Accident at Rt 70 and Maple ave

Accident at Rt 70 and Maple ave

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Philadelphia, PA

#1 Mar 16, 2009
Does anyone know anything about the accident that happened on rt 70 and maple yesterday? I know thre were 3 teenagers involved, only one wearing a seatbelt, last i heard the other two are stable in the hospital. Does anyone know how the accident happened?

Trenton, NJ

#2 Mar 16, 2009
yea the kid driving goes to my school and i heard he was high and lost control of the car and he did not have a licence

Berlin, NJ

#3 Mar 16, 2009
really? that i didnt know, i know the one kid, not the driver but his cousin i believ, goes to my school, hell i was in a class with him for the first semester
Cherokee Student

Philadelphia, PA

#4 Mar 16, 2009
He made an illegal turn. One kid got rushed to the hospital via helicopterfor head trauma.
The other 2 are in stable condition. One critical, but stable.


Philadelphia, PA

#5 Mar 16, 2009

Detroit, MI

#6 Mar 17, 2009
i'm friends with sky.
they're all gettin better,
but we need everyone to continue praying for skylar, logan and their families.

Saint James, NY

#7 Mar 17, 2009
High? No license? From a human standpoint, I sincerely hope ALL of the kids are OK. But the reality here folks is clear. These kids are obviously too young, too immature and too irresponsible to be on the roads. The night before this happened, a 17 yr. old boy was killed in a MVA. Parents - wake up. You know your kids and you know their habits. If they drink and do drugs, they shouldn't be driving. The driver of this car that made an illegal turn should be charged - period. Take his license away for at least five years. Start doing this and more of these kids will either learn or take the bus.
marlton mom

Collingswood, NJ

#8 Mar 18, 2009
I read alot comments and well wishes for your friends and classmates what about the real victim in this, the innocent person in the other car on their way home. What's their condition?

Philadelphia, PA

#9 Mar 18, 2009
marlton mom wrote:
I read alot comments and well wishes for your friends and classmates what about the real victim in this, the innocent person in the other car on their way home. What's their condition?
I heard the driver of the other car died, but i heard it in school so it could be a rumor. I Cant find any articles or stories on the accidents, so i guess we'll find out in a few days

Trenton, NJ

#10 Mar 18, 2009
No one in this accident died (thankfully) the driver is a kid that goes to my school and he was the only one to walk away from the accident with just a few scrathes and nothing serious. But i know 2 of the kids personally and i can say without a doubt that they were goofin around and not paying attention and not to mention high at the time soo thank god noone was killed!


#11 Mar 18, 2009
If you don't know the facts to be facts, then it's rumor. Please don't add "stuff" that you don't know as fact.
To the parents of Marlton: "There but for the Grace of God go I" It could be any of our children.
To the Cherokee kids: Unless your perfect, I ask you not to judge or make nasty comments or add to the rumors.

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody gets "lost" now and then,and/or makes bad decisions. Just because you make a bad decision doesn't make you a bad person. A life changing event can do just that...change your life. Wouldn't it be nice to turn back the hands of time and never let this happen? Sorry, I can't do that. It is what it is. May we all learn from it.

As a Cherokee Mom I am asking all of you to have some compassion and understanding. Unless you've faced serious trauma and what it can do to a family I am seriously asking you to shut up.

These families are going through a major traumatic life changing situation. Try to tap into what that might feel like.

I am asking you to put aside your judgments, opinions, and criticisms.

Now is the time to show our REAL Marlton/Cherokee Pride to rally and support a family that needs our support and prayers.

If it was your child, or your friend, or would YOU handle this?

C'mon people. This is the time to rally around someone who needs us. I want to believe our Marlton families (and students) can be big enough to extend a heart, prayer, or concern for one of our own.


#12 Mar 18, 2009
he does have a license.
no drugs, no alcohol.
did not lose control of the car
no one died
as I said in my last post....if you don't know the facts, then don't add to them.

if you "know the kids personally" then maybe you should call (or visit) them to offer your support and learn the facts.

you say....(and what really pisses me off is your comment) "he was the only one to walk away from the accident with just a few scrathes and nothing serious" Nothing serious? Try to put yourself in his shoes. I would think your sleeping habits would change a bit, don't you think.

Please tell do you "walk away" from something like this? If this isn't life changing, what is?

If you're really concerned.......go visit to show your support. Give them a hug. Bring something, cookies or pizzelles. Something.

As I said......we are Marlton. We are Cherokee. We take care of our own. A family needs us. Do we step up or not?

