will the stimulus work?

will the stimulus work?

Created by ralph the nutcase on Feb 26, 2009

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ralph the nutcase

Madison, TN

#1 Feb 26, 2009
Jim Brestwer's Mckeesport is going to recieve a fat check soon.Where will it go? Will it be invested in rebuilding the roof over coney-island and 5th then tearing it down again for no reason? or mabey will it be invested in employing quality teachers in MASD or such? Any comments or suggestions strongly encourged...
Paul Shelly Jr

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Feb 26, 2009
If we are recieving a check from the Feds, it is about time and I thank President Obama. Former President Bush cut our funding every year for 8 straight years!

It is about time we had a President who understood that without our cities. We are nothing.

I doubt the Mayor will be building any roofs on Fifth and we don't pay the teachers, the taxpayers and the School District do that.

My ideas?

1) Demo Blight (or restore salvageable properties)
2) Fix some major roads ( Versailles, West Fifth and SPRING STREET!)
3) Hire a marketing expert and a webmaster to promote the City to potential residents and businesses.)
4) Redo (with Brick) some of our formerly beautiful brick streets.
5) Buy an "A" and donate it to the Dr_vosburg sign above their old municipal building.

Councilman Shelly
Dr Vosburg

United States

#3 Feb 27, 2009
If we get an A over here, I would no longer be a Dr. They are just holding off on the sign for now, until they can get the M and the C and the K and the E and the E and the S and the P and the O and then R and the T that they will eventually need by the way things are going. Hell I even hear their Mayor is getting out and has thrown his hands in the air with disgust!
Paul Shelly Jr

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 Feb 27, 2009
McGrew leaving? Say it ain't so!

I think we want to annex White Oak 1st so he has time to reconsider :o)

Didn't know you posted over hear too. You've been quiet on www.paulshelly.com for a while.


Mckeesport, PA

#5 Feb 27, 2009
Stimulus checks.

Big buzzwords everywhere across the country these days.

I just wonder where all this new found money is coming from.

My guess? My pockets and your pockets.

So where do WE want to spend OUR money?

Everyone has their hands out.....cant say I blame anyone...sure seems like EVERYONE is paying into the system and NO ONE i getting anything done.....but I cant see how all this new spending at the federal level is going to help us long term. The cities and state governments complain about lack of federal funding. Well, whatever happened to cities thriving or failing based on their own merit and effort?

We have to turn inward and start using resources that are untapped.

We need roads built and fixed --- instead of the costly PENNDOT workers on EVERY project, how about putting welfare recipients and PRISON INMATES to work like on the chain gangs of old?

All those healthy young ,males loafing down in the projects and standing in the welfare line need to be earning their keep by helping build our infrastructure. We ALREADY get federal help in the form of public housing and welfare for them. The people recieving that aid need to be put to work.

Don't like working a road crew to earn your keep? Stay off of welfare and out of jail. Seems like either way that would go, we would win.

But it not politically popular to insist that those who are already recieving federal help actually EARN it. Its only popular when you promise new handouts for everyone.

This stimulus package isn't supposed to be just a new set of handouts but I worry it will be used that way.

I hope we get some stimulus aid for McKeesport because we do need "something" done. There are so many things in McKeesport that need attention.

But honestly, this stimulus package seems to me to be a short term "fix"....like that hit of heroin that the junkie needs to get by another day.

McKeesport will not be put back onto the map simply buy having a few public works projects paid for by the federal government (yours and my federal taxes)....people dont flock to a city just because it has good roads or a swanky new marina....people don't go "downtown" to shop anymore....if Pittsburgh cant make its downtown a popular place to shop and dine, etc, what do you think the chances are for McKeesport? What do we have here to attract people? What can we say is the draw that would make someone pick McKeesport to live and work in versus any other depressed steel mill town?

Its a much bigger picture....I mean, what does McKeesport have to offer that any of the other many steel mill towns doesnt have? They all have degrading streets, dead downtowns, crime and fleeing tax base.....but I guess if someone has to get the money I would rather it be us.

Really, though, we need to instead break the spending addiction we as a country have.

Tax base is where its at. How do you get that back once its gone?

McKeesport can only be seen right now as a place to live. Most of us work elsewhere I would venture to say. Not much industry or commerce going on here.....so tax base in residential property is "it". And you aint collecting tax base from publichousing and projects.

You can try and redo the downtown area to attract business but unless you have a reason to BE here, GETTING here isn't a real concern.

Again, its a case of the chicken or the egg.

Mckeesport, PA

#6 Feb 27, 2009
By the way, Paul, in response to your pointing out that Bush had cut our funds for "8 straight years".

You don't honestly believe that THAT is why McKeesport is off the map these days, do you?

I grew up in McKeesport........my family lived in West Mifflin, but we had a shop in the Midtown plaza for many years...I grew up down there, everyday after school and all weekend.....and I can tell you that McKeesport was well on its way into the dumper 35 years ago....not just in the last 8...so Bush cutting aid to us isn't why we are where we are today.....it hasn't been "republican" for the last 30 years.....have had dems in the presidency in that time and they had as much to do with our demise as Bush did....

