Haunted Places in Jackson Co.?
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Chesterfield, MO

#22 Jan 20, 2008
had anyone seen the website at-
there is ghost stories of Sandgap,Tyner & etc.
Couple of the stories are hard to believe

Waneta, KY

#23 Feb 25, 2008
link sender wrote:
had anyone seen the website at-
there is ghost stories of Sandgap,Tyner & etc.
Couple of the stories are hard to believe
None of those are true....They're all about the same just in different places.

East Point, KY

#24 Mar 9, 2008
Hey,check out kentucky shadow chasers website..Cool stuff.

East Point, KY

#25 Jul 17, 2008
i love ghost stories. Has anyone ever heard anything about the house and trailer that is next to tal martin cemetary at the top of birch lick hill?? How about pine grove cemetary. The big one around there. I hear that you can be around there and see a woman run off that hill screaming. I dont know for sure.

London, KY

#26 Oct 30, 2008
That grave yard is not haunted... sorry to disappoint... I know the people who live directly across from it, and they say they have never saw anything strange... but I know everyone one likes to go "ghost hunting" every once and a while so if you really wanna know go for your self and see what's there... but you will just have to drive by... They have got it blocked off now..


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#27 Dec 13, 2008
ok now.

Chesterfield, MO

#28 Dec 15, 2008
when I was a kid somepeople use to talk about a valley in the county here somewhere.They said a fog stayed in the valley and that when you stepped into it everything just felt dead.I was told that hunters couldn't get their dogs to go in.I don't know where its at ,I just heard alot of people talk about it.

United States

#29 Dec 16, 2008
I know this for a fact,Iwas there.I lived on Sand Lick,all the way to the end of the left pronge,these two old people lived up there and they told us if they got sick they would ring the dinner bell,one morning at 3oclock in the morning that dinner bell rang, the old lady had passed away,now folks this is the truth,every morning at 3 AM that dinner bell would ring,and there is more,us kids was to look after the place,every day we would go there to make sure everything was okay,we were allowed to go in the house,we was approaching the house and heard a noise,so we went in.we found a bible that was open to the 23rd psalm laying on an old organ ,we closed the bible and left. we go back the next time again we hear that noise,we go in and that bible is opened back up to the 23rd psalm,we close the bible and started to leave,when we got outside the house we heard that Organ playing ,amaze and grace,we went back,just looked in the window,there was the old lady sitting and playing that Organ.this story is the truth I was there,that probably has been 50 years ago. they have since stripped mined the place,probably not many houses there,but my advice to anyone that dont care for ghosts dont go to the head of that hollar at 3 AM.I did not make this up,there are people in Jackson and Laurel counties that can confirm it.I love Jackson County and Mckee Ky.I wish you all the best.

Freetown, IN

#31 Dec 17, 2008
read this

Annville, KY

#33 Dec 18, 2008
Who are you?(Uncle Love)? We have had a new library in the past few years. You haven't a clue what the hell you are talking about.
Haunted places in J C

Langley, KY

#34 Jan 5, 2009
The Jackson County visitor's center was used as a hospital during the Battle of big hill during the Civil War it is definitely haunted, I've spent a lot of time in that building and you get the most creepy eerie feeling when you're upstairs it feels like somebody is watching you!
ghost hunter

Chesterfield, MO

#35 Jan 9, 2009
usally if you feel a presence then you will feel a cold spot . a cold spot is when the sprit is trying to manifest its self by drawing all the engery up around it .this is fact.
boogey man

Chesterfield, MO

#36 Jun 27, 2009
my house it very very very fine house its full of crazy things and noises

Cleveland, OH

#37 Jul 23, 2009
Aerial Sandlin wrote:
I want to share my experience with some people so here it goes,My step-mother,me,and some of our friends went up to Green Hill to see the glowing graves,when we got there we decided to try to go up to see the graves.We tried to pull into the road that leads up to them but the road was blocked off.So we pulled out and went to turn around, once we got back to the hill we stopped and parked at the top but when we just sat there at the top for a few seconds, then a light lit the whole entire hillside up.We went and turned around and we kept on driving by the graveyard over and over again.But around the third time The whole entire graveyard lit up red,but as some people think that there is only 3 graves of course I don't believe that because there was at least 18 graves up there. When we went back the last time there was 3 blue lights that ws following us when we tried to get out.
The moon doesn't have to be out to see the glowing grave. It is actually caused by a pole light by the road. It took a few weeks to figure out but we finally busted the glowing grave haunting.

Chesterfield, MO

#38 Jul 23, 2009
Ive heard the brick house across from Dairy Queen is haunted.Ive often wondered why noone ever has lived there for long.Maybe something to it I dont know just what Ive heard over the years
Honest Babe

East Point, KY

#39 Jul 23, 2009
I know of a certain spot here in JC that is said to be haunted but I won't tell the exact location on Topix. Anyway, it's been several years since I've heard the tale and I'll just give a brief outline the best I remember it. There was this old house from like the 1800s or something and I've been told that the woman who lived there was a witch. I saw the house when I was a kid but I don't think there is anything left of it now unless it would just be some rocks from the foundation or something. I can't remember for sure but I'm thinking the woman's husband may have murdered her in the house or something.

It seems some of the men in that area would have dreams on nights when there was a full moon that they were horses being ridden around by this witch woman all night. Then in the morning when they woke up they would have burrs in their hair and dirt under their fingernails and stuff. LOL, strange I know, but that's what I was told. Maybe I'll see the person that was telling me this story before long and can ask them more about it then, LOL.

Virgie, KY

#40 Jul 24, 2009
the haunting on hwy 577 in annville is known as th glowing grave.and its located in the greenhill cemetery.on a night that the moon is full there is a grave that glows.some say its haunted and some say its the moon light shining on the stone.so take it as a haunting, or how ever you want but thats the story as i know it.
i live around that area, and the moon doesnt need to be full in fact it can be cloudy, and it still glows, i am not saying its haunted or anything but its pretty cool to look at, kinda freaky
long time ago

Annville, KY

#41 Jul 24, 2009
Thumper wrote:
Ive heard the brick house across from Dairy Queen is haunted.Ive often wondered why noone ever has lived there for long.Maybe something to it I dont know just what Ive heard over the years
I can believe it's haunted....the woman that lived there killed herself....she found out her husband was having an affair...Long time ago

East Point, KY

#42 Jul 28, 2009
I was never much a believer on the whole hunting houses or graves or any thing like that till one night me, my boy friend, his brother, my sister, and a friend decided to go up there one night. We always heard many different stories on the place and none of us thought it was true. We always use to say we don't believe it till we see it. I won't say that phrase again. We went up there and parked the car on the hill and walked up to the grave site. We defently expierenced something I would never want to see again. The grave started glowing. It was a green color. It spooked every one of us so bad that we went running to the car so fast that we didn't look back. And we never returned again. Check it out if your brave enough
Glowing grave sucks

Pikeville, KY

#43 Jul 28, 2009
the glowing grave sucks and is for dope heads usually that need to have far less relations, especially with random people. it IS A SECURITY LIGHT. get off the dope and quit imagining things. you think you're cool smoking weed and having relations with anyone that will have them with you. get a life

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