jackson county

Saudi Arabia

#103 Jul 1, 2009
Well I don't know what to say here except that I've been reading quite a lot of things in this place, and I really feel sorry for the folks involved. I'm really hoping that Jamie doesn't wait too long to go home. It sounds like he has a really great guy waiting for him there, ♥
and if there's one thing I know a whole lot about, it's losing the one who loves you more than life itself. Everyone take care of themselves, and remember all of us in your prayers. Including Jamie and his partner.
Life really is, too short.

Richmond, KY

#104 Jul 2, 2009
hey tom, if you clicked the number like i toldja, you should see this.
now read the posts and you'll see wot i'm talkin about..........
martha stewart

Richmond, KY

#105 Jul 2, 2009
Jamie is a good guy. Leave him alone and let him go home. I watched that movie on here and it was very good and informative. More people should watch it.

Richmond, KY

#106 Jul 2, 2009
hey martha, i gots a hole in me drawz. think you can patch it up for me? lol
who know if jamie a good guy or not. he a lil child in da head now they brainwashed his dumbass.

Richmond, KY

#107 Jul 3, 2009
I'm 22,m,5'9", And have a guy who loves me.
Ok, my mom says she would rather have me with just one guy, like somebody said in here somewhere instead of fooling around like all the married guys who hit on me since I was like 16.
Our pastor agrees with her. He is really kool about stuff like that. He said what was said in the past is also what somebody said in here. The earth needed people on it so that's why it said that a man shouldn't lay around with another man. So I told him fine then, we'll do it standing up.
This Jamie guy sounds like he's about 8 years old instead of 30. I want to learn how to brainwash people so I think I'm going to get my mom to go with me to that church over there.

Richmond, KY

#108 Jul 3, 2009
hey dragon when ya find out how to do that i wanna no cuz theres peeps i wanna control

Saudi Arabia

#109 Jul 4, 2009
I’ve been reading this thread for a long time and never have said a word. Mostly because I wanted to take some time to digest everything and weigh all the facts. And what I’m getting from this whole thing is that these two guys who are in their 30’s or at least well above the age of consent, have had a long term relationship and were happy. Then all of a sudden the divorced parents of this guy Jamie decide they need to put him under wraps because someone in some so called church somewhere said the word “gay” in reference to their son.
Fast-forward to this guy Jamie, now living with a lesbian whom these half-assed parents have chosen for him. This is INSANE! What the HELL is wrong with these people? And what the HELL is wrong with Jamie? Do these people live under a rock? Do they honestly believe that they can force their son, the same son they ignored and never had anything to do with since he was FIFTEEN years old, to do what they want him to do now, at 30 or so years old?
So the man, and yes, at this point, regardless how brainwashed he is, he is still a grown man, so he’s gay, so what? I know one person who underwent shock therapy, extensive analysis with some of the best psychiatrists in the U.S., and yes, even the whole church thing, and he’s still gay. So the bottom line is; no matter what anyone says or does, nothing short of a lobotomy will ever change anyone for who and what they were born to be. And if any of those stupid, ignorant people read this, don’t think you’re going to have a lobotomy performed on him, because that is not something that is done anymore.
What this all boils down to is that here is a grown man who has been manipulated into thinking that if he does exactly what his family tells him to do, that his life will be magically better, and all of his family will all welcome him into their lives, after all these years, with open arms. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but this is laughable to me. Not to mention that if my own family EVER gave me ANY ultimatums, I would tell them where to go in a heartbeat. And if they “disowned” me because of their own stupidity, I’d have to say that’s their choice, not mine.
This whole ordeal is taking place because this person will, at some point, come into a lump-sum of money, and from then on, a monthly disability check. Which of course will all be taken from him via the guilt-trip his family will use against him in order to basically steal his money. The question I have to ask and wonder about though, is this; what about the years this Jamie guy spent with his guy; the guy who took care of him and of course must have been paying his way through life for all that time. Shouldn’t he be compensated for at least some of what he has done? I’ll bet that’s not even a thought to those people, because they’ve already proven themselves to be self-centered, selfish, egomaniacs, who will do anything to preserve their severely tarnished reputations due to their pasts.
The past cannot be changed, reversed, or forgotten. And considering the facts in this particular case, none of those people are even close to being ‘saintly’ so they have no right trying to ‘convert’ or ‘change’ anyone, especially their own son; the son who knows what they’re truly made of. And that being the case here, it’s not difficult to see that everything they are doing ‘for’ him, is really what they’re doing for themselves, and doing TO him.
But ultimately, it is HIS choice what he does. And if I could talk to his ‘guy’, I would tell him to find someone whose parents are not against him living his life his own way, and who do not treat him like a 5 year old child at age 30. I can say what I would do, but I am a very strong person, and fortunately am lucky enough to have a decent family who doesn’t judge anyone for who or what they are. Especially when it’s something that cannot be helped, changed, or prayed away.
Why try to ‘pray away’ how God made a person? Wouldn’t that be going against God?

