MEDA, Rocco DiSanto and Andy Webb !

MEDA, Rocco DiSanto and Andy Webb !

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City Employee

Lyman, SC

#1 Nov 16, 2009
I never see or hear that MEDA (McDowell Economic Developement Association) is doing anything to try and court or attract new businesses or make it easy on them to relocate here... instead the city and county BOTH make it hard on outsiders to come in and we lose out to a lot of things that would be positive....

The county gave incentives to someone like Rocco DiSanto who promises a facility would be built in the industrial park and of course it did not come yet he owns the land and got all the incentives and tax breaks for producing "NOTHING"....

oh and his hired sales rep. in the area is Andrew (Andy) Webb our faithful servant as County Commissioner... can you say conflict of interest?

Even though Mr. DiSanto rumor has it DiSanto recently tried to screw over the City of Marion on a proposal 10-20 times the going rate for Wireless Internet downtown (the city got wise and kicked him to the curb on that bid), he miraculously got the contract for the McDowell County Schools "subcontracting" out their fiber optic connections in McDowell County. In addition DiSanto as "DirectUS, Broadplex, or one of the three other company names he uses" got the contract to re-wire the high school and junior highs with computer wiring and wireless at like $2+ Million dollars yet he has yet to employee anyone full-time in McDowell County but does manage to pay his sales rep Andy Webb who is running for the NC Senate now?????

I scratch your back "with money" and you scratch mine...

Since: Oct 09

Atlanta, GA

#2 Nov 16, 2009
very good information here the only hoodlum you faild to mention was "chuckie" the chief hoodlum!

Since: Apr 09

Greer, SC

#3 Nov 16, 2009
Did he get any incentives yet or does he get them only if he comes? And exactly how are the city and county making it hard for new businesses to locate here? Is there a lot of new business and industry going anywhere in this economy? Where? Facts please.
City Employee

Lyman, SC

#4 Nov 16, 2009
Unless I am wrong the County graded and prepped the lot prior to the closing spending lots of taxpayer money on getting the lot build ready and he now has a developed, cleared, and ready commercial lot in the industrial park that I think he could not sell for 3 years but now that time is either up or close to being up.

Google in Caldwell County, Netriplex in Asheville did basically what Rocco told the commissioners he would do here, both of these similar businesses were similar in nature though Google was on a much larger scale in Caldwell.

Its not if Rocco comes he is already taking the money of McDowell County taxpayers and Andy Webb is profiting from it; he needed a foot in the door, got it and now is taking the County to the cleaners for big bucks...

You can't ask Rocco about it though, Rocco has this secretive nature and doesn't like public forums, meetings, and even has an issue meeting with more than four or five people at a time.... very odd that someone this secretive and incognito manages to take tax money from our school system but he is and its been all hush hush by everyone... I just found out or I would have blown this a long time ago;
City slicker

United States

#5 Nov 17, 2009
Is this the property that used to be a scout camp? Where did this Rocco come in here from? Maybe the tax man or SBI should investigate these dealings! It seems to me that a lot of money being invested in McDowell might be to wash it thru the system. Rocco, doesn't sound like a good clean family name. Oh unless you're in what Scicily, Jersey maybe NY.

Lyman, SC

#6 Nov 17, 2009
I vaguely heard some things about this too, the property is in the McDowell Industrial Park near where Kobia Boats now Morganton Pressure Vessels, Foothills Industries (where Andy used to work???? weird,huh) and what was Rockwell Automation (can't remember new name).....

Rocco lives in Burke County and was supposedly a Dr? formerly but not from WNC originally ? no clue why he is no longer a Dr?

Maybe he lives on lake james cause this all sounds very "fishy" to me too...

