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san jose girl

Beverly Hills, CA

#21 Mar 4, 2010
to everyone being charged still, go to your bank and ask for a new card and then PB wont be able to charge you anymore-DUH
i had no problems canceling mine with them.
pb franchisee

Franklin, WI

#23 Apr 8, 2010
I am glad to see other franchisees who are so upset and regretting their choice of becoming a PB. I am also feed up with PB and wish I never would have become a PB. They are very greedy. I can go on and on, but greed is the best describes them
Kris ex franchisee

Toledo, OH

#24 Apr 29, 2010
For all the franchisees who are complaining about not being profitable. You need to ask yourself how hard am I really working at being sucessful!!

I will be the first to admit if you buy a location and hope to just HIRE people to run your location and it will make big$$$ forget about it. You need to realize that it takes a lot of time and decation to make these locations sucessful. But I can assure you that if you hire the right staff and follow there business model you can make money.

I managed to profit six figures for almost six years after the struggle of getting the store esablished. Which buy the way took about three years to get to that point. So I can assure you these stores can make big bucks.

Now on the flip side I will agree that the Corp office can be a little misleading as far as saying these stores can be second sources of income. I dint believe that. I have yet to see a store do GREAT unless there is someone running the location that is an owner or have a above average manager and staff. Which if your smart you should realize how hard that is to find. Point is you need to bs involved with the locations on a regular basis. And making sure you staff is well trained and doing what they are told to do and bring held accountable. If that is done you will be sucessful if not you will be crying like the rest of them.

Kris ex fran

Toledo, OH

#25 Apr 29, 2010
Sorry for the typos I'm am typing this from my Iphone and must have hit a few wrong keys when typing the last message. I hope you can make out the errors and it can be helpful to you.
Current Franchisee

Raleigh, NC

#26 Jun 9, 2010
For your review:
Planet Beach is getting desperate and is making every last ditch effort to try to justify why franchisees should pay for Millennium when we should be getting it for FREE.
It's clearly stated in the UFOC/FA that Planet Beach cannot raise our Technology Fees.
Planet Beach knows they cannot do what they are trying to do.
Planet Beach cannot raise the Technology Fee or charge the franchisees for "Millennium" or the Nutrition and Skin Wellness Program.
Planet Beach is trying to blindside franchisees by saying we'll receive the Nutrition and Skin Wellness Program for FREE. Planet Beach illegally was charging for this service in the first place and now they want you to think you are getting it for free.
It's clearly stated in the UFOC/FA what Planet Beach can charge us for and this service was not listed nor is the Technology Fee. This program is designed to increase salon revenue therefore increasing Plane Beach's revenue by additional royalties.
The money that was spent to develop Millennium ($370,000) should not be paid by franchisees by increasing our Technology Fee's.
The cost of development for this software should be paid by the ongoing Royalties that each franchisee pays Planet Beach every month. THIS IS WHAT OUR ROYALTIES ARE FOR!
Planet Beach cannot use the Technology for a PROFIT CENTER!
Google Email - This is something that we already pay for with our Technology Fee.
Access to ORION and SpaCentral - This is also something that we are already paying for.
Your spa's customized content-managed web site and hosting fees ($150 savings per spa)- Another service we are already paying for.
There are less than 100 franchisees using Millennium.
Continued research and development into improvements for your information technology infrastructure - This is what our royalties are suppose to pay for.
Planet Beach is going to profit more than $650k a year from the increased Technology Fee's.
Planet Beach claims they are only receiving $60.00 per salon revenue from the increased Technology Fee. That's still $277,000 per year profit that Planet Beach is making off the franchisees.
What did Planet Beach do with our money?
o Planet Beach made $14.7 million dollars from equipment & products sales last year. What did they do with this money?
o Planet Beach made $1.3 million in franchise fees last year. What did they do with this money?
o Planet Beach made $5.7 million in royalties last year. What did they do with this money?
According to the new FDD (formally UFOC) Planet Beach is debt more than $7 million dollars. What did they do with our royalties?
According to the new FDD (formally UFOC) Planet Beach paid it's employees more than $5 million dollars last year in salaries.
I have personally talked to over 75 franchisees and all of them are very upset about Planet Beach trying to "Nickel & Dime" us for everything possible.
Some franchisees have stopped paying royalties and others are threatening to do so because they do not feel they are getting what they are paying for.
Ask yourself the following questions and if you have problems answering them why even remain a Planet Beach franchisee?
o What has Planet Beach done for you lately?
o Could you operate as a stand alone tanning salon?
o What are you getting for your royalties?
o Are you happy with Planet Beach?
o Are you happy with Millennium?
o Are you happy with your current Technical support from Planet Beach?
o Do you know what Planet Beach is doing with your royalties?
o Why are we paying $100k for the winner of Miss Planet Beach from the National Advertising Fund?
o Has the SPA Equipment increased your revenue? It's certainly has increased PB's bottom line!
o Has Steven Smith ever thanked you for being a Planet Beach franchisee?
o Did Steve Smith personally greet you at convention or even acknowledge you or shake your hand?
Current Franchisee

