11/7/12 pit attacks 13 yr old
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#63 Nov 8, 2012
Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Montgomery Co.
Father Issues Statement
UPDATE 01/19/12: The father of little boy killed by a pit bull last weekend, Jeremy Valdez, has issued a statement about his son's death. The child had been in his sole care and custody for over the past year. Baby Jace, however, had been visiting his mother for the week where she lives with her parents in Montgomery County. The child's grandmother, who was hospitalized for shock after the attack, is the owner of the pit bull and was the only adult present during the incident.
Portion of Jeremy's Statement
Jeremy Valdez is deeply saddened from the tragic loss of his 16 month old son, Jace Paul Valdez, from the pit bull attack which occurred Saturday evening. Baby Jace had been in Mr. Valdez’s sole care and custody for over the past year; however the child was visiting his mother for the week where she resides with her parents at their home in Montgomery County and where the attack occurred.
While Mr. Valdez has been informed that baby Jace was left alone and unsupervised in the presence of the pit bull, he is uncertain of many of the details surrounding the events. Detectives are still investigating the facts of that night and whether or not criminal charges will be brought, if any, against any of the residents of the household where the fatality occurred.
In the honor of the life of his son, Mr. Valdez, with the assistance of Wells Fargo Bank, has created a Memorial Fund to help with costs associated with the burial and funeral of Baby Jace. Proceeds from the fund will also go to help support the raising of awareness of the risks associated with leaving small children alone in the presence of large animals. Donations of any amount can be made to the Jace Paul Valdez Memorial Fund at any Wells Fargo banking branch. Existing customers of Wells Fargo can make donations via online by logging-on and donating to account number #1815588239 under the charitable contributions section on the website.
Jace Paul Valdez Memorial Fund
A memorial fund has been set up under the name, "Jace Paul Valdez Memorial Fund." Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo branch.

01/15/12: Mauling Investigation Continues
Magnolia, TX - On Saturday evening, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office responded to a fatal pit bull mauling in the 27000 block of Medina Circle. Lt. Dan Norris told reporter Scott Engle, "When deputies arrived, they found that a one-year old male child had been mauled to death inside the home by the family pit bull. When deputies tried to control the dog, the dog turned and lunged at one of the deputies. The deputies had to shoot and kill the dog inside the home."1

The west Montgomery County home where the incident occurred belonged to the deceased baby's grandparents. At the time of the attack, the grandmother had been in the home with the child. The 45-year old grandmother was not injured by the dog, but due to emotional trauma, she was taken away by ambulance to a local hospital. Authorities have not yet located the mother of the baby and it is still unknown, which adults -- the parents or grandparents -- owned the dog.

The mother and child, Jace Valdez, had reportedly recently moved in with the grandparents
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#64 Nov 8, 2012
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies New Years Eve After Pit Bull Biting Incident
Mable McCallister
Cleveland, TN - WRCBtv.com reports that an 84-year old woman died New Years Eve after a pit bull owned by her grandson bit her in the face and neck on December 18. Mable Harrison McCallister was sent to Erlanger hospital's trauma unit for more than four days following the attack, according to Bradley County Medical Examiner Dr. Jeffery Miller. Privacy laws are preventing the news agency from learning more about the cause of McCallister's death.

The pit bull has remained in the home of Jerry Harrison, Sr., the dog owner's father, since the attack under a home quarantine. WRCB asked police officials about Tennessee law allowing for "house arrests" after a serious biting incident. Officer Evie West said, "If it complies with those plans and procedures [of a rabies quarantine], it can stay with the owner." WRCB asked, "Even if the bite was serious enough to put somebody in the hospital?" West said, "That's correct."

