Do you work at RR Donnelley?

Do you work at RR Donnelley?

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Lexington, KY

#1 Dec 17, 2008
I work at the one in Danville Ky and was just wondering how things are going up there!!!!

Since: Jan 09


#2 Jan 10, 2009
It is a RRD plant. If you have to ask, Danville must be a much better plant, lol I worked there 10 years in the bindery and offset pressroom, but still have some first hand inside links. I have been out 3 years, but can probably get any specifics you need.

Latest scuttle butt is cutting more than 200-250 jobs may be in the pipe. Multiple departments have already had and are scheduled for various extended equipment shut downs.

A local insert printer, they often utilize, just announced cutting 100 jobs.

I just found this forum, and happened across your question.

Berea, KY

#3 Jan 13, 2009
We were all just wondering how things were there, They are screwing us around, not giving us any winshares or bonuses of any sort. They also thought about not giving the cost of living raise. But they decided to give it to the hourly employees. Just wondering if we were the only ones getting shafted. Thanks for the info. We are alittle slow, that time of year, But no talks of job cuts yet. Keep me informed, thanks.

Since: Jan 09


#4 Jan 18, 2009
They are closing a small plant they aquired recently in iowa, 160 casualties. I posted yesterday, but the specific information might have triggered some censorship. It isn't showing up yet at least.

Its likely smaller operations will be closed and shifted to their larger plants. Mattoon hasn't been running near capacity, for quite some time. I don't think larger plants, will fall victim to more than slowing short term. They will pick off the little operations they aquired and shift the work to fill in capacity in the bigger plants. It is unfortunate for any closures to result, but it could mean more work, in the plants that have seen substancial page and count reductions. They aren't typically real strong with a long term thought process, so the shifts could well prove overwhelming when decline turns to recovery. It might even require further plant expansions, in a few years down the road.

Mattoon is mothballing at least 1 offset press, and one or more binding lines. Cutting 4 star crews back to 3 shift. Work load should have done that much sooner, but they like the less overtime pay system to have folks on those schedules.


#5 Jan 29, 2009
Anyone got any inside on RRD's text book manufacturing outlook? I work in their Jefferson City, MO facility(formerly Von Hoffmann) and have had hours cut almost in half using vacation to get close to a full paycheck. We are a fully integrated facility with major investments still being implemented into our facility, but when, or if, will we be picking up our business? I've heard statistics that we are RRD's 2nd largest manufacturer of text books, but when we go to work and push brooms you wouldn't know that!

Since: Jan 09


#6 Jan 30, 2009
Your plants size and stature, in the business should be in favor of some longevity security. RRD is usually an aquire and consolidate the little guys into their larger plants. It doesn't have to be a longheld RRD plant usually. I don't know how big the other two plants that were part of your joining, are. Its usually the smaller the more likely to close. If your plant has room to expand, to take up more capacity, can also sometimes play a role. Plant existence security is by no means job security. They tend to thin the herd of higher wage earners as much as possible, durring budget crunches.

Since the Family let go of the reins of the company, a defined direction of the company is no longer as dependable as it once was. So how comitted to the book printing, magazine printing, and other fingers in many pies, is much harder to predict. They are more profit driven than anything, quality focus in the magazine printing typically ebbs and flows depending on their profit margins.

In illinois you can work a day or two or sometimes three, a week, depending on your pay and benefit ammount, be laid off the rest of the week, and draw unemployment. As long as you earn less in a week than your benefit ammount, you can count it as your waiting week, to get it started. See what the rules are where you are, and stop burning up your vacation if you can avoid it.

This is likely going to take longer to recover to a point of rebound in printing of all kinds. Business will have to recover to a point where they have the money to put back to utilizing more in print services.

Since: Jan 09


#7 Feb 1, 2009
Eep Kay iet quay, about the cleaning for work to do.

Mattoon may be an exception, but that deffinately doesn't happen here. If the lines aren't running, the crew is off or dispersed to ones that are. No maintenance, repairs made, or thorough cleaning when its slow. One of the dumbest business plans I ever saw. They cut maintenance and repairs down to bear minimums and generic bandaids. They want it clean, but expect cleaning fairies to just come in and wave their wands, no time or money, for people to do it. Slow time would be the best, to go line by line when its down for no work, and knock repairs off the this hasn't been fixed yet list, and clean up like can't be done, normally.

Maintenance usually happens when its broke beyond a bandaid, or three days once a year, usually when they are bussiest, or at least steady.

Have you all had your safety cages installed around every possible pinchpoint and hazzard? Instalation by imported folks who don't have any idea what they are protecting, or how it should be possible to access, or not to.

Since: Jan 09


#8 Feb 4, 2009
What has become typical for work force reduction in Mattoon, began this week.

Offer demotion or a departure package is usually step one of many here. Will have to see how the rest of it plays out, to see if it fits the rest of their norm. The job cuts ball has begun rolling, total casualties will be days, weeks or even months away possibly. Nothing like working under the stress of these kinds of semi regular hatchet job responses to various business issues. They tend to over do it, and actually cause overtime or extra work as a result.

Issues that are not completely the companies own doing are now also involved, so its hard to say what will happen until the dust settles and some hindsight can be applied. When firm reliable numbers begin to come forth, I will try to get them verified and give at least the broad strokes of them.

