JAWA water project
SEC Investigate JAWA

Blue Island, IL

#427 Oct 17, 2013
The statement came via ASGK Public Strategies, a public relations firm hired to help UNO deal with fallout from the Sun-Times reports. ASGK was founded by Emanuel friend David Axelrod, who sold his stake in the firm when he went to work for President Barack Obama at the White House five years ago.
Officer Flip Flop

Blue Island, IL

#428 Oct 17, 2013
PELOQUIN needs to be investigated!

Maywood, IL

#429 Oct 17, 2013
SEC Investigate JAWA wrote:
SEC probing clout-heavy UNO for possible securities violations
By DAN MIHALOPOULOS Staff Reporter October 16, 2013
Federal authorities are investigating possible securities violations involving the state’s largest charter-school operator, the scandal-scarred United Neighborhood Organization.
The federal Securities and Exchange Commission requested documents last month from the clout-heavy Chicago group, according to a letter obtained Wednesday by the Chicago Sun-Times.
A spokeswoman for the federal agency wouldn’t comment. But in a Sept. 20 letter to UNO’s board, an attorney from the SEC’s enforcement division in Chicago said the agency “is conducting an investigation ... to determine if violations of the federal securities laws have occurred.”
An UNO spokesman said the group is cooperating.
A top UNO executive, Miguel d’Escoto, resigned in February, days after the Sun-Times reported the group gave $8.5 million of business to companies owned by two of d’Escoto’s brothers with money from $98 million in state school-construction grant funding.
The SEC is looking at how UNO raised more than $37.5 million on Wall Street in 2011 through state-approved bonds, the letter shows.
In all, UNO has borrowed more than $70 million from private lenders to rehabilitate some of the buildings it uses for the 16 schools it operates in Chicago, which more than 7,600 students attend.
The attorney for the federal agency, Michael J. Mueller, asked UNO for records including:
◆ Documents and communications involving work done under the state grant by the two companies owned by d’Escoto’s brothers — Reflection Window Co. and d’Escoto Inc.
◆ Transcripts and copies of UNO board minutes, particularly from meetings with any discussion of “conflicts of interest between UNO and d’Escoto” and “between UNO and Reflection Window.”
◆ Communications with state authorities, bond underwriters and investors.
The SEC also demanded documents regarding UNO from the Quinn administration’s Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity-the agency overseeing the group’s school-building grant — in a letter on June 26.
In April, Gov. Pat Quinn temporarily suspended payments from the state funding in the wake of the Sun-Times reports.
Last month, Chicago businessman Martin Cabrera Jr. resigned as UNO’s board chairman, citing “a difference of philosophy and mission.” He left just 3 1/2 months after he took the unpaid post as part of a board overhaul and other reforms that Quinn cited when he restored UNO’s state funding in June. Cabrera, 42, is chief executive officer of Cabrera Capital Markets, which has gotten bond business from City Hall and other government bodies for more than a decade. Cabrera had replaced Rangel as board chairman, with Rangel staying on as chief executive officer.
Quinn’s move to restore funding allowed UNO to finish construction of the state-funded UNO Soccer Academy High School on the Southwest Side.
Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th), a major Quinn campaign fund-raiser, had urged the governor to restore the funding, believed to be the largest government subsidy nationwide for a charter operator.
So far, the state has given UNO $83 million of the promised $98 million.
UNO also gets tens of millions of dollars a year from the Chicago Public Schools, which it relies on to run its schools and repay money it has borrowed.
Juan Rangel, UNO’s $250,000-a-year chief executive officer, was Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s campaign co-chairman in 2011 and also has close ties to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago).
A statement from UNO Wednesday acknowledging the federal probe came hours before the group’s lawyers were due to respond to a Sun-Times public-records request seeking copies of any demands UNO received from government investigators.
This is part of what the BGA JAWA REPORT referred to with the BOND ISSUE.