Welcome to the reality of home quarantines after a serious dog biting incident. Tennessee is not alone in allowing for such house arrests. Also, plans call for McCallister's body to be cremated, but the medical examiner "may hold off on signing the authorization" pending further review

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#65 Nov 8, 2012
Dog Attacks Oakland Woman / Neighbor's Italian mastiff tore her arm during unprovoked lunge
Chuck Squatriglia, Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writers
Published 4:00 a.m., Thursday, February 1, 2001

2001-02-01 04:00:00 PDT Oakland -- An Oakland woman was bitten in her arm and seriously wounded by a neighbor's dog just a day after a San Francisco woman was fatally mauled by a canine, authorities said yesterday.
Margaret Jordan, 50, said she was attacked by her neighbor's black Cane Corso, named Romulus, for no apparent reason. The attack came on Oakview Drive in the Oakland hills about 1:30 p.m. Saturday as she went outside to get something from her car.
The incident occurred a day after Diane Whipple, 33, a popular Saint Mary's College lacrosse coach, was fatally mauled by a 120-pound Presa Canario dog in an unprovoked attack at the door of her Pacific Heights apartment.
In the Oakland case, the dog bit Jordan's right forearm nearly all the way through, Kathy Campbell, spokeswoman at Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton, said yesterday.
"I was screaming bloody murder. I'd just read the story about Diane Whipple, " Jordan told The Chronicle from her hospital bed Tuesday night. "I thought I was going to die."
Jordan, a registered nurse and a freelance health writer, was treated at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley. After seeing her doctor on Monday, she was told to go immediately to Valley Care, where she was listed in stable condition yesterday, Campbell said.
Romulus, whose breed is also known as the Italian mastiff, is being held under a 10-day quarantine at the Oakland animal shelter, said Glenn Howell, the city's animal control director.
The dog, estimated to be 100 pounds, could be returned to owner Bill Toliver, 62, with certain restrictions or destroyed, depending on the results of an investigation and the severity of Jordan's wounds, Howell said.
But "on the surface," Toliver may have violated an Oakland ordinance banning "dangerous dogs" because Romulus was off his property and the attack was "unprovoked," Howell said yesterday.
Although it was uncertain whether Romulus had been on a leash, the city requires dog owners to keep their animals leashed. In 1996, two loose Rottweilers fatally mauled 8-year-old John Young on an East Oakland street. The dogs were killed by police, and the dog owner was not criminally charged.
Toliver, an employee at the San Francisco medical examiner's office, was unavailable for comment. A medical examiner's official said yesterday that Toliver was "injured" and would not be back at work for several weeks.
Kathy Letourneau, 38, a Cane Corso breeder in Connecticut, said yesterday that she was surprised by the attack.
"I've never heard of that before," she said.
Cane Corso dogs are "usually aloof with strangers -- they don't care one way or another," she said. "They pretty much just go along with whatever you want them to be. It all depends on how people treat them and how they're trained. It's always the people; it's usually not the dog."
Jordan said she was about to open her front gate when she noticed the dog acting strangely.
"I didn't want to go outside the gate because his dog gave me a nasty look, " she said. "He was on guard. I said,'Uh-oh.' " Toliver told her not to worry,
that his dog wouldn't hurt her, according to Jordan.
Without warning, Romulus bolted across the street and attacked, she said.

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#66 Nov 8, 2012
"The dog lunged at me," she said. "I put my right arm up to protect my throat and the dog bit right through it and hung on. I was screaming."
Toliver kicked his dog and finally got him off Jordan before taking him away, Jordan said. Toliver drove her to Alta Bates, where she needed 20 shots of novocaine to get the arm numb enough for doctors to clean the wound, she said.
A neighbor said she heard blood-curdling screams and immediately ran outside to see what was happening.
"I heard terrible screams that went on for quite some time," said the neighbor, who declined to have her name used. "I've never heard screams that were quite that terrible."
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#67 Nov 8, 2012
Emako Mendoza
76-years old | San Diego, CA
Emako Mendoza, 76-years old, was savagely mauled by her neighbor's two pit bulls while in her backyard on June 18. The dogs broke through a gap in the fence to attack. Emako suffered a heart attack during the assault and afterward, the amputation of her lower left arm and left leg. Both dogs, 6-year old female pit bulls, were seized along with eleven puppies and put down. The owners of the dogs, Alba Cornelio, 39, and her daughter Carla Cornelio, 19, were each charged with two felonies for owning dogs that caused serious bodily injury. Prosecutors also sought and received a no contact order barring the dogs' owners from having contact with the victim and her husband. Due to complications of her traumatic injuries, in addition to the amputation of her right leg months after the attack, Emako died on Christmas Eve. After her death, prosecutors added new charges of involuntary manslaughter and death from a mischievous animal.
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#68 Nov 8, 2012
Misti Wyno
40-years old | Valdosta, GA
Misti Wyno, 40-years old, was brutally attacked and killed by her neighbor's pit bull. Wyno was reportedly "close" with her neighbor Bobby Joe Courson, the owner of the dog. At the time of the incident, Wyno was on her way to visit Courson's home when the male pit bull broke free of its chain and attacked her. Neighbors had called animal control three times in the past about this pit bull; Courson owned three other pit bulls as well. In September, a different pit bull owned by Courson bit a 5-year old boy. The boy's father, James Sharp, said: "I've even told the district attorneys and everybody at the aggressive dog hearing, if these dogs get out somebody was going to get killed." That pit bull was later released back to Courson. Both pit bulls were put down after the mauling death of Wyno. As of December 14, 2011, no charges have been filed.

