savage pit mauling in gates ny

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#46 Sep 20, 2013
Annie wrote:
<quoted text>
She gets very defensive and nasty when this is raised, so it is likely that she is somewhat isolated and not good in relationships.
Annie how sure are you that its female? When I went a few rounds with him/her several months ago, I was convinced it was a man.

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#47 Sep 20, 2013
Unbelievable wrote:
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Annie how sure are you that its female? When I went a few rounds with him/her several months ago, I was convinced it was a man.
You know, we've been "discussing" this topic for about 2 years now, and I just always got a sense that Can't Deny was a female. Perhaps because of the persistent posting of the stories about children, perhaps because I can't imagine a man responding with such personal invective when one simply asks a question. I may be wrong, but I've caught other postings she, or he, has made on other threads (when she forgot to change her name) and some were definitely from a female perspective. For all I know, as schizophrenic as the persona seems, it could be a couple posting under the same name.

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#49 Sep 20, 2013
Me Again wrote:
It really don't matter if OCD is female or male. The fact is that this person is not to tightly wrapped or borderline mentally challenged.
During the time she has posted we can be relatively sure she is not out hurting someone or something. I too have gotten a laugh out of her tantrums and fabricated stories but there is always the possibility that the rumors about her eviction and possible arrest are just that rumors and that her time away is to plan harm There are several pit type dogs who have come up missing over the last few months. If she don't get what she wants from us, there is the possibility that she could hurt a dog or a person. Lets try to be watchful.
I need to assign a gender to her because I can't bring myself to call her it. It's too rude.

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#50 Sep 20, 2013
Me Again wrote:
It really don't matter if OCD is female or male. The fact is that this person is not to tightly wrapped or borderline mentally challenged.
During the time she has posted we can be relatively sure she is not out hurting someone or something. I too have gotten a laugh out of her tantrums and fabricated stories but there is always the possibility that the rumors about her eviction and possible arrest are just that rumors and that her time away is to plan harm There are several pit type dogs who have come up missing over the last few months. If she don't get what she wants from us, there is the possibility that she could hurt a dog or a person. Lets try to be watchful.
It really is a scary thought, what this person could be capable of. Whether he/she would act on all that anger and hatred. I would say that it makes him/her as vicious as she/he claims pitbulls are.

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#52 Sep 20, 2013
Unbelievable wrote:
<quoted text>
It really is a scary thought, what this person could be capable of. Whether he/she would act on all that anger and hatred. I would say that it makes him/her as vicious as she/he claims pitbulls are.
All that she accuses pit owners of she is living up to. And when you reflect her attitude back at her, she says "typical pitbull owner"! Really erratic behavior, and incredibly narcissistic. It is possible that she vents her fears and feelings, but perhaps her movements are limited and that's why she used to spend so much time here. That would prevent her from doing any violence. If she did move, she may not have access to the internet on a regular basis. She's been posting with several different locations.

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#58 Sep 22, 2013
annie biggest liar of all wrote:
<quoted text>and what difference does it make it doesn't change the FACT that there is a genetic problem with pits and that pitnutters outright lie constantly
It also doesn't change the fact that you are a complete nutcase, you are totally obsessed with a specific breed of dog and rant like a lunatic and you don't have the first clue what you are talking about.
annie biggest liar of all

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#59 Sep 22, 2013
Unbelievable wrote:
<quoted text>
It also doesn't change the fact that you are a complete nutcase, you are totally obsessed with a specific breed of dog and rant like a lunatic and you don't have the first clue what you are talking about.
more personal attacks because you can't prove me wrong - if i had no clue about what i was talking about you and the rest of the pitnutters would be able to prove me wrong with documented verifiable facts at every turn why haven't any of you done that for almost 2 yrs - don't be a hater because you're wrong and have been proven wrong with documented verifiable facts - wasn't it you posting "good" stories about pits? well let's just start with over 300 savage maulings by pits that required the services of a lifeflight helicopter
annie biggest liar of all

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#60 Sep 22, 2013
Pit Bulls: Should They Be Called Life Flight Dogs?!?

Pay no attention to the increasing pit bull DBRFS and life flights...They are media fabrications!

According to this US Federal study published in 2010, dog bite related hospitalizations are up a population adjusted 86 percent since 1993. Additionally, Dog Bite Related Fatalities have a increased from 5 annually in 1974, to an average of 31 annually in 2012. Despite worthless, breed neutral assurances from the dog lobby and Center for Disease Control, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are now killing 25 Americans per year.

Enter now the life flights....Those unlucky enough to find themselves mauled by a pit bull and poured into a life flight helicopter have no idea of the wild ride they are in for. The average cost of a 45 minute helicopter medical transport is $18 000..and that's before the costs for medical treatment at the trauma center and the subsequent plastic surgeries begin accruing. The owner of the pit bull is financially responsible for these costs, but unfortunately, the pit bull industry now targets the under 30 set who tend to be renters without liability insurance or financial assets. Even those victims with excellent medical insurance will find that their policies do not cover plastic surgery.

Real World, Typical Example:

Another Real World Example where the victims have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than having the "Responsible Owner" have adequate liability insurance or financial assets to pay for their poor judgment:

Actual first responder and dual life flight response for a 3 year old boy and his grandmother attacked by two loose pit bulls in Culpepper,VA back in May 2007.

And another real world example:

Logging Victim Flight Time

Florida Wins The Flight Time Battle!*

* California and Texas are winning the war against public safety with 46 Pit Bull DBRF each

Compilation of Pit Bull Life Flights:
Note* This is just the tip of the bloody iceberg. Apologies to those victims who were missed!

*Note..."They used to put prisoners on treadmills in England"...OMS supports putting pit owners on giant treadmills tied to the electrical grid to pay off their victim's galactic medical bills

Aug 2013, Jasper, AL; 5 year old girl mauled by loose neighborhood pit bull and AIR VACed to Children's Hospital of Alabama with brutal injuries to her face, neck and ears 15 Pit Bull DBRFs and 29 pit-life flights in the US so far in 2013...

