I think Pulvermacher is the best chance the city has to see some growth.

Unfortunately I just don't know if he is political enough to win? He doesn't understand that there are people smiling to his face and stabbing him in the back at the local bars.

He doesn't get that many citizens and city workers are disgusted that they are treated like dirt and the cops are reccession proof. He would have to take a stand on this issue and face up to a bully like Garro. He would have to educate the elderly not to live in fear that the city is under gang seige.

He wants to be buddies with both cops and firemen and in Princeton that doesnt work because the cops could care less if there are any firemen.

As a businessman he has to encourage more businesses to locate to Princeton. This is something that none of the council or mayor have ever done.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next election.