Since: Mar 09

Howell, MI

#13 Mar 19, 2009
To Marltonmom,

"If it was your child, or your friend, or would YOU handle this?"

I must have read these comments 20 times, not sure whether to comment myself.

Here is your answer, and it is the cold hard truth. Plain and simple, parents need to teach their young drivers to be responsible and accountable for their actions, even behind the wheel. The safety of their passengers and other drivers comes first. This is what I taught my son and he was a very responsible driver, as my daughter will be. Anyone who knows my family knows this to be true. Unfortunately, the reckless teen driver that killed my 17 year old son on July 6, 2007 never learned this and evidently didn’t care. Both were 17 and both Cherokee students.

It is also true, if you don't personally know those involved and don’t know the facts, please don't speculate. This is only harmful, hurtful and mean.

If the driver was in fact at fault and the cause of this accident, the best thing for the parents of the driver to do is to hold him accountable and to know there are consequences for what he has done. The best thing for the driver to do is to be remorseful and learn from this. This is about what you have learned and what you can teach your peers. You have no idea how you have impacted your victims lives and their families. Reach out to the injured victims and their families to help them in whatever way he can. Believe me, it will mean alot to them and allow them to move on with their lives, in addition to being good for your soul. Don’t be afraid, they will forgive you.

I know this all to well. My son Anthony’s killer and her parents have done none of this. In fact, they have done the opposite. I hope their soul’s burn for all eternity.

Lets just all be thankful that there were no fatalities and eventually everyone involved can try to resume their lives.

We are still Marlton and Cherokee parents and we extend our hand to help any and all of the families involved.

We are currently involved in changing legislation that will affect teen drivers who cause serious injury or fatalities, as well as their parents. If anyone wants a copy, I’m in the book.

Saint James, NY

#14 Mar 19, 2009
To MarltonMom: Get real. There is a big difference between "making a bad decision" / "making a mistake" and doing something illegal that jeopardizes the lives of others. The kid made an ILLEGAL turn. That is a FACT. You make it sound like this driver made some trivial mistake that meant nothing in the overall scheme of things. That type of attitude is what got us as a country to where we are now. Keep blowing these things off, just give them a hug, everybody gets a trophy, everybody gets a mortgage, and next time it is worse. I want to see you run out and hug them when your kid slams into them because they were "lost" and "made a mistake". Apparently, from reading your post, that kid isn't the only one "lost".

Saint James, NY

#15 Mar 19, 2009
John. We must have both been responding to MarltonMom at the same time and I didn't see your post until mine went up. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I'm referring to. Somebody (a MATURE adult) has to stand up and tell this driver that NO, it's NOT OK. This driver, and ALL drivers of the same ilk, need to be dealt with in a severe manner. Driving is a PRIVILEDGE, NOT a RIGHT. And here's a news flash "Mom", my guess is that Dan from Marlton has a much better idea about what's going on at Cherokee than you do.
Another Mom

United States

#16 Mar 19, 2009
marlton mom wrote:
I read alot comments and well wishes for your friends and classmates what about the real victim in this, the innocent person in the other car on their way home. What's their condition?
First of all, thoughts and prayers with the boys injured in the Jeep, but you are right, the real victim here is the innocent person in the other vehicle, who also happens to be a 17 year old teenager as well, who also sustained injuries and was completely traumatized by this event, but no one has yet had a concern for him.

Saint James, NY

#17 Mar 19, 2009
Does anyone know how he is? I know its hard to pick up the tone in these things. However, he, and others like him, are the focal point of my assertions. That includes my own kid when he goes out on the road. I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about the immature, irresponsible people, of ALL ages, who are out there. Including those that talk on the phone and text while driving. We have to go to ZERO tolerance or else many, many more will die.
Another Mom

United States

#18 Mar 19, 2009
To the Marlton Mom, I hope YOUR SON is remorseful, and talking about bringing cookies and pizzelles, are you serious?????????? all your comments are indicative of the
"real problem" here.
Another Mom

United States

#19 Mar 19, 2009
I am friends with the family of the boy in the other vehicle. He does not go to Cherokee. He is doing o.k., and I have to say, for someone who could be angry about all this, he knows how lucky he is to be alive, and has shown nothing but compassion for the other boys, and has been praying everyday for them. Obviously it was horrific for him and he can't get out of his mind what he saw. But his faith runs deep, and that will get him through this.

Saint James, NY

#20 Mar 20, 2009
Thank you for the response.

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