11/7/12 pit attacks 13 yr old

11/7/12 pit attacks 13 yr old

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#1 Nov 8, 2012
Girl attacked by dog in Hernando County needs animal to be found

Thirteen-year-old Alexandra Vaughn walks with crutches after getting attacked by an unknown dog.

By Ferdinand Zogbaum, Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 07, 2012
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A young girl is recovering after getting attacked by a dog in Hernando County.

The white bandage on her knee only tells part of the story. Thirteen-year-old Alexandra Vaughn said she was attacked by a pit bull. Now she is on crutches and in a lot of pain.

“It was totally unprovoked," Vaughn said. "I did nothing to the dog. I didn’t even look at the dog. His whole jaw went around the back of my leg.”

Alexandra’s mother, Vicki Boehmer said her daughter was getting into a truck and never saw the attack coming.

“You could see where the flesh had been ripped and there was blood everywhere,” Boehmer said.

“The back of my knee was mangled," Vaughn said. "It was disgusting.”

The attack happened near the intersection of Copperfield Road and Stillwater Avenue in Spring Hill. Residents have seen a stray dog described as a pit bull. Alexandra and her mother are hoping another attack does not happen.

“This could have been catastrophic had it happened to an infant or a toddler on the street,” Boehmer said.

The sheriff’s office is looking for the dog. We actually ran into them while they were trying to catch a possible suspect. The dog ran away so a trap has been set up.

Alexandra needs the dog to be caught soon or she’ll have to be treated for rabies as a precaution.

“They need to get this dog,” she said.

Alexandra’s mother said there was not enough skin left after the attack to use stitches or staples so the wound will have to heal naturally. She also said her daughter will have knee problems in the future

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#2 Nov 8, 2012
Faversham mum Ann Sage bitten dragging alsatian let loose by ex-police dog handler off daughter

by Ed Targett and Keith Hunt

A Canterbury student feared for her life when she and her mother were mauled by an alsatian let loose by a former police dog handler.

Emma Sage, 18, told of her ordeal after Stephen Dean was convicted of having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place.

The 55-year-old qualified puppy trainer, who "showed no remorse", put his head in his hands as the jury returned a guilty verdict.

He was sentenced to three months' imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Emma - an A-level student at Canterbury College, in New Dover Road - was horse riding with her mother Ann and a young girl when they were pounced on by the German Shepherd dog.

Teaching assistant Ann, 47, suffered the most serious injuries in the "terrifying" attack near Dean's home in Fax Farm, Dunkirk, on August 16 last year as she tried to drag the dog off her teenage daughter.
Emma and a friend's 12-year-old daughter were walking their horses along a bridle path through a field when they saw a stallion.

They quickly headed for a gate leading on to Dean’s land through which the path runs.

Emma, who lives in Selling, went through first.

She said: "There were two alsatians jumping up and barking so we were stuck between a bit of a rock and a hard place - but if there is a stallion, the horses can get quite out of control.

"As soon as I went through one of the dogs knocked me to the ground – I don't even remember how, it was so fast - and then it started biting and savaging the side of my head.

"Amazingly, its teeth mostly went into my hard riding hat; it was ripped and covered with puncture marks. I was screaming and it just kept attacking me."

Ann says her protective instincts kicked in as the dog ripped at her daughter's head.

She said: "I thought it was going to kill her - she was being mauled.

"I got the dog by the side of the head and rammed its head into the ground. It bit my knee, my thigh - it was really going for me.

"But I was just like a mother tiger. I was so angry and all my protective instincts came out.

"It was like a rabid dog. It just would not stop. I grabbed it and managed to pin it to the ground.

"All this time he [Dean] didn't do anything – he was just looking on."


Now, wasnt it you, CD, that said that pit owners are all selfish, uncaring, and narcisistic? Well then this guy must be your typical pit owner right? Oh wait, thats right, he owns a german shepard type dog.

Lincoln, RI

#3 Nov 8, 2012
Boy Seriously Injured in Attack by Labrador

In an unusual story, we learn that a Labrador has been involved in a serious dog attack. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds in the world and is generally famed for its even temperament and friendly disposition.
This incident reveals once more than all dogs are capable of causing injuries in certain circumstances.

MailOnline reports that a 3-year old boy who was attacked by a Labrador while his mother was stroking a puppy. The boy's face was terribly injured because of the dog's attack.

