name of the driver protected? The girls mother works for the organization Brewster isn't listening to while his arms are crossed sleeping.

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