Rep. Gohmert announces 2010 East Texa...

Rep. Gohmert announces 2010 East Texas job fairs

There are 135 comments on the KETK-TV Tyler story from Apr 20, 2010, titled Rep. Gohmert announces 2010 East Texas job fairs. In it, KETK-TV Tyler reports that:

Congressman Louie Gohmert has announced that he is partnering with local organizations to launch two East Texas Job Fairs, one to be held in Marshall and the latter in Nacogdoches.

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#131 May 24, 2010
Concerned wrote:
I have met this family. They were having lunch here a couple of weeks ago and on their way to Washinton, DC. Their van got my attention first and then their kids. I don't mean to be insensative but they were the happiest homeless children I have ever met. They had great manners. But my concern is what if they do not get their home back.They told me that the sheriff took all of their property! I don't understand how. I have read some of their website. If what they are saying is true, I hope that sheriff gets thrown in jail.
There are people who should be in law enforcement and those who shouldn't. I know this sheriff and he is a fine Christian man who has been maligned unmercifully by this Nut Case. The people of Nacogdoches Texas have HAD IT with the "adult" Cullers - yes "Mom and Dad!" They waltzed in here with a "better than thou" attitude, got the bank to loan the wife money for an exceedingly fine home and land, chose NOT to become employed, didn't pay their mortgage for months, and then expected the bank NOT to do its job, people everywhere to feed them, clothe them and give them money to continue maligning any and everyone in town. This is not about right and wrong action on the part of the bank, sheriff, etc. It is simply another sob story about making personal, monumental mistakes and blaming everyone else except the ones who did it.

The people in Nacogdoches are sick of all this, for the children's sake. They are unfortunately at the mercy of parents who don't seem to "get it" about what good parenting is. Providing for their children, for one thing. While Anthony is off in "lala" land trying to outdo and out guess people, I wonder what Renee is doing? Is she fed up with the man she married and apparently supported all these years? Has he brainwashed her so much that she would take from strangers rather than ask her parents and siblings to take them in? That she would dare not speak up speaks volumes doesn't it?

People in Nacogdoches have long wondered why grandparents, aunts and uncles don't intervene to get these children out of this horrible situation that is destined to only get worse. But don't substitute concern for the children to concern for the parents. They are on a mission to destroy! The children are lined up as the foot soldiers in a war they didn't start and one that can't be won.
For those of you who continually try to get answers as to why the Cullers didn't pay the mortgage? Don't waste your time or energy. He just didn't pay it, OK? He's not alone - there are many people who don't pay and eventually lose their property. He just can't accept his own mistakes. That's why he twists everything around and looks for new victims to lash out against.

I have a great idea! Why don't we all try to concentrate on figuring out how these children can be de-sensitized to this terrible example of work ethic chaos. Isn't there any children's assistance out there that could help? Sorry Anthony, you're too old for this kind of help!

Since: Sep 09

Location hidden

#132 May 24, 2010
To my little moron in Nacogdoches,

Your "fine Christian man",
NACOGDOCHES COUNTY sheriff Thomas Kerss


While I'll agree that getting the TRUTH out there is more difficult than I originally thought it would be, it is INVINCIBLE for even a CORRUPT sheriff who is the PRESIDENT of the Sheriff's Association of Texas to stop. Even with all his authority. That's gotta hurt!

Everyone that knows Kerss KNOWS that he would not ALLOW someone to say lies about him. But I can tell the TRUTH all day long and he can not stop me. Let him try.

Nacogdoches County sheriff Thomas Kerss is a DAMN THIEF!

But to my little moron in Nacogdoches, I want to thank you again for making two of my blogs have "Hot Thread" status. Together we will get the attention we need on this story.

Please Blog And Often!

Anthony Culler

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#134 May 25, 2010
LOL You think these blogs are helping you?

They are helping everyone else in proving you are unintelligent, unstable and, most importantly, an unfit father.

Keep on talking, Tony. Your replies only get funnier and more desperate.

Grandview, TX

#137 Jun 26, 2010
It only takes two witnesses in Texas to make a contract, and it really doesn't have to be a wriiten contract. The witnesses have to be creditable though and most of all had to be there when the deal was made. But none of this has anything to do with a job fair. A job fair is a function where the promotion of jobs occurs. Building jobs is going to be difficult in an area where you buy a building and make a road to it, and tie the name to your company,and then some local official comes along and decides that they are going to rename your road. Because then you have not only wasted your time and money building something. But you have lost any marketing potential for your company. Location, location, location is the number one factor in a business success and name recognition is the second. So! If you idiots are through gossiping about one of your neighbors. You may want to understand that the topic was about jobs to pay for all this gossiping your doing. No company would invest a lot of money in an area where their control over their property could be brought into question, and I am not referring to safety control. I am talking about basic rights to voice your own name. As for this thing about school books being taken by the sheriff's department- contact The federal department of Education and if you can prove that these books were being used in an accepted home school program. Not only will you get your books back,but whomever took them intentionally could be in very hot water.