Raleigh, NC

#27 Jun 9, 2010
Millennium Launch Announcement From Toby Kendall - No longer with Planet Beach
Why New Software
Over the years we have heard many of our franchisees asking for new spa management software, one that is supported and maintained by an independent software development house and provides advanced features such as online appointment booking, robust inventory management, reciprocation support, marketing tools, and billing support. With the change to the Contempo Spa model, it became even clearer to Planet Beach Franchising Corporation that new software is required. As a result, we investigated existing software available in the marketplace to identify one that meets all of our demands and needs.
Why Millennium
Simply put, Millennium was and is the most robust and feature rich spa management software on the market. We researched Helios, Club Runner, Mind Body Online, and many other platforms before deciding on Millennium. It meets and already has nearly every feature we require. Millennium has a strong corporate staff and development team who can provide support and modifications in the future, and have an in depth understanding of the spa industry as a whole. With clients like Massage Envy and Paul Mitchell, we know its platform is sound, reliable and will get our spa to the next level of functionality available in spa management software.
Why November 9th
Preparation and training for your spa's Millennium conversion takes 4-6 weeks to properly complete. This is the last opportunity to convert before the end of the year. For this conversion, Planet Beach Franchising Corporation will have 22 employees tasked to support you and your spa. On Nov 8th, you will be assigned a corporate team member to contact directly with any issues or questions you have, which will eliminate any bottlenecks that could exist . There will be no other launch with this amount of manpower to support you and your spa.
There are multiple advantages to getting all spas converted to Millennium, including global reciprocation management. Once all spas are converted, you will no longer have to make or receive calls to verify memberships of reciprocal members. Also, with integrated gift cards, you can eliminate the monthly gift card fees by managing gift cards with Millennium. If you are not accepting gift cards yet, you will be able to do so without any additional cost by using
Why 199.99 per month
With any improvement in systems and equipment, there is bound to be an increase in costs. Rest assured Planet Beach Franchising Corporation did everything we could to limit any increase in cost to the franchisee. So, where did the 199.99 figure come from?$139.99 of that fee goes directly to Harms Software on a monthly basis for Millennium. This means corporate is keeping $60 per month per spa. The majority of locations are on an existing $69.99 technology fee with some older spas paying $49.99. Overall, PBFC's monthly revenue based on technology fees will decrease. Planet Beach Franchising Corporation has also invested over $370,000 into development, enhancements, and deployment of Millennium to make it the perfect solution for your spas. The remaining $60 per month provides the following services:
Google Email up to 3 mailboxes per spa
Your spa's customized content-managed web site and hosting fees ($150 savings per spa)
Access to ORION and SpaCentral
Continued research and development into improvements for your information technology infrastructure.
Current Franchisee

Raleigh, NC

#28 Jun 9, 2010
Plaintiffs, Planet Beach Franchising Corporation and Planet Beach Tanning Salons, Inc., are Louisiana
corporations in the business of franchising tanning salons. Defendant operates a website
on which users share information and news related to the tanning salon industry and salon operations.
Bruce Schoenfelder, also a defendant in this matter, is 's sole managing officer.
Schoenfelder resides in Pennsylvania. is a Pennsylvania corporation that is operated and
managed by Schoenfelder in Pennsylvania. Defendants have no officers, employees or property in
Louisiana. Defendants have never entered into or performed a contract or other transaction with a
Louisiana citizen or business.
On or about May 22, 2002, defendants posted an article on their website entitled: "SCOOP: Planet
Beach--the DEATH Of A Franchising Chain?" In the article, defendants state that
"we are alerting the ENTIRE INDUSTRY of a meltdown, and warning everyone with business
dealings with Planet Beach to review your status, your arrangements, and hunker down."
Defendants further assert that Stephen Smith, the President of Planet Beach, had experience with "FOUR
**FAILED** tanning salons." The article also alleges that the training provided by Planet Beach to new
franchisees, "if any at all, was done by people with LIMITED TO NO background in running a successful
tanning operation." The article indicates that defendants based these allegations on a deposition taken
under oath that is now in their possession. The article also indicates that defendants "called the corporate
offices of Planet Beach, left a message for the director of franchising, telling them of our investigation,
and asking for them to call us. They have failed to do so." Alongside the article, defendants posted an
image of Planet Beach's registered trademark.
The primary source of defendants' information is a deposition of Stephen Smith, founder and president of
Planet Beach, who defendants know to live in Louisiana. Plaintiffs drew from Louisiana sources when
they discussed Smith's deposition with a former Planet Beach franchisee located in Louisiana.
Defendants also tried to obtain information about Planet Beach through a phone call to Planet Beach's
Louisiana headquarters.
On June 18, 2002, plaintiffs filed a complaint in Louisiana alleging that defendants' posting constitutes
libel, libel per se, tortious interference with business interests, interference with trademark rights and
unfair trade practices. Plaintiffs seek actual and punitive damages. Plaintiffs also moved for a preliminary
Do you think it is proper / fair / appropriate / legitimate for a Louisiana court
to hear the case against TanToday and Mr.Schoenfelder ?
Tammy Harahan LA