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#70 Nov 8, 2012
3-year-old Girl Mauled by Dog in Victorville
4:35 p.m. PDT, April 12, 2012

VICTORVILLE, Calif.(KTLA)-- A 3-year-old girl is recovering after being mauled by a rottweiler mastiff mix in Victorville.

Hayleh Harger was transported by air to Loma Linda University Medical Center after the attack on Easter.

Doctors treated her with 100 stitches and staples in her head.

The dog was brought over to Harger's house by a neighbor, who was watching the dog for someone else.

"When I turned around the dog was on top of her and he was growling," Harger's mother Debra told KTLA.

"I could barely see her underneath him," Debra said.

"Almost her whole head was in his mouth."

"I just remember running toward her and cussing, and I just remember punching to dog in the face."

The dog is currently being held at the Devore Animal Shelter.

Officials say they are still looking for the dog's owner, and may be forced to euthanize the dog.
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#71 Nov 8, 2012
Animal Services: Pit bulls attacked Rockford woman

By Jeff Kolkey
Posted Dec 07, 2011 @ 09:02 AM
Last update Dec 07, 2011 @ 05:39 PM
ROCKFORD — A woman died Tuesday after being mauled by one of her two pit bulls in November.

Tonia C. Parks, 39, was attacked by one of her two 8-year-old pit bulls as she had a seizure in her home Nov. 18 in the 3200 block of Collins Street, said Jennifer Stacy, deputy director of Winnebago County Animal Services.

Parks had remained in critical condition until she was pronounced dead at 8:48 p.m. Tuesday at Rockford Memorial Hospital. Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia said the Rockford woman suffered injuries to her head and that her jugular vein was bitten.

Because her injuries were documented, Fiduccia said no autopsy was planned.

A family member told investigators she had run out of the home Nov. 18 in an attempt to find help for Parks as she suffered a medical crisis. When she returned, she found Parks being viciously attacked by one of the dogs.

The other dog attacked the pit bull that was mauling Parks, Stacy said.

Both animals are scheduled to be euthanized Thursday. They have been in the possession of animal services since the attack, but the process Animal Services must take in these cases allowed it to technically take ownership of the animals today.

No owner came forward in an attempt claim the dogs, Stacy said.

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#72 Nov 8, 2012
Rampaging Tibetan Mastiff attacks nine
Global Times | January 30, 2012 23:30
By Deng Jingyin

Police are still searching for the owner of a Tibetan Mastiff after it attacked and wounded nine people in Chaoyang district Sunday.

The nine people, including five men and four women, are at home after receiving hospital treatment for their injuries.

"It's a black Tibetan Mastiff. It bit whoever it met, crazy," Zhang Shuai, a victim, told the Global Times yesterday.

Zhang said his wound deteriorated yesterday, and police still had not informed him if they had traced the dog's owner.

Four members of one family were also bitten by the hound, including a 15-year-old girl.

All the nine victims spent an average of at least 3,000 yuan each ($473.7) for treatment, according to the Legal Mirror.

"As the dog's owner hasn't been found yet, we have to bear all the expenses, expensive you know, I spent more than 4,000 yuan yesterday," Zhang said.

Police from Xiaowuji Police Station finally captured the Mastiff, using three tranquilizer darts, police acknowledged.

