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Fed up

Bronx, NY

#1 Feb 8, 2011
I know others in my area have called up the 7th Precinct to complain about Bellmore Towing at 2720 Merrick Road treating Beford Place as their own personal parking lot, and getting no results. They are constantly double parking, turning the road into a single lane and impossible to get past. It is also dangerous due to the cars turning left and right onto the street as you have to drive into the oncoming traffic to get around their trucks. Perhaps they are just looking for some easy work by creating accidents. They obviously don't care, and from the reaction of the Police, never will have to care.

When I call up to complain to the Precinct, my response was "OK",*click*.

Now, I have heard rumor that cops work at the towing service, so why would they do anything, but nothing surprises me.

Flushing, NY

#2 Feb 11, 2011
Obviously a moron who never thought to address a local Buisness face to face. You could travel along Merrick rd and find dozens of buisness's that are a little crammed for parking maybe all the Buisness owners should leave Nassau county so a moron like you can pay higher taxes. As for nassau police working there? Really further proofing your ignorance. We do work with the police to serve the community.
Fed up

Bronx, NY

#3 Feb 11, 2011
I have confronted the business, years ago, and nothing has changed. Walked right into the office on my way home from the train. I pass by them every day on foot. They seemed ready for a fight over it rather than having a conversation.

Nothing changed... still the same selfish drivers taking up space, creating a dangerous condition and flipping you the bird if you even mention anything to them.

Sure, there are businesses crammed for space, but none take liberties like these clowns. Hell, the drivers take the turns in their flat beds like they are driving a sports car. We know how the business works, you have to rush to get to the accidents to be the first at the scene to make your money. I have seen the drivers block a lane on Merrick Rd. all the time with their noses sticking out... in the middle of RUSH HOUR!!!

Or how about the dolt with the white Cutlass doing burnouts on Merrick Road. Another brain surgeon working at Bellmore Towing.

Flushing, NY

#4 Feb 11, 2011
The practice of rushing to accidents would be called "chasing" which if you had a clue would know that alpine towing r&u autobody and masters collision practice even thought it's illegal in Nassau county. Bellmore towing does nothing of the sort the abide by the law and respond when called by police. Again being a successful Buisness is frowned apon by others maybe they failed in Buisness or never quite achieved the success they desired. Jealousy is an ugly color. It must be nice having nothing better to do then be consumed by others really a pathetic existence.

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Feb 11, 2011
Sensible wrote:
The practice of rushing to accidents would be called "chasing" which if you had a clue would know that alpine towing r&u autobody and masters collision practice even thought it's illegal in Nassau county. Bellmore towing does nothing of the sort the abide by the law and respond when called by police. Again being a successful Buisness is frowned apon by others maybe they failed in Buisness or never quite achieved the success they desired. Jealousy is an ugly color. It must be nice having nothing better to do then be consumed by others really a pathetic existence.
I take it you must be the owner? How about you make your case without slandering other companies. And while you're at it, give your drivers safe driving lessons. They are the biggest menaces on Merrick rd.
Fed Up

Bronx, NY

#6 Feb 11, 2011
Consumed by others?

It must be nice to be so self centered that as the owner of this business you respond with attacks rather than saying, "Let me talk to my drivers, we probably could do a better job."

I noticed that you did not respond to any of my other assertions about how the drivers double park on Bedford place, sometimes 2 trucks at a time... reducing the road to a single lane. Or about how they will often back their trucks into the front of the business on Merrick Road, and block 2 lanes while they do this... and then leave the nose of their trucks sticking out in the curbside lane blocking it as well.

Or how they drive like maniacs, taking the turns off of and on to Merrick Rd. at a speed that would be unsafe in a sports car, never mind a flat bed truck.

Or are you the guy that drives the White Cutlass with the drag radials?

New York, NY

#7 Feb 12, 2011
White trash arguing with white trash!
Bellmore Towing

New York, NY

#8 Feb 12, 2011
One thing you don't want to know who works at bellmore Towing: Employyes at Bellmroe towing have long rap sheets. These are guys who cannot get real jobs so they get jobs working as Mechanics and tow drive - AAA drivers. They have no back ground checks so a few employees are ex-cons and criminals.

Bad thing this place is a AAA so they respond to flats, dead batterys and other stuff. The cons are driving tow trucks and going to your house from Massapequa to Merrick and up to Hickville.

I think AAA should be notified they have criminals working at Bellmoe Towing employeed.