Whittier, CA

#138 Jun 26, 2010
I haven't read all of this post but here's a thought. How about Mr. Culler goes to the job fair, gets a job, then quits whining about losing his stuff (or did his wife get that house for him), stand on his own two feet and raise them kids right. Anyway, how can they afford to travel around in that van. If they can drive around all the time can't they drive to a job? WTF? I know I probably should have read more but I will. I don't care if all you can afford is some crappy ass trailer, you can still do right by your children.

Broken Arrow, OK

#139 Jun 26, 2010
Calling all illegals, job fairs in Texas.

Whittier, CA

#140 Jun 27, 2010
Proof of citizenship optional.

Since: Nov 09

East Texas (TX, not PA)

#141 Jun 30, 2010
I looks to me like we need a new thread just to talk about this thread's (supposed) topic, the job fair. It's next week Thursday at the Coliseum at SFA. Some of us really are looking for gainful employment.

How about we don't disrupt that?

Austin, TX

#142 Aug 28, 2010
worstbankintowncom wrote:
Here is the YouTube link. We are still learning how to get this story out.
: =oGytNVQ9xK8XX
Why do you think that every site available is specifically created to be your own special soap box?

Everybody is tired of your idiotic excuses as to how everyone else's actions got you to where you're at. Grow up and take some responsibility for what you've done to your family and what you've put your children through.

Why would sheriff Kerss just develope some agenda toward you and maliciously do things against you and your family? You and I both know that he gave you several chances to get your crap. And between you and me - since you didn't get your kids' school books while you were there taping the s.o. packing up your belongings, you should have been hiding, burying or burning your humongous collection of pornography. Well, if not the circulated magazines, at least the ones of you and your wife.(And we're not talking about "tasteful" pictures of natural things that happen between a husband and wife - we're talking about perverse, degrading and downright stomach turning pictures, aren't we? You have a seriously disturbing fettish.)

You're like a little brat who whines when he doesn't get his way. Or maybe the neighborhood bully who picks on other kids to make themselves feel better.

You might need to humbly apologize to some of the fine men you've berated on these sites and ask them for some guidance as to what's expected of a husband and father. And seriously consider some professional help for that lying problem that you have. Give it up. You were wrong. You tried to lie, cheat and steal your way into acquiring your home and dishonestly tried to play a game with your mineral rights. You just thought you'd found a small, happy town who would roll over and let you just do whatever you wanted to and stand by while you did it. Guess what! You picked the wrong town. Actually, you picked the wrong state. There's no telling how much research you did trying to find the most vulnerable place on earth so you could squat on some property with hopes that nobody would evict you because of your girls. Better go back to the lab and work on the kinks on this plan, then head on to the next place. Oh, wait! You've made too much noise in Nac. You've put your name on too many web pages. You've told off on yourself and have made it hard to move on to the next victim.

You may have gotten a few bleeding hearts to feel sorry for you, but the ones that matter see through your b.s.

Austin, TX

#143 Aug 28, 2010
Concerned wrote:
I have met this family. They were having lunch here a couple of weeks ago and on their way to Washinton, DC. Their van got my attention first and then their kids. I don't mean to be insensative but they were the happiest homeless children I have ever met. They had great manners. But my concern is what if they do not get their home back.They told me that the sheriff took all of their property! I don't understand how. I have read some of their website. If what they are saying is true, I hope that sheriff gets thrown in jail.
Hey, rocket scientist, a sheriff cannot just take property from someone. They have to have a writ/order from a judge. Don't you imagine that if the sheriff illegally took his property, he would have had to give it back? And check out the idiot's website. He's attacked every politician/government official in this area, on up to our congressman. Do you really think that if he'd been wronged, someone would have done something by now? Sorry, but a small town sheriff doesn't have that kind of power.
Truth is Free

