princess theatre

Brownsville, TN

#69 Sep 1, 2011
Who Really Cares wrote:
Hay guys just another person from mayfield here. Do u people really want to run another business off from outr town? we already dont have any jobs or places to work. then idiots get on the internet and try to get another business to fail!! are u people not tired of seeing all the business around hear failing, good or bad. I just want to see things here do good. Its his building, he can make his own rules!! I think i will go there now just to help out my comunity!
Lets try to be people who want to make things better not worse for our selfs. what will some of u do when all the goverment checks run out?
Go ahead. Go there and try to call ur mom, child, etc from the LOBBY and see what happens! Bet u don't go back!

Chicago, IL

#70 Oct 11, 2011
Y'all all need to get things right about phones!!!!! And y'all say the poor high school age kids that work there are rude? All they are trying to do is make a living!! and y'all get hateful with them because the man gets hateful with y'all!!! Everyone stop the childish crap!!
the mrs

Mayfield, KY

#71 Oct 12, 2011
I solved the problem of the owner being rude very easily...I started going to the drive-in in Calvert city. 2 movies for 5 bucks per person, children under 13 are free. Snacks and drinks are cheaper there too. Including gas, I spend the same at the drivein that I do at the princess but I get two movies instead of one!


Mayfield, KY

#72 Oct 13, 2011
I go to the movies ever weekend never have I had any of these experances that you all are saying. Maybe you need to grow up
OMGTakeaPostiveP illwudU

Warren, MI

#73 Apr 3, 2012
FYI.. Cell phone do not mess up the projectors. nor the airlines equipment. Get facts before post. Airlines just use it as a ploy to discourage seating Voice rage on those who have to hear others jabber. Had to laugh when I saw it messes up the Projector. so funny.

United States

#74 Apr 3, 2012
Who is worse? The theater guy or the guy that runs Circus skate. Have not been there in years, he may be dead by now.

Henderson, KY

#75 Apr 3, 2012
He's still there...and it's a toss up who's worse!!
cally man

Benton, KY

#76 Apr 3, 2012
Polly wrote:
He's still there...and it's a toss up who's worse!!

Stewart, TN

#77 Apr 12, 2012
Just follow the his rules or drive to Paducah/Murray. It's real simple! I don't see a problem with it. If I need to use my phone, I will just step outside. It's not like the Cinema is a large building. LOL

Stewart, TN

#78 Apr 12, 2012
No the Circus Skate guy is much worse than Mr. Cinema!!! I recently seen him yell at another Mom for not having her money out and ready. LOL, He definitely needs anxiety medication!!! He can't handle the stress of crowds.
Lefty Smothers

Owensboro, KY

#79 Nov 19, 2012
Well, the owner went crazy and cussed out my wife when she was reading on her I-pad twenty minutes before the movie started. He wasn't polite or professional at all. He just came up behind us and was rude. After the show she tried to reason with him he slammed his cane on the floor, used the "f" word five or six times in a row, called us white trash, and then told her don't ever come back. Needless to say the man needs help and he won't ever be getting our business again.

Mayfield, KY

#80 Nov 19, 2012
his business his rule s. people in mayfiel cannot go by rule and act like babies.way people act in mayfield may be why mayfield gets nothing here. can't stay off cell phone stay home. people like on here don't to get of the house.
Lefty Smothers

Owensboro, KY

#81 Nov 20, 2012
"His business, his rule" If you look at the Princess Theater webpage, the house rules don't say anything about no I-pads, in fact it only says that cell phones must be turned off or silenced. There are no signs that say "no-technology." Reading a book on an I-pad never hurt anybody, especially 20 minutes before the show. This guy is a complete lunatic. I understand that he gets a lot of disrespectful teenagers, but me and my wife are in our 30's. All it would have taken was a simple "Miss, I don't allow any technology in my theater," instead of cussing us out, calling us names, and throwing us out.
Lefty Smothers

Owensboro, KY

#82 Nov 20, 2012
Oh and he'd better be careful with that cane, he might have an accident and trip over it!

Killen, AL

#83 Nov 20, 2012
Why does anyone go there in the first place? Paducah and Murray has cleaner theaters, Dolby Digital projection and surround sound. I get a better movie-watching experience in my man cave over that dump.

Mayfield, KY

#84 Nov 20, 2012
Agreed! I go because I live in Mayfield and its easy, but the seats are terrible and the crowds are usually teenagers or parents with their kids during the day. The younger staff has always been nice to me, but the old man who is the owner is a complete jerk! I saw him jump a kid that had a cell phone in the lobby once, and he wasn't doing anything!

Indianapolis, IN

#85 Dec 11, 2012
You'll all be crying when he has to close the theater because the studios have all gone digital and they aren't helping out the Mom & Pop theaters to change to digital projectors that run $50,000 to $70,000 a piece and the big chains can charge what they want in tickets and concessions.
Yes, you sometimes see the worst of the business owners but it takes a special kind of person to keep a theater running these days with problems most of us can't understand.
Cell Phones in the theater (PLEASE)...most of us don't want to hear the one sided yammerings about your pathetic life. Turn em' off, period.

Mayfield, KY

#86 Mar 7, 2016
Montana wrote:
You're right there are ALWAYS two sides of the story, I am the owners daughter-in-law. There is the rule for NO CELL PHONES at all because it mess' up the projectors. Believe it or not. The workers are NOT insane they are ALL outstand students who do sports at school and are amazing at school! They bust their asses doing their best and people get rude with them and they have NO control over what the owner does. He is a man who is set in his ways. He has ran plenty of theatre's and doesn't get enough resepct. He tries to play family movies and make things the best for his customers. Until you have walked in his shoes don't judge. Now moving on to the 3-D just because the poster says 3-D doesn't mean it is! The screen AND projector for that would cost around 190 thousand dollars. What people don't realize is they are still using 35 mm film with projectors that are nearly as old as my husband. So sometimes it s hard to get them focused. He has rule for reason and he wants everyone one to enjoy their time there. He is the lowest around because he understands that times are hard. So everyone has their own thoughts regrading the place but just remember don't always believe everything you hear!And I can tell you all this because for 2 years I ran it for the owner while he was at the drive in he had.
well i was with you until you said they (the employees) were into sports by that they must be crazy sports people are bullies

United States

#87 Mar 7, 2016
It is now 2016 this is an old thread! New seats and digital projectors! It's a whole new world up there!
Things have really changed from what I saw! Glad to have a place for the kids to go and see a good movie here in good ole Mayfield! Kudos to whoever is running the theater now! It's wonderful.

United States

#88 Mar 8, 2016
Oops wrote:
It is now 2016 this is an old thread! New seats and digital projectors! It's a whole new world up there!
Things have really changed from what I saw! Glad to have a place for the kids to go and see a good movie here in good ole Mayfield! Kudos to whoever is running the theater now! It's wonderful.
New seats that fit grown people?

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