Nothing Illegal Goes On At The 15th A...

Nothing Illegal Goes On At The 15th Avenue Bookstore

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Roger Baldwin

Aurora, IL

#1 Dec 7, 2008
I have been to the bookstore about a dozen times, sometimes with my wife. Hookers are not allowed in the place. Management issures that the store is spotless and that nobody causes any kind of trouble. There are not a bunch of gay guys there. There are a lot of couples who go there. It's clean and safe. Scum doesn't get past the front door. It's a place where couples can watch sexy films. It is oriented for hetro and couples.

You can get the same porn on your cable TV. So what's the big deal? It's a classy place.

Downers Grove, IL

#2 Dec 8, 2008
And it's a much better place since the idiot was banned from the premises and the groups.

All this trouble because he wasn't allowed to bring a crossdresser to a couples party.

Chicago, IL

#3 Dec 8, 2008
consenting adults and no hookers? sounds legal to me. sex that isn't in plain view of the public? sounds legal to me.

Chicago, IL

#4 Dec 9, 2008
What is wrong with consenting adults having fun as couples and behind closed doors. The folks going in this bookstore are not hurting any one and do not have hookers going there.People need to keep to their own buisness and stop trying to be a busy body. It seems to me that you trying to keep your identity a secret your the one being shady..

Downers Grove, IL

#5 Dec 10, 2008
I love the bookstore and theatre.Private matters between consenting adults behind closed doors is legal.Otherwise all the hotels and motels would have to be shut down.
Good times as long as you respect yourself and fellow human beings.
I had only seen one hooker stray from Mannheim to the bookstore.Everyone knew she was a police officer and no one would have anything to do with her.She never even made it inside since she tried to pay with services instead of cash.
At that time the MPPD surveilance stopped and folks were free to come and go again as they pleased.
The idiot is now ranting on topix since he lost credibility with the law.I hope he gets arrested for filing false police reports.That would be real justice
Get it right

Westmont, IL

#6 Dec 10, 2008
Thank goodness for this thread. I'm glad there are ADULTS who have actually been to the place and are not ridden with guilt about having urges and (god forbid) FUN with other consenting adults.
Out of Towners

Des Moines, IA

#7 Dec 10, 2008
Village Idiot, there is medication available for this type of Obsessive compusiveness.

You seem obsessed with this store that is out of everybody's way, calling people perverts and whores that go in there. Have you seen money exchange hands for sex there? Do you observe whether there is the use of condoms or not? You seem to know a lot about this place or at least think you know alot when if fact you are doing nothing but spreading rhetoric.

And while you obsess about this, calling police, lawmakers, etc; you take their attention away from real crime. Yes while you focus on this consentual place of business, drug dealers are selling crack to your kids, people are getting raped and murdered or robbed, etc; aren't these the things you should be standing up against?

There is NO prostitution going on at these parties. Nobody is being forced to do anything that they don't desire to do. If I was back in high school and went to a keg party and paid $10 for a cup, hooked up with a girl at the party, would she be considered a prostitute? Would the host of the party be considered as such?

We all have our perversions to various degrees, however, you spouting off at the mouth "original village idiot" is perverse in itself. Were you refused admission to one of these parties and this is your way of getting back? You can't be THAT proud of what you're doing here because if you were people here would actually know your name instead of this "nickname" you use (at least it's appropriate for a nick).

Why don't you let up on this place and fight your vigilante fight against those who actually hurt people? Oh I know, because those type of people could hurt you back and these bookstore patrons are "easier" prey.

Since: Sep 08

Chicago, IL

#9 Dec 12, 2008
Roger Baldwin wrote:
I have been to the bookstore about a dozen times, sometimes with my wife. Hookers are not allowed in the place. Management issures that the store is spotless and that nobody causes any kind of trouble. There are not a bunch of gay guys there. There are a lot of couples who go there. It's clean and safe. Scum doesn't get past the front door. It's a place where couples can watch sexy films. It is oriented for hetro and couples.
You can get the same porn on your cable TV. So what's the big deal? It's a classy place.
hi i want to know where this place is at?

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#13 Dec 14, 2008
I make it a habit not to try and respond but once again you proven another point of mine. The perverts who come to this bookstore are all from out of town. They wouldn't have this bookstore in their town. As the pervert above said they think of Melrose as a cesspool. Its time we closed down that cesspool of a bookstore and make them build it in their own town. Towns can only become a cesspool when we allow perverts into our towns. We need to drive them out. Closing this bookstore is a great first step.

La Grange, IL

#15 Jan 7, 2009
Hey Gary why don't you open a bookstore in your hometown or better yet maybe on another island close to blarneys.Maybe to a drunk you might be passable in drag.

San Jose, CA

#16 Jan 7, 2009
I don't think I'd care if the store was in my town if it was in an appropriate location. But let's accept the Idiot's premise that some people go there from other towns who wouldn't want it in their own. The answer to that is SO WHAT?

I sometimes go to IKEA. Would I want it in my town? Well, I'm sure we could use the sale tax revenue but overall, no I would not all the traffic. Does that make me evil for going to IKEA in a different town when I would not like one in my own? No, I don't think so. If the town(s) where they are located are good with it then what's the problem.

Same thing with the adult store in Melrose. Nice isolated location. The town is fine with it. Only the idiot who is not content with towns deciding things for themselves (well, not when they decide contrary to his intentions).

In this economy we shouldn't be driving tax paying businesses out of business.

