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#231 Jun 22, 2009
Ok guys really topix is nothin but gossip .. If everyone would pray for everybody and stop saying bad stuff I promise the world would have peace. I am a christian and I say one think ppl God is watching everyone and is knowing what is being said u can hide from the world however God is a 24-7 God. I dont think he would be happy with whats being said about anyone.. Pray is the magic word and if thats to hard to ask the I dont know why is so easy for everyone to type such stuff. God is an awesome God no matter where you go to church if his presences is there and thats where you feel you need to be dont let anyone tell you any different ... Guess I am tellin you I shouldnt be havin to come on here I will say a prayer for everyone that has wrote something bad about anyone on here. However whom ever is writing about my mother please dont she is very sick and needs God in her life for that is the last resort now it seems as if Christians would want the same.. So im asking you please keep your thoughts to yourself for God loves everyone and everyone deserves a Church regardless it be FULL GOSPEL CHURCH or where ever .. Its not what church is only if we can see another soul saved.. God loves everyone ... So remember pray b4 you talk cause prayer goes along way..
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Logan, WV

#233 Jul 6, 2009
I think he should sit on his seat and be preach too,and prove his self,and how can he preach to everybody else when he could,nt even keep his own household together,and I,m not blameing Sharon for it cause I believe she is a good woman,and her beening so sick and him doing her the cruel way he done to her,hang in there Sharon GOD will take care of u forsure,if I be him I would be ashame to even show my face if I was him,I,m am praying for SHARON And his kids that GOD will bless them in every way.So Fred be a man and and ACT like one.

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#234 Jul 7, 2009
If the church allows him to preach again they are showing that they condone what he did, and i for one would not want to attend a church that would allow that.
full gospel gal

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#235 Jul 8, 2009
lady wrote:
If the church allows him to preach again they are showing that they condone what he did, and i for one would not want to attend a church that would allow that.
so don't attend..we won't miss you..find yourself a church that you approve of and go there.
older person

Normantown, WV

#236 Jul 8, 2009
The bamboo sticks did happen 1 Sunday morning about 8 or 9 years ago., but the guns & bugs did not happen. ask Brother Ronnie & Sister Debbie if it didn't happen. Bro. Ronnie was the 1 that done the men & Sis. Debbie done the ladies. Just Pray 4 this Church.
A member From Long Ago

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#237 Jul 10, 2009
I been a memeber of His church for many yrs and i dont think its right for ppl to get on here and judge anyone,for something no ones the whole story.And if anyone who can throw the first stone pls feel free to throw but for u do better sweep under ur door for u go lookin unders door and the dirt and the bones in ur closet for started on other ppls yard. and its not Christain right to sit and talk about ppl and start things U dont even know the whole story to it ALl .

Logan, WV

#238 Jul 10, 2009
You're a smart ass full gospel gal. You need to pray that God removes that awful spirit from you. And is that anyway to treat someone? No wonder the people in this community wont come there. You guys have your little circle of friends in that church and apparently dont welcome sinners in so believe me when I say that you dont have to worry about too many new people coming there. Wow what a loving heart you have.
full gospel gal wrote:
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so don't attend..we won't miss you..find yourself a church that you approve of and go there.

Logan, WV

#239 Jul 10, 2009
I have one question for the members of the Full Gospel Church. What ever happened to praying for people? It's no wonder that this church is beginning to fall. If every member of this church has the same attitude as this full gospel gal you guys are gonna burn in hell. I share the same opinion as lady, I dont want to come there and have to look at 2 faced hypocrites. The devil really has a hold on this place. And I hope each and every one of you know that he is sitting back and laughing his ass off at you. I was once a member there and right now feel ashamed of ever walking through those doors. I hope people never thought of me that way when I came there.
Just Me

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#240 Jul 10, 2009
Honestly wrote:
<quoted text>
That can be arranged Brenda, I would love to sit, talk, speak the truth and help you understand the truth.
Who the hell is Brenda?? You had better get your facts straight before using someones name!