Logan Trim was left with horrific facial injuries when he was mauled by the black Labrador in a park at Poole Harbour, Dorset.

The attack was especially shocking as Labradors are known for having an excellent temperament and are friendly around children and other dogs, according to experts.
The youngster was left covered in blood, and needed 40 stitches to the wounds on his face after the shocking attack, which happened as his mother bent down to stroke a puppy.

Logan had been at the park with his mother Lara Slingsby, baby brother Eithan and his grandparents when they spotted a woman with a puppy and a black Labrador

The 22-year-old carer, from Colehill, near Wimborne, said:'The whole thing was just and was like something out of a horror film.

'Logan has had nightmares about it and has woken up saying "bad doggy, naughty doggy".

'If a dog does something like that to a child then it's likely to do it again.'

Logan was taken to Poole Hospital where he underwent surgery for his wounds.

Stitches were sewn into his face from the bottom of his eye to the middle of his mouth, and his cheek swelled to the size of a tennis ball. He now faces being scarred for life.

She said:'We had been in the park for a family day out as it was lovely and sunny.

'We saw a lady sat down about 40 feet away. She had the dog, which looked like a Labrador, and a puppy with her.

'It wasn't a pitbull or a Staffordshire bull terrier that you would think would be dangerous.

'I put my hand up to the Labrador dog and it sniffed my hand and then I went over to the puppy.

'I didn't see what happened but Logan wasn't running or shouting and didn't do anything to provoke it.

'The next thing I knew I heard growling and screaming. I looked around and saw Logan lying on the floor. The dog was just getting off him.

Read more: http://www.dognews.co/boy-seriously-injured-i...

Labradors are a member of the gundog / sporting dog breed group. Attacks by any dog of any breed can result in serious injury as this unfortunate incident demonstrates.

Lincoln, RI

#4 Nov 8, 2012
Newborn dead after family dog attacks

By Anita Hassan | September 4, 2011 | Updated: September 5, 2011 12:04am

A 2-week-old baby died early Sunday after being attacked by the family's dog in northwest Harris County, authorities said.

The boy was in an infant carrier on the floor in a room of the house when the dog, a Labrador mix, began sniffing the baby and then mauling him.

His mother was outside the house, watching the baby through a window, said Thomas Gilliland, a spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The dog had been behind a pair of French doors but pushed through them before approaching the baby. No one else was in the room, Gilliland said.

Family members pulled the dog off and placed it in a kennel, authorities said.

The infant was taken by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, but died about five hours later, he said.

Deputies were interviewing family members Sunday. They would not release their identities.

Oh, I thought that for other breeds it was just one bite and done and that other breeds didnt attack for no reason. I guess thats not true either.

Lincoln, RI

#5 Nov 8, 2012
Lab fatally mauls newborn. Continued...

Neighbor Kevin Patcha expressed sympathy for the couple, who recently started renting the house.

"It's terrible and unexpected," he said. "I can't think of anything that would have led to this incident."

Experts warned that even a family dog with no history of aggression can suddenly attack in new situations.

"When an unfamiliar smelling, wiggling squealing tiny being is left alone they may go to investigate. The baby was unfamiliar and the dog investigates as a dog does," certified dog behavior consultant Jennifer Shryock said.

Dogs should never be left alone with newborns, she warned.

DogsBite.org recorded 33 fatal dog attacks in 2010. Fifteen of the victims were 4 or younger, according to the website. Most recently, a 9-day-old baby was mauled to death earlier this month in North Carolina.

"Just like all relationships, a dog needs time to become familiar with the new baby in the home," she said, adding that fatal attacks are rare.

Investigators will determine whether the incident occurred because of negligence or an accident, Gilliland said.

Animal control has taken charge of the dog, who will be quarantined for 10 days. Authorities will determined the fate of the dog.

