People fail to realize how messed up grand island government is? I have a question? Why now are the signs illegal? After how many years? You can't just change City code and charge for violation of the new law as the signs are pre existing! Also "if" the law was broken why has mr tourangeau prevailed so far? I truly believe the noncence is about censoring the content! There's no "law" in grand island! Only what city hall wants and will stop at nothing to get their way even if it means violation of the constitution! We do live in America? And people sure express their free speech in disagreement of the signs!?? Well? No matter we as Americans have the "freedom"
To disagree the city's actions are truly not American in nature! Regardless of the content if they don't like it that much what ever happend to arbitration ? I do also believe me tourangeau attempted a peace deal with the city? What ever happend to that?