Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga...

Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga, James Alcus

There are 393 comments on the Newsday story from Oct 9, 2009, titled Suffolk 11th District: Thomas Barraga, James Alcus. In it, Newsday reports that:

"It's heated up," said new Islip Republican chairman Frank Tantone. "Tom's been reinvigorated.

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#1 Oct 13, 2009
Invigorated? Heating up? Tom Barraga is transparent and self serving. He has done nothing for the 11th LD and now wants us to believe he is invigorated? What was he before? Oh yes the opposite of invigorated would be complacent, Lazy, and....retired.

West Islip, NY

#2 Oct 14, 2009
WICC wrote:
Invigorated? Heating up? Tom Barraga is transparent and self serving. He has done nothing for the 11th LD and now wants us to believe he is invigorated? What was he before? Oh yes the opposite of invigorated would be complacent, Lazy, and....retired.
The Quasi General with a PHD from Pixar U has been invisible for 3 terms as a County Legislator. He is detached from the Bayshore Community and has done nothing for the residents of West Islip where he lives. Gen Major Tom Bsrragga is arrogant and lost the two party lines a few weeks ago because he campaigned using the same do nothing work ethic he has had as the legislator in the 11th LD. He assumes Republicans will come out in droves and vote along party lines so he doesnt have to do anything to get re-elected.

I hope he sleeps well at night knowing that if he connected with the people of the 11th LD over his 3 terms in office and did the job like his predecessor did he wouldnt have to resort to such a slimey campaign strategy.
midnite man

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Oct 20, 2009
He is a disappointmnet! He's NO Angie carpenter. She was a very proactive legislator. he does not return calls from his constituants.

His voting record is not good..why he even voted against a $35,000 upgrade to the County Mobile Mammography unit! West islip and Bayshore are in the Cancer Cluster' and the guy votes against better cancer detection.

As a conservative minded Republican, i am going to give this guy Alcus a chance! It is 2 year term and if he conducts himself like Barraga, he's out after his term. I am no longer just voting along party lines. I was a Barraga voter NOT THIS TIME

West Islip, NY

#4 Oct 21, 2009
I think the biggest issue I have is that he doesnt
represent the district fairly. Even thought the West Islip residents say he does nothing for them he does even less for my community in Bayshore. He wants to run a bash the other guy campaign butt the real issue is that he cant run on his accomplishments. I know he cant say he has done anything in Bayshore. We have high crime and he bashes the cops. We have health issues and he says he voted against NEW cancer detection machines because we already have cancer detection machines
but THE NEW ONES ARE MORE ADVANCED and will help detect cancer earlier. That was a bad decision and that hits a nerve for me and my family but he will have some poltical rhetorical repsonse to justify it. I dont care who he is running against but it sure seems like Tom Barraga is dedictaing al lhis efforts in West Islip and couldnt care less about the other half of his district in Bayshore. He is good at stooping to being a bully and attack his opponent but when is he going to tell us where he has been for the last three terms in office. Bayshore deserves better.

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Oct 21, 2009
what are his accomplishments??

United States

#6 Oct 21, 2009
Jim Alcus is an alternative to Tom Barraga and while I agree Tom Barraga could do a better job, Jim ALcus is not a better choice. He is an arrogant, pompous bully who gets flustered when things don't go his way. He regularly will resolve issue by threatening to go outside and let's settle this in the parking lot. (but always with friends) He touts his involvement with the school board, but most of that was to support the adminstrators in their new contract. (His Mom and wife are part of that union), his kids went to private schools, he cares nothing about the community unless it helps his image. His involvement in Little League was/is self serving, he's on a power trip. His company is operated on a shoestring and most work is subpar (just ask anyone who has had anything done). It boggles the mind that anyone who looks past the pomp and fluff can't see Jim Alcus for what he is a backyard bully looking for a free ride at our expense.

