Who wants to see The PPD picketed?

Who wants to see The PPD picketed?

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Wautoma, WI

#1 Mar 4, 2014
Yes or no?

One reason for not turning over police reports within the legal amount of time allowed? One reason for hiding evidence from The DA, Kyle Sargeant?(at the instruction of Lud Wurtz, scumbag lawyer extraordinaire)

lots of other reasons too...who wants to see them protested?

Melrose Park, IL

#2 Mar 7, 2014
Start the rally! Lol.

The problem is that nobody lives in Princeton anymore. So no attendees.

The only way that the Princeton population grows if Bargenquast has more babies. He is the only guy that can afford more kids.

Wautoma, WI

#3 Mar 18, 2014
I don't know if more than 2 other people in Princeton have the guts to do such a thing.

I know when outsiders hear the story of a *cop turned chief within a few years*,(besides what he's done to myself and kids)...KNOW something very weird is going on.

I know what strings are being pulled too and exactly what's going on. We'll see who's in his corner when push comes to shove, and who runs to distance themselves from him and the scandals he involves himself in and orchestrates. He will be standing alone. Bargenquast is dirty, but he's a fool...above all else, and he thinks I'm bluffing. He should really know me better by now.

Keep testing me, see where it gets you. ;-)

Madison, WI

#4 Mar 18, 2014
JSM for better than three years you've been bla, bla, blaing that you were going to "take down" the PPD with all your scandal information and what ever else. Well I personally laugh ever time I bother to read these posts. Occasionally I see someone else posting using my OMG moniker. But imagine my surprise when I see you still think I'm a cop. You are so hung up on the PPD, Get over it already. You have had zero impact on what the city council does and even less on what the PPD does.
I do appreciate whoever impersonates me on here because it really gets your goat. You comment like a dozen time about a single post made. Well I guess it must burn you butt when your dirty laundry get hung out on the internet cloths line.
Your are nothing but a bitter lonely lady. Maybe you should join a book club or something because you aren't getting anything accomplished by posting on here. Nothing has changed since you started posting on here, NOTHING. The PPD still has three officers, Matt is still the chief. And you are still pathetic.

Wautoma, WI

#5 Mar 19, 2014
I'm not "getting over" anything until things are made right and we both know the stakes are bigger now than ever.

***If I've made no difference, then don't worry about me posting on here....HELLO!*** Why bother with me so much? Answer that. haha

Please do put my dirty laundry all over the internet...just prove how you're a crooked cop some more. Again, you being a cop...that's not nearly just my opinion. What's with the lonely crap you keep spouting? Stop projecting and being so transparent. I don't like you. Yep, Matt's still the chief...a disgraced chief, under constant scrutiny. I NEVER said I could get rid of the PPD, but damnit if you 3 weren't scared out of your minds for a while there, lol! There's more where that came from too, IF you f-ers don't straighten your shit out.

For the better of 3 years I've been blah, blah, blahing....and you've been right there the entire time with pathetic attempts at damage control, but all you've done is made yourselves look worse. PPD... pathetic yesterday, today, tomorrow, ten years ago, a month from now...you get the picture... and it's a pathetic one.

Book club? hehe. I have plenty of stuff to do, but I'll always make time to slam the Princeton "police." You should feel special. ;)

Wautoma, WI

#6 Mar 19, 2014
guess who just happens to be on duty tonight, Princetown? lmaooooo!!!!

You like this OMG? I do.:D


Wautoma, WI

#7 Mar 19, 2014
Also, OMG....please don't embarrass yourself further by claiming your disgusting behavior such as making fun of and calling my kids nasty names, not to mention making fun of my having cancer was a different OMG. etc,etc, etc!!! You're all the same "cop," so stop pretending.

Everyone else....apparently Matt does not like the threat of a protest because according to dispatch he finally coughed up the police reports that I need for an ongoing court case. I needed those records long ago, as court is going on (by phone) right NOW. He, at one point, agreed to mail them to me. He NEVER called to tell me the reports are there, however, and avoided all of my phone calls....now my lawyer is subpoenaing the police reports. If it costs me anything, the city WILL be paying for it, and I'm sure that without my lawyer..that whatever reports he printed are incomplete and not what I asked for...just as they had been so many times in the past.

Wautoma, WI

#8 Mar 19, 2014
ho-hum....waiting to hear what happened, with OUT those very important reports I asked for months ago!

Stonewalling access to things that are vital to "what they are vital to," REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

So, when did I say I was going to "take down" the ppd? I'll never post on here again, IF you can show where I said that. LIAR. You even put it in quotations, as if those were words that I actually stated. "Take down" doesn't even sound like something I would say, and I would never make such a big promise.

Chicago, IL

#9 Mar 19, 2014
OMG is pathetic! Did he really make fun of you for cancer?
That is low.

Wautoma, WI

#10 Mar 21, 2014
Yes. Next time OMG "happens to" be on here, which is mainly immediately after I post, haha....tell 'lol' about it, OMG.

Even worse, to me, are the nasty names he called my children.

So, when I wrote about how the bargenquasts have herpes....although I knew it was over the line, they've crossed every line there is. The only reason I'm going to stop talking about that is because it's sinking to their level.

Wautoma, WI

#11 Mar 21, 2014
OMG is pretending he's not constantly checking to see if I wrote something, then later on he comes back to it and writes something stupid.

Anyone who's been watching this website for a while though can testify that he used to quickly appear like magic every time I posted.

Isn't that right, OMG? Oh I forgot, you're not on the edge of your seat worrying about what I wrote. Just respond at your leisure. HAHA!

Chicago, IL

#12 Mar 21, 2014
jsm wrote:
OMG is pretending he's not constantly checking to see if I wrote something, then later on he comes back to it and writes something stupid.
Anyone who's been watching this website for a while though can testify that he used to quickly appear like magic every time I posted.
Isn't that right, OMG? Oh I forgot, you're not on the edge of your seat worrying about what I wrote. Just respond at your leisure. HAHA!
JSM I think you have won! You have called attention to incompetent cops and they are now scrutinized as they should be. People now know the truth. There is disscussion about their pay like there never was before. They have to bring their brethren out to council meetings to try to intimidate. They do that because they know they are vulnerable.

Eventually there will be some leaders that step up and eliminate the incompetent police force.
It is not a question of IF only WHEN.I predict 2 to 3 years and they are all gone as council members change and the next census comes out. Or if there is a significant tax increase. Any one of these events will eliminate the police force as we know it today.

Garro and Kallenbach are both the police departments biggest supporters and they will be the cause of their demise. They will cause the elimination of the department because neither are business people that know how to grow a city. Their incompetence will cause more job losses for all city employees.

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