D-Day almost here for politicians and...
P T Barnum

Pittsburgh, PA

#236 Feb 13, 2013
Pgh Police Chief Matters wrote:
Wow! According to today's Tribune that Pittsburgh Police Chief's matter is sure heating up with the FBI raid.
Some one told me that those police car radios may have been purchased by many of the municipalities in the county.
This was never addressed in any of the articles. This turns out to be very big $$$$. No wonder the FBI is moving swiftly. Will the scope spill over the Pgh boundry?
I wouldn't be surprised if D&T Enterprises was selling promotional products to other police departments as giveaways in thier community outreach programs.
Pgh Police Chief Matters

Elizabeth, PA

#237 Feb 13, 2013
P T Barnum wrote:
<quoted text>
I wouldn't be surprised if D&T Enterprises was selling promotional products to other police departments as giveaways in thier community outreach programs.
And the web of influence and police networking never ceases.

I just wonder if the FBI already has this captured and will just hold back if the present counts do not stick. The US Attorney charged Mr. Imbrogno on only one of ten counts with about 20 more still out there. They are masters at this strategy.

I would suspect that there is a high probability that the chief could be indicted. It seems like new stones are being uncovered each week that do not bode well for the beleaguered chief.
Pgh Police Chief Matters

Elizabeth, PA

#238 Feb 20, 2013
Pgh Police Chief Matters wrote:
<quoted text>
I would suspect that there is a high probability that the chief could be indicted. It seems like new stones are being uncovered each week that do not bode well for the beleaguered chief.
Seems like you prediction was dead on. The Feds convinced the boy mayor that the police chief must get on with his life's work. Looks like the mayor and chief are well lawyered up. The mayor had two lawyers with on his visit to the Feds office? Wow!

I think the Feds are just peeling away all those up to the mayor. How did this go on so long without the mayor or controller knowing anything about it?

Where was the city auditor on this for years??????? Or were the boy mayor's political opponents just timing it for the primary election?
Orie Nailed

Elizabeth, PA

#239 Feb 21, 2013
The record of accused elected official using their staff for political advancement continues unbroken.

Orie guilty on six of seven accounts.

Will the authorities visit the Port and talk to the 2X DUI solicitor about the type same transgressions for working for elected officials on the clock??

Could the Port be next?
White Lightning

Mckeesport, PA

#240 Feb 21, 2013
Anyone that has a clue to the as usual , corrupt Mon Valley Dem. tribe would have predicted this outcome. Not a damn one of them are innocent - All they need is a 'sacrificial lamb' or just a 'head for the noose'. Chief Harper went under the wheels of the bus just as fast as barry soetoros racist preacher or Mrs. D of the Cornell Sex Scandal .
Justice Inches On

Elizabeth, PA

#241 Feb 21, 2013
D-Day arrived in all its glory at the feet of the disgraced Pittsburgh Police Chief after a valiant but failed defense by the young mayor. The egg was rapidly erased from his face and he is not a federal target.

The collateral damage has not yet been realized – more may resign or be fired and expect at least a few more federal indictments. Who will be the first to be offered and accept a plea bargain; also known as saving your ass by being judicious?
Port Above the Law Joke

Elizabeth, PA

#242 Feb 22, 2013
The Governor and DA said no one is above the law! I think they mean except in McKeesport where the city solicitor worked on political campaigns for years and was rewarded at one time with $120,000 year job by then mayor Brewster. The Pgh soliciter made less than $100,000 at that time?????????

Where are you Steve and Tom on this one? This was misuse of taxpayers’ money and appears like theft of services. Ms. Melvin’s case seems like selective law enforcement to some. We invite you RESPECTFULLY to interview the elected officials of the McKeesport and the solicitor. Just run a check on their city paid cell phone records.

Justice Orie Melvin, sister found guilty
Jury finds that pair used state workers to run campaigns

February 22, 2013 12:03 am
By Paula Reed Ward / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

No one spoke to the media.

No one said whether there would be appeals.

Instead, all of the members of the Orie Melvin camp -- including suspended state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin and three defense attorneys -- left the courthouse under escort from deputies with the Allegheny County sheriff's office.

Justice Orie Melvin and Janine Orie, her sister and former administrative aide, were found guilty Thursday of corruption for misusing state-paid staffers to help run the justice's Supreme Court campaigns in 2003 and 2009.

The sisters were found guilty of theft of services, conspiracy, and misapplication of government funds.

Janine Orie was also convicted of tampering with evidence and solicitation.
One count -- official oppression against the justice for terminating her chief law clerk for failing to do political work -- could not be decided by the jury, which heard defense witnesses testify that the clerk left voluntarily. Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Lester G. Nauhaus declared the jurors hung on that count.
He did not set a date for sentencing but did order a pre-sentence report for both women.