Lincoln, RI

#6 Nov 8, 2012
Owner of vicious dog which mauled girl, two, so badly her tongue was left poking out of her CHEEK escapes with just a £250 fine
Girl was helping mother clean car when Labrador clamped jaw on her face
30 stitches were needed to stop the bleeding and piece face back together
Family 'sickened' by 'soft sentence' which 'won't deter other dog owners'
Dog, which owner said had a sore ear, was put down after the attack
A toddler was so badly mauled in a vicious dog attack that her tongue was left poking through a gaping hole in her cheek.
But the owner of the Labrador collie, which savagely clamped its jaws around Lucy Harris' face, was fined just £250.
The two-year-old was helping her mother Heidi, 26, clean the family car when the dog cross charged her and attacked her on July 22
Distraught Mrs Harris rushed to Lucy's aid and managed to prize the youngster from the animal's jaws as it pinned the helpless girl down to the ground.
Lucy’s dad Gary Barratt, 43, rushed her to hospital after he checked her bloodied face and shockingly found her tongue sticking out of a hole in her cheek.
Medics needed more than 30 stitches to stop the bleeding and piece the fragile toddler's face back together.
But there was nothing doctors could do to stop the permanent scar now etched on her cheek.
Her family said Lucy has been deeply traumatised by the attack, which has shattered her confidence and made her terrified of strangers and any animals she sees.
They believe Lucy would have died if her mum hadn’t been there to rescue her from the dog’s snapping jaws.
The animal, called Dobbie, had belonged to the family’s neighbour Margaret Wright who had been saying goodbye to a friend when the creature dashed out her front door.
Wright, who lives a few doors away, claimed her pet was not violent - and said the animal only bit the girl because she touched his sore ear.
Wright, 60, admitted to her dog being out of control in a public place and could have faced up to two years behind bars, or a fine running into thousands of pounds.
But instead she was ordered her to pay just £250 in compensation and £45 legal costs following a hearing at Cambridge Magistrates' Court on Friday.
The young girl’s family today said they felt 'sickened' by the soft sentence that they said won’t stop other dangerous dog owners letting their dogs run wild.
Mother-of-three Heidi, who lives in Cambridge, said:'The attack was so horrific.
'It had been a lovely day we were outside cleaning the car. I then heard this almighty scream and saw the dog biting my daughters face.
'She had a chunk of flesh torn from her face it was the worst thing I have ever seen
'She has not been the same since the attack, she gets very shy and seems to have no confidence and what’s more she might have permanent scarring on her face.
'So when the court ruled we were just to get £250 I was sickened.
'My little girl could have died if I had not intervened. This is a hugely traumatic moment in her life but it seems as though that doesn’t really matter it the eyes of the court.
'She may need further surgery or counseling in the future and who is supposed to pay for that?

Lincoln, RI

#7 Nov 8, 2012
'This isn’t sending out the right message to the owners of potentially dangerous dogs.'
Immediately after the attack, Lucy was rushed to Addenbrooke’s hospital by her parents where she underwent two hours of emergency surgery and was kept in for three days.
Her parents say the poor youngster is now a 'shadow of her former self' and suffers psychological trauma following the attack.
Lucy is also terrified of all animals, struggles at nursery school and regularly points to her face saying 'Naughty Dobbie'.
Her furious dad Gary, a window cleaner, said:'I have never seen anything like it.
'There was blood everywhere. I was stunned but also furious - I could have killed that dog.
'The attack was absolutely atrocious she is my little girl and she was savagely attacked by this dog.
'And it felt like the courts were just rubbing salt into our wounds when the owner of the creature was just ordered to pay £250.
'Is my daughters well-being worth just £250? It is an absolute joke. Lucy has just started nursery and all the kids are asking what has happened to her face.
'I hope the scar will fade away but when I look at her my heart drops.'
During the court hearing on Friday Yetunde Fawehinmi, prosecuting, said:'The girl’s mother saw her daughter had drifted away and the next she heard was screaming.
'She saw the dog attacking the child and biting her face.'
She added:'The child wouldn’t stop screaming so they called for an ambulance and were taken to hospital.'
Jim Dignan, defending, said Wright was a responsible dog owner and this attack came out of the blue.
He said:'My client said the dog would not bite a child unless it had a reason to do so.
'The dog had a sore ear and if the child touched the dog’s ear then the dog may have reacted to that with a bite.'
Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, owners of dogs found to be out of control can be sent to prison for up to six months and/or fined.
Owners whose pets harm someone can be sent to prison for up to two years and/or fined up to 175 per cent of weekly earnings. The dog was put down after the attack.

Lincoln, RI

#9 Nov 8, 2012
LAS CRUCES, N.M.— A Las Cruces girl is the hospital, she's recovering from being attacked by the family dog.