I definitely would like to know how our tax dollars have gone to this man through the school system and any other means...
rusty shackelford

United States

#7 Nov 17, 2009
baron von mushie wrote:
very good information here the only hoodlum you faild to mention was "chuckie" the chief hoodlum!
hey mush boy the only hoodlum is you.better get busy polishing that furniture joel will be coming over for the holidays and you know what that means. so dont bruise your knees.hehehehe

Since: Oct 09

Cumming, GA

#8 Nov 17, 2009
its the sopranos syndrome oh what am thinking mcdowell county has been crooked for over 30 years almost as long as the mob. industries like parkers hosiery, old fort finishing, collins and aikman, pine valley has worked real damn hard over the years to enslave the people of mcdowell county and keep good paying well benifited jobs out of the county period.
this was ran thru and dictated by the committe of 100 "now ran by chuckie" who were the string pullers i just mentioned. there theory was why let good paying jobs in the county when can work the hell out of these people for minimum wage or slightly above. so the committe of 100 made damn sure these good jobs was not fowarded into the county. now the new name of this orginazition is called MEDA mcdowell economic development and ran by the "county manager double dipper" you can rest assure that this carpet bagger is being pulled by every low paying industry, retail or any other business in mcdowell county to keep good paying jobs out of the county. look at burke county good paying jobs state and the private sector and your telling me we cannot recruit these type of jobs here! total BS. in order to correct this corrupt dictatorship we must start at the top we must have a complete overhaul of the current commission board vote them all out they are self centered and self glorifying then the county manager needs to go he should have been fired years ago and his cronies, board of election supervisor, tax assessor,and all of the department heads that are either not qualified or has been puppets for the county manager over the years! you could cut jobs in this county goverment by 10% there is way too much overkill in many of the departments one of the reasons the county budget is too high is because if one important line item expendutre salaries too many and too high! ala butch hogan, jerry hunter, and dean chapman over spenders from past administration/commissioners people look at your surrounding counties explore how they do business see how they are frugal with the county tax dollar then you will see how you, as a hard working citizen of mcdowell county have been hoodwinked and done in by people in powerful positions and belive me they wont to keep it that way! listen its time for a change get rid of the clock riders and put in some foward thinking people who has the "best desires for this county and the people in it" remember its time for a change! so when its time to vote again keep your pocket book,your prosperity and your family in mind!

Since: Apr 09

Greer, SC

#9 Nov 17, 2009
You just can't hide intelligence, can you?

Since: Oct 09

Cumming, GA

#10 Nov 17, 2009
or the truth
City Employee

Lyman, SC

#11 Nov 17, 2009
Here is a good one for you guys... go to and search for Dr. Rocco DiSanto.

I can not believe our County and the School Board agreed to do anything with him but then again, yes I can.

You would expect our elected officials to actually research someone before going into business with them ?? or is that too much to ask?

So Andy Webb works for a crook and he is our Commissioner soon to be Senator! That makes perfect sense.

Lyman, SC

#12 Nov 18, 2009
oh my god, I actually did this and googled this Dr. Rocco DiSanto and he and his family must rent a room at the courthouse they are in court so much.

and having to settle for cheating customers out of a quality product for an undisclosed amount of money at their family owned and operated dye company in burke...

way to go McDowell County Commissioners and especially Andy Webb you should be ashamed of yourselves for going into any business transactions with this thief...

United States

#13 Nov 18, 2009
City Employee - I hope you have to bite your tongue on the "Senator" Andy Webb comment. We don't need that, do we?

All - As smart as this mush dude is, I'm surprised Obama hasn't selected him for Czar of something. He knows all the information and all the answers. We're lucky he stays in McDowll County.
mcdowell taxpayer

Lyman, SC

#14 Nov 19, 2009
i did this too and googled Rocco DiSanto, Broadplex, etc. and went to the secretary of states website to find additional information on them.

turns out City Employee was dead on and this should be a topic at the next commissioners meeting for Andy Webb to answer some hard questions regarding Dr. Rocco DiSanto and his connections in McDowell County.

furthermore I think they should have Dr. Rocco DiSanto show up in person and have a public forum where we all can come ask and receive answers to questions.

Can we get Chuck to put that on the agenda? or possbily Bob Boyette add it to the next City Counsel meeting?
City Employee

Lyman, SC

#15 Nov 20, 2009
Here is a good one for any of you looking for a laugh today.

Chuck Abernathy's wears his second hat as Exec. Director of McDowell Economic Development Association. They are trying to take all the credit for this recent expansion (through a GRANT) at the water plant in North Cove.

