Look upon the Zapata County, in the State of Texas that is manipulated by bribery ' where it manifests itself by government officials and the oil and gas companies for which you are failing through legal laws unofficial and where I have knowledge. For more than 50 years what have misappropriation with oil ' within the Zapata County ' as the federal Government through the international waters of both country ' and where will be build with greater by both conflict ' and where being built in a way that people are not aware of the truth ' since a few years ago have been generating secret way ' and in this respect that these lands of these regions within the Zapata County and Webb will be of high risk in years ahead.

But the oil as local authorities and of the State of Texas companies was not aware of what was estimated for these current years. But I was aware of these. Currently this seeing money although is coming years will see effusion of blood as flow of gas through small opening as what are living in Mexico. But generates pollution by the sleaze where is associated with it.