Police say animal control was called out the 4100 Block of Stryker Rd. in Las Cruces are 1 A.M. Friday morning.

The 4 year-old's father told police the family was preparing for a camping trip when the girl wa sleft alone with the dog in a trailer, he says the girl touched the Blue Heeler on the head, prompting the attack.

The girl had surgery and is now in stable condition.

Per New Mexico Law, the dog will be quarantined for 10 days, and then euthanized.

Lincoln, RI

#10 Nov 8, 2012
St. Bernard-Labrador attacks woman and small dog at beach
On behalf of Gross & Schuster, P.A. posted in Dog Bites on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dogs can be dangerous animals, even when they attack other pets. When people are nearby, they can get caught in the middle of a nasty attack.

A mixed breed St. Bernard-Labrador retriever named Malachi apparently bit a woman in the midst of an attack on a smaller terrier at a dog beach in Canova Beach Park in Brevard County earlier this month. The terrier and his owner had apparently been at the dog beach, which opened in February of this year, every day. The dog attack occurred at approximately 9:45 a.m. on a recent morning when the larger dog escaped the restraints of his handler, close to the entrance to the beach.

The animal first attacked the terrier, named J.B., taking him into his mouth while shaking his head back and forth, police say. The St. Bernard's owner tried to separate the dogs, and was then bitten on her right hand, suffering a laceration and bite punctures on her right hand.

She was cited by law enforcement for the property damage caused by the attack and for failing to properly restrain the dog. County Animal Enforcement officers were summoned to the scene.

The terrier was injured and had to be treated at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital, where it was determined that one of his front legs was broken. Required surgery to insert a pin into his shoulder was estimated to cost approximately $2,000. The dog who staged the attack was being held in quarantine at his owner's home in Melbourne. J.B.'s owner was not injured in the incident, but she very well could have been.

Lincoln, RI

#11 Nov 8, 2012
Sorry, forgot to put the link for that last story.

Lincoln, RI

#12 Nov 8, 2012
Pet Labrador mauls 11-mth-old to death

TNN Sep 20, 2012, 01.06AM IST

NEW DELHI: Mauled by a pet Labrador dog, an 11-month-old girl died on Tuesday evening after doctors at a Noida hospital lost a three-hour battle to save her.

The Labrador, a breed known for its gentle ways, belonged to a dog breeder who is on the run. The dog was taken away by the municipal corporation.

The attack occurred at New Kondli near Mayur Vihar Phase 3 in east Delhi. Police said the victim, Dhanlaxmi, was born 12 years after her parents' marriage. She was out on a walk with a 12-year-old neighbour, Ravi, when the attack took place.

The girl's father, Mukesh Gupta, said the dog attacked without any provocation. "Around 7.30pm, Ravi went to the dog breeder, Rajat, 30. Suddenly, the dog attacked Ravi who ran away. The dog then pounced on my daughter," said Mukesh, who runs a small property business.

Lincoln, RI

#13 Nov 8, 2012
Dog (Lab) Attacks Child At Pet Adoption Rally

Dog attacks child at pet adoption rally
Last Update: 2/22/2006 4:17:54 PM

(SPANISH FORT, Ala.) February 22 -- Tiffany Welch of Baldwin County is recovering from wounds following a vicious bite from a Labrador Retriever. The attack happened during a pet adoption event at a PetSmart in Spanish Fort, sponsored by the Baldwin County Humane Society.

Tiffany's mother described the attack, "They were having an adoption rally; we were petting the animals. I turned around for a split second, and it bit her. You could see her jaw bone."

Emergency Medical personnel took Tiffany to Fairhope's Thomas Hospital. Her mother says it took doctors nearly two hours to sew up the three-inch laceration and three puncture wounds. Doctors say these wounds will probably scar the child for life.

Tiffany's mother feels the emotional scars run much deeper, "She wakes up with nightmares two or three times a night, screaming bloody murder just like she did the day it happened."

Officials from the Baldwin County Humane Society say the dog has been quarantined and is currently being housed at a veterinarian's office in Foley. They also say the dog had no known history of violence prior to the attack.

Today, Tiffany Welch's mother has a warning for all other parents, "Be careful with your kids; keep your kids close. Any dog can attack, now Tiffany is permanently scarred."

