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#21 Jun 20, 2010
And I'm talking about the KN in Martin. =)

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#22 Jun 20, 2010
i have quit going there myself...i ordered a sausage and biscuit was almost finished and broke my tooth on some bone fragments and the sausage...went there approx. 3 weeks later got another sausage biscuit and got more bone frag....they use some really cheap meat apparently
wing place owner

Paris, TN

#23 Jun 21, 2010
screw them wrote:
I hate mcdonalds, most of the times i've been there late at night they have been very rude when i'm trying to order, especially back when they had that stupid late night menu.
I hope they lose a ton of business when huddle house is open.
Also the wings place is open till 1 am sun-thurs and to 3 am friday and saturday, they have awesome food. let's take business away from mcdonalds and support local business!
and whenever they tell me to pull up i just pull up a little bit so the next car can't get to the window.
Thank you!!!! Help us spread the word!!

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#24 Jun 21, 2010
KN FAN wrote:
If y'all want GREAT/FRESH burgers or you want a delicious milkshake, you need to go the KN. YOU WON'T FIND ANY BAD FOOD THERE. Now if you are told the ice cream machine is not working, then believe it is down. I worked there when I was a teen, it was my 1st job. The food is great, the store IS CLEAN and you always always always have FRIENDLY SERVICE!!!!!
MMM!! Pizza Burger and LARGE Root Beer in an icy mug! Love that! K&N in martin is great, local owned by the same people that opened it. I don't recommend the Paris one, just don't taste the same.
R McDonald

Alcoa, TN

#25 Jun 22, 2010
If you're dumb enough to eat the food at McD's then you DESERVE bad service. Read 'Fast Food Nation' and you'll never eat that junk again, or perhaps, some of you would as Martin (and its environs) is NOT known for having the brightest folks in the nation.

K&N is an excellent choice for food and friendly service.

Union City, TN

#26 Jun 22, 2010
Why complain? Call Robert Wentworth in Paris. He is the owner of most of the McDonald's in this area. Have worked for the company and he does not like bad publicity. Call him in Paris immediately! If you don't, then shut up complaining.

Monterey, TN

#27 Jun 22, 2010
Wondering wrote:
Why complain? Call Robert Wentworth in Paris. He is the owner of most of the McDonald's in this area. Have worked for the company and he does not like bad publicity. Call him in Paris immediately! If you don't, then shut up complaining.
I think it's Kenworthy


#28 Jun 22, 2010
okay wrote:
<quoted text>I think it's Kenworthy
bob kenworthy hasnt owned them in several years. His kids own them now
Mcds Emp

Martin, TN

#29 Jun 22, 2010
I worked for Mcdonalds here in martin for a year an a half. The stuff about the ice cream machine being broke a lot was very true we recently got a new machine and that problem wont be happening again. The sauce costing extra is not the stores fault but the owner/operator. The store is a pretty dencent and clean place and we never knew when the health inspector would come. When he did come the only reason we got a lower score was not because of the quality of the meat or foods we had but would be simple rules not being properly enforced such as our towel buckets that we keep cleaning towels in being changed out every four hours. The store was very clean and i can say that it was a great experience. The meat "coming off the grill bloody" is also explained if the employees would had pay attention when doing their computer e-based learning. The only meat that comes off the grill and is still even a bit bloody is the Angus. it continues to cook in the UHC cabinets where it is then served freshly. Trust me they would never serve anything to customers like you guys complaining you could sue way to easily. The lines being long are indeed a pain but if one person fails at doing their job the whole store suffers. with out the fries the burger cant be passed out with out the order taken properly the burger might have to be maid 10 times and the next 30 orders are still waiting. If the person placing the meat on the sandwich/ finishing it doesn't call out low products and runs out those orders have to wait. If those people who say they refuse to pull up think burger king is faster then have at it.Burger King wont pull u up but have u wait 10 min at the window. I have personally walked an order out around a car who refused to pull up. it didn't bother me. If a car is asked to pull up it simply is to allow the team to catch up and get back on task. Yes we did make mistakes and I'm sure they still will but the ones whose orders are right and foods satisfying never get heard. The McDonalds in Martin TN is a clean store and when i worked there they tried very hard to work together as a team to make everyone's order correct. Anytime i go back the service is still friendly and the food still as good as ever.
Mcds Emp

Martin, TN

#30 Jun 22, 2010
Robbert Kenworthy is the store owner.

Waterloo, Canada

#31 Jul 2, 2010
All I have to say is PRAY BEFORE YOU EAT

Martin, TN

#32 Jul 3, 2010
Not anymore wrote:
<quoted text>
Back in February, I started the other thread on this subject, "McDonald's Drive Thru". You will find it further down the list. Do what I started doing, refusing to pull up. It's ridiculous that five cars had to pull up. Until everyone starts a revolt over this they will keep pushing you around. I finally quit going there about two months ago. Burger King now has a great dollar menu that surpasses anything McDonald's had. And they never ask you to pull up.
You must have never been to milan durring breakfast there is a line of cars snakeing around the building and going out to highway45 and its so bad you cant park but they can keep up with demand at milan and another thing dont go to the Milan BK it is nasty
guest 7


#33 Jul 4, 2010
mcdonalds isnt fast, and im not sure its food
happy meal

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#34 Aug 13, 2010
Mcdonalds has been around forever and its not going any where. Get over it people.
the worst

Macon, GA

#35 Aug 13, 2010
i would say this is by far the worst run mcds i have been to.