Chesterfield, MO

#110 Jul 4, 2009

East Point, KY

#111 Jul 4, 2009
loretta yuck wrote:
well a bit of info on loretta gilbert, whether she own or preach at that church. i seen her oldest son grab her by the crotch one day and she said nothing. shows u her character. if she believes in that kind of behavior, shes a looney case herself. get jamie out of there..somebody.
Loretta is far from a saint she has broke up many marriages and took husbands from good wives and children

Richmond, KY

#112 Jul 4, 2009
she a bitch, a ho, and owns a church.
go figger.
an her sons iz ho's too.
all them tillery'z iz ho's.
great big fat ho's.
ho's down to they toez.
an so'z iz miss vickie. she a fat old ho al-so.
but she a gabber ho.
her huzbin a ho too.
but he do it outta town.
sharin cocks iz a ho an a lez-bo.
they all a buncha ho'z an lezbo'z.
scabs on em thingy's 2.
prove they all ho'z...

Richmond, KY

#113 Jul 4, 2009
sangin* this old hang villiams song; "thar's a qweer in mah rear an ahm cryin over here - you iz on my homely behi-eyend" !OUCH!
qwit slappin me dammit!
ya freak!
sangin* "ah dont wanna wait, for mah dog to turn me ovah"...

Richmond, KY

#114 Jul 5, 2009
You're not that funny richvegas.
And you're totally off topic here.
There are people overseas who sometimes have a hard time getting online, and they don't want to have to wade through your stupid shit to read what they came here for.
So stay on topic or get lost.
feisty one

East Point, KY

#115 Jul 5, 2009
I hear that Vickie and Carrie need to worry about their other children and not just Jamie
loretta yuck

Santa Clara, CA

#116 Jul 5, 2009
i agree with you ghost..he needs to shut up trying to be some kind of comedian... this is serious...alot of people r following this story, not wanting the bullsh?t.

Richmond, KY

#117 Jul 5, 2009
feisty one wrote:
I hear that Vickie and Carrie need to worry about their other children and not just Jamie
You couldn't be more right about that. Vickie lost those two girls that she had supposedly adopted. They are no longer a part of her life, and she has not been invited to see them at all, and they don't visit her. So that should tell everyone something.

When Vickie lost those two girls, she tried to control Dottie's life, and that turned out to be a big mistake. Because Dottie is much stronger than Jamie or anyone else in that family, and she told Vickie to piss off.

So, who's next in line? Jamie of course. They have him pretty well brainwashed, but there have been several emails in which it is being said that he is gradually coming out of it, and evidently wants to go home to Richmond.

However, since he is on parole, and has been transfered to Jackson County - AND - since his halfassed 'mother' is best friends with the parole officer there, it is going to be a difficult task for him to be transferred back to Madison County.

But where there's a will there's a way.
Jamie will need to call the parole board directly and inform them that there is entirely too much temptation in Jackson County, and he needs to go back home so that he doesn't get into any trouble.
Because we all know that if he stays there, he will more than likely end up in prison.

As for CarrieBeast's two girls, she has lost all control of both of them, and there are nothing but HOORAY'S for those two girls. So what if they do wrong according to anyone, I'm just glad they're no longer under her thumb.

It just proves that brainwashing CAN be reversed. But of course they're probably feeding Jamie God knows what in his food, and more than likely keeping him well doped up so he probably doesn't even know where he is half the time.

And as for that Sharon Cox, the converted Lesbian who is living in SIN with Jamie, she needs to crawl back under the rock she came out from under. Because she is not 'straight' and he/she is not going to make him straight. Because I would imagine that if his eyes are closed, and he is possibly asleep, he is more than likely dreaming about the one he loves rather than the one who is fooling around with him.

