Tennessee Food Stamps

Tennessee Food Stamps

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#1 Apr 6, 2012
Was at the local Wally World the other day and saw someone buying a cart load of food with a food stamp card. Funny thing is this big heffer has money and is big enough to plow a corn field by hand. Her kid is as strong as a Sumo Wrestler and won't hit a lick.
Get real ppl. I'm tired of paying for all these crack pots!
Our state is gonna be broke at this rate of fraud!

United States

#2 Apr 6, 2012
They definitely need to restrict what items can be bought with food stamps
Oh Geeezzzz

Cookeville, TN

#3 Apr 6, 2012
There are restrictions on what you can buy.
for real

Brownsville, TN

#4 Apr 6, 2012
There are not enough restrictions. If you can use your food stamp card to purchase 1/2 or more of it's worth on Christmas or any holiday candy, there are not enough restrictions.

Madisonville, KY

#5 Apr 6, 2012
Watch a group of college students wearing name brand expensive clothes, jewelry,$200 shoes and tattoos stand in line to buy soda and snacks on a food stamp card....and see how that twists your gut. Or the group that buys the $35 custom decorated birthday cake and all the trimmings... on a food stamp card.
Restrictions ??? Anybody ??? Hello ???

United States

#6 Apr 7, 2012
What gets me is all the people getting assistance who come from families that don't need it. The ones who scheme to have food stamps.
If people really need a hand out that is O.K. but the ones lieing about their money and finances really make my blood boil.
For instance, if they can eat out every day of the week, get piercings & tattoos, buy whatever they want then they don't need food stamps.
I imagine Mommy & Daddy are supplying the cash that keeps their lifestyle going and they don't necessarily have to be in college. They can be going to Dyersburg State or Vocational, it's all the same and they get it free to boot.
The one thing they all have in common is a child. I think if they have one child and are on food stamps, they should be forced to get fixed.
How is this country going to keep this scenario going on much longer? "OUR COUNTRY IS BROKE"
Too many people on the "take" & not enough able to "give" any longer!
uh huh

United States

#7 Apr 8, 2012
actually, many welfare people also make up a large amount of people who buy lottery tickets, which pays for roads and education. so they are giving back. and please with this "I'm paying for their welfare" crap. you would just buy porn and drugs with that extra cash anyway.
TRUTH b Told

United States

#8 Apr 9, 2012
We all know why so many girls have babies and don't marry the Dads. If you are a single Mom, you get more freebies. You get food stamps, wic, free schooling, free medical care and who knows what else. Sometimes the tax payers have to shell out for 18 years to support these children being born to single Moms.
Now I know there's instances where it's not the Moms fault but this has become an "epidemic". How much longer can this take place?

Also, lets not forget about these Mexican families I see in Wal Mart. Some of them have children upon children. Are tax dollars paying for them too?
If any of them are illegal then their employers need to pay for 100% of their welfare not tax payers!
for real

Brownsville, TN

#9 Apr 9, 2012
This is what I have been told by someone who works for the state. Tenn. was one of the last states to finally jump on board this new law. You are now only aloud 5 years on welfare total. So if you go on welfare for a year, then get taken off for a year then have to go back on, you only have 5 years left. If this is true, this sounds like a good plan. Better then anything else that I have heard.
Kentucky Blue

United States

#10 Apr 9, 2012

I think you can stay on it indefinitely if you have an income level low enough and enough dependents. That's what this Ky. site says.

United States

#11 Apr 9, 2012
Well I agree with most of u. I am on disability and cannot work because I got hurt a long time ago at work and it disabled me. I barely receive enough every month to pay the rent and all the other bills. No I am not on tenncare or any free crap. I supposedly make too much to get food stamps yet I see so many people getting five hundred bucks a month or more they don't work and they are more than able to, I don't understand why people who actually need the help can't get it!its bullshit!

Cedar Grove, TN

#12 Apr 10, 2012
im not saying that all people on foodstamps dont need it or deserve it, but most dont. most people get on cause its something free and they dont have to use their own money to buy junk food. there are some people out there who really need it and the state says they make too much which is complete bullshit when people out there are too lazy to get off their ass and get a job. a lot of people do work and still need foodstamps which is understandable, but it pisses me off to see it all wasted on lazy people who just dont feel like getting a job. and yes it does bother me that all these young girls are getting pregnant and getting everything free. there are a lot of single parents out there who are working hard and not taking every freebie they can get. i know it helps but i think people get too dependent on all the freebies and dont know what to do when they run out.