Rheda-wiedenbrück, Germany

#144 Sep 1, 2010
Well the TV station (KTRE) seems to have removed the comments regarding the auction of the family's former property. Its likely due to all of Culler's spamming of the system. I'm going to follow percussionist's example and post here. Culler now claims his mom had a stroke and he is going to end it all when he gets back. What does this really mean?
I know the kids are not being properly home schooled. The Cullers' are not members of the National Home School association. To my knowledge the kids have never been tested for any competency! Ignorance allows Culler to better control his wife and kids. He's created his own Manson Clan.
The other family members can do nothing for the kids unless they have somehow been physically harmed. CPS is worthless until that moment and then it may be too late. How much more obvious does it need to be to see these kids need to be taken away from their parents? The wife is obviously too brainwashed to do anything.
Anthony Culler,
Where does the con come in from conman you ask? How about the con of professing true family and Christian values, when in fact you are nothing more than a pervert, pornographer, manipulator, thief (aka deadbeat) and possibly a pedophile! Some people have even said psychopath and/or sociopath!
Does the 'P' in Anthony P Culler stand for pervert, pedophile, pornographer, psychopath, or the all encompassing pissmire?
A just man you say? Job you are not. Any man that would make such videos or take such pictures of his wife and kids is not a just but a corrupt man. The way you have denigrated everyone around you and smeared their reputations-these are not the actions of a true or just man. Job had NOTHING to do with his misfortunes. You had EVERYTHING to do with yours!
Keep crying your crocodile tears. Keep using your kids to fuel your deluded sense of self worth. Justice day has come. I particularly like the way you rant justifying your evil deeds and then attempt to quote bible scriptures in the other rant to self-justify your claims. You are either a sociopath, mental patient, malignant narcissist, or all three combined. You need to be committed to a mental facility.
You seem to be governed by delusions of grandeur (megalomania) and eroticism (erotomania). A Godly man would never have such delusions. It is obvious you are used to manipulating weaker minds - as your zombie wife and those of children.
You are no different than any Jim Jones or Warren Jeffs. It is so easy to quote scriptures in support of your evil deeds. Your heart is truly black and you are the devil incarnate. Are you now planning to justify the murder of innocents or is this some flare for the dramatic?
I am sorry only for the kids sake that these events led to the loss of your property, but it is also clear you have still NOT learned your lessons! How much longer will you attempt to blame others for the problems that you created on your own?
I can only pray that Child Protective Services steps up to the plate at some time and takes the kids away from you before you can harm them further mentally or emotionally, and surely physically.
I remember you claiming no such nude pictures existed of your kids on the topix net some time back. You tried to be 'slick' in not answering the questions. Now the REAL truth comes out!
Looks like these people had you pegged just for what you are.
Truth is Free

Rheda-wiedenbrück, Germany

#145 Sep 1, 2010
Now you are claiming these pictures do exist? It's obvious you are a D**NED liar. Its just a matter of time before the State Police and FBI get you. The game is up you sick, twisted b*st*rd.

When the video goes viral on the internet, I'm sure that CULLER for CONGRESS will have been only a bad dream. I will be thankful for that day - we already have enough lying hypocrites in Washington.

You talk so much about people endangering your children, yet it is YOU and YOUR zombie wife Renee that took these pictures and let your kids run around naked on the beach to start. You and Renee are the true morons and hypocrites! I hope they use tobasco sauce for lube when you go to prison!

Now I hear you accusing the Sheriff of selling other people's social security numbers from your 'real estate' files. From my memory ANTHONY P.CULLER was NEVER a real estate agent. He only showed up at his wife's employer - a real estate firm to harass/bully other agents that sold/bought property that he wanted!

This of course eventually led to his wife being fired.

Renee Elliot Culler was a real estate agent. She never ran an independent business. I have to ask - what the hell she was doing with all of those people's social security numbers. Only the brokerage really needs those numbers - not the agents! Why was she keeping copies of these items from South Carolina? This stinks to high heaven by the Cullers and I firmly believe they have been committing identity theft to travel around the

To set the record straight I know for a fact that the Sheriff allowed Renee and the oldest daughter to go into the house to get things before evicting you. After sweeping the property of firearms, they then allowed Anthony to come in and take what he thought he would need. Of course the wife and Culler were accompanied by deputies at the time. They were afraid Culler would sieze weapons and take hostages!

Culler saw no reason to remove his porn or other items at that time. This is all a damned lie and smokescreen.

Additionally after the eviction, the Sheriff's Department (at tax payer expense) put them up in a hotel and fed them for three days!

The pictures on the refrigerator during the eviction were also interesting. The kids had drawn pictures of the sheriff marked as "Wanted Dead or Alive." Nice that you teach kids to hate people at such a young age.

This is nothing more than an indoctrination against law enforcement and against the rule of law in this country.

Why do I not sign my real name? Because I am familiar with the tactics of sociopaths Culler. You fall into that category. My name is not really important. I know you only want my name to harass and threaten my family or spread lies to attack me.

I will not play YOUR game Culler. Your game is up.

Austin, TX

#146 Sep 3, 2010
I sure hate to admit even gracing his web site with my attention, but NOW he's saying that he has recordings of everyone. Funny how all of that stuff suddenly shows up. And we all know that he would never alter any of them, don't we?

Nacogdoches, TX

#147 Sep 4, 2010
I would be careful about going to his website. He might be able to obtain your IP address and gather information about you that could tell him who you are. He might even you this information to steal your I.D.

He claims that people who hide their identity are criminals. What about people who would like to express themselves and give their opinion, but are afraid that a sociopath with try to harm them?
i_own_culler_stu ff

Houston, TX

#156 Nov 23, 2010

to get the court ordered attorney culler thinks he's entitled to, wouldn't he have to prove he doesn't own an $80,000 luxury van?

just waitin' for him to talk sh!t to the wrong person. then some real sh!t might actually happen.

give it time......

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