Did they ring in this expansion through their website which is ?

I encourage you to check it out and click on the latest newsletter by clicking on newsletter then scrolling down to click on "CURRENT NEWSLETTER Vol. 8" (Be Sure to Notice the DATE of 2003)...

Looks like a lot of hard work going on here and this man makes how much money???? And of course yet again Andrew K. Webb is listed as being on MEDA with Chuck.

At least they list their officers for the 2007-2008 year on there!!!

That really projects a forward thinking county if I were looking at locating or re-locating a business or industry to WNC. This is a disgrace, seriously.

Lyman, SC

#16 Nov 20, 2009
This is so bad on our County / City .

Who and how do we go about getting MEDA overhauled with folks who care to keep it updated and keep trying to recruit new businesses into the area...

Were they started by the County Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce or who? And Who can make everything and everyone leadership wise change???

City Employee is totally right on this one....
Only in McDowell

Lyman, SC

#17 Nov 22, 2009
I swear, I don't get on here except on the weekends and just got a chance to read this post and check out some of the info.

What is this county thinking keeping leaders, administrators, commissioners, and persons like this DiSanto crook around?

I am so mad about this and I had no clue. What does the McDowell News do????? I mean why are they not researching things, getting these court documents and notifying this town of the "NEWS" that should be reported?

I have friends and family that subscribe to the McDowell News and I am going to show this to all of them and ask that they cancel their subscriptions since obviously they are not reporting what the citizens need to know!

Lincolnton, NC

#18 Nov 22, 2009
Nathan Mason
City Employee

Lyman, SC

#19 Nov 22, 2009
guest wrote:
Nathan Mason
Nathan Mason what? or Nathan Mason who?
City Employee

Lyman, SC

#20 Nov 23, 2009
Ok folks this gets worse; Came in to work early off the clock to look at this some more and here is what I found :

Dr. Rocco DiSanto, aka , Rocco F. DiSanto, Rocco DiSanto, etc.

After contacting the NC Secretary of State I found the following additional facts on DiSanto.

These are the names used according to the secretary of state for business activities in which Rocco DiSanto is the registered agent on file or the primary party on file; others business names and entities may exist where his wife or other primary party is listed rather the Mr. DiSanto himself:

DGR Networks
North Carolina Dental Assistant Training Schools
Domestic T. Source Corporation
Broadplex. LLC
OSP Utility Services
Assured Anyalytics
Resource One, Inc.
Sportivo, Inc.
Broadplex Communications, Inc.

According to Elaine Marshall's office in Raleigh several of these names are administratively dissolved for failure of DiSanto to properly file the necessary Annual Minutes documents to the NC Secretary of States office.

In my haste I listed Broadplex as the company name who obtained the property from MEDA, Inc. but in fact the name he used for that project was DGR Networks, LLC.

MEDA, Inc.(Garland Norton and Butch Justice -Signatures for MEDA) granted DGR Networks, LLC a general warranty deed for the property in the industrial park on the 12th day of October 2007.

I am uncertain of which of the companies Andy Webb draws his check under for Rocco but it should be one of those.

It also appears while DGR Networks got the land from MEDA in the industrial park with the deed in 2007 stating they would be building immediately and hiring employees there ?? it appears that the McDowell County Schools project was granted to the company OSP Utility Services to sub out the fiber runs, then connections would be made and billed out by DGR Networks, who in turn would lease bandwidth from Broadplex.

In others words, Rocco is the recipient in each part of the equation but on paper it would appear that you have 3 to 5 different companies working together on the project.

The fact is they are all one and the same. Anyone care to get me a photo from each of those offices Corporate Headquarters ????? Good luck even finding a building with those names on the doors...

Wake up McDowell County Commissioners; what they hell are you doing getting into financial agreements where MEDA signed over a deed to someone without doing some background work. I am so outraged now that I have talked to the NC Secretary of States Office at how our Commissioners have wasted our money without some research and it wasn't that hard. I have found all I need to know with the internet, a few phone calls, and some common sense. No wonder cities and Counties are going broke. They bring it on themselves.

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