Woman struck, killed while crossing R...

Woman struck, killed while crossing River Road in Piscataway

There are 128 comments on the Courier News story from Dec 9, 2009, titled Woman struck, killed while crossing River Road in Piscataway. In it, Courier News reports that:

A Monmouth County mother was struck and killed by a motor vehicle as she crossed River Road with members of her family on Sunday night, police said.

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Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#1 Dec 10, 2009
I think that i heard that the girl was on a cell phone
and that caused the accident, she was only a high
school kids and you know how they drive.

Rutherford, NJ

#2 Dec 10, 2009
Stupid h.s. girl on a cell phone while driving , throw her in jail for murder for the rest of her life for killing a mother and destroying a family . May she carry the guilt of this terrible crime for the rest of of her life.
Dan Leo Anthony


#3 Dec 10, 2009
I absolutely agree, the idiot HS nincompoop destroyed the
life of a fine woman who was a pillar of the community
raising a great son and who was married to a wonderful family
man. She is probably some goof that texted her friends
and then she kept going like a zombie, not even noticing
the woman was lying there dead. Throw the creep in jail
and take away her keys forever. Justice!!!!

Hicksville, NY

#4 Dec 10, 2009
I agree what the HS girl did was wrong but without knowing her side of the story how can you guys be so accusative? Who are you to judge her faith? I happen to have heard she was a pretty good girl. Yeah she made a mistake,a pretty bad one, but it was at NIGHT. Maybe she didn't see the lady. And I also heard that after the accident she panicked and DID CALL her parents. She probably feels guilty enough without you guys ACCUSING HER EVEN WORSE! No one knows the full details, and therefore how can you guys make such statements. That is the police's job NOT YOURS!
Horrified at accusations

Bronx, NY

#5 Dec 10, 2009
Hello!!! First, it was at night. Second, there was no traffic light where the family was crossing. Why are you so quick to lay judgement on the driver? Why don't you ask why the family was crossing where there was no traffic light and when a car was approaching? If they didn't see the car because it was around the bend, then obviously they shouldn't have been crossing where they did. If you know River Road, then you know that crossing that road on foot is very dangerous at many areas along that road. This is not the first time that there has been a fatal accident on that road. And, are you telling me that there was never a time in your life that a pedestrian just popped out of nowhere when you were driving and you said to yourself, "Oh thank God I didn't hit that person"? I feel very awful for the family who lost their family member. However, this poor young girl obviously did not see the woman. This doesn't make her an awful person. Do you think that she isn't going to wake up every day for the rest of her life wishing that she could turn back time and make things right? Shame on all who are so quick to judge.

Rutherford, NJ

#6 Dec 11, 2009
Pedestrians have the right of way , period. It is illegal to talk or text on a cell phone while driving , period. A family was ruined , period. You bleeding hearts make me sick , period. How would you feel if YOUR wife or mother was mowed down by some bimbo talking on a cell phone ? Wake up you dumb bastards , PERIOD.
Horrified at accusations

Hillsborough, NJ

#7 Dec 11, 2009
Sorry, but pedestrians do not always have the right of way. Pedestrians are only supposed to cross at crosswalks, and only when vehicles are not coming! Think of what would happen if people just walked into the streets at any given point or any time they please. I would be afraid to get behind the wheel! Your comments, Vic show that you are very one-sided and very quick to place judgement. I bet if it was your daughter behind the wheel, you would be singing a different song. Or what if it was your wife behind the wheel and she turned her head for a few seconds in response to your child in the back seat. Would that be different? I don't see how. Yes, being on the cell phone is negligent (although that hasn't been established yet). But so are a lot of other things that distract people when they are driving -- there is no difference. I totally agree also that these young teens that get behind the wheel are not very responsible. I see it on the road all the time. Unfortunately, it is because of their age, but yet we give them licenses anyway. We can't expect them to think and behave as adults - they just aren't capable. Unfortunately, this time the consequences are absolutely horrific and the family is suffering miserably. I wish there was something that could make it better, I just don't think sending a 17 year-old girl to jail is the solution. She might be this wonderful young girl with a promising future. If she was negligent, maybe she will take this incident and use it to teach her peers about the consequences of behaving irresponsibly.

Rutherford, NJ

#8 Dec 11, 2009
You`re soooooo liberal " what if , maybe this , maybe that , why not , etc, etc, etc " so we should give the dumb bimbo a lollipop , pat her on the head and say everthings ok , thanks for ruining an entire family , go on your way . I say throw the bimbo in jail & throw away the key . She murdered a wife & mother, case closed.
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#9 Dec 11, 2009
The girl did not stop after the accident and kept
going is what i understand and there is also
a strong possibility that she was textin on a
cell phone and not paying attention. Don't forget
there were three people crossing and she could
not see three adults crossing on a clear night
with lights shining? Yes, there needs to be
justice for sure and this girl needs to be
taught a lesson about driving - take her keys away!
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#10 Dec 11, 2009
There simply is no "wonderful young girl with a promising
future" but rather a corpse of a woman who was full
of hope and accomplishments seeing her son soon
graduating college and starting her own new career.
Shame on you for siding with a girl who is an
irresponsible nincompoop who cannot see three adults
crossing the road and slammed into one, this 17
year old brat needs some lessons in driving and
life - since the fool did not stop in time and kept going.
Only to turn around and wonder what she did!
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#11 Dec 11, 2009
Its my job as a citizen of Piscataway and the
rest of Nj to make sure justice is served
and to help put this issue to rest:

