[quote]make big money for the contracting state or private company[/quote]

A little too much honesty, eh? Let's clarify this for the average person and note that most firefighting aircraft are owned and operated by a private company. They want to use them to fight fires in America and "actually make big money for the private company". That's why I keep asking if you have a financial stake in this, as there's a potentially huge payout for the investors in these supertankers if by some sheer act of stupidity they actually get used. Far from being the cheapest method of retardant delivery, it's already been exhibited that other platforms (turboprops are more fuel-efficient that jet turbines) are more cost-effective despite their smaller size.

Once again Ed, with the fire-crushing superpowers of these supertankers, why does Russia routinely suffer from catastrophic seasons. What would a handful of supertankers have done to thousands of new starts in California a month and a half ago when most of these starts were in terrain that the supertankers couldn't even negotiate.

A supertanker pilot told you that supertankers are the answer? You think he's expecting to make money if public officials get pressured into doing something they know is a waste of taxpayer money? This "supertanker" industry seems to be the worst of the worst when it comes to preying upon honest citizen's fears and anxieties to milk dollars out of already depleted taxpayer coffers.