Aug 2013, Magee, MS; Relative's pit bull pulls two year old boy off of a swing to get him down on the ground and scalp him. Airlifted to hospital in Jackson after family members pry the animals jaws off of his head. "Never showed signs of aggression before"

Aug 2013, Cowplain, England; "There was blood everywhere" when a man walking his pit bull in park and it decided he needed mauling. The animal was locked onto his arm for 40 minutes while passerbys pelted it with rocks and sticks. Police, air ambulance and paramedics finally showed up but they hauled him off in a ground meat wagon..."The dog was wagging it's tail the whole time, like it was playing"

Aug 2013, Antioch, CA; 10 year old boy mauled severely on the head and arms while visiting pit owning friends over the weekend. Flown to UC Davis to get sewn back together. His family is holding a medical fundraiser in lieu of the pit owners taking care of his galactic medical bills

Goddamn, That's a pretty helicopter!
July 2013, Escambia County, FL; 63 year old woman had taken in two stray pit bulls for 5 months and cared for them. All was fine until they went pit bull and tried to kill her and the other "family pit bull". Flown by EMS to USA Medical Center in Mobile

July 2013, Hoisington, KS; Neighbor's pit bull jumps a fence to maul a 4 year old boy playing in the back yard. Flown to Wichita Hospital with severe injuries to his face and arm
annie biggest liar of all

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#61 Sep 22, 2013
June 2013, Clay County, IN; Diabetic Pit Nutter dreams of his pit bull licking his toes. He wakes up to find two toes missing and working their way through his pit bull's digestive tract. Airlifted.

June 2013, Green County, TN; 2 year old boy wanders into the chained Canine IED in the back yard. Airlifted to Johnson City Medical Treatment Center for severe head wound after a police deputy shoots the thing

May 2013, Coffeyville, KS; 2 year old girl mauled by one of her family's five pit bulls then airlifted to Wesley Medical Center. The family decides to euthanize all five of the animals Leg severed at just 2 days old!

May 2013, Wilson County, TN; 2 year old is attacked and mauled, then flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Sheriff: "Dog and owners not at fault since the dog was on-property".

May 2013, Henderson County, TX; Child attacked by a pit bull in a home near Eustace. Life flighted to Dallas Hospital in critical condition

May 2013, Daytona Beach, FL; 27 year old out on a walk with her six year old daughter takes a mauling from 5 containment breaking pit bulls to save her daughter. Flown to Halifax Medical Center

April 2013, Bradenton, FL; Family pit bull with previous 2X bite history grabs 6 year old boy by the head and neck and thrashes until family members can beat it to release.
The boy is life flighted to a nearby hospital

April 2013, Prairie City, IA; 4 year old Jordan Arndt is mauled by her baby sitter's American Staffa-shredder. She is life flighted to the hospital but she doesn't survive, becoming the 28th US pit bull DBRF victim in the last 365 days

April 2013, Buckeye, AZ; Two boys playing in their backyard are attacked by the family pit bull when they remove a chew toy from it's mouth and the canine idiot decides to use them as chew toys. One of the boys is airlifted

April 2013, Bay County, FL; Medical fund set up for 7 year old Tyler Jett, who took not one but two life flights after being pulled off his bike and mauled by neighbor's two loose pit mixes. The perp tried washing the blood off the animals and has been arrested on evidence tampering and drug charges DBRF!

March 2013, Brownsville, TX; 8 year old boy savaged about the face and head by neighbor's Pit Bull. Life flighted to San Antonio hospital

March 2013, Springfield, OH; Pit owner attacked and bull baited when he breaks up a scuffle between his pit bulls. Poured into life flight chopper

March 2013, Bishopville, SC; Police officer mauled while investigating a neighborhood drug deal. Flown to the trauma center with serious groin injuries and will be out of work for a month. Another classic pit bull net drain on society moment!

In 2007, Houston allowed a "Pit Bull Task Force" influence local dog safety policy. F-Minus grade assigned
March 2013, Baytown, TX; 12 year old girl flown to Houston's Memorial Hermann (Again!!) after going over to pit mix owning friend's house.

March 2013, Macon, GA; 5 year old boy scalped by pit bull while visiting his Grandmother. The boy's life is saved by neighbor who broke through fence. Caesar Milan wannabee Uncle stood over the incident shouting ineffectual release commands. Flown to Boston and in the ICU

March 2013, Athens, GA; 8 year old boy airlifted to Egleston Hospital in Atlanta after being mauled by the family pit bull when visiting a friend's house

March 2013, Walworth County, WI; 14 month old toddler attacked by two pit bulls at his baby sitter's house. Life flighted to Milwaukee Hospital where he dies from his injuries. The owner was injured during the rescue attempt despite owning the animals since they were cubs. DBRF!

March 2013, Dundalk, MD; Pit breeder claims the dog in the video is a pit-beagle mix. One thing for sure... it's a life flight doggie!

Feb 2013, Lakewood, NJ; 10 month old girl gets too close to the family Nanni-mauler while it feeds. MEDEVAC'd to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and in Critical Condition
annie biggest liar of all

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#62 Sep 22, 2013
Feb 2013, Grand Isle, NE; Woman staying at relatives is mauled saving her four year old son from the family pit bull. Airlifted to Bryan West Hospital. "Every bone in my hand, in my arm was broke and crushed and just scattered into pieces."

Jan 2013, Montgomery County, TX; 4 year old Christian Germanous becomes Texas' 44th pit bull DBRF victim. Mauled by neighbor's pit bull, life flighted and later dies at the hospital DBRF!

Jan 2013, Lee County, FL; Family takes in stray pit bull thought to be lost hog hunting animal. Three weeks later the three year old mauled about the head and neck then poured into a life flight helicopter

Jan 2013, Beja, Portugal; 18 month old toddler falls on family pit bull. Life flighted to hospital in Lisbon with "severe head injuries" and dies two days later DBRF!

Jan 2013, Fitchburg, MA; Mother and daughter attacked by another tenant's pit bull at an apartment complex. After the pit bull is stabbed off the victims, the mother is MEDEVAC'd with serious facial injuries and bites to her hands.

