Bay Area school districts failing wit...

Bay Area school districts failing with minorities

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Vallejo, CA

#1 Apr 6, 2013
Bay Area school districts, including Vacaville Unified, failing with minorities

The independent student advocacy group used data from the California Department of Education to create A-to-F letter grades and numerical rankings in four key categories: student performance, academic improvement over five years, size of achievement gaps and college readiness. It combined all four grades to come up with the overall grades.

Vallejo City Unified School District, which has 15,300 students, earned the same mark as Vacaville last year, a D overall grade. In education gaps, like Fairfield-Suisun, the district earned an F in both subcategories. In previous years, 2010-11 and 2009-10, the district earned a D and D+ overall, respectively, but earned F's in the gaps subcategory of achievement gap between black and white students in the previous two years.

In the greater Bay Area, San Ramon Valley district in Contra Costa County, which has a relatively small percentage of low-income and black or Latino students, scored a B overall, which placed it in the top 10 statewide. The Pleasanton district in Alameda County and the South San Francisco district in San Mateo County earned the next-highest overall grades of C-plus.
look whos talking

Vallejo, CA

#2 Apr 6, 2013
"a relatively small percentage of low-income and black or latino students scored a 'b' overall..."

this is a fact of living in vallejo and thinking it will ever get better. families won't move here for this reason, and the rest of us suffer the consequences of these goons growing up and joining the criminal ranks.

this condition did not manifest because you paid your employees too much. yes, i am one and the crybabies that blame me can scukmydcik!

Vallejo, CA

#3 Apr 6, 2013
You can't fix this. The minority families have to fix this. I bet I know what the California solution will be......just keep lowering standards to push them through. And we get an even bigger dumbed down group of people, breeding like feral cats. What a f***ing mess we've created.

Vallejo, CA

#4 Apr 6, 2013
Look at the racial/sexual make up of the school board and the source of this failure is obvious. Women and minorities do not and can not have the intelligence and strength to successfully manage this school district. But, who cares? The democrat party has created these frankenstein creatures, this is their design and purpose, and there's nothing decent people can do about it; there are more of them than us. The CTA protects their members, constantly demands more and more money (our taxes) yet produces less than a 40% graduation rate. Our local school district is nothing less than an incubator for criminals.
looks like obama

Hayward, CA

#5 Apr 6, 2013
as long as getting an education is "acting white" and going on welfare is being black and Mexican, this will continue forever. It is the democrat party that "farms" these people so they will have voters who will need the democrats to provide them everything and in exchange, vote for the democrats so they will stay in power and continue the rape of the taxpayers. Vallejo-all democrat leadership, Stockton-all democrat leadership, Bell Ca.-all democrat leadership, Detroit,Chicago,Oakland,Washin gton,Sacramento, can you see a pattern here ?
The democrat party has the minority and the union vote without having to do anything but give "them" your money, how do you like it ?

Vacaville, CA

#6 Apr 6, 2013
How do you change the values of the inner person?

It used to be that having a college degree would guarantee a good paying job.
Now you need to have a college degree just to qualify or an advanced college degree.

People with a high school education or less earn on average 70% less than people with a college degree.

Children born to unwed teenage mothers are more likely to become criminals and fail in life than any other group. Lower class children show up for first grade with a vocabulary 25% of a middle class kid born to educated parents.
You can hear it when you talk to people in Vallejo.

Yet what do the poor in the US consistently do? Have children at a young age that they can not afford to raise. Drop out of school and fail to get employed because the factory jobs and the union jobs that were a gateway to the middle class for the uneducated are gone. Without a college education , an American is qualified for the same work and illegal alien is. Illegal aliens have a better work ethic than poor Americans and outperform Americans.

This is not the fault of any political party , but is the result of the social isolation of the poor from everyone else.

I'm disgusted with the behavior I see in Vallejo. I never saw it before because I never lived in such proximity to a high number of lower income uneducated people.

Vallejo has two choices:

Foolishly try to change the cultures of poverty


gentrify and reduce the population of lower income uneducated people.

I drove around south Vallejo recently and was really shocked and the poverty and sleaziness of the people. It's really sad. If we really wanted to save the country, we should reward the poor for NOT having children.
volunteer space traveler

Vallejo, CA

#7 Apr 6, 2013
we should pay young black women to be sterilized at 18, 100 grand. their kids cost us tens of times more than that later in police services, court costs, incarceration and a host of other schmidt provided to them for being losers and voting democrat. i wish there was another planet to move to!

United States

#8 Apr 6, 2013
Blacks constitute about 35 percent of the prison population in California. What about the Latins and whites?

Vacaville, CA

#9 Apr 6, 2013
Many black people because of their values are more likely to cultivate their own poverty.
In Vallejo, we have as much white trash as black trash. It's about values and poverty. My poor white neighbors are crappy neighbors, just the same as the poor blacks and samoans and everyone else.

They eat terrible food, are unhealthy, abuse their children.

The kids I see on the streets in Vallejo are mostly poor and look miserable. You don't really see happy kids like you do in most places.

Their parents are incapable of raising them to be successful because they themselves don't know how to be.

The fact that people with these values are the majority of people in Vallejo is the main problem. Stupid people have stupid kids. These kids are growing up without the tools to even get a job in todays increasingly challenging and specialized economy,

Look at the level of discourse on this forum. It's pretty stupid.

My friend is back in school to change careers ( again, no degree= no good paying job). The black kids show up late, talk all through class, eat junk food and don't even have the books. Half drop out before the semester ends. The way their parents are raising them is the main failure.

How do you change that?
Lamont Hightower

Vacaville, CA

#10 Apr 6, 2013
Are they failing minorities or are the minorities failing them? Stop throwing money at stupid students and start building more prisons.

Vacaville, CA

#11 Apr 7, 2013
What's the common factor here?

The issue is a minority cultural shortfall first. There are more and more programs focued just on minority students.

You can lead a horse to water, but...

Vacaville, CA

#12 Apr 7, 2013
This system is toast feel the FIRE!!!!
No More Say It Loud

Vallejo, CA

#13 Apr 7, 2013
Our school system is ruined by the hoards of worthless sha'boons pouring out of affordable housing. And you want decent families to move here, are you all crazy?! NO MORE affordable housing!
Lamont Hightower

Vacaville, CA

#14 Apr 7, 2013
Can someone explain why our state and federal government buried in debt continues to give a thousand free dollars to lazy able bodied bums every month? Money that they never have to pay back? The taxpaying homeowners been fuhked over by this crap. Free housing needs to be military style. Lights out at 10pm, up at 6am either looking for work, going to school, or community service.

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