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#17 Jan 8, 2009
Glass glad you decided to talk to the issue on its merits. Lets do that shall we without name calling or insults.
Comparing an adult bookstore to other normal businesses really doesn't work very well. Let me explain. First lets assume by normal business its anything from WalMark-IKEA-Jewel Foods-Barber Shop- etc
1 ) normal businesses are not adult exclusive therefore the customers are there for normal purchases. However in an adult bookstore they are there only for sex. In short they only bring in the sex trade to a community.
2 ) You are not likely to catch an STD or AIDS at any normal business. But the risk of it at an adult bookstore is extremely high. In truth its just a matter of time.
3 ) Normal businesses improve property value whereas adult bookstores lower it. DON'T take my word for it ask a Realtor on your own.
4 ) normal businesses love whenever a cop walks in. Heck some late night gas stations will gladly give them coffee just to have them hang out there.
Adult bookstores empty out whenever a cop shows up. Some pay off the cops not to ever show up unless called.
5 ) normal business loves free advertisement. Adult bookstores don't want to be noticed by anyone except those who go to it.
6 ) normal businesses want the best locations in any town. They want front and center. Adult businesses hide in the shadows on dead end streets.
7 ) THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE OF ALL towns welcome normal businesses. Adult bookstores are usually run out of town whenever a town gets the guts to do it. I've posted plenty of examples of it.
I could probably find more differences but you get the point. Adult bookstores are not a normal business. They deal in the sex trade. They bring in bad people to patronize the store. And as i pointed out in # 7 they are NOT really wanted by the towns. Only the customers really want it.
RIGHT NOW everyone in here is saying "gee let the town decide" they say that because they know they own the local cops and politicians. They know they control any vote. Watch how fast that can change if we get politicians who care and cops who will enforce new laws that will get written.
Why do you think they jump all over me ? I'm just one lone person right ? Why fear me ? Could it be the see i'm right. They see the future in what i post. The links about other towns and other states getting rid of these bookstores and it frightens them.
I haven't even talked much about the tax part but i can if you want to debate that myth too.
Clean talk no insults, just an honest exchange of ideas.

La Grange, IL

#18 Jan 8, 2009
You're just having a Hissy because you can't get in anymore

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#19 Jan 8, 2009
This conversation wasn't meant for you.
You're unimportant to the issue.

La Grange, IL

#20 Jan 8, 2009
You can't decide that.Who do you think you are?Adolf Hitler?

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#21 Jan 8, 2009
i think i can decide who my conversation was with until you butted in.

La Grange, IL

#22 Jan 8, 2009
Sorry but this is a public forum not Nazi germany or homeland security.

Remeber the TOS you whine about so much.

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#23 Jan 8, 2009
Yeah i do know about TOS. Topix especially dislike certain references to WW2.
You're too stupid to realize a lot of people take serious offense at people like you who reference so off the cuff.
That was a very serious war.
A lot of good people died from a lot of different countries in that war.
They way you reference it cheapens it.
Wanting to inspire politicians to write new laws cannot even begin to compare with the loss of life from that war.
And you're so damn stupid you don't get that.
You should be ashamed of yourself. You owe the families who lost relatives in that war an apology for offending the honor in which their relatives died to bring WORLD peace.
You are a real piece of work.

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#26 Jan 20, 2009
Yep i was right you are TRIPP
only TRIPP would reference Hitler
as if i somehow murdered 6 million Jews
only TRIPP would make referencing to drugs
knowing full well i can't take any drugs
only TRIPP would make wild speculations on my
life growing up.
Such wild speculations have zero to do with any
issue i've ever written about.
Only TRIPP would use several screen names like
JaneSeedy and JacBwhiney along with his name TRIPP
and then speculate that i have other names.
Yeah right.
the only other name i had got registered because i didn't realize i had to register my name.
This is my only screen name i used.
While i am now only going to respond to registered names those names have to be posting on the issue not on personal attacks.
I'll be reporting those posts including the one above. Maybe after topix sees enough insults using Hitler of all people topix will remove the poster once and for all.
You should be ashamed of yourself using Hitler's name to hurl cheap insults. A lot of innocent people died at the hands of that monster. You cheapen their memory by using that madman's name that way. You should spend some time with people who lived through it like i have. You really are a twisted person.

San Jose, CA

#27 Jan 20, 2009
That's pretty funny. Wrong but funny.

Since "Alien Abductee" called you a fascist before commenting I took the trouble to see how the word is defined. Unlike you I do strive for accuracy.

Here is the first sentence from Wiki:

"Fascism is an authoritarian nationalist ideology focused on solving economic, political, and social problems that its supporters see as causing national decline or decadence."

Well that's kind of on-target isn't it? I suspect AA was just generally dissing you without having looked into it but nonetheless he/she did make a valid comparison.(It's possible to talk about this one aspect of fascism/Naziism without invoking the rest.)

The fact is that the Nazis did censor / suppress / destroy what they called "Entartete Kunst" - Degenerate Art. That so-called degenerate art included many masterpieces by the greats. Yes, it's small potatoes compared to world war and genocide but still pretty hideous.

And the basis for a valid comparison. You are out to suppress freedom.

Oh, and I rather doubt Topix bans discussions of Hitler. How do we prevent future Hitlers if we cannot freely discuss the first?

You make it so easy to shoot you down. Two seconds with Wikipedia. Man. When will you learn?

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