Jan 2013, El Paso, TX; 67 year old woman attacked by breeding pit bull and has her thumb bitten off. Police Deputies were able to locate her thumb and it accompanied her on the air ambulance ride to local area hospital

Killed by a reckless pit bull rescue outfit
Dec 2012, Shawnee, KS; 2 year old Savannah Edwards mauled by a relatives adopted family pit bull . Life flighted to a Topeka area hospital where she later dies. DBRF!

Dec 2012, Griffin, GA; 5 year old girl taken by helicopter to hospital after family pit mauling...I got a piece of wood and tried to hit him with the wood, but he wouldn't stop," Police dispatched the beast with firearms

Dec 2012, Parkersburg, WV; 32 year old woman bitten severely in the face by her roommate's pit bull. Flown to Charleston Hospital for facial reconstruction

Dec 2012, Mansfield, TX; A toddler was seriously injured Monday evening and another man also was hurt after the two were attacked by a family pit bull. The 2-year-old girl who was taken by helicopter ambulance to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth and her condition was unavailable Tuesday morning.

Nov 2012, Georgetown, OH; Man buys three pitties off of Craigslist from pit trafficker.... Gunfire, rescue and airlift ensues.

Oct 2012, Cleburne, TX; 10 year old girl attacked by loose pit bull on her way over to her friends house.. Takes a good ole Texas pit life flight.

Oct 2012, Marshall County, MS; A nine-year-old girl is seriously injured in a dog attack. Marshall County deputies, animal control, a MedStat ambulance and area firefighters responded to the scene. The victim was airlifted to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis.

Oct 2012, Henry County, NC; 52 year old man mauled by two loose pit bulls. EMS crews transport him to Memorial Hospital in Martinsville with "extensive damage" and then he was flown to Wake Forest where he was in critical but stable condition on Wednesday afternoon

Sep 2012, United Kingdom; 78 year old man walking his Labrador is falls and hits his head when an illegally owned pit bull attacks them. Airlifted to local hospital where he languishes for a month before dying from traumatic brain injury. The illegal pit owner offered her condolences

Sep 2012, Osceola County, FL; 4 year old boy life flighted to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital after being mauled by a pit bull

Sep 2012, Shasta County, CA; 81 year old woman brings phone message over to her neighbor who owns two pit bulls. After the owner has to use a crow bar to achieve release, she is life flighted to Mercy Medical Center with grave injuries to her face, jaw, arms and back

Sep 2012, Muskogee, OK; Both parents of a Muskogee three-year-old girl, who was attacked by a pit bull Thursday, were arrested for Child Neglect. Police said the child was flown to a Tulsa area hospital
annie biggest liar of all

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#63 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 2012, Chingotingue, VA, Leon Hall has near fatal adventures in Pit sitting episode when his Son's breeding Pit and two pups send him on a life flight to a Baltimore Hospital.*Lesson: Never let your children grow up to be Pit Breeders!

Aug 2012, Louisville, KY; A 59 year old deaf woman was attacked and mauled by a pit bull walking home from her friend's home. Medics flew her to University of Louisville for treatment. Sturgeon likely will need several more surgeries to save her arm,

Aug 2012, Okeechobee County, FL; 7 year old girl mauled about the arms, head, and face by family pit bull "Ooga" then airlifted to St Mary's Regional Medical Center. Ooga had previously bitten a three year old at a birthday party

Aug 2012, Sundre, Alberta, Canada; 26 year old woman attacked by friend's two pit bulls and has nose "non-surgically" removed. Flown to Foothills Hospital where she is expected to survive

July 2012, Stockton, CA; 3 year old girl airlifted after the nanny dog gets ahold of her head during a family gathering. "Knife therapy" had to be used to make the animal release Sheesh!..How many goddamn pit-airlifts a year do they have in Maulifornia?

July 2012, Middletown, NY; 32 year old woman life flighted to Westchester Medical Center after her Pit Bull mauls her. Police shoot the beast 4 times.

July 2012, Chino Valley, CA; Pit owning neighbor convicted of child abuse after her two pitties send a 4 year old boy on a life flight ride to a Phoenix Hospital

The life flight strain pit from the attack below
July 2012, Effingham, GA; 5 year old boy life flighted to Memorial University Medical Center after being mauled by the family pit bull at a neighbor's home during a playdate Parents: Just Say "No"!

"We have a Pit Bull Problem, Houston" Houston's Memorial Herman medevac pilots maintain high levels proficiency transporting the area's steady stream of Pit Bull mauling victims
July 2012, Cold Spring, TX; Man airlifted to Memorial Herman Hospital in Houston after pit bull attack. The woman he was walking with was merely transported by ambulance.

July 2012, Oceanside, CA; Oceanside Police Family Protection Unit investigates after six year old girl is mauled by a family pit bull in an apartment, then takes a helicopter ride to Children's Hospital Severe facial injuries

June 2012, Merriville, IN; A 9-month-old Merriville girl suffered brain, head and neck injuries after her family's dog attacked her Saturday morning, police said. She later was airlifted to Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago, where she had surgery

May 2012, Bakersfield, CA; Both parents treated for injuries when the family Pit Bull attacks their 3 year old toddler. The little guy is airlifted to Maderas Childrens Hospital

May 2012, Pottsville, PA; A 48 yr old man and a 34 yr old woman get a ride in a life flight helicopter after their pibbles get into a fight and redirect on them.

May 2012, Hopkinsville, KY; 9-month-old child was attacked by two pit bull puppies.
when he fell out of his bed, police said. The pit bulls then attacked the boy, according to the report. He was taken to Jennie Stuart Medical Center before being flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn.

May 2012, Beaverdam, OH; 1 year old girl attacked and mauled by family pit bull. Life flighted to Toledo Hospital where she dies, becoming the first child killed by a pit bull in Ohio in 25 years. The legislature was flim-flammed by the pit lobby just a few months earlier. DBRF!

May 2012, Rock Hill, SC; 11 year old Kenny Allen life flighted after being scalped by neighbor's chain busting pit bull. Years of surgeries expected...

Apr 2012, Mountain Home, AR; 3 year old boy life flighted after being mauled by pit bull adopted out by local humane society.

