State should rethink closing sheltere...

State should rethink closing sheltered workshops

There are 20 comments on the Asheville Citizen-Times story from Oct 8, 2007, titled State should rethink closing sheltered workshops. In it, Asheville Citizen-Times reports that:

North Carolina appears poised to dismantle another successful program for an uncertain and highly suspect alternative that will surely fail, just as mental health reform has failed, without adequate funding and ...

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Princeton Junction, NJ

#1 Oct 9, 2007
I do not know but when I read this OP/ED I wonder if this program, as noble as it is, has not reached the "perer principle".
I have to wonder if this program has been a job corps for a lot of people and needs to upgrade its program and even some of the peiole hired to teach and supervise those that are being trained.
I have to ask if the local goverment is involved or is one of those programs that the locasl goverment finds acceptable for denial and places it out of their agenda.
The bottom line is that it is a tax payer supported program and should be inspected/audited annubaly and kept current in their thaining methods,
As I indicated, I am not up to date but there is no justification for any program just to "make work".

Since: Oct 07

Maxton, NC

#2 Oct 10, 2007
The State of NC should clean up the Mental Health Reform BEFORE lodging another "change".
There are a lot of DD folks who work at a sheltered workshop. I believe that if they have to find a job in the public, then they may not be able to cope with a lot of stress.
Shame on the state!!! They know well what a mess mental health is now days. I don't think they need to make another mistake.
There may be some of the DD population that can survive and thrive in the workplace, however; there are some that can't due to their DD.
Why create chaos when things for that population are working well???
Oh well, here goes the State of NC again. Making a mess out of something that has worked for years!
Ken Bagby

Rock Hill, SC

#3 Oct 11, 2007
I am the Executive Director of Cleveland Vocational in Shelby. I agree with the comments made in the article. If you are doing right by the people you serve you ask them what they want, not what some Bureaucrat (who probably couldn't get a real job if their life depended upon it) thinks is the latest great thing. Most facility based organizations provide very cost effective services for people the state dollars fund. If my son or daughter had a disability so severe they couldn't work in the community, I would want them in a place where they are safe, valued, and loved. Community based organizations like ours, HVO and Foothills offer a continuum of services to the people we serve and follow their and their families wishes and desires for what kind of services they want. If you say the consumer of services should have a choice and then you turn around and say the only choice they have is employment in the community aren't you really limiting their choice? Bliss ninny's in the real don't last long because they keep trying to make the world perfect. Real work, real pay, real support; thats what today's community based organizations provide for people with barriers to employment.
Terry Pezent

United States

#4 Feb 29, 2008
Ken, I'd love the opportunity to talk with you. I'm from Alabama and our state is attempting to make some transitions as well. Our organization is located in a very rural part of the state, a place where opportunities for other employment or even recreation (we have to travel 70+ miles if we want to go to a movie) are minimal. Bottom line, at this point we see more challenges than possibilities. My email is [email protected]
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#5 Jun 12, 2012
goodwill industries and the sheltered workshop are the same thing they should be phased out for good i worked at goodwill industries sheltered workshop for 34 days and i quit why they wanted me to do housekeeping make me work another 30 days as a slave disabled and non disabled people are making $1.00/hour its not right they are nothing but a bunch of greedy crooks end slavery now if anyone has worked at the shelterd workshop or goodwill industries i would like to know
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#6 Jun 13, 2012
december 1984 my vocatonal rehabilitational counselor wanted me to go work at the sheltered workshop i told her no may 1986 i worked for goodwill industries for 34 days they wanted me to go back another 30 days and work there do house keeping i said no the work adjustment coordinator said i would have to take work adjustment class i said im not interested the vr counselor called me twice in 3 months asked me if i would go back to goodwill industries i told her no the state needs to close the sheltered workshop and goodwill industries they are the same thing the subminimum wage needs to be abolished $1.00 /hour its wrong after 26 years im suing vocational rehabilitation and goodwill for millions in damages i feel that they owe me for claiming that will you find a job after 34 days do not work for goodwill industries or the sheltered workshop you will be a slave for them they do not have health benefits if you are out sick you will not get paid the state of north carolina needs to these shletered workshops/sweatshops end slavery now it needs to be stopped disabled / non disabled workers are being treated like slaves because of subminimum wages that is why i quit goodwill /greedwill industies section 501c they should their tax exempt status they are for profit not non profit if anyone wants to know the sheltered workshop or goodwill industries do not work as a slave i was a slave at goodwill take legal action against these labor camps that allow slavery i critcized goodwill for what they are greedwill their business is not changing lives its a lie where is the money its not going back to the community as they claim they are a bunch of greedy crooks who pad their bank accounts goodwill needs to be investigated by the irs for fraud and the so called non profit status they should lose their status as a non profit i feel they should be closed down for good1
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#7 Jun 16, 2012
are non profits greedy? yes they are goodwill idunstries and the sheltered workshops need to be phased outthey are the same thing no health benefits no sick pay i was told by the vocational rehabililtation counselor i miss 1 day out sick they will not pay for being out sick that is wrong the vr linch money program $1.50/day is a joke i got$51.00 for 34 days at goodwill i made$335.10 for 34 days what a waste of time to work for them iwould say boycott goodwill industries and the sheltered workshops go on strike and demand better benefits hold picket signs up protesting the unsafe conditionsand the subminimum wages
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#8 Aug 15, 2012
say no to keeping sheltered workshops open they are modern day to day slave operations slavery was outlawed in 1865 end slavery now its discrimination low wages of 1.00 /hour that is so 19th century do not support sheltered workshops with state and federal funds close the sheltered workshops end segregated and exploited employment now i disagree with keeping the sheltered workshops open end subminimum wages boycott sheltered workshops tell vocational rehabilitation its slavery demand that they quit sending disabled persons to central american sweathshop at 4009 west wendover avenue in greensboro its a modern day slave sweatshop they need to shut it down goodwill industries should be closed i worked at goodwill industries sweatshop at 1235 south elm eugene street in greensboro they dont care both places dont have health insurance or sick pay that is downright greedy slave drivers bossy domineering slave sweatshops

