TarA hayes

Charlottesville, VA

#21 Apr 15, 2012
She's nasty as hell
Tara Hayes

Charlottesville, VA

#22 Apr 15, 2012
^^ wtf

Charlottesville, VA

#24 Apr 26, 2012
I wish someone had balls to say half of this to her face, she would knock your a$$ out. We all know who started this forum. Get a job, hobby, boyfriend, girlfriend, GET A LIFE!!
Listen up

Palmyra, VA

#25 Apr 26, 2012
Dr Phil wrote:
I have some open appointments. My fees are $250.00 a hour. I also take Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurances. Please schedule an appointment, you all need quality mental health services.
Hope someone could get a appointment because you can't at Mt. Rogers they are all full!!! No wonder they need a big building but can't get it for other people in the neighbor hood.

Nashville, TN

#26 Apr 27, 2012
THis is one of the many saddest forums I have seen.
Does everyone in this county behave this way? If so, I am moving back out of here.
People - take time to look at your own lives and your own sins. All sin is equal in the eyes of God. Gossip is a sin.
The saddest comment is from her brother. The one person who should be defending her. This must really make the mother sad.

Matthew 7:3-53 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother,‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
a true friend

Charlottesville, VA

#27 Apr 27, 2012
I know Sarah and her family and whoever posted this is just plain trash. They are all good people who have endured many hard times, all the while helping others. I am sure all of this makes the whole family sad, which will take it's toll on the children. Everyone acts like they care about her and her children to her face, but then bash her behind her back. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see a person looking back who somehow gets enjoyment from trying to cause trouble for others.Leave her alone. She is doing a good job in raising those kids all on her own and unless you are willing to walk in her shoes, offer her some help, physically or financially, or try to bring some positive influence into their lives, what right do you think you have to judge her, her family or her children? Someone here needs to grow up and get on with life.
Sarah Adams

Charlottesville, VA

#28 Apr 27, 2012
All I am gonna say is you take care of these kids with a broken tailbone, or MRSA, or 3 yrs of pregnancy, or taking the chance on your own life so your child could be born..u do that...u go and do that and then....you can voice you opinion...but then that means you are judging me,and you are far to factless,immature, and lacking in the areas it takes to be a mother. Not even my brother..I am doin the best I can and God knows that...and unless ur in my life everyday by myside and seeing my action..then u dont have any reason to speak my name!!! May God bless you so that you may find better things to do than sit on a computer and make up lies when you know in your case the APPLE DOESNT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE...and in mine aswell -except I have a great mother, great potential,intellgent children,that laugh and laugh and have a great life! and most of all they love me! And I more than love them! They are why I am here..this is what God wants for me! And that is b/c I am honestly with them,...taking care of them EVERYDAY like a mother should! And you have hearsay to help you pass this judgement...impressive!

Troy, VA

#29 Apr 27, 2012
I think she's hot. Hey girl imma gonna keep my eye on this thread if you eva single we gonna go out

Milford, MI

#30 Apr 27, 2012
she is single!!

Troy, VA

#31 Apr 28, 2012
Hey Sarah you a single lady

Milford, MI

#32 Apr 28, 2012
yup she is!!!

Durham, NC

#33 Apr 29, 2012
TO SARAH ADAMS: I encourage you to report this to Marion Topix VA. If they do not remove it you have the right to sue them and the people who are writing trash about you....including the ones who are dumb enough to put their real names.
Marion Topix has the capability to get IP addresses and find out who the "nameless" cowards are. Do it! You can stop the pain they are causing you and other people. They have no right to behave this way. If for no other reason with three kids you no doubt could use the money.
I plan on printing out and taking all the cowards to court who are posting about my son. This needs to stop! People in this county will never grow up. They prefer to hate other people. They have no lives of their own or they would not have time to do this.
rap it up

Knoxville, TN

#34 Oct 5, 2012
This ho needs to learn what birth control is hahaha cnt believe shes prego again o well guess her ma will be raising this one to poor lady!
Grow up

Knoxville, TN

#35 Oct 6, 2012
Prego again wow I do feel so sorry for her family a lot of their kids turned out to be losers and shes living off of them and making them raise her 4 kids if you ask me she needs to be fized and her and the guy that keeps knocking her up need to get jobs and move out on their own and do right by those kids

Charlottesville, VA

#36 Oct 6, 2012
i am so sorry that your life is so bad that you have to talk bad things about good people. God bless you

Charlottesville, VA

#37 Oct 8, 2012
sarah adams wrote:
what i do is not ur business, i will tell u all exactly how it is all u gotta do is ask. randall and i are in love!! i talked to tab about it before we got together and she has gave us her blessing, she is my best friend and alwayz will be. what u guys need to do is min ya biznezz ight!!! i am real im as real as they come!! how is my life ne of ya biznezz neways. most if u hataz know where i live so come get sum mif ya think ya can handle what ya get! bunch of assholes!
Dude I thought Randall is with Leah Mcguire????

Knoxville, TN

#38 Oct 11, 2012
No she back with her babydaddy they prego again not sure if hes the dad to the 3 she got but I know this is gonna be number four for her

Knoxville, TN

#39 Oct 11, 2012
Na man leah is with buddy and randall has been screwing kayla so if leah or sarahs been hitin da they might wanna get checked and he might wanna to

Jonesborough, TN

#40 Apr 7, 2016
I've been hearing a lot about her and her boyfriend lately. I personally don't know them, however the things I've been hearing are not to good. From what I've heard her and her boyfriend are nothing more than dope addicts and dealers. Don't she have kids? I feel for those children! And I've also heard her house is absolutely disgusting. Sad thing if true. I feel sorry for children that have to grow up in that type of environment. I know this is a small town and a lot of people just start rumors, but I've heard the same thing from quite a few people..

Marion, VA

#41 Apr 7, 2016
Well I know her personally & this isn't true at all. Sarah has always been a clean person but if you expect everything to be so so & perfect..you obviously don't have kids. She's a mother, friend, daughter. She's also at peace with herself So She isn't worried about nasty forums & gossip. Grow up!! You're probably a washed up wanna be freeloading hippie. Nah...a hippie wouldn't say those things, so go the hell on moontard.

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