April 2012, Martinez, CA; Three year old girl MEDEVACed out of Pit Granny‘s house when misunderstood Pit Bull "Turk" savages her head
annie biggest liar of all

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#64 Sep 22, 2013
April 2012, Gainesville, FL; 9 year old girl is airlifted to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta after newly adopted pit bull rips her.

April 2012, Satsop, WA; 82 year old woman mauled by her grandson's two pit bulls in her own home. Deputy Dave Pimentel called "the most severe dog attack I have ever seen."

March 2012, Jeanette, PA 55 year old man attacked by his pit bull that he had owned for 5 years. His daughter had to pour hot coffee on the disloyal beast. Flown to Pittsburgh area hospital with serious injuries to his arms

Feb 2012, El Paso County, CO; 9 month old girl takes a helicopter ride to the hospital after being mauled by the illegally kept family pit bull. Father in law charged with illegal ownership of a dangerous dog Obeying the law would have prevented this

Feb 2012, Chino Valley, AZ; Woman arrested for aggravated assault and child abuse after her wigglebutts maul two children. The 4-year-old suffered serious injuries and was air-lifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital

Jan 2012, Graz, Austria; Aunt Eveline's Stafford-shredder that she had owned for 8 years, suddenly decides to kill her two year old nephew. The boy is flown to the hospital for emergency surgery

Jan 2012, Magnolia, TX; 1 year old boy mauled by grandparent's family pit bull. Life flighted to Houston area hospital and dies 5 hours later

Dec 2011, Plumstead, NJ; Domestic dispute deteriorates into boyfriend siccing his pit bull on his 34 year old girlfriend. She is airlifted to a Trauma Center in Trenton

Dec 2011, Plumstead, NJ; Neighbor's pit bull jumps 2 fences to attack 3 year old playing in her own yard. Life flighted to trauma center with severe injuries to back and head. Out: Nanny Dogs...In: Life flight Dogs!

On the way to the vet to have a 71 year old woman's face sliced out of it's tummy...Trigger happy Police officers stand at the ready in a callous, discriminatory manner while the stunned owner says "Good Bye".

Dec 2011, Bridgewater, MA; family pit bull attacks and eats the face off it's 71 year old owner. While the victim is life flighted to the hospital, police take the face eater to the vet to have the woman's face parts surgically removed from it's stomach.

Dec 2011, Pueblo, CO; Woman scalped by pit breeder's loose cash cows and life flighted to Denver trauma center. The animals actually abandoned their "cubs" to go off property and get her in a manner reminiscent of African lions.

Nov 2011, Herminy, PA; 5 year old boy attacked by neighbor's loose nanny dog. airlifted to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, where he immediately underwent surgery. According to reports, he required numerous stitches for a large laceration from his right ear to his jaw and puncture wounds on the left side of his face, and surgeons placed a metal plate in his chin

Nov 2011, San Diego, CA; Two heroic joggers take on six pit bulls while allowing younger children to escape. Flown to Sharp Hospital.

Nov 2011, Winton, CA; Pit Bull "Smokey" rushes in through sliding glass door to maul 3 year old boy. Life flighted to Fresno area hospital with severe injuries to face and head

Oct 2011, Surprise, AZ; Two pit bull jump fence to attack and maul a harmless 72 year old woman. Transported by helicopter to John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital in Phoenix. A neighbor was also bitten while trying to help the victim and was taken to a local hospital for injuries. An off-duty Phoenix police officer, shot and killed both the dogs.
annie biggest liar of all

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#65 Sep 22, 2013
Oct 2011, Welch, WV; 6 year old girl and her grandfather airlifted to Charleston Area Medical Center after being savaged by a pit bull. After a grueling six hour surgery, the girl said she wanted to ride in the helicopter again

Oct 2011, Deerfield Beach, FL; An 8-year-old boy was flown to a South Florida hospital after he was attacked by a pit bull that chased him inside his house. Suffered a serious bite to the face and multiple lacerations

Oct 2011, Alvarado, TX; Careflight helicopter flies woman mauled by three off property pit bulls to hospital in Fort Worth. The county sheriff decides no charges will be filed since the owner submitted the animals for rabies testing.

Oct 2011; Brakpan, South Africa; 18 month old Sandy Zuma and her mother mauled by two pit bulls. Airlifted to Johannesburg Hospital where Sandy dies DBRF!

Oct 2011, Sheboygan, WI, 2 year old boy life flighted to Children's Hospital with broken jaw, swollen eye, and he has a cut on the left side of his face. The pit bull owner and the boy's father couldn't make the animal release, so "Knife Therapy" had to be used

Sep 2011, Ardmore, OK; When Life Flight helicopter is grounded due to bad weather, 50 year old Virgil Cantrell dies in an ambulance of the way to the hospital after being mauled by neighbor's pit bulls

Sep 2011, Piqua, OH; Community holds medical fundraiser for 59 year old woman who was mauled by a loose pit bull while riding her bicycle. She was life flighted to an area hospital for surgeries Just a guess,...No "chip in" from the vicious dog legal fan club Lexus Project...

Sep 2011, Harris County, TX; Newborn boy used as a chew toy by the "family" Pit-lab mix. Airlifted to local hospital where he doesn't survive DBRF!

Sep 2011, Columbia County, FL two Nutter-Babysitters arrested after boy is poured into life flight helicopter and they tell investigators,“a roving Boxer did it”

Sep 2011, Georgetown, DE; 74 year old woman loses an arm after family pit bull "Hunter" decides she doesn't need it anymore. First responders airlifted her to Beebe Medical Center in Lewes and later to Christiana Hospital. Hunter was shot by police and the family placed decorative blue blanket over the blood stained carpet

Sep 2011, Lincoln County, TN; 2 year old life flighted to trauma center after being attacked by un-nanny dog...Noticing a trend with the airlifts...
annie biggest liar of all

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#66 Sep 22, 2013
Paramedics prep toddler for nanny-airlift

Aug 2011, Trenton, NJ; When rescuers arrived, they asked that the 1-year-old boy be airlifted to Children's Hospital for treatment of "severe facial trauma." Pit-Mommie of the Month told investigators that the animal had run off, sending them off burning tax payer dollars. She had the man biter stashed in the house the whole time

Aug 2011, Fayetteville, TN; Family pit bull attacks 2 year old toddler. Flown to the hospital with serious injuries to the head.

