List of welfare recipents

Massena, NY

#67 Feb 3, 2013
It's the people ,on all sides, the people that came up with the program ,the employees that work in the program , and the recipiants! This whole system Does not work,hasn't been working for quite awhile, and is as I see it never going to work !!! Anyone involved simple does not do thier job ! A list would just be another job that DSS workers would have to avoid same ,as they do their present job duties ! If we all did things the way Everyone involved with DSS does we would all be on DSS!

Massena, NY

#68 Feb 4, 2013
There is a monkey in the White House!

United States

#69 Feb 4, 2013
Tayy wrote:
she is not on welfare dumb as* she receives childsupport alimony and her disability check she also has tons of money in the bank her and her ex finally sold off her condo and house in virgina and on top of getting that she got her disability. so you dont know her very well she must of pis*ed you off or didnt give you something. you people are ignorant what about one of her neighbors who bought her home through the 1st time home buyers and welfare pays for all of her bills and she aint getting no checks for the kids welfare is doing it and in the mean time driving a new truck and its in her mommys name imagine that why dont you get your fact strait.

Massena, NY

#70 Feb 4, 2013
taxpayer wrote:
I think there should be a list of welfare recipents and where they live.Thats way it would be easier for taxpayers to keep a eye on them and turn their lazy butts in when you see them cheating the system like working without reporting it...selling food stamps and the usual low life things welfare recipients do.
Go live in Nazi Germany you scum that is the kind of place you are describing.

What you endorse flies in the face of the Constitution. You are trying to equate people who lost their jobs and the working poor as well as the disabled and the elderly with sex offenders. Do you know thwat my grandmother gets food stamps? She is 83 and lives on $800 a month. When you lose a job or are injured I hope you get put on a list too.

Utica, NY

#71 Feb 4, 2013
It would probably be easier and less work to write down the names of those not on Welfare. It seems over half of Massena is on it now. Which is prob why the town along with entire country is going down the shitter. Not enough people actually working for a living! There has become too many people for the working class to take care of!

Auburn, NY

#72 Feb 4, 2013
Projects full of rats

Brighton, MA

#73 Feb 5, 2013
All you ppl that complain bout taxes are dumb. All the taxes we pay in one year is gone half way thru the year. Always cryin bout Oh we pay taxes we are the tax payers and welfare ppl are wasting our money fckin plz get over it. The goverment has all that money gone on our army and law enforcement. Which is useless. Stop paying taxes if your worried bout where the money is going. Everything is the governments fault they rob us all day everyday and never spend anytime in jail and we let them get away with it.

Auburn, NY

#74 Feb 5, 2013
and here i am working 2 part time jobsto give me 65 hours a week - i dont make enough to live - pay rent / pay car insurance / pay power bill / buy foodso i can eat --- i applied for heap and was denied because i make $10 -$20 too much per week.
what a joke. i was told to get rid of my car so i would qualify . but then i wouldnt be able to get to work. the system doesnt help people like me. it encourages us to go on full social sevices.
meanwhile, it would be nice to see and hear about individuals who get busted for welfare/ssd fraud. and if they do get busted for fraud then they should be banned for life from being able to get assistance.

nothing sickens me more than to see certain people go through the grocery line with a full cart or two - pay for it with foodstamps, then load it into their escolade. WTF?????
i know i cant be the only one who has seen something similar to this example ...

Massena, NY

#75 Feb 5, 2013
I work , a few years back after getting custady of my son , the family court system told me that i had to have insurance for my son,i applied for family health care plus, after missing a few days work , wasteing gas and time (which by the way the office is the same as the welfare office, go figure)( any time i have to deal with anyone in that building i know in my heart that they are just going to waste my time) going back and forth to Canton I was told that i made $4.97 to much to qualify, So i said to the guy i'll get insurance for a month $608.00 thats $7,226.00 a year, cancel it then come back and start the nonsense prosses all over, i was told that i'd have to wait a tear to reapply! Yeah Its a GREAT system!

Massena, NY

#76 Feb 5, 2013
BECAUSE the monkey in the White House wants us to all be low income and depend on the government to take care of us.

Massena, NY

#77 Feb 5, 2013
Slider wrote:
BECAUSE the monkey in the White House wants us to all be low income and depend on the government to take care of us.
If buy the government you mean (Canton)the employees of DSS AKA... do less ,do little ,not-a,and ZIP! are going to take care of us? come on they have profected avoiding work ,getting nothing done, and actually convincing thier superiors (who do nothing anyway)they got something done ! Kinda like the General Motors plant ,and we all know what happenedthere don't we!

Berne, NY

#78 Feb 6, 2013
Excuse me I live on woodlawn in a nice 3 bedroom. I do work for my money and I do what I need to do to support my family. I dont spend my money on alcohol or ciggarettes and I dont do drugs either.
just me
#79 Feb 6, 2013
im only gonna say this once so read it well!! The government can only Control what it creates! threfore welfare will never go away,if anything it will continue to rise because the government wants people on it so they can controll them!!!! wake up!!

Massena, NY

#80 Feb 7, 2013
Isn't that what I just said?
just me
#81 Feb 7, 2013
Slider wrote:
Isn't that what I just said?
yup it sure is..its common sence,people need to wake up and understand that the money to create jobs is in the hands of the government.instead of using "welfare dollars"to create jobs they expect people to not work for this very reason.and...they are taking paying jobs off the market and applying them to welfare reform jobs.i personally know a woman who was working a regular job and it got takin over by the government for welfare reform,they layed all the employees off and told them they could only keep there job if they were on welfare.
just me
#82 Feb 7, 2013
to me its almost considered slavery,they wanna own you and tell you where to work and how long and what you can and cant own,for only enough to barely get by on,i mean,they gotta give something or else it would be slavery,they want people to be dependent on them.
Hyde klum

Smithtown, NY

#83 May 19, 2013
If in ny they can print out state and city employees salaries then welfare and public assistance should be made just for the fact public employee public assistance or make neither public knowledge
think fer once

Massena, NY

#84 May 19, 2013
idiots who blame their neighbors for the condition of the economy caused by banks and government are a waste of good oxygen better used by intelligent minds.

Auburn, NY

#85 May 26, 2013
Tayy wrote:
LMFAO she has no money lives off her sons child support and HUDD to pay her rent that's why they always have junk out front of their house to sell trying to support her pill habit.

Springfield, NJ

#86 May 27, 2013
How about people who collect heap?

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