dr.mark cooper

Union City, TN

#83 Aug 7, 2010
So where is he now? Did he just disappear now from UC too?

United States

#84 Aug 11, 2010
8/11/10 im a patient of dr cooper where is dr cooper now he is a very good dr i wish the very best for him. i would like to know if he has opened an office anywhere LEB.

United States

#85 Aug 11, 2010
I was supposed to have an appointment with dr cooper august 16 if any one knows if and where he has opened an office i would appreciate finding him dr cooper is caring and understanding person he cares about people takes time to talk to his patients LEB.
gayle b

White Plains, KY

#87 Aug 26, 2010
last i seen dr.cooper he was in mckenzie but he told me he would be going to dresden soon as building was finished.i called today they said he quit about a week after going to dresden,no one knows where he is...when i first started seeing dr.cooper he was in greenfield then went to dresden then to mckenzie then back to dresden,but he was only in dresden about a week,so the staff there say.dont know whats going on.only that im sicker than a dog and need to see my doctor but hes missing in action or something.if he is having some kind of problems,i hope all works out for him,but please let your patients no where y0u are instead of having to come on here!dr.cooper stay strong and take care ,loyal patient.....

Union City, TN

#88 Aug 26, 2010
Gayle, a LOT of things have happened. Do you read the local newspapers in the past couple months? I dont mean that rude but its a LONG story.
Actually, I think Dr Cooper just opened up his clinic in S Fulton and I support him .

Allons, TN

#89 Aug 30, 2010
Hi Jane. Do you by chance have the number to his practice in South Fulton?
come on

Union City, TN

#91 Aug 30, 2010
ya he is working not in tn.
its kay

Dunmor, KY

#94 Aug 31, 2010
he is working in tennessee

United States

#95 Sep 1, 2010
its kay wrote:
he is working in tennessee
Do you have a contact number for appointments?
I owe him

Cookeville, TN

#97 Sep 1, 2010
I was his patient for some time because he seemed to care. Then I had a major problem that was being masked because of the trouble that I was currently having. Dr. Cooper not only diagnosed, but followed through with me getting treated properly. If it had not been for Dr. Cooper, I would no doubt not be here to tell this.
You can call him a "quack" or what ever you wish, but when your time comes for a real diagnosis of a condition that will take your life, you should hope this man is around somewhere. He is a "REAL" doctor. No doubt some may have taken an advantage of his caring personality. I hope he does well in what lies ahead. All that I can say is this man's experience or whatever you call it SAVED MY LIFE. Thanks DR. for your care for other human life!
another friend

Humboldt, TN

#98 Sep 2, 2010
angel wrote:
Selmer another state whatever the victim was yellin he cut me because I was tryin to stop him from killing hisself
How do you know? Were you there and did you hear and see it yourself? Do you believe everything you hear? Do you have any idea what kind of damage this gossip is doing to this wonderful doctor? Have you ever made any mistakes in your life? If not, you must be a saint.
another friend

Humboldt, TN

#99 Sep 2, 2010
guest wrote:
well i recently found out i was related to dr. cooper and some of my other family members who were close to him said that there is alot more going on than is being said and i'm not going to say it, but mark and his wife were splitting up and this guy may have been a patient but that wasn't the relationship on the night all this happened. everyone involved needs prays. and i don't think mark should ever practice again, i've been to him and he never charted anything on me couldn't remember what antibiotic he had given me last time, he would walk in look at me and say what do you need.... i didn't like that all so i stopped going. i hope he will get help and feel better soon. praying for the guy he hurt for his healing also.
First of all you don't know him very well because he is not married and never has been. Second I don't believe you are related to him because all of his relatives love and support him. If you are not satisfied with him, just don't go back but don't put him down, he does not deserve that. He is a very caring and dedicated doctor!!!
another friend

Humboldt, TN

#100 Sep 2, 2010
guest wrote:
keisha, he was married and he and his wife split up, divorced and he told his family it was because he was a homosexual..... that's what he said and that the man he cut was his lover. that was from the horses mouth. not making anything up, not trying to hurt the guy at all, he's doing a fine enough job on his own. and yes he has been married truth in greenfield - sorry, but he has.
I really don't know where you are getting your information but you do not know anything about this doctor! So please shut up and leave him alone. Quit spreading all this gossip about this fine doctor. I wish him the very best!!!!!
another friend

Humboldt, TN

#101 Sep 2, 2010
Big Bob wrote:
Dr cooper and the other male subject were drinking heavy. Somehow they got on the topix of suicide and the good DR pulled out a knife and said Ohh it wouldent hurt to cut yourself and then cut his own arm from his shoulder to elbow. The other man was like WTF are you doing and he jumped up to stop Dr cooper. IN the struggle the other male got a very deep cut on the wrist cutting down to the bone and cutting all the important shit. They then called the ambulance for the male and he was taken to the hospital and treated. DR cooper however refused to go at that time and bandaged his own arm. a bit later after others noticed him bleeding through the bandages they called the ambulance for him. When he got to the hospital he refused to allow the DR and Nurses there to treat him and attempted to put in his own staples. He was completly missing the sides of the wound and put staples directly in the middle of the wound Not only being very painful and doing him no good but Convincing the other doctors that he might be completly nuts and it was at this point that transfered him to bolivar mental hospital for evaluation. This came straight from the DR at the ER that morning
It seems like you got all your information wrong. I don't know what DR from the ER you talked to but Dr. Cooper's arm was not cut from shoulder to elbow so what other information did you get wrong? Get your information straight before you start gossiping about something you did not see!! Besides DR are not allowed to give out information on patients. Against the law!!! He or she could be in big trouble - they need to stop talking too!!
its kay

Nebo, KY

#102 Sep 8, 2010
yes but they want let me post it if u know me call me or try the pharmacies in the surrounding areas sorry for the inconvience
possum trotter


#103 Sep 8, 2010
wasnt there some incident a few years ago when he was at the martin medical center, and he shot a gun?

United States

#104 Sep 8, 2010
Call the pharmacies?? Lol that explains alot!
Moon Robbin

Union City, TN

#105 Sep 15, 2010
South Fulton Medical: 7314793330. Don't be abusing the good doctor!!!

United States

#106 Sep 15, 2010
Abusing the good dr! Cracking me up!

Tampa, FL

#108 Dec 19, 2011
Just reading these post. Well, some folks really enjoy making themselves feel better when others have problems. Lets hope that for every person that made stupid statements on here your treating MD judges and laughs at you each time you visit. When you need a prostate exam "look how little bahahaha"...when you need a pap smea r" whats that smell" when your child has lice "how filthy is their house" get it?? Medical problems are just that. Depression is no different than high blood pressure or heart disease. Who was the last person you mocked for a heart attack or stroke? Oddly those two are more preventable than depression so maybe turn your ridicule on your Dad, Uncle, Mother, brother, sister or whoever for the DM, HTN, CAD, CVA or COPD that is extremely preventable and let them know, just as you have above, they are total losers and deserve mocking... get the point???

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