Officials with the Humane Society say the incident is still under investigation, but that the dog had its rabies shots prior to the attack.

Lincoln, RI

#14 Nov 8, 2012
Dog attacks, injures 2-year-old girl at holiday gathering in Helvetia

A dog attacked a 2-year-old girl Sunday in Helvetia, lifting her up by her head, severing the top on her ear and leaving deep cuts on her neck and face.

The girl was at a gathering with 30 family members and friends just before 5:30 p.m. on an acreage at 15500 N.W. Logie Trail Road when a black Labrador retiever named Bear suddenly grabbed the girl by her head, according to Washington County sheriff's officials.

Officials said the girl, who was not identified, is expected to recover.

The dog's owner, John Kelly, 29, of Beaverton, told authorities Bear bit and injured another child last week. Kelly said that child received at least four stitches from the incident.

Sheriff's deputies impounded the dog.

Sgt. Bob Ray said there was noise from fireworks in the area at the time of the incident, but added that he could not say whether that is what caused the attack.


Lincoln, RI

#15 Nov 8, 2012
First birthday ends in tragedy when family dog attacks and kills boy

By Paul Takahashi (contact)

Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 3:54 p.m.

A 1-year-old boy died early Saturday after being attacked by his family's dog while celebrating his birthday Friday, Henderson Police said.

The boy was at his grandmother's house on the 1600 block of Navarre Lane near Arroyo Grande Boulevard on Friday, police said. It was shortly before 10 p.m. when he crawled over to the family's dog and started to pet him, police said.

The dog -- a 6-year-old Mastiff/Rhodesian mix weighing about 120 pounds –- latched his jaws around the boy's head and began shaking him, police said. The grandmother attempted to pull the boy from the dog while other family members rushed to help, police said.

Henderson rescue workers took the boy to St. Rose Dominican Hospital-Siena Campus, police said. He was then flown by helicopter to UMC's Trauma Unit.

The boy died from his injuries at about 1:45 a.m. Saturday, police said. The boy had turned 1 on Thursday.

Henderson Animal Control officers took the dog to the Henderson animal shelter, where he will be quarantined and observed for signs of rabies over the next 10 days, police said. The dog is up to date on his rabies vaccination but is being declared vicious and will be euthanized after the observation period, police said.

The family, which has owned the dog since he was a puppy, voluntarily relinquished ownership to animal control, police said.

The boy had been around the dog since he was born, police said. The family said the dog has never been aggressive toward people. There were no signs of neglect and no previous calls reported about the dog in the past. Officers are still investigating why the dog attacked the boy, police said.

The Clark County Coroner's Office will release the name of the boy later.

Lincoln, RI

#16 Nov 8, 2012
Linda Blair Labrador Dog Attacks Pig–Blair Dog Dies

Written by Vegetarian Star on January 21st, 2010 in Actresses, Animal Issues.

The Exorcist‘s Linda Blair‘s dog was fatally shot after a brawl with a pot bellied pig.

According to Starpluse, the Labrador escaped Linda’s WorldHeart Foundation rescue center in Los Angeles and went to a nearby ranch where it mauled the pig named Gerty.

Gerty’s owners claim the vegetarian actress’ dog continued to claw Gerty even after they fired several gunshots into the air.

The owners shot fatally shot the dog.


Lincoln, RI

#17 Nov 8, 2012
On May 26, 2012 at approximately 8:30 p.m. Charleston County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a house on Hwy 17 in North Mount Pleasant in reference to a report of a 2 year old male being attacked by a dog, where he sustained life threatening injuries. The child was transported via Charleston County EMS to Medical University where the child succumbed to his injuries sustained in the attack.

Charleston County detectives the Charleston County Coroner’s Office and Charleston County Animal Control are investigating the incident. An autopsy is pending.

Two family dogs, a female black lab shepherd mix and a brindle female lab and shepherd mix, were taken into custody by Animal Control.

Lincoln, RI

#18 Nov 8, 2012
Neighbor's dog attacks 6-year-old girl in Kingsport
By Rain Smith
Published March 15th, 2012 11:57 am
KINGSPORT — Sunday marked the first evening of daylight-saving time, and Mark Nuckels was playing with Nebraska, his 6-year-old daughter, on their freshly cut Kingsport lawn.