KEEP READING the paper and TOPICS!
BIIP Campaign Donations

Maywood, IL

#430 Oct 19, 2013
What money? There is no money. Haven't seen any money.
Donation to BIIPS

Maywood, IL

#431 Oct 19, 2013
Do you recall

Maywood, IL

#432 Oct 19, 2013
Donation to BIIPS wrote:
http://www.elections.il.gov/Ca mpaignDisclosure/Contributions SearchByCandidates.aspx?ddlCan SearchContributionType=All+Typ es&ddlCanSearchLastOnlyNam eSearchType=Starts+with&tx tCanSearchLastOnlyName=&dd lCanSearchFirstNameSearchType= Starts+with&txtCanSearchFi rstName=&ddlCanSearchAddre ssSearchType=Starts+with&t xtCanSearchAddress=&ddlCan SearchCitySearchType=Starts+wi th&txtCanSearchCity=&d dlState=&txtCanSearchZip= &txtCanSearchZipThru=& ddlCanSearchOccupationSearchTy pe=Starts+with&txtCanSearc hOccupation=&ddlCanSearchE mployerSearchType=Starts+with &txtCanSearchEmployer= &txtCanSearchAmount=&t xtCanSearchAmountThru=&txt CanSearchRcvDate=&txtCanSe archRcvDateThru=&ddlCanSea rchOrderBy=Last+or+Only+Name+- +A+to+Z&txtCanElectYear= &ddlCanElectType=All+Types &ddlCanLastNameSearchType= Starts+with&txtCanLastName =vargas&ddlCanFirstNameSea rchType=Starts+with&txtCan FirstName=domingo&ddlCanOf fice=All+Offices&ddlCanDis trictType=All+Types&txtCan District=&ddlCanParty=All+ Parties&ddlVendorLastOnlyN ame=Starts+with&txtVendorL astOnlyName=&ddlVendorFirs tName=Starts+with&txtVendo rFirstName=&ddlVendorAddre ss=Starts+with&txtVendorAd dress=&ddlVendorCity=Start s+with&txtVendorCity=& ddlVendorState=&txtVendorZ ip=&txtVendorZipThru=& ddlPurpose=Starts+with&txt Purpose=&pageindex=3
These campaign donations?
Do you recall

Maywood, IL

#433 Oct 20, 2013
Do you recall:

(5 ILCS 430/) State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.

(5 ILCS 430/Art. 10 heading)
(Source: P.A. 93-617, eff. 12-9-03.)

    (5 ILCS 430/10-10)
    Sec. 10-10. Gift ban. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, no officer, member, or State employee shall intentionally solicit or accept any gift from any prohibited source or in violation of any federal or State statute, rule, or regulation. This ban applies to and includes the spouse of and immediate family living with the officer, member, or State employee. No prohibited source shall intentionally offer or make a gift that violates this Section.
(Source: P.A. 93-617, eff. 12-9-03.)
Moving Forward

Maywood, IL

#434 Oct 20, 2013
A criminal investigation into individuals, all companies, bonds, and elected officials involved in all aspects of the Jawa project are expected to move forward.
BP Discharges

Maywood, IL

#435 Oct 20, 2013
IDEM wrote:
<quoted text>
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) determined the high level mercury discharges from BP in Whiting, IN. are contaminating Lake Michigan water. Under the current rules, BP’s mercury discharges must not exceed 23 parts per trillion. The new guidelines reduce that amount to 8.75 parts per trillion. It will go into effect on Nov. 1.
East Side residents complain oil byproduct is coating their cars, homes

By Casey Toner and Matt Mikus Staff reporters October 18, 2013 9:00PM

Updated: October 20, 2013 2:18AM

Residents living in Chicago’s East Side neighborhood say an oil byproduct stored in heaping outdoor piles at a nearby shipping yard is blowing throughout their streets, coating everything from cars to houses with a greasy black dust.

BP officials said about 700,000 tons of the industrial fuel, known as petroleum coke, is produced annually at the BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., and stored at sites owned by KCBX Terminals. One of the sites KCBX owns is a truck, train and barge shipping facility off the east side of the Calumet River between 108th and 111th streets.

The site may be a key to the oil giant’s local operations in the future, as production of the chemical soon is expected to ramp up to about 2.2 million tons a year, according to BP officials.

While the increased output might be good for business, residents are finding little to celebrate, claiming the wind is carrying particles of the petro coke out of the shipping yard and into their communities.

