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Faulkner County Detention Center and Prosecuting Processes.

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Kurious Norwood

Pine Bluff, AR

#1 Oct 28, 2007
I am completely disgusted witht he way Faulkner County treats their inmates. Although I know jail is suppose to be a place of punishment..the inmates are HUMANS. The food is ridiculous! I know for a fact that ANY corectional officer would not eat what an inmate is given to eat..or at least they wouldn't want to. The officers, both correctional and police, put forth an image of pure prejudice and are completely rude! I have a loved one who is locked up for probation violation. A non-violent crime. He didn't even do anything..just did not report to the probation officer. The judge sentenced him 48 mos. RPF! Even one of the few nice correctional officers agreed tha that was ludicrous! A majority of the people I have come in contact with in Faulkner County have been very rude and unhelpful! The whole system is messed up! They treat them like animals in there. I've called the prosecuting attourney, circuit judges, probation officers, correctional facilities, and police stations on numerous occassions seeking just a little bit of information....NOTHING! Again...rude! I know people who have violated probation with drug charges and were only sentenced 6 mos! In most cases that is the sentencing! I walked into a courtroom full of white people to support my loved one and the room grew quiet IMMEDIATELY when I entered. How does that make a person feel? This is not the slavery days! I am not justifying the fact that my loved one did do something to deserve to be on probation and he did violate his probation BUT a non-violent crime! You are holding someone in custody for that when the ones who are killing and stealing everyday for fun are the ones you release and display mercy on? This issue has truly disgusted me in every manner and I will remain persistent with this matter until something is done about it!
Barber Baby Orlando Fl

Orlando, FL

#2 Nov 5, 2007
I feel that the way they treat the inmates in Faulkner County Jail is very ridiculous. I have someone who's locked up there and he can't even get a picture of his kids. That's crazy. Yes, he did something that consequented in him not being able to see them in person, and he's well aware of that. But the least they could do since they act as if they can't take him to court is let him recieve pictures. I just can't wait until he gets out. Because I heard they beat the inmates to a bloody pulp and the food they give them, a dog wouldn't even eat. Mistreating the inmates is a selfish and unjustly act. Punishement was the sentencing and time their supppose to do. Not what goes on in the jail house. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.
Robert Barber

Conway, AR

#3 Nov 14, 2007
Why is it that I have a daughter in the Faulkner County Jail that is less than 3 miles from my house, but I have to pay a freaking company out of Lousiana to have her make a collect call to me? Am I missing the point here? I know she broke the law, and is serving her time, but why am I paying someone OUT OF STATE to have her call me from 2 MILES away. It is crap, I am already having to pay for the call, now the price is getting jacked up even more, there is seriously something wrong with this.
Tammy Iburg

Little Rock, AR

#4 Nov 26, 2007
I just recently got out of the faulkner county jail, i was in there on a fine supposely from 1998.Any how i served my time in the jail and sat my fine out.The food that they served us what crap!!! I wouldnt feed it to any animals!!! come on now if we had rice for dinner or lunch we had it the next day for breakfast!!! They feed everyone too much starch which makes your stomache swell and cause you to have troubles useing the restrooms. The officers most of the treat you like your nothing not even worthy of speaking too.They treat you less then human!!!I seen so many distruping things while i was in there for 2 weeks. Like people who have mental and physical challenges they dont even help them out, like one girl had like 25 seziures in one day, they checked her blood pressure and gave her and asprin.She was ill and they did nothin.It is so cold in there and they take your mats away at 6 am and your blankets you dont get them back until 7pm.. you eat at 5am then 10:30am and dinner is at 3:30pm and you get maybe two hand full of slopp to last you for 14 hours come on now that is terriable..I know that it is meant for all of us to learn our lesson but does it really have to go that far.. No pictures i never did recieve any of my mail while i was in there.I slept on the cold and hard floor the whole i was in there.... Something needs to be done.

Conway, AR

#5 Dec 5, 2007
Ive been in the juvenile jail before and Its the same way upstairs as it is downstairs.... We eat beans everyday... cold ones at that... I do agree that the systems sucks and they treat us like we have killed someone... I do understand that obviously we have done something wrong to get in there but we are humans just like the officers and deserve respect... Its freezing cold in there and then you have to eat cold food.. How would the officers feel if they had to do that? They wouldnt at all. They don't think about that. All they think about is that we should be treated like an animal. I believe animals get better care than people in jail.