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#241 Jul 11, 2009
i completely agree with tracie25688 on this!!!
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#243 Jul 12, 2009
You people really need to get out more. The people who attend this church have spoken their opinion too. I think he should of been a man and stood at the alter and told the congragation about hi wrong doings. I know he is not the first man or pastor to run off with a woman. And their have been some get caught in the basement of the church. But we as people who seek the lord don't want to attend a church where some people think it is OK. This is why I don't attend church. I should be able to respect the person and believe what he is telling me the truth. And I think if her were to be let come back he should step down and hold no high position in the church. As for me and hearing what he has done I would be afraid to go and let him shake my hand or give a hug. I would be wondering what he is thinking about.Even if it might be harmless but who is to say that it is. I think GOD will watch over his children and his sick wife. But for him I would be worried about what is going to happen to me.
god who

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#244 Jul 18, 2009
makes me glad i'm a atheist
jeff taylor

Louisville, KY

#245 Jul 25, 2009
fred taylor no longer pastors this church no longer attends this church nor is associated with this church.he stood in front of the church and apologized. he is no longer preaching and will not be preaching for along time he is trying to get himself lined out.he has started attending another church.he will tell you what he did was wrong but he cant change what he has done.he asked God for forgivness so i believe he is forgiven by God. the people of the f.g.c. didnt do this so why keep bringing them up in your gossip?

Charleston, WV

#246 Jul 26, 2009
Has Sharon forgiven him and attending the other church with him?If he is back home with her and she hasn't really forgiven him then their marriage and home life may remain a shambles.But I believe with time and God's love and forgiveness they can put this all behind them..
me m

Macon, GA

#247 Jul 27, 2009
you know if fred asked the lord to forgive him .and the lord does forgive we have too so i think this is between him and the lord. i dont go to church in matewan. but i do think people need too pray for him hes only human and the devil is out to bring gods people down away he can

Prestonsburg, KY

#248 Mar 23, 2010
i know this is a old post..and i'm not trying to start anything but i heard they were getting rid of ron and finding a new preacher..is this true?

Pikeville, KY

#249 Mar 23, 2010
no its not true ron is a very great man of God and he is doing a great job and God is really moving for this church so lets all pray for them and no matter what happens the church will go on

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#250 Mar 24, 2010
i must admit that i do not know all details of this church or the situation that happened to the pastor nor do i discuss this matter with anyone in my daily life. but from what i have seen on here, it seems that there is a great deal going on...not just in the church.
im not preacher, not even close, but i would like to state what i believe the bible to say. im gonna try not to "judge" anyone, though that word and/or action has been thrown around alot on this topic. we all want to quote "judge not that ye be not judged". i think we read that for face value and do not bother to read on to really grasp the meaning of that verse. its not about us judging others, in general. its simply about self examination. read on thru the 7th chapter of Matthew in the KJV Holy Bible. as a matter of fact, in the 3rd verse, it will tell u exactly what verse 1(Judge not that ye be not judged) really means. it is simply telling us not to judge our brother/sister for doing something that we ourselves is doing(Matthew 7:5).
we cant tell each other that we cant judge or else the bible wouldnt have said "judge not according to the appearance but JUDGE RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT"(John 7:24). sooo...either we can judge or else Matthew 7:1 and John 7:24 are contradictory. of course theyre not contradictory, as ive said already Matthew chapter 7 is more about self examination, do not accuse or try to correct ur brother/sister, when you urself are in wrong. John 7:24 brings up a good point when it says "judge RIGHTEOUS judgement". what we are forgetting is that there is a right way to judge and a wrong way. the wrong way to judge is to put others down, and call them names and false accuse, try to correct someone else when we are committing sin or living in sin ourselves, etc. the right way to judge is with a righteous judgement. theres only one way to do a righteous judgement and that is with the Word of God. if people(christians, that is) are purposely committing sin or living in sin, then according to the bible, unrepented sin will cause u to be lost. the "righteous judgement" here(according to the Bible)is that until this person repents and turns away from such sin as they are doing, then their sins do not go before them but follow them. in other words, until they repent, thier sins are not forgiven and under the blood, and therefore if Jesus comes back or they die in a sin condition, they will not be saved. THAT is what it is to make a "righteous judgement"..becuz its not our personal judgement, its what the BIBLE...the Lord himself..says!
dont get me wrong, i do believe it would be easier to lay aside any type of judging and just pray for the people that we know or think are in the wrong. the bible says to "consider yourself". and we ought to do that, even before making a "righteous judgement" becuz truth be told, none of us are exempt to temptation and none of us are exempt from failure. we are all made of the same subastance...dust of the ground. the bible says from dust we're made and to dust we'll return. no one is better than the next person. no one is greater than or less than anyone else. we are all the same in the eyes of God...HUMAN. we need to just pray for each other. and if i think someone is in the wrong, i'll pray for them. and if someone thinks im in the wrong, i pray they have the God in them to get down on their knees and pray for me and not go around bashing me and my life. WE NEED TO PRAY PEOPLE. LESS TALK MORE PRAYER. thats what i think, feel, and believe.

~~~~~~~~~~will continue this in another post~~~~~~~~~~

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#251 Mar 24, 2010
~~~~~~~~~~continued from above post~~~~~~~~~~