In the meantime, Justice Orie Melvin, 56, will remain suspended without pay from the court pending further action by the Court of Judicial Discipline.
"This jury, having sat in a court of law, heard the truth about the defendant's conduct and has made it absolutely clear that no one is above the law irrespective of title or status," said Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr.
Gov. Tom Corbett's statement echoed that sentiment.

"The conviction of Justice Melvin shows that no public official is above the law," he said.
Senator Falls Short

Elizabeth, PA

#243 Feb 22, 2013
The senator promised not to claim per diem expenses. This was just a little campaign promise slip up when forget this promise. The senator did not anticipate that someone might be tracking his promise. We must excuse the senator for one oversight because it is known he always tells the truth.

We know the senator is treated positively by the local Daily News. It is refreshing and inspiring that a “sister” newspaper filed an unslanted true story. Would the “sister newspaper reporter” attend the next council meeting so the public reads the complete truth and unbiased reporting?
The Political Targets

Elizabeth, PA

#244 Feb 22, 2013
The motives behind the wide spread gaming slots raids were to ferret out the politicians and high appointed officials and bag men who facilitated these illicit enterprises.

My prediction is that the slot owners and shop operators will cop out a plea bargains to indict the well connected actors who appeared to receive the hush benefits. The political life for some may be less that a WII combat infantry rifleman in the South Pacific.

I believe the authorities are after the political corruptors and not the slots organization.
The Ice Gets Thinner

Elizabeth, PA

#245 Feb 22, 2013
Ravenstahl denies ex-bodyguard's debit card accusations

UPDATED 7:50 PM EST Feb 22, 2013
Ravenstahl denies ex-bodyguard's debit card accusations

PITTSBURGH —Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is vehemently denying allegations by one of his former bodyguards that he knew they had secret debit card accounts.

Like all Pittsburghers, Tom Murphy sees Mayor Luke Ravenstahl struggle with daily revelations about the police bureau and allegedly misappropriated city money in private accounts.

Also being denied by the mayor is former bodyguard Fred Crawford's accusation that the mayor wanted the accounts kept secret to hide spending from the public.
"Everything that Fred Crawford said is a complete lie -- 100 percent fabrication," Ravenstahl told WTAE investigator Paul Van Osdol on Friday.
Crawford spent six years as a Ravenstahl bodyguard. He told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the mayor knew Crawford and other bodyguards had debit card accounts at the Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union. The FBI has seized records from those accounts.

"I knew they had debit cards. I had no knowledge they were cards issued from a card that was a non-city account," said Ravenstahl.

Ravenstahl adamantly denies knowing the debit cards were connected to the credit union account. He said he was aware that his bodyguards had debit cards, but only recently did he learn those cards were linked to the credit union.
Ravenstahl said it was "when the recent reports broke that the account even existed" that he first found out that the cards were assigned to a non-city account. "I had no knowledge of the account until investigators came in and told us it was running," he said.
Crawford said the mayor wanted the cards set up at the credit union to avoid publicity about travel spending, according to the Post-Gazette's report.
Ravenstahl said "absolutely not" in response to Van Osdol's question about whether he ever suggested to Crawford or other bodyguards that he would like to hide some expenses from the public or the media.

"I've been around long enough to know nothing is hidden," the mayor added. "I have nothing to hide."

Ravenstahl said he still doesn't have copies of the debit card receipts from the credit union, but he said the FBI did show him copies of receipts. "From what they showed me, there's nothing improper, nothing wrong and nothing that goes outside of the scope of city business in their travel with me."
Watch Out 4 Bus Guys

Elizabeth, PA

#246 Feb 23, 2013
The Tribune reported today that the boy mayor blamed his disgraced police chief for the unauthorized credit card accounts.

How fast the boy mayor became enlightened after an interview with the federal agents. A few days ago he was firmly behind the beleaguered chief.

After he persuaded the chief to resign, he heaves him under the bus. I tend to believe that more federal indictments may be looming on the horizon.

This should be an omen for all those linked elected officials, appointed compensated employees, relatives, and political cohorts in the Mon Valley as the authorities mine the inter-sanctum of the widespread slot machine raids and other nefarious but concealed City activities.

The $1 million City originated host fee, threatened legal action by several communities, mysterious $24 million MACM mortgage payoff and costly questionable investments, MACM hiring nepotism, and the firing of the MACM superintendent should be of interest to the authorities. And, our mayor and his cohorts are the instigators.
Watch Out 4 Bus Guys

Elizabeth, PA

#247 Feb 23, 2013
Can any one guess what "Elected or Appointed Officials" should not stand on the curb of a bus lane?

I would start with the fired Beatle and MACM superintendent.
RESPECT on Trial

Elizabeth, PA

#248 Feb 28, 2013
Mikey will show Lukey how to hold a press conference after the 2X DUI solicitor is exonerated on Monday or the trial is postponed again and again.

