che he grandaddy wade

Denison, IA

#21 Jun 28, 2010
what do the people of martin really think about ronnie,reba and tony wade.

Knoxville, TN

#22 Jun 29, 2010
Kim is a wonderful person and to my knowledge she has never been busted for meth like tony has and had political ppl in his pocket to get him out. Kim by all means should have cody he deserves to be with Kim. i mean after all tony does drive a truck so that leaves cody with his grandparents who are good ppl but are really too old to take care of a young man with his needs. someone should put a stop to Tonys drug dealing then maybe he could go home with Kim where he can get the love and care he deserves.
girlwithaquestio n

Monterey, TN

#23 Jun 29, 2010
The Wade's act like they are scared of Tony and his "friends". I know I would be.

United States

#24 Jun 29, 2010
i hear tony has a lot of traffic in and out after ronnie and reba go to bed and they know it because of the cameras they show it all and cody could be in danger with the kind of people that hang around their late at night.

Martin, TN

#25 Jul 2, 2010
Have we figured out what "che he" means yet?
codys best friend

Union City, TN

#26 Jul 5, 2010
you people disgust me, you don't know shit! Get a life and quit slandering the wades. I have stayed over there many of nights and ate many of meals with all the wades. They are great folks and cody loves it there, we always got treated well by ronnie and reba, if you don't like them, then go and tell them and stop hiding behind your computers.

Ellenboro, NC

#27 Jul 5, 2010
beleive me best friend they have been told to their lying faces now what.
by the way

Monterey, TN

#28 Jul 5, 2010
did codys aunt , susie vick, really embezzlel money?

Nerstrand, MN

#29 Jul 6, 2010
hi tony and this is susie if you want to know the truth go ask the one you are telling these lies about their money he will be more than glad to tell you. and im not the one on here talking about you so guess againnnn.

Monterey, TN

#30 Jul 6, 2010
hello susie this is tony! i am not the one talking about you either. i just found out about this site this morning when one opf my friends said i needed to see this and its just like he said! whoever it is talking should be ashamed of themselves for talking about ronnie and reba that way, but rest assured whoever it is it will come back to them 10 fold! thanks for letting me know it wasnt you though and i promise you this is the first time and this last time i will look at this bull crap and gossip site called martin topix. everyone have a great day and oh yeah whoever you are , you might wanna fix your own fence before you try to fix mine!

Lindale, TX

#31 Jul 18, 2010
ronnie you and reba please come off your power kick and do whats right for cody he is all that counts and yall cant seem to make the right decisions let someone else try before it is to late ,grow up and get over being control freaks those days are gonna be over with real soon and i mean getting closer by the day this is from all the people that really loves cody,if u did you would stop acting the way you do.

Newbern, TN

#32 Aug 26, 2010
All of this is pitiful. Cody would never want people talking about either side of his family this way. I know Cody very well, actually we were very close and he would be disgusted to see all of this. Ronnie and Reba do a wonderful job taking care of Cody and he knows that. He is where he wants to be. I know for a fact that he would want to be with his grandparents. Ronnie and Reba make sure that Cody has everything he needs to be as healthy as possible. They even provide Cody with treatments that insurance does not cover in hopes that it will help him recover. They have installed a chairlift so Cody can go downstairs easily. They are doing everything possible to insure Cody can live as comfortably as possible. Please everyone do what is best for Cody and quit writing hurtful things about his family.
poor pitiful

Lebanon, VA

#33 Aug 27, 2010
writing hurtful things is bad, but what is worse is the way cody is getting treated by the grandparents that say they love him so much they have waited to long now to help him by keeping him stuck upstairs and not knowjng wht to do and to old to do it and also those nurses that take care of him dont know how to either they are over paid baby sitters he needs real help and real treatments .the wades are nothing i mean nothing and i pray for them everyday that god forgives them for what they have done to their family and codys family,

United States

#34 Aug 27, 2010
The big 3 (Tony, Ronnie, and Reba) are all worthless. Just like how Tony ended up with custody of those kids when his worthless ass wasn't working and lived with his patents! How does that happen?? I think most people know the answer. Kim has her faults but all in all she's a good person, twice the person Tony ever was or will be.
poor pitiful

Wilmington, NC

#35 Aug 28, 2010
everybody knows the truth in martin i have never met one person that has good to say about them,their day will come ,but the sad part it will be to late to fix all the neglect they havedone to cody and the abuse they have put ashley and kim and jennifer through,power means more to them than family,i think that is the work of the devil and the our local politican is standing behind them because of a major lawsuit imagine that.

Hickory, NC

#36 Sep 1, 2010
is it true ROY HERRON is the attorney for the WADES in their huge law suit against health south,martin hospital a couple local DR and ambulance service.
mother of 2

United States

#37 Sep 2, 2010
Very true!

United States

#38 Sep 2, 2010
the money ROY HERRON will make off the lawsuit he will be able to buy 10 new trucks and enough gas for a life time,its sad CODY will be the one who sufers from all this.
Mother of 2

Cookeville, TN

#39 Sep 2, 2010
You are so right! Cody is the one suffering from ALL of this! it is so sad that the family cant come together and take care of him as one! I am a part of this family and it makes me very sad for Cody. He would have never wanted anyone fighting over him. He hated drama! he always said he just wished everyone would get along! I pray that all of this will work out soon for Codys sake. The nurses taking care of him arent worth spitting on. They are lazy and stay on phone and internet all day!

United States

#40 Sep 3, 2010
That is careall and you are right ,if those nurses had to work in a nursing home or hospital thry would never make it they just sit cody needs more than a sitter and two elderly power control anal grandparents that cant even walk up the steps to take care of him,they have to ride the elevator they said was put in for Cody.Right it was for their use CODY only uses it when he goes to the dr they sure dont bring him down daily so he can interact with the outside world ,he is stuck upstairs like they did 50 years ago hide them out,thats against the law now,but oh well their lawers dont care about the law only the money they will get from the huge lawsuit on weakley co.

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