Best of luck to all, keep your heads down, and hopefully the lights, presses and binders on, when all is said and done.

If opportunity knocks elsewhere, by all means give it serious thought. RRD has long not been loyal to its employees. Seniority usually means little, job security is always hanging over all their employees heads. That is one of the worst possible business climates to be involved in.

If you leave the right way, for another opportunity, there is ample possibility to return if it doesn't work out. Announcing you are headed to a competitor usually results in immediate escorting off the premisis, and no chance for re hire. Unless you are a plant manager and do it, then you may get a multi million dollar stick around deal, and corprate level promotion.

Until they alter their course of employee relations and commitment in a long term plan, they will never see their true potential, and if they can't, neither can their employees. Its an unfortunatly redundant cycle.
7 month ISS grunt

Mattoon, IL

#9 Feb 9, 2009
Hey,I'm on ISS layoff for the Mattoon plant,so I'm basically left in the dark about company news.

I was wondering what the big announcement that my BEU was talking about,he told me about it the day before I was laid off(Friday Feb 6).
fired employee

Oshkosh, WI

#10 Feb 11, 2009
De Pere Wisconsin has eliminated the Spec Writer positions and relieved a team leader from the front end of his duties. The are trying to transition to new software and it is not going well. Another team leader from the front end was let go last fall. HR is busy writing people up for all the print errors that occurred in December when everybody was working 55-60 hour weeks trying to meet press deadlines. The Clinton plant was not able to pick up any orders to help out.

Jefferson City, MO

#11 Feb 17, 2009
I might be working at the Liberty plant everyone look out!!This is the best thing the company could do though.Less people more hours available.We wasn't getting full checks.Any place else reduceing?Just wondering?
Ashwaubenon cell

Oshkosh, WI

#12 Feb 18, 2009
Corporate arrived Monday and plant meetings started yesterday in Green Bay, today in De Pere. So far 13 more let go. Rumors of up the 75% layoffs to start next week.

Since: Jan 09


#13 Feb 20, 2009
Here is an article about the above mentioned Jeff city plant, from an online graphic arts publication.

Note the cover benefits while off, portion. Usually they do that, then when you go back to their payroll, your first few checks, are hit with every dime you missed, while off. If they have changed that policy they left it out.

I have posted 4 comments now that haven't made it on.

So far Mattoon is only scaling back jobs on equipment idled from work lost or shifted to other plants. No big announcements that I have caught wind of. They are being a bit more methodical than they have previously, and while some of the choices of who gets cut, make little practical sense, many have been done in a way that when and if things get back to adding the equipment back in to constant work flow, those folks might have a good chance to be returned to their positions, if they want. Its still just getting started, so its hard telling, what twists and turns might be ahead.

Jefferson City, MO

#14 Feb 26, 2009
I can't believe that there is a computer telling management who to fire.They're telling us that they ran an analysas on each one of the employees.All we are is a number.They don't care if you've been with the company for 30 yrs.If that damn computer spits out your name you get the shaft.There has got to be a better way.

Since: Jan 09


#15 Mar 3, 2009
Any other plants, got a talking to about possible union drives, from management? Not heard of any union talk here for years, but out of nowhere they hold group talks to warn employees about them.
8 month ISS grunt

Charleston, IL

#16 Mar 4, 2009
If the plant would get a union,it would be the final nail in the Mattoon plant's coffin.Just look at what happened to BlawNox and Trailmobile.

Just say no to unions!

Southington, CT

#17 Mar 7, 2009
I work in the Avon CT plant. Seems to be all the same happening here. Just acquired a year ago, now they are cutting hours, benefits, some positions. The old company would do some major maintenance to the presses in January, not this company. nothing, just run and fix it when it breaks. It is all about the labor budget here. Changing process systems now, and it is beginning to be a nightmare. Not interested in taking what we used to do good, just assimilate and steam roll on to the next acquisition.

Since: Jan 09


#18 Mar 8, 2009
So far its been a hand full of small plants, around 300 employees or less, that have usually been past few years aquisitions, that have closed up shop. Moore Wallace was an aquire close and redistribute the work operation, when they joined RRD. It seems aquisition has been busy, and now many limits to closure have been removed, by various economic conditions.

Here, there used to be week long maintenance, at least twice a year, for each line or press. They even had spare binding or press equipment ready to go and be swapped out, if it would be faster to swap than to repair. That gradually got scaled back, to 3 days, skeleton crews usually unfamilure with the equipment, and no parts in stock, for scheduled maintenance, routine wear items, or emergency repairs.
Liberty RR Donnelley

Jefferson City, MO

#19 Mar 24, 2009
I was laid off two weeks ago from Liberty, MO plant. I was told that I had been impacted by the economy. Made me feel better don't you think! Not temporary to be called back unless I reapplied. NO Buyout. Severence pay offered. I'd like to hear from anyone else from Liberty RRD. My prayers are with you man...


#20 Mar 25, 2009
Latest news from the book manufacturing division in missouri! had employee meeting in which we were told that RR Donnelley has become a "four-month job". We will be working everyday during mid-May through mid-September--then layoffs again!I am not going to comment anymore to waste space here, but you can draw your own conclusions about what most peple would think/feel! God blees all us working for RR Donnelley and those no longer with the organization!

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