Illegal Driver Responsibility "fee"

Illegal Driver Responsibility "fee"

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“Ashamed of my stupidity.......”

Since: Aug 07

Northville, MI

#1 Aug 11, 2007
Granholm's spending has ruined this economy. This is what happens when an idiot Democrat is in charge. When an idiot Democrat is governor we get: corruption, crime, a stifled economy that inhibits small business, a high rate of unemployment that is growing every year, excessive debt, etc.....

So that Canadian white trash piece of human excrement Granholm decides to fix it by imposing illegal taxes disguised as "fees" on the hard working people of Michigan.

This driver responsibility fee is nothing more than an illegal, and unconstitutional tax. It is a money making scam, and it is ILLEGAL.

How do they get you to pay this excessive, illegal tax? They dangle your driver license in front of you and threaten to take it away if you don't pay. And if you don't pay, MORE ridiculous and excessive fees will be charged to you creating a neverending nightmare of fees, debt, and court troubles.

The people of Michigan are being fleeced. The people who make this state function are being hit hardest with illegal taxes that they cannot pay. Granholm has ruined this economy, she must be held accountable for her incompetence.

Granholm's abject stupidity is appalling. She has fumbled the ball, she is reckless, uncaring, and just plain STUPID! Anyone who voted for that Canadian piece of white trash owes everyone in Michigan an APOLOGY.

The judges and legislators owe the people an apology too. They have FAILED the citizens. They have NEGLECTED their duty to the PEOPLE, and cashed in their morals and integrity to this corrupt government run by an insane mole faced retard.

I hate Granholm. I hate everyone who voted for her. She is squeezing the people too much, you can't get juice from a rock you retard!

What is this woman thinking? Everyone wonders why people are FLEEING this state in record numbers, yet they still do the same thing! Imposing these stupid, unpayable taxes disguised as "fees" on the people! GET IT RIGHT GRANHOLM, OR GO BACK TO CANADA!
tom b

Port Huron, MI

#3 Aug 27, 2007
She not only hits us with "fee's", but she also raises the gas taxes. Thanks for making it worse for the people trying to stay in Michigan and tough it out.
Andy Nahnmuz

Morehead, KY

#4 Oct 1, 2007
I left the state over this law.
Petty? Yes.
Satisfying? You betcha.
Sure, Granny milked me for an instantly gratifying $150 ( I refused to pay the 2nd assessment)
and probably lost 10 times that in tax revenues.

What a dumb, shortsighted bitch.

Zeeland, MI

#5 Oct 9, 2007
Yes, I was wrong. I let my insurance lapse. I paid my fine. Then I get another bill for $400.00 dollars. In hind sight, it was a gift. I think the inept legislators of Michigan for pissing me off enough to look for another job across the boarder in Indiana. I make more money, I pay less taxes, and the economy is much better.

Congradulations Michigan, you got my Driver Responsiblity money, but you just lost thousands in future taxes. I think they call that biting the hand that feeds you!

Attica, OH

#6 Oct 18, 2007
The legislators are now falling all over themselves agreeing the fees are bad but blaming the chair of the transportation committee for not advancing a bill to eliminate the fees and the governor for not wiling to sign such a bill unless the revenue is found elsewhere. This way the legislators can have it both ways: I am in favor of eliminating the fees but I can do nothing about them. As the whole budget crisis showed we have dysfunctional, inexperienced, and mediocre legislators who are getting very little accomplished.

Ann Arbor, MI

#7 Mar 10, 2008
I hear you.They stuck me and the car is not even mine. Now I paid The ticket plus they want me to pay for someones elese car. Com on now that's leaglized PIMPING!!!! Now who is the real criminal.

Marshall, MI

#8 Mar 17, 2008
yea, i think that everyone should move out of michigan and move to indiana or someplace canada and ruin granholm ruin us....

Hudsonville, MI

#9 Apr 4, 2008
i once had a driver responsibility fee, i told them i wasn't paying it and it was crap. they told me they weren't going to argue with me and they would just keep sending notices, and then i said "you'll prolly find them in my fire pit later" and yes, they were burned, used to start a nice and warm camp fire in my back yard. i drive a golf car now, it's not illegal according to the cop, and it's electric, so no gas use and it's really fun to drive :)

i hate this state, that's why i'm moving to Arizona soon, so i can watch the state fall apart from far away :)

United States

#10 Oct 9, 2008
Watch your bank account closely.