A police officer at the station confirmed with the Global Times that they were trying to locate the owner, but refused to give more information, including the fate of the dog.

Dog regulations in Beijing ban residents from keeping large dogs in downtown areas.

"If people are injured by a dog bite, the owner should be responsible for all medical expenses and compensate for the losses of the injured persons," said a staff member, who refused to give her name from the dog management office of Chaoyang district Public Security Bureau.

Owning a Tibetan Mastiff has become a status symbol for the nation's super rich.

In March 2011, a Chinese coal baron bought a Tibetan Mastiff for a reported $1.5 million, beating the previous record of $582,000 for one bought by a woman from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, in September, 2009.

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#73 Nov 8, 2012
'Owner' of dog that savaged to death woman, 50, is released on bail
By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED:07:46 EST, 25 December 2010

Officers fire at least four shots to kill Belgian mastiff

A man arrested in connection with the death of a woman mauled by a dog at her home was released on bail today.

Alex Blackburn-Smith, 34, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter following the victim's death at a house on Demesne Road, Wallington, south London, on Thursday.

She was named locally as Barbara Williams, thought to be in her 50s and a lodger at the property

The Belgian mastiff, described by one officer as large and ferocious, was shot dead by police marksmen.

Blackburn-Smith had also been arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis, but has now been bailed to return to a south London police station in late January pending further inquiries.

The Metropolitan Police spokesman said the victim was thought to be aged in her 50s.

He said:‘A post-mortem will be scheduled in due course.

‘An inquest will open and adjourn in due course. Armed police destroyed the dog - believed to be a Belgian mastiff - and one puppy has been removed from the property.

‘Detectives from Sutton borough are investigating.’

Earlier, Detective Chief Superintendent Guy Ferguson said Blackburn-Smith was the main occupier of the premises.

Mr Ferguson said he believed the victim was a lodger at the property which was ‘controlled’ by Blackburn-Smith.

He described the dog as ‘distinctly large’ and said that at the time of the attack another woman of similar age to Ms Williams was in the house with a child under five.

‘It was a very ferocious dog,’ he said.

‘The officers had to use shields to contain the dog.’

He said police would be investigating previous complaints about the dog and what, if anything, was done.

Sutton Council confirmed it had received a complaint about dogs damaging a neighbour's fence last year.

‘The council and the police's Safer Neighbourhood Team were contacted in connection with another smaller dog and damage to a fence at this address in August 2009,’ said councillor Colin Hall, responsible for dog control.

‘At that point there were no legal grounds for the council to intervene on the basis of our statutory powers.

‘There were no subsequent complaints.’

Next-door neighbour Burhan Yanbolu, a father of twin girls, said:‘We didn't have anything to do with them because of the dog.

‘It was a big strong dog.

‘We started having problems with them in autumn 2009.

‘There were two dogs and the big one would lean against the fence and could see over it on its hind legs.

‘We had concerns it would get over and could get in our garden.

‘Last year our children couldn't play in the garden at all because the mastiff damaged a big chunk of fence crashing through.’

Describing last night's horrific events, Mr Yanbolu said:‘The police came through our garden to get access.

‘We could hear them talking about the female, saying she was badly injured and there was lots of blood, but they couldn't get in to secure the dog.

‘Somehow the dog went into a different bit and the police and paramedics worked on the lady.’

He said police marksmen evacuated neighbours on the other side and considered moving him and his wife as well.

‘They told us to expect 10 rounds to take the dog out,’ said Mr Yanbolu.