Metairie, LA

#29 Aug 31, 2010
I had issues with customer service at one of the locations after using the service for 2 years. Finally when I asked to speak to the owner I was given a number for Luis...didnt work...I was given a card with his email on it....guess what...that one didnt work either. Called corporate office but no one would answer the phone after the first time I left a message. Finally after seeing how many other people online had the same problems I called my bank and cancelled the card they charge on. Easy to fix. My contract was up they just wouldnt seem to agree to stop charging me lol LOSERS!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE IF YOU ARE USED TO WORKING WITH REPUTABLE COMPANIES. Owner was great at first but when he doesnt return calls or show his face he isnt worth much either!
Tammy Harahan LA

Metairie, LA

#30 Aug 31, 2010
I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that I did trust them at first and I did enjoy the facilities. I had 4 different friends sign up and I even received free months for it :) Had a friend even host a party and bought plenty of stuff. So why when I am done with my contract is it so important to be so nasty and refuse to assist me? I had only good things to say until I saw their true colors :(

Bozeman, MT

#31 Oct 5, 2010
My friend talked me into Planet Beach against my better judgement, when they opened in my hometown I signed up for a 2year contract for a low monthly fee, then the next day I found out about their "charter membership" offering me a membership at 250 dollars for the whole year and then would have to start making monthly payments after the charter year was up, at the time it seemed like a good deal, they said they would cancel my first contract and recognize my second contract. I later found out that they were double charging me for each month even though I already paid all of my fees in full. I spent allot of time fighting my local store who continually gave me the run around as well as being accosted by their store manager who in my view should never be allowed to be in the customer service industry and should have lost her job on the spot, I have never in my life been confronted by a person with such low morals, she yelled at me in the store in front of other customers calling me a liar and arguing with me literally shouting at the top of her lungs and threating to kick me out of the shop all for trying to calmly work out this situation, with the owner was sitting there doing nothing. The kicker to this story is that the owner said she didn't have the second contract on file, and just my luck I lost both copies my contracts in a move, but the money coming out of my checking account should have been proof enough that there were two contracts in the first place, otherwise they wouldn't of had all of my checking account information since with the fist contract I had to put down my checking account number and with the second contract I paid in full with cash. I got the run around with corporate, the corporate office stating they couldn't help me and to deal with the store personally, and the owner telling me that she can't make any decisions without contacting corporate, which is a bold face lie, the local store does not have too or need to contact the corporate office before making a decision within their own operations! I did get a lawyer and threaten to sue and press charges, even though it would cost me allot more money in the long run. It turns out the manager did have a little bit of business sense, mind you very very little for even letting it get this far, by refunding my money for the carter membership, which in the end I got my 250 back from the charter membership which was the second contract and they kept 2 years worth of monthly payments at 40.00 for the first contract, letting me break the contract early, like that made the taste in my mouth less bitter. This whole situation could have been resolved with good business sense, she knew I had two contracts, but said "legally" she had to go by the first contract, even though by the simple fact that she refunded me the money for the second contract she was admitting that it existed, coincidentally enough she only had the first contract on file. This happened last year, and now is making me angry because while unpacking a box I found my original contracts. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED, IT IS A JOKE! THEY CHEAT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND ARE ONLY AFTER THE DOLLAR. The thing that gives me a little satisfaction is that I know that a bad review gets around faster than a good word, so watch out Planet Beach, people and hopefully people with power and influence are watching you and your shady practices. Have a great life now lining your pockets with money but believe the hippies, there is such a thing as karma.

