To: City of Mariposa, California
Subject: Emergency Preparedness
Target: Homeowners
Recent brush fires in California points out the lack of “Self Protection” for local Homeowners resulting in the severe loss of homes consumed by those fires.
It is the intent of this author to bring to the forefront a method that could possibly save homes in the future with a little effort on the part of those Homeowners prior to the need for evacuation of the homes. The information is given freely to anyone wishing to use it.
Much like the people in hurricane prone states where homes are boarded up along with other “self-defense” actions, the “pre-fire” home spark arrestor can be deployed to stop those sparks from landing on the home that could ignite the home into a bond fire and a total loss.
Firefighters can only work on one home at a time with hopes the fire tucks don’t run out of water before the home is safe from the fires.
Drawings are provided herein for the Homeowner to evaluate and construct if so desired for some fire defense should yet another fire jeopardize a home. All parts depicted in the drawings can be purchased from local home hardware suppliers and are rather crude but effective at a low price.
Should a Homeowner wish to obtain more information about constructing or using this method they may contact this author via e-mail for answers. Please use the e-mail address kirkwood@embarqmail.com with a subject of “Self Defense Fire System.
I will send the drawings to anyone if requested but to what address?