Bath time was drawing near, but they were stretching out the beautiful day as long as possible, relishing the weekend’s final respite.

“The next thing I heard was growling,” Nuckels recalled.“I turned around, and (the dog) had her pinned on the ground, by the face, shaking her head.”

Nuckels sprinted toward the horrific scene, tripping in his panic and falling to his knees. His wife, who had been standing beneath their carport, ran past and chased away the attacker, a 2-year-old Lab mix. Nuckels then crawled, stumbled and tripped his way to his daughter’s body.

“When I scooped her up, the horror I saw was unimaginable,” Nuckels said.“Her face was covered in her blood, her eye was tore up so bad. All the way down the line of her cheekbone was gashed open — all I could see was meat hanging off her face, dangling.”

Nuckels admits panic ensued. He and his wife — seven months pregnant with their second child — scrambled to find keys to a vehicle. Ten to 12 neighbors converged on the Nuckels residence, urging them to calm down; an ambulance was on the way.

“I looked down at her and I said,‘Daddy’s so sorry.’ My little girl looked at me and said,‘It’s OK, Daddy.’ And that just killed me.”

Four days, more than 100 stitches and a plastic surgery later, Nebraska is continuing to recover at her grandparents’ home. Her left eye is intact and appears to have no permanent damage, despite losing a small portion of the eyelid.

The family has yet to permanently return to their residence on Adrian Drive, just off Cooks Valley Road. Nuckels said his wife believes Sunday’s attack is still too fresh in everyone’s memory. He doesn’t want to chance an encounter with the dog’s owner, a neighbor — then be left to regret his reaction. A Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident identifies the man as 19 years old.

Richard Crino, director of the Sullivan County/Bluff City/ Kingsport Animal Control Center, reports an investigation into the incident is ongoing, with charges pending. As of Wednesday morning, the dog remained quarantined at the shelter and had exhibited no signs of rabies. Crino said it would remain there “for some time” as animal control officers continue their probe into the incident.

Nuckels reports he has learned the dog previously bit another area resident, requiring a trip to the emergency room and stitches. That victim, a male teenager, has reportedly agreed to speak with any officials Nuckels would like and expressed a willingness to help in any civil court proceedings against the owner.

“We might not be getting anything out of it,” said Nebraska’s grandfather, Ken Potts, in reference to a civil suit.“But the boy’s going to know he’s responsible for the dog.”

Nuckels reports his daughter has been withdrawn since her release from the hospital Monday night. He said when she’s not sleeping,“she just stares straight ahead.”

And on Wednesday morning, he overheard Nebraska’s conversation with an imaginary companion, in which she softly muttered,“Her face was bit by a dog.”

A pediatrician has told the couple not to panic over their daughter’s current mental state, but to give her a couple weeks before considering psychiatric assistance.

The plastic surgeon told them scarring should be minimal, with additional procedures available for any cosmetic issues that later arise.

If cleared through doctors at her scheduled Monday appointments, Nebraska could return next week to her kindergarten class at Weber City Elementary.

Lincoln, RI

#19 Nov 8, 2012
German Shepherd attacks toddler's face in Falconridge family's home
Three-year-old boy bit in the face, many need plastic surgery
By Bryce Forbes, Calgary Herald October 25, 2012

CALGARY — A three-year-old boy will need stitches and possibly plastic surgery to repair wounds after he was mauled by the family dog Wednesday night in Falconridge.

Duty inspector Paul Stacey said the boy stepped on the tail of the German Shepherd, which attacked the toddler’s face.

The incident happened at the family’s home in the 100 block of Fallswater Road N.E.

Police responded around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and the family surrendered the dog to Animal and Bylaw Services.

The boy was taken to the Alberta Children’s Hospital with serious, non-life threatening injuries.

Stacey said he was told the boy would need many stitches to close the wound, and it’s possible plastic surgery will be required.

Stacey said he was not aware of any previous troubles with the dog.

Other family members were home at the time of the incident.

Animal and Bylaw Services will handle the investigation.

The dog remains in the custody of Animal and Bylaw Services.

Lincoln, RI

#20 Nov 8, 2012
German shepherd attacks woman, grandchildren

May 24, 2007 1:00 am • By MISTY MAYNARD

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DOVER — A woman and her two grandchildren were injured after their family pet broke its chain in the backyard and attacked them Thursday.