Sherwood Park, Canada

#32 Oct 11, 2010
I was an employee of PB for a while and was fired on completely unreasonable grounds.
They tell you that within the first month of a new membership you must make them buy $500 worth of merchandise. You think their being nice to you....HA. They want your f**kin money and will do anything to get it.
They give no breaks whatsoever no matter how long you work. Most of the girls I worked with were horribly lazy and never did any real work.
F**k that company. I would never buy a membership from them.

Tucson, AZ

#33 Oct 14, 2010
BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Me and another 10 owners in Arizona lost everything we put into this joke. Don't believe all the so called good press, they pay for this. Most the hype is from VP's and employees. The fat pasty clowns(AZ Reps) that sold me, lost their salon as well. You want good info? Talk to current salons or better yet bankrupt ones.
There are more of them and plenty of free info. I was the internet was then what it is now.

Scottsdale, AZ

#34 Dec 22, 2010
To the ex manager of pb- then you explain to me if its soooo easy to drop it by not having them pull outta my bank account anymore n they can't send you to collections, then why am I NOW in COLLECTIONS! They told me it was nooo credi card n it wouldn't show up on my credit at all!! But now its saying I owe 500! N its going to increase until 2016!!!! With 50 a month!! If someone knows how to get this solved an fixed it let me know! This company is nothing but fake smiles and lies!

Apex, NC

#35 Feb 7, 2011
these people are a total scam. Never, put yourself through their contract. It is really scary.
Jack Moore

Tucson, AZ

#36 Feb 7, 2011
JPR wrote:
Planet Beach is a wonderful company, concept and business. 99% of people out there would agree. Sometimes you just cannot make everyone happy.
You work for corp.. The company is sinking fast. They are loosing close to 800k a month..Your a Moron!@

Westwego, LA

#37 Mar 19, 2011

Covington, LA

#38 Apr 2, 2011
Britt wrote:
To the ex manager of pb- then you explain to me if its soooo easy to drop it by not having them pull outta my bank account anymore n they can't send you to collections, then why am I NOW in COLLECTIONS! They told me it was nooo credi card n it wouldn't show up on my credit at all!! But now its saying I owe 500! N its going to increase until 2016!!!! With 50 a month!! If someone knows how to get this solved an fixed it let me know! This company is nothing but fake smiles and lies!

I own a PB as well and closed one and soon will be closing my other location,When we sign up with PB we are suppose to due in-house we are not allowed to use a collection's in our it could be just that salon but there not suppose to do it.Corp always screws us and I can see there just trying to recieve there money and I have had custmors tell me horror storys of other salons that keep drafting them which is not right...Sorry for your mess..I wish I have never got invloved I went though my savings trying to stay alive but they are greedy...
Mardy in Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada

#39 Jun 1, 2011
I agree this company is shady. I purchased a gift certtifcate at christmas and they were taking membership fees off my credit card that I never authorized of $226. I have had nothing but nightmares in getting the money back and they are screwing the Visa company as well with their cat and mouse game and then threatened to have me charged with harrasment if I kept bothering them. Im ready to drive my car through their store window, its so frustrating, they blatantly ripped me off1 How do these companies get away with this shit!

Greenbrier, AR

#40 Jun 16, 2011
I went to the East Lake location to just discontinue my "membership" for a few months - unil Fall, like I do evey year. The new owner(s) became very irate and our very friendly relationship went immediately away. I was told I would be penalized $50 for canceling, but assured them, in a few months I would return, plus....I have referred many of my own clients. They became so rude and unprofessional, I had to walk out. And to think they're new to the area? Word of mouth apparently means nothing to them when trying to build a business. Mostly I was shocked to see that on my "contract", something like 23 months was written in AFTER I signed it. At this point, I feel the need to contact a governing authority. Who signs up for TWO years of tanning? Not me! And, not when I know I don't go during re summer months. I don't know what to be more angered about: the after-I signed additions, or how horrible they were to me throughout. At the end of this "discussion" the blonde haired daughter angrily grabbed a cancellation agreement to waive the penalty, and how she acted made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I still...already paid for two more weeks, and said, " wow....I feel like if I do come in here over the next few weeks, I feel like it's going to be very uncomfortable". The daughter snapped,"yeah! Well I feel uncomfortable too!". I simply said, "that is incredibly unprofessional", and I walked out. It was a mother-daughter tag team on me...a friendly, paying client. This one daughter, brags incessantly about her psychology degrees and knocks her other sister because of her good looks. Wow...issues. I recommend I-tan spas. When you want to leave...they have no problem and no fees. They actually want you to return!

Toledo, OH

#41 Nov 7, 2011
Has anyone sued them to try and get back there initial 30k? I payed them over 3 yrs ago, and didnt get any support to help get a bank loan. I still would like my fee back since im never going to use it.

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