Martin, TN

#13 Apr 10, 2012
Well as a college student who has piercings and nice clothes and comes from a family with money, I don't think you should judge the cover so quickly. All of my piercings were done in a friends dorm room free of charge. I never shop for clothes but probably once every other year. When I do, it's from goodwill or if I'm doing really well at the time, Walmart. So I take good care of what I do have because it has o last. My parents cut me off after my freshman year. I receive absolutely no help from them, I don't even try to ask anymore. I have seven classes and two jobs. With that money I pay rent, I pay for books, and I pay my car insurance. And at the end of all that I have nothing for me. I get $165 a month in foodstamps, I have no dependents. And with it I can only buy cold food. I'm not a fan of junk food But it's cheap and stretches the card a little longer. You don't know whats going on with a person so why waste time being mad, assuming...
for real

Brownsville, TN

#14 Apr 10, 2012
I agree with you totally. I young person that I know told me that this is what some of the teens and 20 yr olds are doing. It is so sad that there are people trying to get on welfare instead of getting off or staying off. Wic is very stick on what you can purchase. In my opinion food stamps should be the same. When you are only able to get beans, veggies, fruit, and meat....I bet there would be more people working. Not everyone abuses the system. I have had to use food stamps before and I can tell you that the looks I received at the register were so uncalled for. For me, it was embarresing enough. That was like a judgement without words so please remember even though our system is not perfect, dirty looks do not help. Pray for these people and our system. It is sad that these kids are learning this somewhere.......parents.

Union City, TN

#15 Apr 10, 2012
There are lot of people getting they food stamps who dont be needing it. It be making me mad as heck. They be living in projects with they boyfriends no one knows is living with them and they be living the high life. Go to walmart on the first of da month and all these dang mexicans in there spending they food stamps. I seen dis white 1 lady in there one day with brand named shirt on hair fixed nice looked like she did not need no help and had 2 wetbacks in her buggy. How is this possible. I work and a single mom and can not get anything!

Medina, TN

#16 Apr 12, 2012
I have 2 kids I work and I received benefits before my husband and I got married. It was such a help to receive that money. A blessing and I for one am thankful for our state that they helped me and babies. We truely needed that help. I paid 350 for rent plus utilities and insurance and car insurance and I paid it all every month. Yea I come from a family that could have help but I didn't feel that it was my families job to support me. People act as if so much of their tax money is going into the food stamp program when really its only around 2% of taxes from government spending. I bet those of u who critize it probably don't take part in charities or donate anything...if you ask me you should be able to claim that 2% and get it bake at the end of the year. Then maybe some of you would be a little less upset about the situation. Or maybe we should be able to.choose where we invest our taxes ....hmmmm idea?

United States

#17 Apr 12, 2012
If we let government regulate the food we can get on food stamps imagine what other things they will regulate...this is a free country...like to keep it that way.
for real

Brownsville, TN

#18 Apr 13, 2012
We keep borrowing money from other country's, we won't be free. There are a lot of factors that play into this not just the abuse of food stamps. Sometimes we all take the easy way out. What some of us are saying is that if you can do without them...do without them. I have had to use them before and I don't know what I would have done without them. Someone had said seeing people all dressed up then using food stamps. I can tell you that I had bought my clothes before loosing my job so even though I dressed nice, did not mean that I had money in my pocket. No matter what, if you abuse the system you are hurting everyone but there is no need of people being ugly or looking down on anyone no matter what.

Memphis, TN

#19 Apr 15, 2012
Really people, you all need to quit judging. Just because a person looks rich does not mean that they are. There are such a thing as hand me downs, and goodwill has some nice things in their store. College students have a hell of a time with money, maybe if you've never been to college you wouldn't know, but as a full time student I spend so much on supplies for my classes. I go to a private, extremely hardcore college and I dont have the time to go off and get a job. Not that I could find a job anyway! My boyfriend has been trying to for six months. Everyone says they aren't hiring. Sometimes it's not laziness! If you're an older person, it's easy to say, "oh, just get a job! I could find one right now if I wanted to!" Every place requires some sort of experience. How on earth can one get experience if no one is hiring?

United States

#20 Apr 17, 2012
1st of the month wrote:
Was at the local Wally World the other day and saw someone buying a cart load of food with a food stamp card. Funny thing is this big heffer has money and is big enough to plow a corn field by hand. Her kid is as strong as a Sumo Wrestler and won't hit a lick.
Get real ppl. I'm tired of paying for all these crack pots!
Our state is gonna be broke at this rate of fraud!
For all you know she may have worked all her life and her husband could have just passed. Or maybe she got laid off from Goodyear or maybe she has to stay unemployed to stay at home and provide help to her mom who has cancer and could pass any day. You are not god and should be ashamed for judging. It could be you some day! This is a classic case of profiling! Ppl like you are causing a hateful world.

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