According to Mason County Deputy Mike Rigdon, the sheriff's office received a call around 12:15 p.m., concerning a disturbance. Rigdon responded to a location on Lee's Creek Road in Dover where a 96-pound German shepherd had attacked a 51-year-old woman and her two 4-year-old grandchildren.

Rigdon said the adult victim, whose name is being withheld until completion of Rigdon's official report, advised him the dog attacked the 4-year-old girl for no apparent reason while she played in the backyard. The dog had been restrained by a chain, but apparently broke the chain.

When the young girl was attacked, the woman attempted to intervene and the dog bit her numerous times as she tried to ward the dog off. During the attack, the 4-year-old boy was also bitten.

Rigdon said the three individuals were able to make it into a car sitting outside the residence to get away from the dog.

The woman had been on the phone with her sister when the attack first started. When the dog attacked, she dropped the phone. Rigdon said the sister apparently heard the commotion and drove from her residence to the location of the dog attack. When she arrived, Rigdon said the sister observed the dog circling the car, attempting to get inside the car.

From there, Rigdon said the sister drove to nearby Ranger Steel for assistance. Two men, identified as Josh Vice of Maysville and Jason Smoot of Flemingsburg, followed the woman to the location.

Rigdon said once there, the men observed the dog still circling the car. When they realized the individuals inside the car were injured, they shot the dog with a firearm one man had in his possession.

An employee at Ranger Steel called the Mason County Sheriff's Office to report the incident, Rigdon said. When he arrived, the dog had been killed.

Two of the victims were taken to Meadowview Regional Medical Center by ambulance, while the third was transported to the hospital by a family member.

Rigdon said the grandmother received numerous bites on both legs. The girl received two or three large bits to her left hip and leg, while the boy received one large bite to his leg and a scratch on his back, Rigdon said. None of the bites appeared to be life-threatening, Rigdon said.

"It was a vicious attack," he said.

Rigdon commended the woman, as well as her sister, Vice and Smoot for their quick action. He said their response essentially saved the two children's lives.

"(They) did a stellar job protecting the children," he said.

The German shepherd had apparently never demonstrated any violent tendencies prior to the attack, Rigdon said. Additionally, Rigdon was told by the adult victim the children had been playing in the backyard and had not been provoking the dog before the attack occurred.

Rigdon said the woman had owned the dog for about a year and a half. She had received it from another family member.

The body of the dog was transported to Colonial Heights Veterinary Clinic.

According to Dr. J.T. Williams, the veterinarian at the clinic, the dog will be tested for rabies at a laboratory in another city. To do that, Williams said the lab will examine a portion of the dog's brain for the virus. Additionally, the lab will inoculate a mouse with part of the tissue as a confirmatory test to see if rabies was present in the dog.

In the case of the German shepherd, Williams said it may not be possible to complete the test because the dog was shot in the head. Depending on the line of travel, the bullet could have destroyed the part of the brain necessary for the testing.

Lincoln, RI

#21 Nov 8, 2012
Williams said cases of rabies in Kentucky are "very rare." In a report he viewed recently, as few as four to six cases had been reported in a year's time. Incidences of rabies in Kentucky occur most frequently in skunks, bats and occasionally, foxes, Williams said. Other animals typically at a higher risk are livestock such as horses and cattle, which may be out in the field during the night when wild animals are out.

If the dog had rabies, it could have been harboring the virus for up to six months, Williams said. According to Williams, it takes that long for a dog with the virus to become infectious. Once the dog becomes infectious, it would die within 10 days times.

Williams said the rabies vaccine is the only required vaccine for dogs, and recently became required for cats and ferrets. Williams said he did not know the German shepherd's vaccination history.

Other conditions which could have potentially incited the attack, Williams said included cognitive dysfunction, or a brain or spinal infection.

Cognitive dysfunction, Williams said is possible in an older dog. However, typically the changes in behavior are more along the lines of disorientation.

Additionally, Williams said a dog may attack in response to pain, if it associates that pain with a person in the area. However, he said in those cases the response is usually not as severe as in the case of the German shepherd attack. An animal which has been restrained for a long period of time may also suddenly snap in some situations, Williams said.

Williams said in the circumstances as he is aware of them, those responding to the scene did the right thing in shooting the dog.

Williams said the results of the rabies test could come back as early as today.

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