Aug 2011, Newport, TN; 10 year old Brandon Williams life flighted to University of Tennessee Medical Center after being horrifically mauled by defeated neighbor's nanni-maulers

Aug 2011, Monroe County, FL; 1 year old boy takes a life flight to a Miami Hospital.
"She was a few feet away, heard the initial attack, went over and initially couldn't get the dog off, but then started screaming at the dog by name and the dog then ceased the attack." Another lifeflight?!?

Aug 2011, Pottsville, PA; 13 year old girl flown to the hospital after being mauled by her family's pit bulls. Police shot the animal

Aug 2011 Upshur, TX; , Mother takes two year old girl over to pit fiend's sic house . Life flighted to Dallas hospital Up, Up and Away again!!

Aug 2011, Pasco County, FL; 84 year old man gets mauled while on a walk through the neighborhood. Poured into life flight Helo. Police administer lead clicker training to the offending animals.

July 2011, Millville, NJ; 7 year old boy loses thumb and sustains 250 stitches after being attacked by neighbor's pit bull with bite history. Airlifted to a Philadelphia Hospital F-minus grade assigned to the lazy Animal Control department

July 2011, Harris County, TX; 10 year old boy pulled off his bike by neighbor's containment breaking pit bulls.“The boy was mauled on his upper torso and lower legs,” Gilliland wrote.“He was Life Flighted from the area and is in good condition.”

July 2011, Yellville, AR; 9 year old boy attacked by the family pit bull suffered multiple wounds all over his body and was flown to Little Rock Children’s Hospital with serious injuries

July 2011, Millville, NJ; 7 year old boy has thumb bitten off and chunk taken out of his arm by the pit bull from the apartment downstairs. Flown to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

July 2011, San Bernadino, CA; 46 year old woman is found laying in a pool of blood after her arms are gripped by two pit bulls. Airlifted to the hospital

June 2011, Waukesha, WI; Pit Bull owner takes a "Flight for Life" after attempting to cage it. Police respond and shoot the animal

June 2011, Pottsville, PA; A family pit bull attacked three children early Wednesday afternoon in Pottsville. Two children were sent to a local hospitals for treatment while a third was taken by helicopter to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown.

June 2011, El Centro, CA; 12 year old boy mauled by neighbor's pit bull. Life lighted to San Diego trauma center

June 2011, Lorain, OH; A 5 year old Lorain boy had to be transported by Life Flight after he was attacked by a “large white pit bull type dog” yesterday afternoon and received severe injuries to his face and arm. Flown to Rainbow Babies & Children’s hospital. He is listed in stable condition today

May 2011, Sumter, SC; Two year old boy found mauled about the head by the neighbor's two pit bulls. Airlifted to Palmetto Richland Hospital.

April 2011, Lexington, SC; 10 year old girl has arm nearly severed by loose pit bull. A helicopter flew her to Palmetto Health Richland, the Midlands’ trauma care center. The responding Sheriff's Deputy who pumped lead is nominated for a Heroism Award

April 2011, Burgaw, NC; 4 year old girl taken over to visit family with 5 pit bulls chained out back...departs in life flight helicopter
annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#67 Sep 22, 2013
April 2011, Jamaica; 1 year old boy mauled and scalped by newly acquired pit bull that forced it's way into the house. Life flighted to hospital in Kingston. After the neighbors rescue the boy, they beat the animal to death.

April 2011, Calexico, CA; 2 year old boy bitten in the face during a barbecue at a local church. Flown out to Loma Linda Medical Center

April 2011, Lake Wales. FL; 46 year old woman Woman walking her dachshunds when they are attacked by two pit bulls. She is knocked down with a pit bull attacking her, biting her arms, legs, ankles and back, police said. Her right leg had 15 to 20 puncture wounds. Flown by emergency helicopter to Lakeland Regional Hospital

March 2011, West Palm Beach, FL; On Wednesday, a toddler suffered a collapsed lung when she was bitten by the family's pit bull-German shepherd mix. Ryleigh-Jaiyde Sills, of suburban West Palm Beach, was flown to Delray Medical Center and underwent surgery.

March 2011, Del Ray Beach, FL; DCF investigators investigate safety of the home after 18 month old girl flown to hospital after being used as a chew toy by the family pit mix

March 2011, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; Noella McIntosh sustains a 900 stitch mauling and subsequent life flight after entering pit owner's lair to get a beer with permission. Pit bull "Zeke" no likey

Feb 2011, Dorchester County, MD; Pit mix escapes it's dog sitter who was watching the animal for it's owner who was in jail, then 8 attacks an 8 year old girl walking home from the bus stop. The girl is flown to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

Feb 2011, Saugerties, NY; The pit bull, which lived at the house of baby sitter Patricia Risley, 59, attacked Risley, Time Warner Cable employee David Dargan, 33, and a 3-month-old at 11:51 a.m. Dargan, who was on a service call, restrained the dog to help the baby. The baby was flown to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla for reconstructive surgery after neck, shoulder and leg bites. Risley was taken to Albany Medical Center for left forearm and wrist bite wounds.

Feb 2011, Wadesboro, NC; 10 year old boy attacked in his own backyard by loose pit bull. Mauled about the head, neck and legs, then transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte by helicopter. The owner trafficked the other nine pit bulls to another location...couldn't be a dog fighter or breeder could it?!?

Jan 2011, Pinal County, AZ; 10 year old boy mauled by two loose rott and one pit mix. Life flighted to area hospital

Jan 2011, Wichita Falls, TX; 19 year old pit man-boy receives felony Lillian's Law charges after his pit bull get loose and maul a 48 year old man who receives 500 stitches. The man also loses an ear and an eye. Life flighted to Parkland for treatment

Jan 2011, Lexington, SC; Sleep over at pit nutter's house ends up with police shooting a pit bull off a little girl. The girl had extensive injuries to her neck and arms, and was airlifted to Palmetto Health for treatment Parents...There is a lesson here!

