2/16/13 pit attacks 10 month old - cr...

2/16/13 pit attacks 10 month old - critical

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Albany, NY

#10 Feb 18, 2013
2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Month Old Child Killed by Family Dog

The family's recently adopted golden retriever-mix.

Father Charged
UPDATE 05/02/12: The infant's father, Quintin H. McGrew, has been charged with unlawful neglect of a child. An affidavit accompanying his arrest warrant stated that McGrew "placed a 2-month-old infant at unreasonable risk by placing the infant in the living room by himself while the defendant slept in the bedroom. The infant was left in the separate room with a dog that was new to the residence for over an hour resulting in the disembowelment and death of the minor child."

04/24/12: 911 Call Released
A description of the 911 call made Friday morning offers new details about the tragic death of 2-month old Aiden McGrew. In the call, the baby's mother, Chantel McGrew, told the operator, "I believe my 2 and 1/2 year old got the baby out of the swing. I believe the dog went after my son, because the dog has blood all over him." She added about the attacking dog: "He's put in the bedroom away from the baby because he tried to go after the baby again when I got home."1

Related video

04/23/12: Death Ruled Homicide
Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet ruled the death of 2-month old Aiden McGrew a homicide. He announced Monday that the child died from blood loss after being severely mauled by the family's dog. Nisbet said parental neglect contributed to the boy's death. Aiden was discovered Friday morning after being badly bitten and dismembered by his family's newly adopted dog. At the time of the incident, his father was sleeping in an adjoining room.

04/21/12: Killed While Father Slept
News agencies report that the family had two dogs. One was apparently asleep with the father at the time of the attack. The offending golden retriever-mix, named Lucky, had recently been adopted by the family. The dog's previous owner was not named. The deceased boy's parents, Quintin and Chantel McGrew were questioned Friday. The couple's other children, ages 7 and 3, were taken into protective custody by the state Department of Social Services.

Knight said Quintin McGrew was sleeping in a bed with the 3-year-old child and the family's other dog, and Chantel McGrew was taking the 7-year-old to a doctor's visit, when Aiden was attacked.
"The child was in a small swing and was asleep,” Knight said. "I'm not sure who put the child in the swing."
Knight said the family adopted Lucky a few weeks ago, but their other dog has been with them for years. He said the McGrews "dog sat" for Lucky previously and decided to keep the dog when its previous owners wanted to give it up.
The Death of Zane Alen Earles

In 2008, the mauling death of 2-month old Zane Alen Earles by the family's Labrador puppy horrified the American public. The boy's mother found him dead in an infant swing about 10:30 am that morning. Up until that point, she had been sleeping. The nature of the baby's injuries were "so sensitive" that Tulsa police did not release any details other than that the infant had been bitten to death. Months later, a police affidavit stated that the dog "ate the two-month-old victim."

Authorities charged the baby's mother with second-degree manslaughter.

Related video

04/20/12: Infant Killed by Family Dog
Ridgeville, SC - In a developing story, Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nesbit stated in a news release that a 2-month old child was bitten numerous times and dismembered by a dog in his family's home about 11 am Friday. Aiden McGrew's father was asleep at the time of the attack and his mother was not home. Two other children in the home were unharmed. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday to determine if the boy was dead prior to the dog dismembering him.

The Daily Mail reports that the dog was a recently rescued retriever.

1Apparently, "Lucky" is the name of the family's other dog, not the offending animal.
Eman Resu

West Hartford, CT

#11 Feb 18, 2013
NSL wrote:
<quoted text>i didn't lie about anything the dog is believed to be a bulldog or pit both in the pit family of breeds and you know it - saying i lied proves your weakness and desperation - boy ":all of you" are pretty shaken up over me catching eman resu red handed outright lying several time last night - "all of you" are fired up and looking for blood like your beloved breed - it's not my fault "all of you" are compulsive liars - if you don't want to be proved to be an outright liar - DON'T OUTRIGHT LIE - it's as simple as that - tell your pit bud eman resu i'm still waiting
Text from an article that i posted is not me lying, i didn't write it. You have proven nothing, show me where I personally have lied, you won't because you can't. I'm sending you hunting for something that you claim I said about showing sympathy for pit bulls which I never did, you obviously can't find because you still haven't proven it. That's why you take this route of finding parts of articles that I posted, I did not write those articles therefore I did not say it. If I quote the constitution does that mean I wrote it or said it, no, it means I'm showing you what they said. Try to grasp it.

Show me where I have personally shown sympathy for downed pit bulls and then you can call me a liar, until then trying to show that an article may have lied that I did not write proves nothing at all except that you're desperate because you won't find what I've challenged you to find. I'll even up the anty, find it and I won't post anymore, good luck.

What does it mean when a person answer your question with another question?
It's often a "fogging" technique to confound the questioner and buy time before responding to the original question. A classic self-assertiveness strategy.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#16 Feb 18, 2013
SHOW ME WHERE I HAVE PERSONALLY SHOWN SYMPATHY FOR DOWNED PIT BULLS. YOU NEVER WILL BECAUSE YOU CAN'T, THAT'S WHY YOU RESORT TO THESE TACTICS. If I didn't write it I didn't say it. Once you answer the question that I asked first I'll answer yours. Your evasive tactics show you can't find that proof. Give me one good reason why I should answer your question before I answer yours.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#19 Feb 18, 2013
I never lied, the prior who wrote the articles may or may not have lied but I did not write them. You've been trying to wiggle out of showing where I have personally written something where I show sympathy for downed pit bulls because you know you can't find it. Anyone can see that, its completely obvious. Again, I'll answer your question once you've answered mine.