February 28, 2013

Pittsburgh wonders: Where's the mayor’?
Associated Press

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s absence from public events in recent days is fueling speculation as he stays behind closed doors.

Ravenstahl remained out of sight Thursday and the mayor’s office isn’t commenting, leaving others to try to explain his absences in the middle of his re-election campaign.

Kevin Quigley, a city public works employee and friend of the mayor, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Wednesday night that the 33-year-old mayor will be holding a press conference in the next couple days to discuss “some issues.”

Ravenstahl’s campaign manager, Aletheia Henry, says he missed several events because his mother is ill. City Council President Darlene Harris says there were “some personal problems.”

Ravenstahl is also dealing with a federal investigation of city police business.

- See more at: http://tribune-democrat.com/x564665590/Pittsb...
Boy Wonder Boy Blunder

Elizabeth, PA

#249 Feb 28, 2013
It is amazing how fast a national known hero boy mayor abruptly falls from revered grace to specultaion of his retirement from public service. A meeting with the FBI and his two lawyers sure cleared his head.

Should other elected official in the Mob valley be concerned?

Mayor Ravenstahl’s Political Future Remains Uncertain

February 28, 2013 10:28 AM

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s political future remains uncertain tonight.
He has been missing from recent public appearances, and that is raising even more concern. There has been speculation throughout the day about Ravenstahl’s re-election bid.
So far though, the Mayor’s Office is staying silent.

Sources have told KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan that the mayor has told close confidants that he concerned and saddened about the health of his mother, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

On top of that, he’s feeling the strain of constant questioning about a federal grand jury investigation into the Pittsburgh Police Bureau.
The Mayor’s Office is not returning phone calls.

But State Democratic Chairman Jim Burn has been trading phone calls with the mayor.

“I am 95 percent that the mayor is probably not going to run. That is my current analysis of what I see, what I hear and what I’ve been told,” said Burn.
Burn spoke with KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano during a day swirled in speculation and rumor brought on by the mayor’s canceling of several public appearances in recent days.

Those same sources said that as of last night the mayor was still considering certain options.

They say that as of last night, the mayor was strongly leaning towards calling a halt to his re-election campaign.

Ravenstahl is currently in a primary battle with rivals Controller Michael Lamb and Councilman Bill Peduto, but sources indicate as of late last night he was strongly considering dropping out of the race.

The same sources said had not yet decided whether he would resign as mayor or finish out his term. But, he has told close confidants of his desire to leave politics all together and seek a future in the private sector.

Just last week, the mayor was called in for questioning by the FBI and reporters have drilled the mayor about the investigation including the fact that his security officers had debit cards to a police slush fund .

The mayor has maintained he has done nothing wrong, but sources indicate that he is angry with members of the media, whom he says are now questioning his friends and family members.

Burn believes he will finish his term.
“I think it’s more likely that he’s going to make an announcement not to seek re-election,” said Burn.“But again, he’s with his family, he’s with his advisers, he’s with his friends, and please let me underline that things could change.”
mike ference

Pittsburgh, PA

#250 Mar 2, 2013
If the mayor of Pittsburgh can fall so quickly and with so little resistance, no one is immune.
MHS Hall of Fame

Elizabeth, PA

#251 Mar 3, 2013
I think that Topix should nominate the esteemed City Solicitor for the MHS Hall of Fame. His category would be the "Murph the Surf" Hall of Notorious Students.
Teflon Officials

Elizabeth, PA

#252 Mar 3, 2013
mike ference wrote:
If the mayor of Pittsburgh can fall so quickly and with so little resistance, no one is immune.
Mr. Ference do you think that the slot marchine raids or other speculated investgative activities will do in some local elected or appointed officials?
White Lightning

Mckeesport, PA

#253 Mar 4, 2013
Like I've preached on here for decades(slight political exaggeration,quite normal) there isn't an ounce of difference in ANY of the Mob-Valley politics from here to Pissburg. Over 70+ years of Democrat control & constant taxing to support their corrupt hiring & business deals. Problem is -they are so greedy & self-serving , they have not noticed that the tax base & kickbacks just aren't there anymore. Yet they continue the same old gluttenous lifestyle as if it will go un-noticed in todays world. Orange suits for all of them & send Bubba a carton of cigarettes to give them extra special care. Lukie boy ain't leavin on his own - bet on it .
mike ference

Pittsburgh, PA

#254 Mar 5, 2013
Teflon Officials wrote:
<quoted text>
Mr. Ference do you think that the slot marchine raids or other speculated investgative activities will do in some local elected or appointed officials?
The sound of silence from those individuals is a dead giveaway.
Confucius Say

Elizabeth, PA

#255 Mar 8, 2013
If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

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