Nov 2010, Des Lacs, SD; 46 year old babysitter scalped and life flighted after family Pit Bull attack. Hazardous Duty Pay for in house Pit Bull owner babysitting services NOW!

Nov 2010, Suffolk, VA; a 76 year old woman was mauled by a pit bull while walking her JRT. She intervened to try to break the "scuffle" ...Suffered head injuries and was flown to the hospital

Oct 2010, Azusa, CA; A 4-year-old boy was flown to the hospital Saturday after being bitten in the face by his family's pet pit bull, police said.

Sep 2010, Marshall County, MS; 9 year old girl airlifted to hospital after pit bull attack

Sep 2010, Wayne County, KY; 9 year old boy pulled off his bike by neighbor's pit bull. Airlifted to the University of Kentucky Hospital to repair the mauled areas in his face
annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#68 Sep 22, 2013
Aug 2010, Williamson County, MO; 5 year old boy attacked by loose pit mixes...The 5-year-old was taken to Herrin Hospital with multiple bites on his face, head and body. He was flown to a St. Louis hospital, where he is listed in critical condition at this hour

Aug 2010, Houston, TX; Middle aged woman savaged by three loose pit bulls. Life flighted to hospital

Aug 2010, Johnson County, TX; 3 year old boy flown to Cook Medical Center in Fort Worth. Helicopter crew prevented from assisting the boy until police gun play clears out the threat.

Aug 2010, Salisbury, MD; 10 year old boy mutilated in front yard when two pit bulls break out of the front door. The boy suffered lacerations to his ear and face and was taken to a hospital before being flown to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for specialized treatment. Two adults in their 60s who had tried to help the boy suffered lacerations to their arms and hands.

Aug 2010, Lasalle, IL; 7 year old Jason Walter is mauled by pit bulls. Pronounced dead by a Doctor riding in the life flight helicopter that was summoned for him DBRF!

Aug 2010, Trenton, OH; After 1 year old boy is mauled and life flighted by the family pit mix, his mother hides the dog from the dog warden.

Aug 2010, Bush, IL; 5 year old boy attacked by loose pit bulls in a public park. Life flighted to the ICU at Cardinal Glennon, he is in a medical induced coma and on a ventilator Maybe they should be rebranded to "Lifeflight Dogs"?!?

Aug 2010, Blackmon County Township, MI; 6 year old girl savaged and scalped while playing at friend's house by the three family pit bulls. Life flighted to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.

June 2010, Lakeville, MA; Babysitting pit bull mishap leads to police shooting the animal that attacked the babysitter and 5 year old boy who was life flighted to local hospital. When police arrived the owner begged them "Shoot him!!...Shoot Him!!!"

June 2010, Knox County, TN; 9 year old boy goes over to visit family. Leaves in life flight helicopter courtesy of the Nanny dog tied to the front porch

June 2010, Newhall, CA; 4 year old boy mauled and scalped by containment breaking pit bull at apartment complex. Airlifted to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles

June 2010, Hanover PA; 8 year old boy mauled in the backyard while trying to catch fireflies. Neighbors hammer the two pit bulls with boards and hoses until police show up and shoot them. The boy is transported to Hershey Medical Center by Helicopter

June, 2010, Lewiston, PA; Police force entry to rescue mother and child who are barricaded in the bedroom from prey activated pit Bull. After they shoot the berserker, the 2 year old girl is flown to the hospital with serious head wound and bleeding profusely

May 2010, Kokomo, IN; 10 year old Savannah Gragg is airlifted to Indianapolis Hospital after being savagely mauled on the neck by her family pit bull. She dies in the Hospital a few days later. DBRF!

May 2010, Corsicana, TX; Handyman saves 9 year old boy being ripped apart by neighbor's pit bulls, who was flown to a Dallas hospital. "I am trying to go to sleep and the vision comes back to me. Seeing those dogs chewing the little boy," he said.
annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#69 Sep 22, 2013
May 2010, Springfield, OH; An 84-year-old Springfield woman was attacked May 4 as she was walking down an alley near Lexington Avenue. Lela Hall, who was taken by helicopter to Miami Valley Hospital with a softball-sized chunk of her arm ripped off, is now recovering at home with her family

May 2010, Jeanette, PA; 55 year old man is mauled while saving his daughter inside the family home...Life flighted to a Pittsburgh Hospital

April 2010, Nashville, TN; Teenage girl and her horse attacked by a pack of loose pit bulls. Transported by medical helicopter to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital on March 9, she was in a coma and her prognosis was grim.

Aussie Staffa-Shredder owner downloaded from life fight helicopter
March 2010, Victoria. Australia; 67 year old woman airlifted after the staff-shredder she was dog sitting nearly severs her arm. Rescued by heroic neighbor.

Feb 2010, Prescott Valley, AZ; While visiting grandparents, Pit Bull "Knuckles" sends 8 year old girl on a helicopter ride to Phoenix Children's Hospital due "severe facial wounds"

Jan 2010, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; Mother takes 3 year old daughter over to visit Pit bull owning fiend sic. The girl leaves in a life flight helicopter

Nov 2009, Houston, TX; Pit Bull mauls it's owner. The woman is airlifted to Memorial Hermann after being rescued by her neighbor

Nov 2009, Springfield, OH; Family pit bull shreds its owners until police respond and shoot it off them. The woman was flown to Miami Valley Hospital with serious injuries to her face, arms and legs. Police shoot offs...A pit bull Specialty!

Nov 2009, Monroe County, WV; 70 year old Lowell Bowden is savaged by the neighborhood drug dealer's five loose pit bulls and is life flighted to area hospital where he later dies. The perps later pleaded guilty to manslaughter DBRF!