It has already been noted that Vickie said her own self that if Jamie has no one else around but Sharon, it will be only a matter of time until he can't take it anymore and needs some relief. And of course, whoever is handy and is willing, will be the one. And of course, since Sharon, Vickie, Carrie, and Kenny, are all conspirators in this whole thing, she will do their bidding for now.

But what happens when she is no longer useful to them? They will act like she never existed, and you can bet on that.

I get really angry at all of them when I read these emails and posts, because this is utterly ridiculous.
Jamie should go home, to the one who loves him, and if that family denounces him, so what? They had nothing whatsoever to do with him and didn't even visit him in jail, but now trying to buddy up and act like they love him? That's insane.

Richmond, KY

#118 Jul 5, 2009
loretta yuck wrote:
i agree with you ghost..he needs to shut up trying to be some kind of comedian... this is serious...alot of people r following this story, not wanting the bullsh?t.
Well Ms. Yuck, That's already been taken care of. The richvegas kid has been taken off the mailing list, and told by everyone to shut his pie-hole. And I think the message has been loud and clear to him.
Not to mention the fact that his mom was really pissed when she saw that last post, so if nothing else, I'm sure he got a good tongue-lashing.

Let's all keep the fires burning for Jamie and his Mate. And hope Jamie has enough sense real soon to go back where he belongs and tell his so-called 'family' to take a hike.

Every-single-person who has read these posts agrees that those people should be jailed for what they're doing to Jamie. But from what we've been told, he is gradually coming out of the brainwashing, and just maybe he will be going home before too long.

If anyone can find out anything locally, please post so everyone else will know what's going on. I hear that they're trying to keep everything very quiet because they don't want anyone to know anything to post on here.

But there's always someone who will tell more than they should. Carrie beast loves to talk on the phone.
loretta yuck

Santa Clara, CA

#119 Jul 5, 2009
well sharon tried the straight thing b4 the makeup the purse the whole works...didnt last but about a month. she is a joke, and if jamie were straight, he deserves better anyway. JAMIE NEEDS TO B WITH HIS PARTNER IN RICHMOND.
Dakota Sky

Richmond, KY

#120 Jul 5, 2009
Some of the emails I have read state that Sharon Cox is actually married at this time, but has been seen recently frequenting the homes of known lesbians. One is her former lover whose name escapes me at the present. It has also been noted in my personal visits to the Sav-a-lot grocery store in McKee, that she most assuredly does bare a striking resemblance to Boy George, the singer from the 80's, just as several have mentioned after visiting that particular food store. I guess the owners of Sav-a-lot are proud to have a celebrity look-alike in their employ. One thing that does puzzle me is the notations which state that Loretta's church is being credited with the amazing "conversion" of Sharon Cox from homosexual to heterosexual, when apparently that is not exactly how it happened. It is baffling to all of us that Sharon has been making it known that she and Jamie are having intimate relations, and she is trying to get pregnant to prove that they two of them are both heterosexual. The sad part of this story is the toll this farce has taken on the one who truly loves Jamie, and was there for him, and took care of him when not one member of his family would give him so much as the time of day. These people are worse than barbarians, and when everything finally comes out and they are all exposed for the monsters they are, Jamie and his partner will be the ones who have the last laugh. I have heard rumors that Jamie's partner has been having a very rough time since he left, but as far as I know, he is willing to wait all this out, just as he waited out Jamie's time in jail, and was there for every-single-visit, and made sure Jamie had all the money he needed for things he needed. It was very shocking to learn, and have confirmed, that this guy actually lived in a motor vehicle for almost two months during the winter, in order to find a home for Jamie and himself when Jamie finally got out of jail. And folks, if that's not love, and commitment, nothing is. I sure do hope everyone will keep all this in mind the next time any of you visit the McKee Trade Store, and also the Sav-a-lot store in McKee. I cannot help but believe that the time is drawing near for some changes to take place. Jamie to go home where he belongs, and that so called family of his to act like a family should, and let him live his own life. I cannot help but wonder how these people would feel, and how they would handle it if they were given all those ultimatums and threats of losing their entire family simply because they want love. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life. If Jamie's partner reads these posts, I hope you will keep the faith, and don't let these stupid, ignorant people get you down. Their day is coming, and maybe sooner than they ever imagined.
cry holy

Pikeville, KY

#121 Jul 6, 2009
what church claims to deliver ppl of such things.. and do they take the parents that are druggies.. i know this for a fact.
cry holy

Pikeville, KY

#122 Jul 6, 2009
have they delivered the parents of drugs also i think not well actually i know not

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