Conway, AR

#6 Dec 8, 2007
i think that conway jail is bull-shit. they fuck up people lives daily. let s talk about what they doing wrong. we have cops that breaks the law daily and others thats in the line to protect us doing it as well. why are they locked up for the b's they doing. they need to regroup .
brandi linn

Alexander, AR

#7 Dec 8, 2007
I recently was released from what they call jail on 12/7/07. I was transfered from pul.co. b/c my charge was non violent. Im not here for sympathy but i agree strongly w the rest of the comments these people have made. i sat in a holding cell for 9 hrs no blanket must i say it was ab 50 degrees in there with the air on. i understand about germs n all that but finally i got a mat n 1 blanket after asking 6 times to be showered out so i could receive those items. the only officer that was kinda nice was the 2 young males. they sot one of the female so called gaurds to help me. thay cut my phone off for no reason my bond was very low. thank the lord. yes the food was ludicrous. it was better in rpf in pine bluff. at least there they provided u w a comb, socks, undergarments etc. i would have rather been there. i didnt make it to the back but i heard it was like concentration camp. i have a 1 yr. old n a step father who is dying in the hosp. no one had a heart in there at all. theres no way i could ever do there job or want to. these people need help in this place. something needs to be done. the mentally ill were not taken care of at all. w/out there meds they could possibly seizure. this is just inhumane.
Quit Crying

Fort Worth, TX

#8 Dec 8, 2007
If ya don't care about the jail U idiots don't do anything to get put in there.

Mccoy, CO

#9 Dec 16, 2007
I know how you feel my husband is in there and they sent back a piece of paper that my son had marked on with a color how stupid is that they sent it back saying no pictures it was just paper with colors on it.
Barber Baby Orlando Fl wrote:
I feel that the way they treat the inmates in Faulkner County Jail is very ridiculous. I have someone who's locked up there and he can't even get a picture of his kids. That's crazy. Yes, he did something that consequented in him not being able to see them in person, and he's well aware of that. But the least they could do since they act as if they can't take him to court is let him recieve pictures. I just can't wait until he gets out. Because I heard they beat the inmates to a bloody pulp and the food they give them, a dog wouldn't even eat. Mistreating the inmates is a selfish and unjustly act. Punishement was the sentencing and time their supppose to do. Not what goes on in the jail house. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.
Know How It Feels

Huntsville, AL

#10 Dec 18, 2007
I just got out of Faulkner County - I was ass raped by guards. Reported and they laughed.
Arkansas AG

Celina, TX

#11 Dec 24, 2007
I believe all these complaints need to be taken to the Arkansas Attorney General's Office. This Jail and the Sheriff both have a boss and someone they should answer to and those people need to know of these activites that are going on within the jail and the treatment of the inmates. True jail is jail and "Quit Crying" needs to understand that those in jail innocent or guilty are still human and deserve to be treated as such. If you don't think so try having someone in your family put in jail then write us your side of it then.

Stratton, CO

#12 Feb 18, 2008
I have been in and out of the detention center since i was 15 years old, i am about to turn 17
the food consists of brown beans,stale bread, bleachy vegetables,applesauce.occasion ally we'r blessed with pnut butter,r bologna.i was constipated the whole time i was n ther,n once lost 60 pounds in a 3 mo per.jumpsuits your requird 2 wear r ok.theyr not uncomfortable,cept 4 the fact that it is 53 deg nside the cells.in the juvenile side,ther r 2 ppl per cell.i kno ther r 6 bunks in each cell upstairs.i wud say sleepin conditions are ok,cept anytime u need anything,no1 is ther 2 help u.Ther was a girl on heavy meds that startd sayin she was goin 2 jump off the top bunk 2 kill herself.we had 2 hold her down n yell 4 @ least 15 mins b4 anyone wud cum help.If she'd been n ther by herself,she probably woulda been dead.ther was also a girl that tied a sock around her neck n her head was turnin red. no1 wud help us.fite after fite goes on with no help.i used 2 feel like i was dirtier when i got out of the shower than i was before i got in.
there are so many females in there that skip their showers, even when they are on their cycle. i think that should be monitored. i mean seriously, we gotta live with them. and they stink :(
DENTAL/MEDICAL: the toothpaste in there is a joke. it doesnt even foam. seriously. it tastes like pinesol and your teeth dont even feel clean. also, it's recommended to floss at least once a day and they absolutly will not let you floss in there, even if they watch you.
VISITATION: i think the visitation length should depend on what your crime is. a freakin 30 minute visitation that they usually cut off around 20 minutes is not enough time for a 10 or 11 year old kid. i mean, im almost 17, im used to being in there, and frankly i dont care about visits, but a little kid should at least be able to see their parents for a little bit longer than that.
ABUSE: okay whoever put on there that they were ass raped by an officer is a damn liar. and whoever said they beat the inmates to a bloody pulp is damn liar. Officials come through and inspect alot of the time as far as that goes, and they absolutly do not beat the inmates. they rarely even touch them. Myabe if there was a fight going on and someone was out of control they may have tazed or pepper sprayed someone, but no beatings. sorry.
ANIMALS: i wouldnt go so far as to say we are treated like animals. if jail was fun, no one would care about going. My 18 year old brother was in Faulkner County for 8 months straight. he had plenty of privileges and sorry to burst ur bubble, but he survived. i wont say we are treated good, but as far as our level of seniority goes in society, we are considered the super low-downs. we suck, or we would not be in jail. lol...animals. but i do recall being told we were acting like a bunch of animals. Most people that dont get attention at home do act like an animal in jail, bc someone has to pay them attention in there, for the safety of the officers and other inmates.
BLAH: all you ex inmates can complain about jail all day and night. i can just about bet money that anything you say on here is not going to change the way the system works. it's just not going to happen. You hating jail is not going to make them change it. Their purpose isnt for you to like it. if you dont like it, dont go. I have been saying this to myself for 2 years now...but that has not stopped me from spending 12 months behind bars.sorry for all newgoers.i know it sucks, but if you overstay your welcome, they are definatly gunna let you know.if anyone has any questions about the inside of the jailhouse, you can email me on sgray149311@yahoo.com i'd be more than happy to answer any of them for the adult side or the juvenile side.