Oct 2009, Lawrenceberg, TN; Animal Control officer mauled by pit bull. Flown by medical helicopter to Vanderbilt Medical Center for hand surgery

Oct 2009, Oak Hills, CA; Pit bull mauls and fractures the arm of it's 20 year old pregnant owner. The woman and unborn baby life flighted to Loma Linda Medical Center

Oct 2009, Bairdstown, OH; An 8-year-old girl was flown to a Toledo hospital after she was mauled by a stray pit bull mix. The girl's 11-year-old sister saw the attack and tried to help, she too was attacked, as was the girls' mother. The girl's father, shot and killed the dog

Oct 2009, Fort Wayne, IN; 63 year old woman is brutally attacked by her son's pit bull. Life flighted to Parkview Hospital where surgeons struggle to save her arm which is finally amputated

Oct 2009, West Valley City, UT; Pit Bull "Tank' chews out of his harness, slithers out of his pen and jumps fence to attacks a boy on the street. His cheek is bitten off and laying on the ground. Flown by helicopter to Primary Medical Children's Center

More Pit breeder handiwork and another life flight to Houston's Memorial Hermann
Sep 2009, Montgomery County, TX; 3 year old Life flighted to the ICU after spending the day at her Pit Breeding Auntie’s home. Pit-Auntie gets attacked also

Sep 2009, Warner Robbins, GA; A 2-year-old girl was attacked by the family Pit Bull. The child, who suffered extensive facial and head injuries, was taken by ambulance to Houston Medical Center and then taken by helicopter to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta.

Sep 2009, St Petersburg, FL; 39 year old nurse Patricia Thiel goes out to break up "a scuffle" between her dogs and pit bull "Jake" decides she needs a killin'. A neighbor shoots Jake off her so she can be airlifted to Tampa General Hospital

Aug 2009, North Port, FL; Family Pit bull puts owner on life flight helicopter ride, wife shoots the animal to save him
annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#70 Sep 22, 2013
Aug 2009, St Johns County, FL;A 10-year-old St. Johns County boy mauled in the face, neck and arms by a pit bull was taken by air ambulance to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center with traumatic injuries.

Aug 2009, Rio, WV; Life flight helo summoned after Nanny Dog crib snatches a 3 day old infant off a bed. The mother chokes the pit bull but it will not release the baby. The infant dies on the way to the landing zone. DBRF!

Aug 2009, Contra Costa County, CA; A family pit bull bit a 3-year-old girl Monday evening, causing serious leg ... The girl was taken by helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center and is expected to recover

July 2009, Hamilton, OH; The case of a 5-year-old girl mauled Monday by a pit bull is under investigation as possible child endangerment, Hamilton police said today. The girl remains at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center with serious injuries, She was flown there Monday ...

July 2009, Santa Cruz, CA; A woman is attacked by a loose pit bull. Fortunately, police who were responding to a call happened to see her and pulled the beast off of her. Airlifted to Santa Clara County Trauma Hospital

June 2009, Lookout Mountain, TN; 8 year old girl mauled by neighbor's pit bull. Flown to T.C. Thompson Hospital where the story says she has already endured 40 hours of surgery with much more to come

June 2009, Redcar, UK; Woman takes a mauling shielding her 3 year old son from attacking pit bull. The owner gathers the dog and flees the scene. Airlifted to area hospital

May 2009, Virginia Beach, VA; 13 month old boy life flighted to local hospital after being mauled about the head by family pit mix

May 2009, Twenty Nine Palms, CA; A 9-year old girl is recovering after she was bitten in the face by a pit bull on Thursday. The girl was flown by helicopter to Loma Linda University Medical Center for treatment for lacerations to the face.

May 2009, Hamilton, OH; 5 year old girl mauled by pit bull that had escaped it's cage.
The girl was in serious condition when she was flown by medical helicopter to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

May 2009, Culpepper, VA; Two loose pit bulls severely mauled a 3-year old boy and his grandmother yesterday. Two separate Life Flight helicopters were used to fly the victims to emergency care

Surgeons needed a vacation after sewing this pit bull owning family back together
May 2009, Jeffersonville, KY; Family pit bull goes berserk and attacks all four family members who need to be rescued by police. One of the family members is life flighted and needed 2500 stitches 2500 stitches..Sheesh! Is that some kind of record?!?

April 2009, Wappinger Falls, NY; Pit Bull adopted out by Out of the Pits Rescue rips young Frankie Flora to the tune of 1200 stitches. Frankie later meets President Obama.

April 2009, Mansfield, OH; A 4-year-old boy was listed in critical condition Saturday after being mauled by a pit bull Friday. Gabe Cooper, of 487 S. Main St., was flown to ...

April 2009, Eustis, FL; 22 year old jogger seriously mauled by two containment breaking pit bulls and airlifted to local hospital. Facing numerous surgeries to repair skin and nerve damage.

April 2009, Peabody, MA; Level 5 Beserker puts four in the hospital, one by life flight, the other 3 in Meat Wagons

April 2009, North Port, FL; Last week, the Charlotte Sun reported about a serious pit bull attack that occurred in March. The attack required the victim, Ralph Velardi, to be airlifted to Regional Burn Center at Tampa General Hospital. The victim suffered severe facial trauma, in addition to part of his scalp being ripped off and both of his ears. At the time of the attack, Velardi had been walking to his car. The 19 year old pit bull owner said he "didn't know" how the dogs got out. Just a guess..The 19 year old man-boy nutter "doesn't know" how he will pay for the medical bills either...
annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#71 Sep 22, 2013
March 2009, Hardin County, NC; 11 year old girl life flighted after falling off horse when, a group of horse riders and their dogs were attacked by loose pit bulls

Feb 2009, Norfolk, VA; Navy couple's 7 month old son mauled and life flighted by baby sitter's pit bull which had been adopted out by unnamed rescue.

Dec 2008, Broward County, FL; Neighbor's pit bull jumps fence to maul 12 year old boy sending him on a helicopter ride. He suffered three bites on his leg and an 8-inch long gash on his jawline. "He started biting me on my leg and neck. I was thinking,'Am I going to make it?'"