They will attach it to get there stupid fees.
They call it a lein levy and can legaly do it.
The can also suspend your licence,

Beleive me I know

Mount Pleasant, MI

#11 Feb 14, 2009
I was talking with a probation officer yesterday who hates these laws Granholm has levied on Michigan to try to make money and keep drivers safe. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a few drinks in me. Nothing that just about everyone else in this country has done at least once. Anyway, I'm not about to join the 1 million drivers in Michigan who have had their licenses taken away from them. Higher fuel taxes are needed because so many people are stripped of driving abilities. They then can't go to work or lose their jobs which makes two things happen. One is no revenue from taxes being taken out of their pay checks and the other is they have to go on state aid further draining the system. I am fighting to at least be allowed to drive to work...why can't they put an alcohol sensing teather on my leg (which I would gladly pay for) if I am able to keep my job. That bitch hasn't even given this state a chance. People will say that the laws are fair to people like me but the taxes that my company (which is probably going to fail now) would generate make the stupid responsibility fees look like chump change. The laws were passed as an excuse to generate more money for roads. We can all see how well that worked out 'eye's roll'. She has taken the driving laws right out of the hands of the judges and placed them in the hands of the secretary of state. Don't ever make a driving mistake of may God have mercy on you...the system sure won't. There isn't a single lawmaker out there that will stand up to these laws either because they are afraid it would be career suicide. Wimps! I hate what this state has become!
lovingmommy83atg maildotcm

Caledonia, MI

#12 Mar 5, 2009
email me to get this fee appealed for good!!!!

United States

#13 Oct 2, 2009
well they just took out EVERY PENNY from my banl account for my fees. Including my wife's student loan money that was just deposited.. I wish I knew a lawyer that would take on the state because it bs. That just made up my mind to leave michigan asap. You just lost another good taxpayer granholm. I'm a strong believing democrat and I would rather have a chimp in office then her.

United States

#14 Oct 2, 2009
oh not to mention I was going down a bad path when I received my dui 2 years ago. Since then,I've gotten married, found a job, and live a clean life. Isn't that the purpose of the justice system? Not to 'f' good people in the ass for EVERYTHING they have worked to save. This state is a joke and I'm pretty sure they can't charge me a drivers responsibility fee when I don't even have a drivers license? Apparently the law doesn't apply to the government.

Sterling Heights, MI

#15 Oct 20, 2009
for a state that has the highest econnomy michigan surely does charge alot of money. they say driving is a privilge not a neccesity. Maybe in new york or chicago they have a masit transportation system.

San Antonio, TX

#16 Dec 23, 2009
they can charge the fee's even if you do not have a lic!!!!! impeach grandmole!!!!!!!

Madison, WI

#17 Dec 24, 2009
Vote people! If all of you people are so fed up with our local, or state gov why are these clowns still being re-elected. stop complaining and do something proactive.

Pontiac, MI

#18 Jan 5, 2010
Where are the checks and balances....This is what happens when you can't tell one polical party from the other. Or when you elect career politicians, who are only in it for the "MONEY" and the "POWER", because most of these yahoos would be nobodys without the "MONEY" or the "POWER".

Pontiac, MI

#19 Jan 5, 2010
Does anyone know what are leagal options are? there anyone running for governor is committed to booting out the "NANNY STATE"? Rolling back all Gramholm mistakes? If they is I will gladly give my responibility fee money to that person, instead of BIG BROTHER'S Canadain Bitch...

Battle Creek, MI

#20 Jan 8, 2010
What is the matter with you people. Be responsible and follow the law and you won't get the ticket. I think it is a great idea. Get your stuff together and do what is right and you won't have to pay the fine.

Stupid people!

Battle Creek, MI

#21 Jan 8, 2010
I can't believe these comments about DUI. Lucky you did not kill someone. If you drink and drive you have no right having a license and whining...


The only people complaining are the people who can't follow the rules. You endanger others and deserve way more than a driver's responsibility fee.

You don't deserve to drive to work, you lost that right when you broke the law. Should have thought of that first. But no, you don't take responsibility (hence the "responsibility fee")you just blame it on others.

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