Martin, TN

#36 Aug 13, 2010
McDonald's night crew, could you please wipe a table down every once in awhile? Thanks
Not anymore

Monterey, TN

#37 Aug 15, 2010
the worst wrote:
i would say this is by far the worst run mcds i have been to.
I no longer do business there, but allow me to enlighten you to a lucrative scam that was being perpetrated by a clever employee(s) several months ago. Listen to this and see if it has happened to you. If it hasn't, watch out for this. Here's the way it works. When I went through the drive thru and ordered the 10 piece or larger chicken strips, they charged me for the strips, but gave me chicken nuggets. The first time this happened, I naturally assumed it was an understandable error. Upon closer examination, I noticed the price of the strips was twice the price of nuggets (approx.$5 difference). Being a little suspicious, I conducted an experiment. I went back two more times (three times in less than two weeks) and ordered the 10 piece chicken strips each time. Each time I received nuggets instead of strips. To facilitate the ruse, the box of nuggets was placed on the very bottom of the bag each time. That made it less likely that a customer in a hurry would notice, even if they glanced in the bag before driving away. When it happened the third time in a row, the person at the second window and I caught the employee in the first window changing the order in the computer during the time I was between the first and second windows. He entered the order correctly the first time in order to collect the higher amount of money. While I was in transit to the second window he changed it from strips to nuggets so the person at the second window would give me nuggets instead of strips. The girl at the second window acted confused, so I don't know if she was a partner in the swindle putting on an act or simply wasn't smart enough to realize what just happened. The inventors of this hustle knew they were at little risk to be caught. They only have to argue that it would be a logical mistake to confuse nuggets with strips and deny any pecuniary motives. When they were caught as I did the last two times before pulling away from the window, they simply corrected the alleged "mistake" and the customer leaves none the wiser. If the customer leaves without catching the "mistake", the perpetrator(s) are $5 richer. If the cheat pulls this hustle ten times during his shift and it works roughly half the time, that's an extra $25-30 a night. Over a month's time, that would make a nice car payment or a month's rent. I'll give the dude an A for craftiness. However, now that I've shined a light on this deception, hopefully all buyers of chicken strips will take heed and protect yourself against this.
fan 2

Gadsden, TN

#38 Aug 16, 2010
KN FAN wrote:
If y'all want GREAT/FRESH burgers or you want a delicious milkshake, you need to go the KN. YOU WON'T FIND ANY BAD FOOD THERE. Now if you are told the ice cream machine is not working, then believe it is down. I worked there when I was a teen, it was my 1st job. The food is great, the store IS CLEAN and you always always always have FRIENDLY SERVICE!!!!!
Amen to that
who cares

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#39 Oct 6, 2010
Some of you guys are just complainers and exaggerators. Mcdonalds has never pulled up 5 cars lol. The max is 2 and thats only if somebody orders like alot of food aka 50 or 80 mcdoubles which is common or like 50 nuggets which is common also.

Water costs the same as a regular drink because their not stupid! Somebody could easily walk into mcdonalds and order a large water then go around the corner and get a sprite. thats stealing. so the drinks are all the same price no matter what you get. finally, your order might have messed up because either you didnt specify you order (like some people would order a 6 pc nugget meal but assumed they got the mighty kids meal. they dont realize that there is a 6pc nugget meal and get mad cuz theres no toy.) because a manager has messed it up. most of the time theres a manager bagging the food and giving it to the presenter which is the person who hands it out.

Also, mcdonalds is not trying to cheat u out of food or money lol. If a mcdonalds store is making over a certain amount of money, they have to hire more people. If an employees drawer is over too much or short too much they could get a warning, a writeup or possibly fired. Yes u can get fired for having too much money in ur drawer. silly aint it?

so some of you people just need to chill out. Mcdonalds employees are still human just like everybody else. If their mean to u, its probably because you had an attitude with them first.
Former MD employee

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#40 Oct 6, 2010
I worked at Martin McDonald's over the summer to earn some extra money for school. I worked the drive-thru mostly, taking orders and cash, and handing out food. First of all, we were NEVER allowed to pull up more than 3 cars - one at the trash can, two in the first two parking spots to the right of the drive thru. If you are asked to pull up it's because we are COOKING your food either because you ordered enough to run us out of what we had ready or because someone didn't let us know that we were low on what you ordered. I honestly don't see what the complaint is - the same person is going to hand you your food when you're pulled up in the same way that they would if you were still at the window. As far as the store being dirty, the dining area often did get a bit dirty later into the evening. A lot of this was excessive - food on the floors, wrappers on the table, ketchup everywhere on the drain for the drinks - people who don't care to make a mess and expect someone to clean it up for them. And that's fine, it's part of the job description - but when you're trying to serve a high demand of people you don't always have time to go wipe something up right when it gets spilled. You can't expect the place to look perfect after a busy rush. I will say that once that dining room closes, we clean that place like crazy - everything has to be wiped down, the spouts from all of the drinks on the drink machines have to be soaked and scrubbed, the floors are swept and mopped, bathrooms cleaned, every piece of equipment in the kitchen area is hand washed, etc.

The extra charge for sauces is a rule by the owner - Rob Kenworthy. I understand having a problem with that, but complaining to an employee or a mangaer won't change that. Also, as far as bloody hamburgers go, over the time I worked there I never saw or knew of that happening. And I ate my share of hamburgers on lunch breaks. Water used to be ten cents for a small cup - but that changed because people would buy a water and then put whatever they wanted in it. It happened so often that a change had to be made. Also, the ice cream machine DID break quite often, and it also goes through self-cleaning cycles and when it is in that cycle no ice cream can be served from it.

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