Stratton, CO

#13 Feb 18, 2008
by the way im not from morrilton. idky it sayd that. im from Conway, where the Detention Center is located.
A caring citizen

United States

#14 Feb 19, 2008
"Quit Crying" this message is for you. I hope that you are never falsely accused of something and have to go to jail. I think that your statement is STUPID. Just because someone is in jail doesn't mean that they are not human and shouldn't be treated with respect.
badge _bunny

United States

#15 Feb 22, 2008
ugh! okay...one....if you have a problem with the way that this jail..let me say that again...JAIL!!!! is ran maybe, just maybe you shouldnt do something bad to have your stupid-asses in there! i mean you really cant complain about the way a JAIL is ran! if you want to change that maybe you should've thought ab that and then maybe you could be the one with the badge...i have had family in jail and yes you bitch cause theres nothing else to do...may i plz remind you again...its a JAIL! its not suppossed to be fun and warm and cozy nor fair...you are being punished! duh! lets try being good boys and girls and stay outta there that way we dont have nothing to complain about..or thats my solution! everybody on here is like "somethin needs to change" my best answer to that is uuugghh (me clearing my throat) DONT GO TO JAIL!!!!! IDIOTS! those men and women are just doin their jobs! if you wanna go someplace fun might i suggest...DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!! i hope you all have a pleasent fuckin evening! peace and love
jacqueline welter

Alexander, AR

#16 Mar 4, 2008
i know how yall feel about them not letting your family members get pictures.. my soon to be husband is currently locked up in jail and we have our 2nd child due in august .. and he missed the first one because he was arrested .. i sent our 2nd child ultrsounds to him so that he would have the baby with him and they wrote on my babys picture and told me not to sent him pictures i was pissed .. thats just something you dont do.. plus they sent my letter back ..

and for the people that dont have love ones in jail go somewhere .. sometimes its not their fault they are in jail . so get over yallself...

Santa Monica, CA

#17 Mar 11, 2008
You really need an education. Do you honestly believe that every detainee or prisoner is guilty? In our society, there are many people behind bars that havenít been proven guilty. So, think before you judge or this could happen to you! God help us all.

Santa Monica, CA

#18 Mar 11, 2008
My message was for badge bunny.
nobody special

Conway, AR

#19 Apr 13, 2008
well i was in the faulkner county juvenil detention center for like only 11 hours and the time i was there it sucked ass because they stripp search u and shit its really not kool at all im a gurl so it was pretty emberassing..
the food was grows i didnt even eat anything they gave out beans that looked nasty and i didnt eat them..
it was grows..
i will ever never want to go back in that place it was grows..

Olive Branch, MS

#20 Apr 19, 2008
First thing to Nobody Special its Gross not Grows, Second and this goes for everyone if you didn't break the law in the first place you would have never had to go to jail its not the Hilton, put your self in there shoes the officers who work there are doing their job, yes it can be embarassing but its their saftey and yours so stop Bitching!

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