I had no way to know how to reach all you fine people of Martins Ferry to let you know that the people of Ironton thought you where all a class act bunch with a great bunch of talented kids that will go pretty darn far in life. I met most of them,your outstanding coach, plus alot of you fans. You displayed nothing but pure class and sportsmanship even in defeat like no other school I have ever witnessed. You have a great bunch of young men on your BB team and I just can't say enough about you're great coach Jeff Sabatino. He is a winner and Iam sure its just a matter of time he will bring you a state championship. He is a great coach with a great staff. Many years of success I can see will be in his future. I know this letter sounds kinda of dumb ,Iam not used to writting stuff like this but I and many other Ironton people were touched by you people of MF. Martins Ferry has a new fan base down here on the river and we will be rooting for you all in every game but one. This state don't even know there is a southeastern part of Ohio. I think they think we belong to Ky,or WVA. They really don't respect us at all. So lets stick together and back each other because each other is all we got. Please pass the word to the community that us Irontonians think you all are great people in a great little sports town. Again God Bless you all and good luck. Tim