The fires that have affected us - I am in Whittlesea and my parents in Marysville AU, are totally devestating
The township of Marysville was once a lovely little holiday stop - both summer and winter - the local bakery is famous for the yummies it produces.
The streets were lined with Oak trees - to commemorate those that died in wars.
Everything - all that is gone now - the township that once consisted of 20-40 different types of holiday accomodation and 500 houses and numerous smll retail outlets - now consists of 2 small B&B cottages, 1 bakery, 1 hotel, and 7 houses - you can the town on one hand :(
and perhaps as many as 100 people dead :(
Just think about that - the next time - you ding your car or run out of milk - some people have lost everything - including the town that they called home