‘But it was only four. We heard three and then 30 seconds later there was one more.’
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#74 Nov 8, 2012
Joseph Hines
58-years old | Burnettsville, IN
Joseph Hines, 58-years old, was mauled to death by his pet pit bull named Honey. A family member discovered his body; Hines lived on the family member's farm in Burnettsville. An autopsy confirmed that Hines died after his dog bit into his jugular vein and that he had no underlying medical conditions. The victim also had defensive bite wounds on his arms, indicating that he had tried to fend off the animal. The victim's sister, Shirley Silkey, 60, was close to her brother and said, "He always loved his dogs. He found this dog and took care of it. I guess the dog just lost it." Silkes added that Hines had owned the male dog for about four or five years and that she wasn't aware if the dog was aggressive or had behavioral problems. One neighbor reported that he often saw Hines walking his pet pit bull and characterized the dog as "friendly." Honey was put down.[source citations]
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#75 Nov 8, 2012
Edna Dyson
71-years old | Houston, TX
Edna Dyson, 71-years old, died from serious injuries inflicted by two pit bulls. On November 9, Edna went to a rental property she owned on Swiss Lane in South Houston to tend to the yard. The neighbor's two pit bulls dug under the fence and attacked her. She managed to crawl to her car and climb inside and wait for help, but she remained undiscovered for two hours. First responders rushed her to the hospital where she remained in critical care until she succumbed to her injuries and died November 15. The Harris County District Attorney's Office declined to press criminal charges against the owner of the two pit bulls because the owner "put the dogs down" after the attack and the owner "was in the process" of putting in a fence. The decision devastated Edna's husband, Billy Dyson, and her two daughters, Regina and Lawanda, who called her death a "homicide." Edna had been a teacher for the Houston Independent School District (HISD) for 33 years and was basketball coach too -- Coach Dyson.[source citations]
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#76 Nov 8, 2012
Mya Maria Maeda
11-days old | Amarillo, TX
Mya Maeda, 11-days old, was snatched from her bassinet in the middle of the night by the family dog and fatally injured. At about 3 am, while Mya's 20-year old mother, Monique Hernandez, slept beside her on the couch, her mother said she woke up and began searching around in the dark for her baby. Her hands couldn't find the infant, but could feel Rocky, the family's large pit bull-mastiff mix. She next felt the baby's head in the dog's mouth. Hernandez pried the dog's jaws open and pulled Mya out and began screaming for her mother. The infant died at 9:20 am that morning due to head trauma from the attack. Several authorities began investigations following the infant's death including Child Protective Services and Special Crimes Unit. Mya's aunt, Sue Glenn, later pleaded with the public to "stop attacking the baby's mother" and also requested that investigating officials be "understanding" toward the family.[source citations]

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#77 Nov 8, 2012
Forgot to add the link to that last one again. See Im nice enough to put links on all my info.
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#78 Nov 8, 2012
Nevaeh Bryant
20-months old | West Haven, CT
Nevaeh Bryant, 20-months old, was killed by three pit bulls while visiting her aunt, Erica Hobdy. The child's great grandmother, Dolores Leonard, said the baby's mother, Samantha Leonard, 20, left the child with Hobdy at the home on Leete Street. "She was put down for a nap and for some reason, Hobdy left her and was going out when she realized she left her pocketbook in her bedroom." Hobdy sent her 10-year old son to get the pocketbook. "He went into the room where his mother had put the pit bulls, but didn't shut the door behind him," she said. The dogs then attacked Nevaeh who was sleeping in another room while her aunt was away. At the time of the incident, Hobdy was being sued by a postal worker for injuries inflicted by a different pit bull she owned in 2009. In December 2011, Hobdy was charged with criminally negligent homicide, first-degree reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor.[source citations]
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#79 Nov 8, 2012
Brayden McCollen
2-weeks old | Cypress, TX
Brayden McCollen, 2-weeks old, was badly injured by the family pit bull-mix. The attack occurred in the 16500 block of Cypress Bridge Drive in Northwest Harris County. The baby was taken by LifeFlight to Memorial Herman Hospital, but died five hours later. At the time of the incident, the infant was in a swinging sleeper inside one of the rooms in the house when the large dog began sniffing the newborn then mauling him. The dog had been behind a pair of French doors, but pushed through them to reach the baby. Adults in the home heard noises from the room and rushed to help. Thomas Gilliland, a spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, said the baby's mother was outside at the time, watching him through a window. Investigators will determine whether the incident was an accident or due to negligence. As of September 18, 2011 no new information has been released.[source citations]
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#80 Nov 8, 2012
Addyson Camerino
9-days old | Clarkton, NC
Addyson Camerino, 9-days old, was mauled to death by a group of dogs inside his Clarkton home August 30. A baby shower had been scheduled for the infant the following day and was quickly cancelled. The boy's father, 21-year old Charles Nelson Camerino, was in jail at the time of the deadly incident. Along with the boy's mother, 18-year old Chelsea Lynn Brigman, the young couple lived with the newborn's grandparents, Nelson and Linda Camerino, uncles and an upstairs tenant at a home on North College Street. Authorities removed five dogs from the home suspected in the attack, including a pit bull, bulldog, Alaskan malamute, German shepherd and German shepherd-bulldog mix. On September 16, a special session of the Bladen County Grand Jury was convened. Bladen County Sheriff's deputies subsequently arrested Chelsea Lynn Brigman and the baby's grandfather, Nelson Camerino, charging each with involuntary manslaughter.[source citations
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#81 Nov 8, 2012
Carmen Ramos
50-years old | Philadelphia, PA
Carmen Ramos, 50-years old, was mauled to death by her husband's five pit bulls. The victim's husband, 55-year old Jose Alvarez, told police he came home from work to discover his wife being attacked by the dogs in their living room. Eleven days earlier, the pit bulls escaped his home and attacked two neighbors, Dolores Estrella and Gus Castro. The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSCPA), picked up the dogs only to return them to Alvarez three days later. Neighbors said that Alvarez had at least three run-ins with the PSPCA in the past about his dogs, including the discovery of dead dogs in his basement last year and the removal of live dogs. The potential protocol violations by the PSPCA were so numerous that City Managing Director Brian Abernathy launched an internal investigation into the group. We do not expect to hear results from the investigation anytime soon or possibly ever.[source citations]