Nov 2008, Forney, TX; Two pit bulls attacked an 8-year-old girl and her grandmother. in the northwest part of Kaufman County. Authorities say the girl's mother called 911 in hysterics. The girl suffered multiple injuries, including a puncture wound to her chest, right arm and leg. Flown by Care Flight to Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Nov 2008, Willis, TX; 8 year old boy life flighted to Memorial Herman Hospital after being pulled off his bike and mauled by his neighbor's pit bulls. Family sets up medical fund to pay for the medical expenses

Oct 2008, Orange County, FL; 8 year old boy airlifted and hospitalized after getting too close to the chained canine IED while playing at a pit owning fiend's sic house

Pit Bull "Asbo" hauled away by British Police...Should have been named "Tax payer bitten in the Asbo"
Oct 2008, South London, UK; Family pit bull "Asbo" has to be shot by police sharpshooters after going berserk and attacking his family. Helicopter used to transport one of the bull baited

Sep 2008, Seattle, WA; Six year old boy life flighted to Harborview Medical Center after neighbor's pit bull pushes open gate to his back yard and mauls him.

Sep 2008, White Bluff, TN; 2 year old child attacked and mauled by the family pit bull. Life flighted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital with lacerations to leg and throat.
Classic Nanny Dog action!

Sep 2008, Pittsburg, CA; Six year old girl recovering after being mauled and airlifted during an August attack when a pit owner assured her it was "Okay" to pet her pit bull. After an attempt to sew her lip back to her mouth failed, she was scheduled later that month for a skin graft in which skin was taken from her belly and sewn to her face

Aug 2008, Pinellas County, FL recently adopted Pit Bull attacks 6 year old boy after he steps on ant bed and starts screaming, producing a life flight. Ironically, the attack takes place in "Safety Harbor" Park

Aug 2008, Bonham, TX; Pit perp John Hardy Taylor's off property pitties maul 11 year old girl and 44 year old woman sending them both on helicopter rides to a Dallas hospital. Hardy dies before his trial for Lillian's Law charges

July 2008, Whitesburg, TN; 3 year old boy comes over to visit Pit owning family's Birthday Party, leaves in a life flight helicopter

Burn baby burn
Pit bull inferno
Burn baby burn
Burn that mutha down...
July 2008, Jackson County, KY; Pit bull attack on owners reveals neighborhood meth lab to authorities who responded to the pit crisis...Life flight and drug lair burning ensue Give that pit an award before euthanizing it!

July 2008, Pima County, AZ A young boy was attacked and severely injured by his family's pit bull . The boy suffered severe bite injuries to both legs and was flown by helicopter to University Medical Center.

June 2008, Davenport, FL; 6 year old boy goes for a helicopter ride after "tapping" the
Pit Bull in the head at his Grandfather's house

June 2008, Long Creek, OR; After visiting a friend and her pit bull, a 29 year old man and his severed nose share a life flight helicopter ride

annie biggest liar of all

Syracuse, NY

#72 Sep 22, 2013
Pit Bull Life Flights are really starting to take off after decades of Organized Pit Idiocy Groups (OPIGS) pushing the breed as family dogs
June 2008, Pacoima, CA; 2 year old toddler airlifted after family Pit Bull mauls him while in the care of his grandmother. Firefighters used an extinguisher to spray the dog so that paramedics could reach the child and treat him
May 2008, Colorado Springs, CO; Tyson the pittie loved kids so much that he dug under the fence to maul a 10 month old boy to the tune of 2000 stitches. The boy is life flighted to a Denver trauma center.
May 2008, Dallas , TX; 3 year old girl horribly mauled when two Pit Bulls barge into the bathroom and maul her and her Pit-Auntie while she was getting a bath. ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: Never use Crystal Owens as a Babysitter, Pit Bulls were banned in her trailer park but she knew better
May 2008, Spring Valley, NY; 9-year-old Jade St. Vil was taken by Life Flight Helicopter to a hospital after being mauled by his family's recently adopted pit bull. The dog bit the boy on the head, tearing a long gash across his forehead and ripping his tear duct
May 2008, Fairview Beach, VA; 16 month old boy mauled in the face by neighbor's pit bull. Subsequently life flighted with severe facial trauma requiring 90 stitches to close. Years of plastic surgeries expected.
May 2008, Orange County, FL; 6 year old boy airlifted to hospital in critical condition after getting too close to the chained up pit bull while playing with friends
March 2008, Port St John, FL; The 1-year-old child and his mother were visiting Michael Morgan on Tuesday when the dog bit the child on the cheek. The child was flown to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries, though he did have significant damage to his cheek. Authorities say it is the second time the dog has bitten a child.
March 2008, Grayson, TX; 16 year old girl mauled by her boyfriend's pit bull. The left side of the girl's face and right arm were mauled. She was airlifted by PHI air medical to Children's Hospital in Dallas with non-life threatening injuries. Received lacerations to her face and arm. The owner shot the dog five times before it released the girl. KTEN is told, the dog was given to the family by a friend
March 2008, Lancaster County, SC; Two 10 year old boys attacked by pit bulls. One transported to hospital by air, one by ground transport
Feb 2008, Perkins, OK; 3 year old boy attacked by his grandmother's pit bull. Transported by helicopter to a Tulsa Hospital
Jan 2008, Suwanee, GA; Pit owner has to shoot his loose pit bulls off his 58 year old mother. When Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office and Lafayette Emergency Medical Services personnel arrived at the scene, they found Rebecca Wimberly, 58, at the door of her greenhouse covered in blood from severe lacerations on her arms and legs, according to the LCSO incident report. She lost a great deal of blood, causing discoloration in her feet and lips. Life Flighted to Shands at the University of Florida
Jan 2008, Roanoke, VA; A 62 year old man attacked by nephew's pit bulls...Survives by fighting them off with a pocket knife. Flown to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for surgery to his feet.
Jan 2008, Oberland, OH; 25 year old owner is attacked inside his apartment, tries to flee by throwing himself through a sliding glass door. Finally, he begs police to shoot it and is flown to Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland His pit bull ownership experience was shattered!....
Nov 2007, Hartford, AL; 9 year old girl ambushed and attacked by her neighbor's five pit bulls. Sheriff: This was not a dog bite. This was an attack where they literally tried to kill her. This girl is lucky to be alive,”
Another one of the many documented man-killing pit breeding operations

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