West Islip, NY

#7 Oct 22, 2009
My issue is not with the election. My issue is that West Islip is treated differently than Byashore by Tom Barraga. He spends all his time and energy and efforts in the West Islip community. To say that he can do a better job is understated and he has misrepresented unrepresented and non represented the Byahore community. People say he does the same thing in West Islip ans to be honest West Islip doesnt matter to me. I dont think the election really matters. What does matter is that when you have a politican like Tom Barraga putting one community above another in the same district he is supposed to govern it is just plain wrong. Tom Barraga has spent thousands of dollars campaigning in West Islip and nothing in Bayshore and that is wrong. You cannot find one big campaign sign in bayshore yet he has 15 of them in west Islip. I asked him to attend a function in my town that was going to raise awareness for a worthy cause and did not respond to the request. Now some 12 months later i see he running to get re elected and as a non political person I can see why politicians are in the same grouping as lawyers. Tom Barraga wants to bash his opponent because he thinks the only thing that matters is the voters of West Islip. Why is he invisible in the community of Bayshore for the past 8 years? It doesnt matter who is running for office only that he has represented our community poorly. I am disappointed to have Tom Barraga as my representative in govenrment.
Upset Republican

Brooklyn, NY

#8 Oct 24, 2009
I am very upset with Tom barraga! he helped to divide our party when he ran against Pam Geene for supervisor. He lost the primary, but decided to split the vote and ran on another line. I believe this cost her the election! He is NO team player, it's all about him! I'm voting for Alcus this time to treat Barraga the way he treated the Party! Maybe Alcus will do a good job. I urge all Republicans who feel like i do to teach Barraga a lesson by either voting for Alcus or sitting out this race. Barraga wasn't there for us, we should not be there for him!


#9 Oct 24, 2009
Dear Confused: Please dont speak of what you dont know. Jim's Mother does not work for the school district, and his wife is part of the clerical unit. Jim's involvement in the school board has always been two fold: To improve the facilities for the children in the community by lobbying the district to address the poor quality of fields, space, and safety. Secondly, he has routinely addressed the district during budget hearings, to keep avoid raising taxes. He has no influence or interest in Adminstrators contracts. He has routinely given support to the not for profit education foundation, the various youth enrichment programs, not to mention the little league, challenger league, etc. I mean really self-serving? are you kidding. a community volunteer is self serving? His children certainly attended public schools through middle school. For high school, he gave his children the opportunity to choose, just like they choose their colleges. It was their choice for their own reasons and he supported their decisions.
Not Nice

West Islip, NY

#10 Oct 24, 2009
Tom Barraga is a arrogant and what he did to PAm Greene was really dirty.
He has a chip on his shoulder and comes across as arrogant because this is his personality. Lets not forget he lost the republican primary to Pam Greene and then decided to be a sore loser and ran on a third party line solely to help a fellow republican be defeated. It is known to some people present on election night after the results he laughed as Pam Greene went on to defeat. Tom Barraga did a very bad thing to Pam Greene.


#11 Oct 24, 2009
Yes he did. Had he not pulled those votes away from Pam, republicans would have held Islip town hall. How any republican can support him is beyond me.
Paul Singletary

West Islip, NY

#12 Oct 25, 2009
The time zone is creating all kinds of havoc with sleep and forced me to browse the net. I have known Pam Greene for many years and even though she lost she never displayed any open anger towards Tom Barraga because she is truly a sweetheart and wouldnt stoop to his level. However I know there were many people who were hurt within the Republican Party by Barragas antics. It is true that Barraga disrepected his own party to get revenge on Pam by running as a third party candidate. I have not seen any support from any republicans for Barraga. Phil Boyle? Angie Carpenter? Both very active and very influential in his area and not an endorsement from either one of them for Barraga.Republicans have distanced themselves from Barraga because they do not trust him and that is not a suprise. To lose ones trust is a major character flaw and Barraga should be having a few sleepless nights worrying about his political future. He has many people who will not support him and either will not vote or will vote for the other candidates. Challenger Tim Alcus is putting a lot of pressure on a double crossing Republican incumbent. Changing of the old guard could be coming on the south shore.