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#82 Nov 8, 2012
Murder, manslaughter charges issued in California dog attack
March 27, 2001

A San Francisco couple has been charged with murder and manslaughter from the January 26 fatal mauling of a neighbor by two dogs they were caring for.

Marjorie Knoller was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and keeping a mischievous animal and Robert Noel was indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter and keeping a mischievous animal.

Knoller's bail is set at $2 million and Noel's at $1 million.

The couple was being held by the California Highway Patrol in Corning on unrelated charges of reckless driving, an official from the district attorney's office said.

Chief investigator Dan Addario said Knoller and Noel were apprehended by the state highway patrol near Fairfield, California, about 50 miles from San Francisco. Knoller and Noel were picked up about three hours after leaving the courthouse, where a grand jury was considering whether to charge them in the attack.

They were being held in Tehama County, Addario said.

The CHP and the San Francisco Police Department would not comment.

The charges against the couple stem from the death of Diane Whipple, 33, who was killed when the dogs, a pair of mastiff-Canary Island dog mix, each weighing more than 100 pounds, attacked her in the hallway outside her apartment.

Noel and Knoller, both of whom are attorneys, said they were caring for the dogs on behalf of a Pelican Bay Prison inmate, who allegedly ran an illegal attack-dog ring for drug dealers.

The grand jury heard testimony from Knoller Tuesday. Noel finished his testimony Friday.

Hera, the female dog, was ordered to receive a lethal injection by the San Francisco Animal Control Department.

"Hera is vicious and dangerous" and poses a significant risk to the community, said Sgt. Bill Herndon.

It's not known if she was euthanized, since some officials believed she may be needed as evidence in the case.

Bane, the male dog, was put to death soon after the attack.

Noel wrote a letter to prosecutors earlier, suggesting that the attack may have been triggered because Whipple could have been wearing a pheromone-based perfume or may have been a steroid user.
cant deny

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#83 Nov 8, 2012
Michael Cook
61-years old | Tucson, AZ
Michael Cook, 61-years old, suffered life-threatening injuries after his pet pit bull attacked him August 3. Neighbors heard the victim screaming and rushed down the alley to help. Fernando Lozano described the scene as the dog "literally eating him." Within two days, Cook underwent two surgeries and was administered 60 pints of blood. At this time, his family made a plea with the public to "replenish the blood site for the City of Tucson," as his injuries had depleted area blood banks. The family called the savage attack a "freak accident" and blamed the incident on the dog being under medicated -- earlier that day, the pit bull had been neutered. Less than two weeks later, doctors amputated both of Cook's arms and it was noted in media reports that he also suffered from liver failure and kidney damage. On August 23, twenty days after the horrific mauling, Cook succumbed to his injuries and died.[source citations]

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