Well, we now have a democratic government.....all sides of the government controlled by democrats.

"We didnt get federal funding so we are in the state we are in." is what is inferred.

Sounds just like the excuses the people on welfare use to justify their going no where.

So we didnt get federal aid...whatever happened to pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps?

Well, now is the time to make us folks sitting on the fence believe. Show us that the reason we are getting no where is due to lack of federal money.

For years we have heard the "republicans are ignoring us" mantra.

Well, now is the time to prove that.

.....I'm waiting. and I really do hope its true.

Since: Feb 09

Location hidden

#7 Feb 28, 2009
If that is how I came across, I apologize.

I meant that Bush's CDBG tax cuts were the reason for our challenges. I just said that they have had a delitorious effect on our local CD budget which is responsible for most street paving, demolition, etc.

We certainly do have to pick us up ourselves but a little help from big brother doesn't hurt.

Mckeesport, PA

#8 Feb 28, 2009
Sorry Paul...didnt mean to infer you were slamming Bush.....I just get a bit peeved when I see statements like that because ONE president didnt cause the mess we are in as a country or as a city.

Actually, it has taken deades of "improved standards of living" thinking that got us here.

EVERYONE feels entitled to "better" than their parents had....some work hard for it, others not so much.

You have people complaining about living in what they call poverty that have cell phones and X boxes at home. LOL

People want to make as much money doing as little work as posisble, while at the same time spending as little money for as much product as possible.

That is a cycle that has finally started catching up with us all in my opinion.

I am not a fan of relying on the federal government.

If we cant afford to keep our roads in good shape on the taxes we now charge, we need to charge more taxes.

People will stay who want to pay it and have the benefits. People need to understand that there is a cost to EVERYTHING. You want it? Fine. Gotta pay for it.

I know thats not how it works currently, but that's because we are too worried about scaring off MORE people.

Well, waiting for federal handouts hasn't gotten us very far either.

Irwin, PA

#9 Feb 28, 2009
I know a lot of friends of the politico will be making out as usual. Stealing money from planning and other areas. We need someone to spend the money who has no self-interest. We need to Green our buildings, fix our energy costs, and invest in smart capital improvements.

Since: Feb 09

Location hidden

#10 Feb 28, 2009
I really agree with the last two posts except in one respect. Shandango, we don't need to raise taxes. That chases prople and business out. We need to lower taxes for individuals and businesses so that more will move here and actually raise our tax revenues. I think that is what you probably meant.

Mckeesport, PA

#11 Feb 28, 2009
Paul Shelly Jr wrote:
I really agree with the last two posts except in one respect. Shandango, we don't need to raise taxes. That chases prople and business out. We need to lower taxes for individuals and businesses so that more will move here and actually raise our tax revenues. I think that is what you probably meant.
No actually I mean that we may need to raise taxes.

Its simple math.

Lowering taxes would certainly be preferred.....but that will only work IF it immediately result in a huge influx of people.

What I mean is this: If we lower taxes by lets say 10% across the board, that means there needs to be an influx of people to increase total gross tax receipts to at least 11% to turn a profit. Otherwise we are losing money or barely breaking even. Although breaking even with a huge influx would be good too, to start a base for growth.

If we lower taxes and the population (business and or residential) stays the same, we lose money.

The only way to get more money into the local economy is to either raise taxes and then use the extra funds to improve the place or lower taxes and hope that enough people find that attractive enough to move here immediately.

Lets face it, McKeesport would have to DRASTICALLY lower taxes to do that and the results would not be immediate.

No, we need to "man up" here and start paying for what we use and want. Cut unnecessary spending to the bone and pull ourselves up. The taxes we pay go "somewhere"...make it 100% transparent and lett he people decide what to spend the money on.

If we do get some federal "stimuls" money, that will be our best chance to do this...combine it with drastic cuts and business incentives. Get some money back in the coffers.

Folks, we are in a bad way. Its not bad enough that McKeesport is a hugely depressed area. But this overall bad economy will make it even harder to attract the right elements to McKeesport.

It will be painful no matter which direction we go.

Paul, in another post you seem to lambast helping corporate welfare...but like I aid...the corporation is what will make or break this city. Gone are the days of mom and pop stores being able to make a city run.

For crying out loud, BURGER KING couldn't make it downtown.

There is something wrong there.

Since: Feb 09

Location hidden

#12 Mar 1, 2009
We, and all municipalities, are all very limited in the number of taxes we can utilize for revenues. I understand that the Governor wants to tax Poker machines and use that money to help youth afford college. Noble cause but shouldn't the muni's that permit such machines take a cut out of such profits? In that way, perhaps we could cut our other taxes somewhat and not lose revenues until business and population numbers start to grow.

My research has shown me that small business (which can grow into big business) create more jobs than corporations.

