Need insurance 18 in new york cheap?
i am an 18 year old college student in new york
my parents are close to retarded my brother is crazy and delusional and since i have a girlfriend he opposes me getting a car (jealousy) while all my friends parents bought them cars and insurance since they were 16 all my friends parents are supportive nice and cool
but i dont ask my parents for money at all but they are so negative and dont even put me on their policy
i finally saved up enough to buy a car but my father who is pretty much retarded and never let me drive his 3000 car is not putting me on his policy under any circumstances

(u might think why i am still living with a crazy family) well not enough to move out :( soo

so i really need help with getting insurance on my own name in new york btw im 18
i really need this because this is my gateway to freedom and some relaxation for all the drama in my life (18 year olds dont usually have graying hair)
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