West Islip, NY

#13 Oct 26, 2009
Sleazy campaign being run By Thomas Barraga in West Islip. Saw todays campaign literature and I am embarassed to be a Republican

Inwood, NY

#14 Oct 27, 2009
Tom, is a very sleazy man. How in the world he has stayed in office for so long is amazing. This coming election is a time for change. Republicans remember what he did to Pam. He is a dirty, dirty republican. I don't want him representing me for anything. Get this guy out. He has not been seen for the last 10 years in our neighborhoods and now that there is someone making a good push for his seat, he comes out and acts like he's been there for us all along. His campaign is to slander the opponent. His military background is coming out because he is running scared. Let's not make the same mistake we have for the last 30 years. Let's put him on notice. Tom your time is up ! Your an angry old man who is not in touch with anyone but yourself. Move on and go to North Carolina just like you said in your News 12 Primary. Good riddance ! Maybe Mr Alcus is not a true politician, butr I would rather have someone who is involved in the community , than someone who comes out only for a vote. Honestly before this election push, where was this guy ? Never seen him or heard anything about him. You would think that he would be more known for a person who has been in politics for as long as him. I dont think I would even recognize him walking down the street. What will be his political legacy ? Nothing except the angry old man !
John On Nichols Road


#15 Oct 27, 2009
The MTA runaway tax,( New MTA chief gets a $50,000 raise before his first day-salary $300,000) the school tax school super earns $235,000, fishing permit fee ($10)for catching snappers at the dock. homes going dark over the electric bills,(whose house am I at?) home foreclosures, Deer Park avenue is so antiquated,(same road for over 35 years.. I should drive a Model T on it and it is always dirt and dark at night too.
Can any one politican represent us?????
Has one politican stood up to any of this? NO.......just a bunch of do nothings looking out for themselves and a free ride through 4 years of good pay,plaques, and pictures in the south bay shopper.
I surrender..........

West Islip, NY

#16 Oct 27, 2009
Mr. Barraga is a political hemmoroid. No amount of cream is going to rid the Republican party of the damage to the partys image. He is a vey bad man doing very bad things to the republican party.


#17 Oct 28, 2009
It continues to look bad for Tom, and well it should. He continues to smear The Alcus family with lies. Jim's wife and daughter are confronted daily by a new rumor started by Barragas campaign in an effort to hurt hima nd his family. Through it all, Jim just keeps knocking on doors, meeting people, and refusing to throw mud back. Simply pointing out tom barragas lack of interst in the community and the legislative initiatives that come before him that he 95% of the time votes NO to is enough. People are smarted than Tom gives them credit for. You do not have to be Jim Alcus fan to know it is time for Tom to retire.


#18 Oct 28, 2009
Let me tell you what I know about Tom Barraga. He lives a couple of blocks from me. He doesn't know me personally from a hole in the wall.

When he was in Albany, he came home to his district. He mowed his lawn. I assume that he spent the time he could with his family, even though much of his work was up in Albany.

I know there were some Republican splits for a while in West Islip. But, I really didn't pay much attention at the time. I was busy with my life, as most of us are.

I see him marching in the Memorial Day parade, proudly wearing his Marine uniform, evidencing an unselfish service to his country.

One day, my son was telling me about a public issues project he was working on in high school. If I recall correctly, it was on the impending drunk driving host liability law. As what I thought was a long shot, I called his office and told his secretary that my son would like to meet with him to ask him some questions. Much to my surprise, she called back and gave my son an appointment that very day that was accommodating to my son's lunch schedule. To me, that is a sign of a good public servant.

I am not impressed by glitzy postcards, lots of signs, painted mobiles which have caught lots of eyes. Mr. Barraga's large signs in my neighborhood are cheesy. Does it matter? Where did all the money come from? Special interests?

I don't look for the pork. I look for sound and fair public policy which will serve us all well.

I will not necessarily vote for the person who spends the most money. I will vote for the candidate that best matches my values and has shown me a plausible track record and commitment to serve.


#19 Oct 28, 2009
Alcus was lobbying? Lobbying has become the root of evil in our government. You can see it in every branch of our disconnected government.

From what I have read about Alcus, he appears to be a good man. But the lobbying really concerns me.


#20 Oct 28, 2009
Lobbying? What do you mean?

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