The petro coke, which is uncovered, can be seen from blocks away from the KCBX site and has caught the eye of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the office of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who have launched their own investigations.
BP Investigations

Maywood, IL

#436 Oct 20, 2013
IDEM wrote:
<quoted text>
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) determined the high level mercury discharges from BP in Whiting, IN. are contaminating Lake Michigan water. Under the current rules, BP’s mercury discharges must not exceed 23 parts per trillion. The new guidelines reduce that amount to 8.75 parts per trillion. It will go into effect on Nov. 1.
Jean Tourville, 77, lives within walking distance of the KCBX site in the 10900 block of Mackinaw Avenue. She said the dust regularly sweeps through her street, coating her stoop, sidewalks and awning. It also comes in through her chimney, turning the white tables in her living room black.

“I can’t understand why a company is dumping it there and not covering it up,” said Tourville, a stage-four breast cancer patient.“This is an economically low area. If you don’t have any money, they don’t care what they do to you. We have no influence.”

Frank Caporale, 53, of the East Side neighborhood, said that all it takes is a heavy wind to “blow the crap all over the place.”

“Us little people, we’re not millionaires, we’re working stiffs,” said Caporale, a Chicago garbage truck driver.“We are being overcome by a super company that we don’t have a say in, whether we want it here or not. It’s like it came, and we’re stuck with it.”

In response, community residents are holding a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Wolf Park fieldhouse at 109th Street and Buffalo Avenue.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency spokesman Andrew Mason said the IEPA, which requires that KCBX control the chemical, is reviewing KCBX’s “fugitive dust control” permits to determine if they are appropriate. The agency also has provided information to the Illinois attorney general’s office requested as part of its investigation into the petro coke, he said.

BP spokesman Scott Dean said Friday that KCBX works as BP’s contractor and is “responsible under the law and for complying with environmental and other regulatory requirements associated with pet coke storage.”

“BP has communicated its expectation to KCBX that they will comply with those requirements,” Dean said.

As part of a federal permit and consent decree with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, BP has built storage facilities for the Whiting refinery with 40-foot walls and enclosed loading systems with wind partitions and water spray systems to minimize dust blow-off. The Whiting facility also has an overflow storage barn that can hold five to six days of pet coke in case shipping is disrupted.

KCBX spokesman Paul Baltzer released a statement Friday saying that the company is in the final stages of building more than $10 million in upgrades, including improvements to the company’s “dust suppression capabilities.”

“KCBX puts a priority on regulatory compliance and managing operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, the community, and the environment,” Baltzer said.

Maywood, IL

#437 Oct 21, 2013
Feds want prison terms in Crestwood water case

By Casey Toner [email protected] October 21, 2013 3:24PM

Former Crestwood water official Theresa Neubauer leaves the Dirksen Federal Building following a guilty verdict, Monday, April 29, 2013.| John H. White~Sun-Times Media

Updated: October 21, 2013 4:54PM

The government is asking a federal judge to give the former Crestwood police chief and a former water department operator up to 21 and 27 months in prison, respectively, for their roles in a scheme to use polluted well water in the village’s water supply for more than two decades.

Theresa Neubauer resigned as chief in May, a few days after a federal court jury convicted her of deliberately misleading environmental regulators regarding the use of the tainted well water. She was in charge of the water department during several years while the well water was mixed with the drinking water supply, which occurred for about 22 years until 2007.

Water operator Frank Scaccia pleaded guilty April 11 to making a false statement in connection with the scandal. They are scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 6.

In a court filing submitted Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Chapman says the involvement of Scaccia and Neubauer in the role in the scheme “allowed Crestwood officials save money and thereby portray themselves as effective municipal administrators” while depriving regulators and Crestwood residents of important information about the quality of the drinking water.

“The uncertainty about what they truly consumed during that period continues to haunt many Crestwood residents, whose questions about their drinking water cannot ever be answered fully,” Chapman wrote.

He recommended to the judge a sentence ranging from 15 to 21 months in prison for Neubauer and from 21 to 27 months for Scaccia.

Maywood, IL

#438 Oct 21, 2013
The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency determined in 1986 that the well was contaminated and ordered Crestwood to stop using it, but Neubauer and Scaccia — under orders from former Mayor Chester Stranczek — ignored the order and plotted for years to hide the continued use of the well, according to trial testimony.

Stranczek, who now lives in Florida, was not charged by federal prosecutors for his part in the scandal, in which the well water that contained vinyl chloride, a cancer-causing chemical, was used in the drinking water supply. The Illinois Department of Public Health has said the use of the well could have been a factor in elevated levels of cancer among Crestwood residents, but the agency couldn’t conclusively tie that to the water.

