Some Observations regarding the God/N...

Some Observations regarding the God/No God issues

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just another voice

Kuttawa, KY

#1 Aug 15, 2013
Over the course of the next few days or weeks I intend to post a few thoughts pertaining to
the subject above. I plan, at least at first, to focus on areas wherein all can agree. And I
also plan to present these observations in ways that people are already aware of and/or
can easily verify. These observations will probably only be of interest to those who are
seriously interested in this field.
On the net there are very few decent debates or discussions or talks. The problem that I
see with debates is that nobody is ever really forced to concede a point. Nobody ever says
that they are wrong or that they have just been corrected. They come to make their best
case for their established position and never budge. This reminds me of the political
debates. Madison Avenue does similarly regarding the products they sell. They promote
their good points only, in most cases, and seldom mention any drawbacks. If this were
not the case entities like Consumer Reports or the Better Business Bureau wouldn't have
to exist.
The talks that I refer to would be the one way type of communication. This would be like a
sermon or speech and you could even include books in this, The hearer or reader would
be left in a position of not being able to posit questions or offer additional information.
Then there are discussions. These can be very productive if all concerned know how to
function in them. It is the finding of those that are knowledgeable and have an open mind
sufficient enough to recognize the truth when they see it and a willingness to admit it that
is scarce in this world.
You know, there are people in this world who are very rich that have little education. And
then there are those who are highly educated who are failures with their lives. So, the amount
of education isn't the criteria for recognizing 'truth' or being wise. It seems to have more to
do with attitude and respect for the past the present and the future.....respect for humanity
in general and respect for each and every individual that is encountered and being willing
to both teach and learn from that individual's life's experiences.
just another voice

Kuttawa, KY

#2 Aug 15, 2013
1) Why Bother with No God/ Pro God

In this world we live in today we are flooded with things to do, places to go and people to
meet. We are all busy with jobs and families or busy looking for jobs and wondering how to
pay all of our bills. 200 channels can be found on tv. Video games are in endless supply,
bookstores are full of intriguing titles, And then there are movies and sports and illnesses
to deal with and the poor and elderly with all of their needs. The list of things to do and that
need to be done is endless.
Often times it is hard to find time to focus on whether God exists or not. We hear things
here and there and they don't all add up and people say all manner of things regarding God.
And in this generation we are faced with a two faced government that has the Ten Commandments
posted in their ivory mansions and yet denies them to the schools. Our education system
has adopted evolution in mass and we are bombarded with news media that is intent on
manipulating what we think and do with omissions and often times outright falseness.

So, how does one sort through all of this....???

First of all, you will need a reason to do so that is strong enough to be willing to make the
time to do it. Solid ground is out there and it can be found by simply looking. That reason
is what I want to focus on here and now to give you.
Typically, the person who says there is NO God will also say there is no heaven, no hell, and
no hereafter. Not all of them, but mostly. That is one of the eternal possibilities. And on the
Pro God side there are two possibilities: heaven and/or hell.

Think with me for a moment about the obvious. You and I are here. We are alive and we are
experiencing all the attributes of life. We aren't dreaming all of this. One of the things that
we are experiencing is "Time". One fact that we can rely on is that there is no evidence of
time stopping. So, without some kind of other dimensional intervention, time will continue.

Both the No God and the Pro God person would agree that these 60, or 70 or 100 years that
we may live is very short in comparison, whether you believe this earth is 6000 years old or 13 billion. But the
age of the earth isn't eternity. Eternity is a long.....long....long ...(insert a lot more longs right here)
long time. In fact, we as humans have been conditioned by markers of time so much since our
birth that we cannot truly comprehend eternity.
Another fact that we can rely on, based upon the past, is that we are going to die someday.
So, a reasonable person would be wondering what is on the other side. Is time going to be
there, is it going to be the same kind of time, and are we going to be there experiencing that
There are three choices that face us as searchers of the truth.
Those choices are all severely different. And guess what...? The final answer as to what exists
in the hereafter is already established. We have absolutely no say in it. The Pro God person
will tell you that God has spoken about this and Yes you will have a choice as to Heaven or Hell.
But if the No God person convinces you that nothing exists in the hereafter and if he/she is wrong
then you will find yourself standing before God without hope. Blaming the No God person is not
going to help.

Ask yourself just how the No God person can tell you that nothing exists in the hereafter. Better
yet, ask him/her. Typically the No God person claims to rely on facts, reason, and logic and
intelligence. So far, I have never seen a No God person use any of those for his basis of saying
that nothing exists.

And this is why you should bother. This is why the truth is to be sought and found. These few
years are indeed much less than a blink of an is a proving ground to declare what we
believe and have chosen....and yet it is more than enough time to make that decision.

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