Again, I agree with your transparency issue.
The letter A

Irwin, PA

#13 Mar 2, 2009
As a resident of Dravosburg and avid reader/follower of your post on your website, I find it rather cheesy that a self proclaimed, highly respected councilman such as yourself would make a comment about Dravosburg and their sign. Where is your respect for a struggling community, and home of your good friend Bill Kortz, that enlist the services of the City of McKeesport? For the record, I attended a council meeting about 2 months ago and they had all the new letters sitting in a box just waiting for the weather to break. Perhaps the residents of Dravosburg should go to the next council meeting and demand that the cost of the letter "A" be deducted from the next check that's sent across the river since your so worried about it. I also took a minute to root through the box of letters and it spelled out
Paul Shelly Jr

Mckeesport, PA

#14 Mar 2, 2009
Sorry, it was a cheesy inside joke with a personal friend of mine. I should have kept it private I guess. I love Dravosburg and have many friends there. We couldn't ask for a better neighbor.

West Mifflin Police? Well at least you didn't say White Oak... ooops!

I like White Oak too. I have only objected to some ridiculous and disparaging comments that have been made against McKeesport by their Council.

Please take no offense. My bad.
Paul Shelly Jr

Pittsburgh, PA

#15 Mar 3, 2009
Yesterday, shock jock Rush Limbaugh scolded new RNC Chair Michael Steele for saying he hoped the Obamam Stimulus Package would work.

How could a RNC Chair promote such a liberal package?

What Mr. Limbaugh as saying was that he hoped the Plan failed so Republican ideology could triumph.

Does he realize that the Plan failing could lead to another great Depression? Is that what he wants to see, Americans starving, to prove he and the right are right?

This would be akin to one of us Dems, on the eve of Iraq, hoping our troops would lose and die to prove Bush wrong fro going in.

I GUARANTEE most Republicans do not share in Rush's "hope".

This guy really needs help. I completely believe in freedom of speech.

If one must stoop so low for ratings, he has no place on the air. I think he should be fired, not suppressed. Put him back at WEDO in Mid-Town Plaza or better yet in Alaska with his friend Sarah Palin.

Shock jocks have been fired for much less.

I believe the good folks of that party need to find a new talking head. This guy can only appeal to the most radical fringes of the Republican Party and ceratinly can't speak for the Party in general.

Do any of the conservatives out there agree that this Rush tirade was off the hook?

Mckeesport, PA

#16 Mar 3, 2009
Rush Limbaugh(aka Jeff Christie if I recall),Jim Quinn.. All of these guys are the same. The media kills me, especially these two guys. They are out to get Obama already. Paul, I'm with you. I can guarantee that not all Republicans feel the same and side with the philosophies of Limbaugh.

As a lifelong Democrat, I certainly would not want someone's plan to fail, whether a Democrat or a Republican. We are all in this,for the good of the country, our respective areas, etc... If there's nothing good on the radio when I'm driving, and I come across Limbaugh, I turn the radio off. He's a bag of hot air, and doesn't deserve my time.
Paul Shelly Jr

Pittsburgh, PA

#17 Mar 3, 2009

United States

#18 Mar 5, 2009

A couple of suggestions/comments I have, that I'm hoping you can shed some light on.......

Take a walk in you area, or a ride around the city... Perhaps you already do. I live in the 8th Ward,very close to Auberle, & Founder's Hall. I walk the neighborhood, and notice many things. I see cars parked in front of fire hydrants, cars parked on yellow lines, cars in handicapped spots (and no HP plate or Placard), some cars with expired inspections/registrations. Now, when the weather breaks take notice of homes and the upkeep of them. I've seen yards with grass 2 feet high, hedges too high, garbage ins some places that an animal got into, and the lazy resident never picked up....You get the picture.

What I'm getting at is this...If the city was more diligent in citing people who disobey the various ordinances, a few things would happen..1 - the city would have more money coming in. 2 - the city would get spruced up. 3- people would have more pride, thus increasing market values. I know that McKeesport used to have an ordinance/code enforcement officer years ago. Do we still? People will probably take this the wrong way, and I don't really care. If I see someone whose registration/inspection is expired, I call the Traffic Inspector (and the Lieutenant will respond) My car is inspected. Tell you what, if McKeesport were to fine people for these various violations, there would be more money. I will he happy to do this part time, over the weekend. I don't have any issues with sticking a citation/warning on someone's door, and I don't have any issues with follow up either. Sure, you have to pay someone, but, look at the results.

Some people will say the city is chasing people away, but, look at it this way, laws are made to be followed, not broken. Sorry, I'm kind of all over the board on this one, too much overtime this week @ work.

- Eddie
Paul Shelly Jr

Pittsburgh, PA

#19 Mar 5, 2009
Eddie, you are exactly right though. We need more thorough enforcement of all of our ordinances. I did see an officer tagging vehicles in my neighborhood this week and one has already been towed at the owner's expense. The process is tag them, give them 48 hours to move them or they are towed and the owner (if we can located one) is cited.

This is true even if the vehicle in question is on the owner's property.

We do have an ordinance officer and a building inspector too that should catch a lot of violations but they still depend on input from folks in the neighborhoods like yourself. They have a large geographic area to cover and can't be everywhere.

I think we'd have a union grievance if we brought you in on weekends....


We want people to take more pride in our city, their
ralph the smart 1

Madison, TN

#20 Mar 5, 2009
but we voted democraticly and for the next 4yrs will fold and stay idle because thats what we do

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