Flushing, NY

#9 Feb 16, 2011
Let me get this straight first you accused Bellmore towing of having local police employed now they have ex cons? Really? Make up your mind. You post on here and then expect a civil response? There are real problems in our community a double parked truck is really small in the big sceme and if you acted like a civil person and walked in maybe you'd get the response you like. As far as the illegal practices of other local tow companies that should be addressed with the local law enforcement agencies but actually some of them are also involved so good luck there. There is a backround check to do work for aaa mr wizard maybe if you did your homework before opening your mouth you wouldn't look foolish. It's funny all these comments by people who hide behind a computer. You have a nice day keyboard cowboy.
Fed up

Bronx, NY

#10 Feb 16, 2011
Wow, reading comprehension seems to be beyond your ability.. sensible owner of Bellmore Towing... are you?

I have only heard that cops work there, don't know if they are local, and as far as I know that isn't illegal.

I also was not the one who made an assertion about former cons working there, or is it beyond your ability to read who posted what comments?

And did you miss the part where I HAVE been in the office of Bellmore Towing and was basically ignored. Cowards? Yes, at Bellmore Towing... who do they have paid off in the TOH anyway? Because it seems that they can continue to break the law, ignore the codes and get away with it.
mr wizard

Monroe, NY

#11 Feb 16, 2011
if you have a problem with bellmore towing and their use of bedford ave
just use bellmore ave on your way to the rubber dong factory.
one set of footprints

United States

#12 Feb 16, 2011
Supposably someone complained about them, and then they beat the guy up so bad he was unrecognizable. I'd be careful about this.
one set of footprints

United States

#13 Feb 17, 2011
In honesty, we can turn the other cheek here. Its only parked cars. Violence is never the answer.
Bigger Issues in Life

Flushing, NY

#14 Feb 17, 2011
The middle east is in chaos, our economy is in the toilet, people are out of work, and the biggest crisis in your life is parking? I wish i had your life! Maybe then I wouldnt be a college educated person forced to work at a towing company to support my WIFE and CHILD. Wanna trade lives? From what I know that service station has been a service station since the 1940's. So either your old as the earth, or you moved in next door to a repair shop. Looks like you should have done some more due diligence before closing on your dream home
One set of footprints

United States

#15 Feb 17, 2011
This is a great post Bigger Issues....

A main reason for the fight FOR White castle was that many people who did not want it lived in that area aka the BPG.

A major argument against the BPG was "hey if you live near sunrise highway you should have thought that sometime soon, a commercial development may come here. So you A. decide to buy a cheaper home on a major road, or B. you spend a couple extra dollars and live deep in a residential area. These people decided on A and now they are angry at a fast food development which could have provide jobs to our children?

Well, guess what. I love chicken rings slightly less then i love Jesus, so thats A LOT. Now im alittle POed that the castle cant call bellmore a home. So Bigger Issues, you are right. Work were you have to, support your family and provide the best way you know how. And if your worried about little old me, well I will bring the BPG a crave case just to show them how gosh darn good the castle is. We all have our crosses to bear, mine in my love of the belly bomber.

Flushing, NY

#16 Feb 17, 2011
Fed up dont flatter yourself not everything I say is directed at you actually I am amused by your pathetic banter, but as soon as I turn off my computer I worry about real life problems. Maybe you should get a hobby or take a different way home or better yet move. Good luck
Fed up

Bronx, NY

#17 Feb 17, 2011

I love how it results in insults. No one can have an adult conversation anymore, they have to result to insults or threats.

I expect no less, same response as when you try to talk to them personally.

Oh, and in case you start looking around at your neighbors on the block there... I don't live on the block, I just am one of those people that have to pass through it, so before you go off and start attacking them...

Just pathetic.

Flushing, NY

#18 Feb 18, 2011
Adult conversation? Your hiding behind a fake name on a blog.....Talk about pathetic your just a keyboard cowboy you have a gripe and maybe some of your points are valid but instead of handling it the correct way you bash a buisness with a mask on. With your claims of trying to handle it differently who knows if thats even true. My guess is not
One set of footprints

Ronkonkoma, NY

#19 Feb 18, 2011
Peace my brothers

New York, NY

#20 Feb 19, 2011
Bellmore towing are a bunch of Gypsies... They are contracted by tripple A AAA. There are a few employee's are Bellmore towing who have criminal records I will admit but they are genuine nice guys and would not harm anyone. No one there has done hard-time they only made a few mistakes liek we all do.

Tow truck drivers are a diffrent class of people. Some create accidents by dumping Oil, some drop nails around towns creating flats, some stalk woman in the tow trucks.

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