In his filing, Chapman says Neubauer had a “front row seat” to the crime and has expressed no remorse for her actions,“opting instead to spend her time minimizing her role and blaming others who also participated in the scheme.... She continues to suggest that she is somehow a victim in this case.”

Neubauer remained a “loyal insider to the end” by refusing to implicate anyone else, including Stranczek and others who were involved in the scheme, according to Chapman.

Neubauer’s attorney, Thomas Breen, recommended in a court filing the same say that his client receive up to 12 months probation.

“Theresa Neubauer has been devastated by these charges and convictions,” Breen says in the filing.“She has lost everything she has worked so hard for.”

Breen also mentions about 250 current and former residents who claim in about 100 lawsuits against Crestwood that they developed cancer, tumors, immune system disorders and other serious health problems from drinking the water for so many years. The village also has been sued by the Illinois attorney general’s office, a case that’s pending.

“A host of civil lawsuits have been filed and will continue to haunt Theresa,” Breen wrote.“These will not go away quickly.”

In emphasizing Neubauer’s good character, Breen references dozens of letters written on Neubauer’s behalf, including one from Crestwood police detective Christopher Soderlund.

As for Scaccia, Chapman suggests a sentence of 21 to 27 months in prison, contending that Scaccia was experienced enough to know that “groundwater, as a raw water source, may contain any manner of known contaminants.”

Scaccia’s “claims of remorse ring absolutely hollow” when weighed against his “very active participation in the concealment scheme,” and his refusal to cooperate with prosecutors “undermines the fiber of his post-conviction claim that he is genuinely remorseful for his conduct,” Chapman wrote.

Scaccia’s attorney, Patrick Blegen, also recommended a probationary sentence, referring to Scaccia’s health issues that include heart disease, diabetes and an illness that requires him to undergo dialysis twice a week.

“Unlike the typical criminal case, Mr. Scaccia was not motivated by greed, callousness or evil intention,” Blegen wrote.“Like many other participants in the scheme, Mr. Scaccia’s ‘reward’ was that he had a job.”
End of Report

Maywood, IL

#439 Oct 21, 2013
The Jawa Co-Conspirators should expect similar consequences.

All have had a “Seats on the Jawa Board”.
A host of crimes have been comitted by Jawa Directors and those connected with Jawa misleading, minimizing, and participating in scheme that has "No Viable Water Source." To date the Appointed Project Manager has not submitted a detailed report.

United States

#440 Oct 29, 2013
Can anyone tell me why gambling / casino lobbyist & attorney Michael Ficaro is meeting behind closed doors with the JAWA directors?
Jawa always was a Gamble

Maywood, IL

#441 Oct 29, 2013
Spending wrote:
Can anyone tell me why gambling / casino lobbyist & attorney Michael Ficaro is meeting behind closed doors with the JAWA directors?
The only thing flowing like water has been money, Mike Stillman has warned and discouraged the secret meetings, because they are a violation. Jawa has been unraveling from the beginning just like the LIMESTONE Quarry debacle.

Maywood, IL

#442 Oct 30, 2013
Spending wrote:
Can anyone tell me why gambling / casino lobbyist & attorney Michael Ficaro is meeting behind closed doors with the JAWA directors?
Why is there additional evidence of MORE SECRET MEETINGS?
Distribution System

Maywood, IL

#443 Oct 30, 2013
Pouring Money into the pockets of Friends!
Front Row Seats

Maywood, IL

#444 Oct 31, 2013
Distribution System wrote:
Pouring Money into the pockets of Friends!
The Jawa Directors, participants, those persons paid have all had front row seats and have been full and active participants in the project. Communities are exiting the project as increasing evidence reveals the project is no longer economically in the best interest of any of the communities.

Blue Island, IL

#445 Oct 31, 2013
Mark Potaska. What a gullible little kid.
Three Years Later

Maywood, IL

#446 Nov 1, 2013
Front Row Seats wrote:
<quoted text>
The Jawa Directors, participants, those persons paid have all had front row seats and have been full and active participants in the project. Communities are exiting the project as increasing evidence reveals the project is no longer economically in the best interest of any of the communities.
Three years later and counting,

And no water to distribute.

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