High Point, NC

#9 Sep 27, 2012
goodwill industries ha there in good in goodwill it is nothing but another sheltered/workshop/sweatshop run by corrupt directors i was sentenced to 34 days at the local goodwill indstries in greensboro at 1235 south eugene street i quit because i did not want to do housekeeping i said no im not coming back the vr counselor called me to go back on july 2nd october 23rd she calls me and asked if i would reconsider going back to goodwill industries i said no the work adjustment coordinator melanie smith was rude to me i would have to take adjustment classes i got an attitude im not interested i have bad things to say about goodwill its greedwill thats the truth they dont care like the shelterd workshop at 4009 west wendover avenue another example of slavery they dont offer paid time off to the disabled and non disabled no health benefits no sick pay they are a bunch of greedy self centered lowlifes they need to be shut down for good vocational rehabilitation office needs to be closed for good get rid of those morons they are lazy greedy workers judy lockhart was my vocational rehabilitation counseler she needs adult supervision she told me i need adult supervision i told her i did not to judy lockhart you are greedy like your husband george grumpy lockhart you both need to live on subminmum wage
Chuck Jones

Huntington Park, CA

#10 Jan 30, 2013
Please contact us asap. We are investigating Goodwill's discriminatory labor practices.

(949) 287-three seven eight eight
[email protected] dot com

High Point, NC

#11 Feb 4, 2013
chuck i just read what you just posted i am a former slave of goodwill industries of central north carolina here is the address of the sweatshop/slave labor warehouse 1235 south eugene street greensboro nc 27406 i was supposed to go work at the sheltered workshop as a slave the address is 4009 west wendover avenue greensboro nc 27407 they are both modern day sweatshops 19th slavery still exists this is 2013 not 1865 i hope the people of these sweatshops read these comments its the the truth tim.
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#12 Feb 20, 2013
i do agree the disabled and non disabled are being treated like slaves in a fake enviroment i worked at goodwill industries for 34 days at 1235 south eugene street in greensboro our work was getting slow starting may 27th we only worked 61/2 hours a day for 2 weeks or more our department which was piecework we had to take clothing out of a donation trailer that had mildew and thow in it the compactor truth the donated clothing was ruined it sat in for 1 month or more in the trailer the clothing donated clothing items were ruined for good if you donate clothing to goodwill make sure its handed to the attendants immediateley so it wont get tossed in the trailer
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#13 Jun 25, 2013
friday night on rock center with brian williams harry smith done a report called wage war he interviewed a legally blind couple they told him about goodwill industries of great falls montana the leiglands harold and sheila she had knee surgery when she went back to work her hourly wage was reduced from$3.50/hour to$2.75/hour her husband was making$5.46/hour reduced to$4.37 /hour they timed him to see how garments he could hang on the rack in 1 minute every 6 months jim gibbons the ceo who is blind defended his salary he made $729,000.00 in 2011 it's wrong they pay the workers disabled/non disabled .22 cents/hour mr gibbons shame on you this is for beyonce having donation boxes at your concerts shame on you for supporting a so called charity there is good in goodwill it's greedwill are you getting paid by goodwill? to sponsor them? i'ts morally wrong to support them to anyone don't donate to greedwill industries don't shop in their so called thrift store it's a consignmentstore the ceos are greedy and heart less
tim randleman nc