17 year old nitwit bimbo dumb as a cucumber slams
into Dr. Andrea and kills her not watching
and leaves the family in shambles.

case closed

United States

#12 Dec 11, 2009
I agree with HOrrified.....YES SHE MADE A MISTAKE.....but is putting her in jail and making her life miserable going to bring the women back to life?? And we have no evidence of the story....the only light as we no she had was her headlight.......and who said she just hit the person and kept going? Maybe she went to go get someone becuz she panicked or something....she did come back didn't she? And don't you think that with her guilt....ur accusations are making it worse??? Like both VIC and DON rn't even considering WHAT MITE HAVE HAPPENED.....
Dan Leo Anthony


#13 Dec 11, 2009
shame on you buddy boy for making this teen queen
sound so innocent. What if it was your mother lying
in the street with blood all over her and gashed like
that? You would not be praising some teen who could
not see straight or was texting on a cell phone or
racing around Sunday night when she should have been
home studying. Shame on you for sticking up for a
young chick who should have seen 3 adults crossing the
road simultaneously. If there were 3 bodies laying there
then i suppose you would have given her a medal.
Dan Leo Anthony


#14 Dec 11, 2009
I know the woman left the scene of an accident and that
to me is a NO NO - any driving instructor would have
advised her to STOP! AS immature as she was at 17. you
never leave even for a second. She just killed a woman.
Are you telling me her texting or whatever she was
concentrating on was so intense that she could not
tell she hit a woman and she was oblivious to her flying
100 feet in the air ahead of her. If a bird hit my car I
would stop. I am not the last word on what happened, but
immaturity is a 17 year old nincmpoop that did not stop.
Dan Leo Anthony


#15 Dec 11, 2009
In a court of law and a court of common sense
pedestrians DO have the right of way. It does
not matter where they cross, the car must slow
down and stop, or else!

Hicksville, NY

#16 Dec 12, 2009
If your driving on a regular 45 mph and some jumps in front of you....is that ur fault or thiers? Pedestrians have a right of way at places where they're allowed to cross....they can't cross wherever they want to...and if she did not realize she hit the women why would she have came back? And she probably left to get help. My driving instructer never told me that if i hit someone to stay at the the scene...how do u no hers told her? And excuse me Dan Leo but i Nvr PRAISED her....i just am not CURSING her out....None of us know her side of the story....and if my mother suddenly ran into the middle of the road not paying attnetion to the cars coming, then i would at first get mad at the driver. BUt i would get over it becuz it wasn't they're fault... and u can't say she was not allowed to be out on a sunday night? No where did it say she was was racing around and being a goofball....how do you no her parents didn't send her on an errand....or like mayeb she even went to a friends hosue to study...YOU CAN'T TELL teens what time they should be home by....and teh 3 adults DID NOT CROSS the road at the same time...the mother was TRAILING behind them....so get your facts straight and learn the whole story.....SHE PROBABLY FEELS GUILTY ENOUGH...JUST LET HER BE....she'll suffer her own way...leave it to the justice system to do THEIR JOB....
Piscataway Resident

Levittown, NY

#17 Dec 12, 2009
Vic wrote:
Stupid h.s. girl on a cell phone while driving , throw her in jail for murder for the rest of her life for killing a mother and destroying a family . May she carry the guilt of this terrible crime for the rest of of her life.
Really? Trust me, this is an extremely tragic accident; the sympathy I feel for BOTH parties is one that cannot be expressed with words alone. However, the fact of the matter is that you have no evidence that she/he was in fact on a cellphone. These are mere rumors at the moment, unless of course you are actually working on this case and/or have called her/his telephone company and have access to her/his phone records. I hope you are as young as your writing implies and that you are not in fact a grown adult with a daughter/son - Imagine someone saying such things about your child, especially before there is even any proof to support either side? I have lived in Piscataway my entire life and since I was as young as I can remember I was advised to stay off of River Road entirely, let alone cross the street in the dark!
And as for your comment, "May she carry the guilt of this terrible crime for the rest of [of] her life," did you ever stop to think that this girl/boy may never even get this far? I have known far too many tragedies that have, in my opinion, become even more tragic due to a suicide. Nevertheless, you'd probably be happy with such a result as that from what i can tell from your heartless comments. It's people like you who only create more pain with such comments.
how dare you

Brooklyn, NY

#18 Dec 13, 2009
It was 7:30 pm and she was not on her phone and the lady was drunk crossing the street. So if you don't know what your talking about don't say anthing AT ALL. It could have been anyone. Age has nothing to do with anything. You should be mad at the town for not having enough lights.
how dare you

Brooklyn, NY

#19 Dec 13, 2009
and she did stop and called her sister. so just Shut up everyone that is saying something negitive. She has to live with it everyday of HER LIFE!
Don Anthony Johnson

Sellersville, PA

#20 Dec 13, 2009
I have all the facts straight mister and you do not
know what you are talking about. First of all that teen
machine should have STOPPED out of the law of stopping
at the scene of a murder (hit a pedestrian) and also
out of the law of common sense and decency. What school
and instructor do you have, they sound like they were
from the pee wee herman fountain of knowledge. And when
a person is hit and ejected 100 feet into the air and
smashed to bits on a curb, I think any normal person who
knows decency and driving would stop. Stop praising a
teen that did not do the right thing.
Also three people crossing a roadway on a well lit street,
all wearing light color clothing and all moving close
to each other signals to me that there was negligence
and she was simply distracted and not paying attention.
She needs to have her license suspended and be thrown
in jail for not stopping and also moving above 45mph
which is probably what the injuries indicated.

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