another thing, i believe someone mentioned in one of the posts about how the full gospel congregation ought not be (pre)judged by something fred taylor did. i do agree with this but the facts of the matter is, people do (pre) judge the congregation by how the Pastor is. this is unfortunate and should be done away with. the congregation of the full gospel or any other church, should not be judged by the faults of the pastor. the pastor is responsible for his own actions. and someone said they blamed satan, well, thats something i dont agree with. u see, satan cant make us do anything. he can only tempt us. he can plant the seed of sin but its up to us to let that seed grow or die. alot of the times...most of the times...satan gets all the credit. its not satan who is making us sin, its US giving in to our OWN flesh's desires. its a choice. its a choice to say "yes im going to sin" or "no im not going to sin". its not entirely satans fault and its time we all start realizing that fact and accept it. i dont believe our worst enemy isnt satan, its OUR FLESH!!!
as far as being beat by a stick. no where in my bible have i read i got to line up and let my pastor nor anyone else beat me with a stick. i think the bible talks about bieng wise and using wisdom and doing wise things. but it also talks about being foolish and doing foolish things. i think pastors abuse thier authority way too much in this church age. and im not necessarily directing this at the full gospel church, im talking about every church in its entirity. if the pastor isnt going to use wisdom, at least let the rest of us have alittle wisdom and know the difference in doing what is wise(and right) and what is foolish(and wrong). but if u choose to go along with such tactics, thats between you and your God, and no one else!
my apologies for taking up so much space and time to write what i think, feel, and beleive. hopefully i have not offended anyone. that wasnt, isnt, nor ever will be my intentions.
i guess when its all said and done, its really not going to matter what i say becuz people are intitled to thier own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. i dont dispute that. i just think sometimes we ought to have alittle more tact on how we go about saying what we want to say without causing anymore hurt..for anyone. we just NEED to PRAY for EACH OTHER and leave EVERYTHING else up to GOD. thats really what we all need to do...myself included.
i pray that i have not hurt or offended anyone. and if i have, my sincerist apologies. this post was certainly not intended to do so.*hugz*
thats really all i got to say at the moment. love it or leave it. accept it or reject it.:0)
God bless everyone...
oh and unlike alot of people, i did use my real name *LOL*

Prestonsburg, KY

#252 Mar 24, 2010
oh..i have a family member that goes there.and they were telling me that some of the women on the church were talking about voting ron out and voting someone else in...i was just wondering.

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