High Point, NC

#14 Jun 30, 2013
did anyone see rock center with brian williams the last scheduled show harry smith done a segment called wage war he talked to a legally blind couple about the goodwill wages she said she was 3.50/hour for 4 years she had knee surgery when she went back to work they cut her wage to 2.75/hour she quit her husband still works he said making 5.46/ his wage was cut to 4.37/hour he said they use a stop watch to see how much clothes he could hang on a rack in 1 minute he said you're allowed 2 mistakes jim gibbons the ceo of goodwill industries international port land oregon made $729,000.00 in 2011 he was defending his pay mr gibbins shame on you a cruel heart less no count theif and a good for nothingmoron the oxy hith a moron as the ceo beyonce is asking concert goers to make donations in the boxes don't donate to the worst charity their so called mission statement is a joke their thrift stores are consignment stores in 2011 i donated items to my local goodwill store in randleman after i saw the story i'm no longer donating or shopping at their store goodwill shame on you it should be called greedwill/badwill don't work at goodwill industries in greensboro at 1235 south eugene street it's sheltered sweatshop run the by greedy ceo rick gorham
tim bennett

High Point, NC

#15 Jun 8, 2014
art gible ceo of goodwill industries of north west north carolina made $1,397,405.00 in 2012 that's too much his compensation salary and bonues should leave him with$0.00 he should work for .22 cents/hour not $280/hour or more it should be court ordered community service a $500,000 fine and 10 years as a slave in one of the sheltered workshops and no salary either mr. gible youu're greedy and a scrooge
tim bennett

High Point, NC

#16 Aug 21, 2014
president obama signed a bill into law to limit sheltered workshop elilgibility for 18 to o 24 years old who are developmentally or itneluctally disabled they should limit sheltered workshop entry let them get a job in the community sheltered workshops are not a choice they are a dead end job they don't teach life skills they make you stay in their program for years and years it's slavery and it's morally wrong also it's time to quit putting them in group homes and do away with the guardian court system and the guardians they don't look out that person's interest they look out for themselves they don't care about the disabled they take their money they are greedy shove them into a group home dohn hoyle says it's like having that person committed it's like prison taking away their civil rights end slavery now
tim bennett

High Point, NC

#17 Aug 31, 2014
the sheltered workshop system is out dated it's like the 19th century it's time for the sheltered workshops to be closed and limit sheltered workshop eligibility for the disabled make the sheltered workshop directors do the cheap labor end industrial services sub contracts i'm in favor shutting group homes down and abolishing the guardian court system they don't look out for the disabled they look out for themselves the court system is unjust appointing guardians for the disabled is immoral
tim bennett

Greensboro, NC

#18 May 18, 2015
i don't have faith in the mental health system either they are social control freaks they don't help anyone at all it's a fraud $67.50/hour to visit these so called pyscharists they are modern fraudulent quack salvers their developmental disabilities program is a scam referring clients to sheltered workshops and goodwill industries they are sheltered sweatshops mental health shame on you i'm going to file a lawsuit against mental health vocational rehabilitation and goodwill industries for monetary damages millions of dollars in damages i'm not mentally retarded you're at fault for me being held back a grade you stupid dumb half brained dummies are you using your brains for a hat rack that's what you're doing you don't care about anything but padding your bank account i'm going to take every thing away from you your homes bank accounts you will be living in a the homelss shelter you won't get away with it i'll make you work in the sheltered workshop for $1.00/hour maybe .22/hour even less
tim bennett

High Point, NC

#19 Nov 12, 2016
segregated employment day programs may violate the a.d.a. law according to a 13 page document released by the u.s. department of justice warning states of violating the law it also states the disabled have a right to work in the community they are being denied their rights many years ago i worked at goodwill industries it was 30 years ago my former counselor referred me to goodwill over a year earlier she wanted me to go work at the sheltered workshop industrial services i told her no 1986 i met with her again she told i'm going to work at goodwill industries i would get paid based on productivity i didn't have a intellectual or developmental disability to be paid sub minimum wage i made$1.00/hour i quit after 34 days they wanted me to work 30 more days i said i'm not interested 2 weeks later called me and and asked if i was going back i said no 3 months called me again would i reconsider going back to goodwill i told her i'm not going back
tim bennett

High Point, NC

#20 Jan 20, 2017
sheltered workshops lead to poverty a recent u.s. department of justice report released a 13 page document stating segregated employment day programs may violate the americans with disablities act sheltered workshops have broke the rules vy keeping in a segregated work setting known as warehousing the disabled in these so called sheltered workshops i didn't have a intellectual or developmental disability to get paid sub minimum wage goodwill industries is the worst offender they pay their workers below minimum wage the mental health developmental disabilities program needs to have their funding cut it's a waste of tax payer money to keep sheltered workshops open they lead to nowhere the same boring stuff every day it's time to close them down for good they are sweatshops

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