Why do people answer a question with a question?
Its is a form of covering up that fact that they do not know what the answer is to the question.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#21 Feb 18, 2013
Again, editing out parts that I don't agree with changes the context of the article that someone else wrote and is a dirty tactic. Is that something you do, change around what someone has written in an article so that it suits you? You still haven't shown where I have personally shown sympathy for pit bulls that have been downed. The person writing the article may have, I personally have never done so. Send an email to a news agency of journalist and ask what they think about someone taking another persons article and editing out what they don't agree with and then posting it as that same persons article, you'll find that it isn't right, you're misrepresenting what the person wrote and misquoting them. Change it around enough and it could be considered slanderous. Show me where I personally have shown sympathy for downed pit bulls, you won't because you can't find it, so you take bits out of articles that I've posted and said that I've lied which is actually you lying since I didn't write them.
CD dont work

Albany, NY

#22 Feb 18, 2013
Thats why we called her a Fluffer Nutter.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#25 Feb 18, 2013
Another instance where she'll have to call herself a liar for posting something that ended up being a lie. I don't agree but according to her standards she'll have to call herself a liar.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#26 Feb 18, 2013
She'll probably change her opinion on that now.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#31 Feb 18, 2013
Still have posted what I've personally said, can't find the proof. Editing out what you don't agree with is misrepresenting the article. What about the retracted story that you posted previously, according to you you're now a liar, why haven't you responded in that post, you won't because you lied, according to your standard. Answer my question, that I asked first and I'll answer yours afterward.
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#32 Feb 18, 2013
According to your standards you lied...

RETRACTION "Man on life support after being attacked by unleashed pit bull


Information was sent to my inbox, of which seemed credible, as did the woman claiming to be Sandy McKee.

As it turns out, all links submitted to my email were sent by an anti-pit bull "activist".

The incident, actually occurred in Athens County, Ohio. NOT Athens, Illinois as my interview with McKee claimed and seemed credible at the time.

All information at the time of the story seemed to be credible, as did the source. From time to time, this happens to any reporter.

I have published many positive articles on pit bulls and pit bull type breeds; and I believed the source to be true.

This article is taken down and retracted, with apologies to those angered by "McKee's" comments.

I sincerely wish the man that was attacked by a pit bull in Athens County Ohio has a speedy recovery.

I also hope that the dog can be rehabilitated.

http://www.examiner.com/article/man-on-life-s ...

Please note that this reporter reported this story on the say so of a note in his email. No interviews, no checking it out, just wrote it up without checking facts. This is the way many stories are filed, with very little on scene reporting.
This is the story he wrote, which was immediately picked up and posted on a lying website called dogsbite.org , not checking the facts either.
Man on life support after being attacked by unleashed pit bull


A pit bull attacked and nearly killed a man in rural Athens
Credits: Photo Couretsy of Ban the Breed

Pit Bull ban dangerous dogs pit bull most dangerous dog

ads not by this site

Saturday, in the town of Athens, Illinois a pit bull nearly killed a 66 year-old man while he sat on his porch steps reportedly enjoying a cigar.

Sheriff's Deputies are reporting that the elderly man fought for his life with a pocket knife that he has carried in his pocket for many years.

The pit bull was wandering the neighborhood, according to police reports.

The unidentified man sustained life threatening injuries to his neck, abdomen, and arms.

Reports also indicate that the dog caused serious injury to the victim's genitals.

The owner of the dog has not come forward to claim responsibility or say goodbye to the dog that is scheduled to be euthanized this week.

© 2012 Nokia© 2013 Microsoft Corporation
Location: Athens, Illinois
39.960609436035 ; -89.72338104248
"Attacks by pit bulls and pit bull type dogs are nothing new" said Sandy McKee who runs an activist group seeking a permanent ban in Illinois.

"So many cases of attacks have been reported in the news over the years. I am noticing it is getting even worse. I've signed up for alerts from the internet to my email and every day it seems there are at least fifteen attacks by this specific breed. You just never know when they will turn on you. It's time to ban the breed."

"It is possible that this innocent man could die. I've obtained reports from upset residents. This specific part of Illinois appears to have a high count of injury and even fatality from these dangerous dogs. Even being an animal lover, I am a responsible individual. Every one of these dogs should be rounded up and humanely euthanized." added McKee

As the condition of the victim reported to be in ICU on life-sustaining equipment is released to the public, this Examiner will be following and updating
Eman Resu

New Hartford, NY

#39 Feb 19, 2013
They lied about the location so according to you you're now a liar. As I've said I don't agree with it but you said it yourself. How are you going to wiggle your way out of this one?

Misinterpreted, really? Well I guess I'll use your excuse, the sympathy in those articles was misinterpreted by me. There, now you have nothing.

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