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Frenchies BFF

Brooklyn, NY

#1 May 20, 2010
We are also in the process of cleaning up this entire Massena site with a mediator, who will be hired from the Albany office of Topix. The employee of Topix saw the blatant misuse of this web site, and is going to take action on the Topix users who use peoples Full Names, Foul Language, Personal Attacks, and so on. These people can and will be traced by the management of Topix as well as have their comments removed from the posts. It's time someone stands up to this outrageous behavior. This site should be used for constructive conversation and or even criticism. Not public bashing of people who can't defend themselves from slander. Well that will change. Slander is a chargeable offense, thru law. This public hatred of others must be stopped.
Frenchies Chevrolet

West Monroe, NY

#2 May 20, 2010
Amen; however, to be clear it is a civil matter not a crminal issue.

Nedrow, NY

#3 May 20, 2010
This is true's not slander if it's the truth.
thank god

Ilion, NY

#4 May 20, 2010
this site should be beanned.the verble abuse must be stopped.good luck
Ummm yeeeaa

Lake Placid, NY

#5 May 20, 2010
Good luck. It would take Lord knows how many people and so much time. is this their new public relations program? why do they care? are they going to clean up every Topix forum the same way? Seems like they are taking this way too seriously.

Since: Dec 09

Williamstown, MA

#6 May 21, 2010
They can start by wtching the terrible posts by Sara on here.She certainly is one of the bashers.

United States

#7 May 21, 2010
HAHA you guys are morons. Number 1, not a criminal issue and number 2, you again are a bunch of morons. I smell bulls**t.

United States

#8 May 21, 2010
slander is via word of mouth. liable is any erroneous, gossip statement in print, and is prosecutable. any and all electronic statements, messages leave a footprint on the internet through ip addresses. and yes, these people, when found, can be prosecuted in civil court for defamation of character.

Providence, RI

#9 May 21, 2010
prosecuted in civil court. By whom? There is no such thing as civil court. It is either local criminal court or supreme court, depending on the civil matter. second, who is going to bring these "charges"? It would have to be the one who was slandered. You guys are all morons and CORRECTION, you are an idiot

United States

#10 May 21, 2010, u r the 'moron'. if its not a criminal proceeding, then it goes to criminal court...example, if u where to call me an idiot, and my IQ is proven to be 133...(genious level) then i can sue u personally in civil court...get ur fucking facts straight... civil and criminal court are 2 seperate entities.... both of which can occur on a local (county), state, or federal level. please dont use ur personal experiences in the legal system to be ur only education on how our judicial system least use wikipedia to get some info.
Oh come on

Lake Placid, NY

#11 May 21, 2010
Actually genius level is 140, cutiepie.(Im a 133 too but IQ doesnt make a bit of difference in WHAT you know) Nobody cares about your IQ anyway.
LOL and wikipedia is not the final word on anything. Anybody can write it.
I think the point of this thread is that Frenchie's is acting like the kid who lost at checkers. They dont like what some people said on Topix. One would think that they wouldnt care about what goes on in HERE, its just a public forum. If they are personally going to clean up this site they are in the wrong line of business.

United States

#12 May 21, 2010
ok. for all the non-believers out there, let me make this really, really simple. of course, im gonna show my age here. when oj sipson was aquitted of killing nicole simpson, her family later sued oj, and won, for her wrongful death...that was a civil proceeding... of course, oj then went broke, robbed a memorabilia retailer, and is now serving time. do we now understand the difference between criminal and civil? not really all that hard. criminal determines if u go to jail, civil determines if u pay outta pocket for ur 'crime.' granted, with a civil case, u wont see jail time, but u will be monetarily (that means money) responsible!

United States

#13 May 21, 2010
'oh come on' u got me not quite a genius, but i'd like to think i am smarter than most. and of course wikipedia is a load of crap, but it at least supplies u with enough info to function in a conversation. u bring up a very interesting point with this being a public forum...what most people forget, and what i think is the point of 'frenchies' comment is, people are responsible for what they do, or say...thus the whole premise of civil proceedings...i mean, c'mon...the average 'law and order' watcher should at least know the

Dallas, TX

#14 May 21, 2010
pluckerr wrote:
They can start by wtching the terrible posts by Sara on here.She certainly is one of the bashers.
Seriously, your still going on about me? I DO NOT start bashes on here like you do, Commenting on people becase of a personal vendeta. Any and ALL post I write are under my name. Your little post you started about me, I never once commented on it. It's someone else using the same name. Hence that's probably what they are doing with your name! Trust me I have better things to do than make up fake names to talk trash about you. Your mad at me because I called you out on your post about the Gollingers. Bottom line. I was entitled to my opinion and I wrote it. Get over it. I DO NOT know you, other than as Pluckerr. I really don't care. Your a name on the web. It's nothing personal since I don't even know who you are!! Grow the hell up. This entire site is a joke because of people like you

Since: Dec 09

Burnt Hills, NY

#15 May 21, 2010
Sorry, I have no ideal what you are talking aboutand could care less.

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#16 May 21, 2010
Just for the record the FBI has to have a court order to pull someone's IP address. Who is coughing up the cash for that? Every person that makes a rude comment is going to be " moderated"? Who gives a crap. Hire your moderator so they can sit there and delete rude comments all day. You gonna pay them minumum wage?? Kudo's for creating one job in a shit economy. You've just made a difference!

Fulton, NY

#17 May 22, 2010
thats all i gotta say is you all need to grow up and get a life god damn

“<>Mr Hot Topic<>”

Since: May 10

<>Mr Intimidation<>

#19 May 22, 2010
i will be helping clean up this site you can thank me later

New York, NY

#20 May 22, 2010 little off-topic, I know, but I recently heard that a guy named Santo Francello did something that should be ingrained in every man's brain as "Not Right". Anyone know anything about it?

“<>Mr Hot Topic<>”

Since: May 10

<>Mr Intimidation<>

#21 May 22, 2010
is he the moron with a mohawk and tattoos?

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