The Way The Truth and The Life

Lumberton, NC

#293 Dec 3, 2013
1975 walk wrote:
Still in the triad area? We are south of you in golf capital of the world. What else can you do, but keep following him? Yes I do live in the triad area along with my wife of 35yrs.Its good to hear from someone that was there. Think I can remember you and your wife. Do you have contact with other members?
A few. Heard from Joe Castonquay today. Your last name begins with an O?
1975 walk

Winston Salem, NC

#294 Dec 3, 2013
A few. Heard from Joe Castonquay today. Your last name begins with an O?
I remember Joe and yes my last name begins with O. Last month coming home from having lunch with my son in Ashville I passed through marion and stopped at the old WTL grounds. A lot had changed.
Marion Native

Denver, NC

#295 Dec 10, 2013
I know that you guys want and deserve your privacy. However, this town (Marion) still swarms with rumors. Boonie still walks the streets and trust me he is very strange!!! You may have all left Marion but you left behind a lot of questions that most here cannot answer. I didn't even know there was a hotel. I think that this site is now operated as a pool and mini-golf course with a couple of houses for rent nightly. I would love to send any of you pictures so you can tell me if this is the correct spot.I am only in my mid-thirties so was just a newborn when you guys left. I am curious. I cannot help it. I can't imagine it being as bad as most people say and would love to hear more from any of you on this topic. Regardless, I wish all of you the very best.

Brooklyn, NY

#296 Dec 13, 2013
What actually happened in the end of the WTL? Why was Ben kicked out? Did any other members beside me get hit on sexually by Ben?

Brooklyn, NY

#297 Dec 13, 2013
hey he hit on me too-I love Jesus. He is the Way The Truth and The Life. But men are sinners Ben included and all of us. I have forgiven Ben-he was a crazy dude.

Brooklyn, NY

#298 Dec 14, 2013
and yes ben said if you wanted to leave you were going back into the world and even worse that kept us from our different believing relatives. No acts of mercy for the unsaved-believe or leave-that's a fact.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#299 Apr 2, 2014
..look up "Religious Abuse"

People who come from abusive backgrounds with LOW SELF-ESTEEM find themselves involved with Characters like this. Their soon found acceptance is met with FEAR mongering. Statements such as "there is no other way to the father but by me"...and "he who believes not is condemned already" are common ploys used by Fanatics as they use "the sword" to Woo and manipulate their followers. Its quite sad.

God does not use FEAR to manipulate and control his creation. Anyone who accepts this is Open to manipulation and fear driven behavior.

Those capable of Rational thinking would be able to discern the BULLYING Ploy, but to young person with an IDENTITY crisis (as so many young people go through) will be particular vulnerable to someone like Sapio.
acwebb wrote:
Hi Sbelle,
Well i knew Ben S. very well. He was a very depressed man when i met him in 1978...and shortly thereafter he tried to commit suicide. He attempted to bump himself off with sleeping pills when his brother Angelo found in bed with his tough hanging out of his head. He was spared...only to go out and proliferate his brand of dysfunctional Religion again.
Ben had a personality disorder called Grandiose Narcissism. He actually believed he was "God's last Prophet." He was so convinced that the world was coming of what was written in the book of Revelation...that he was able able to convince many others of the same.
A good actor BELIEVES in his role...
The term for this has been established by the mental health field and is called "Transpersonal Identity Disorder."
I suspect that the numerous psychotropic drugs and his background of growing up in a boys home all culminated into the man he became.
Its all part of the personality disordered of Dramatic individuals.
And yes...these types must have NAIVE and DESPERATE people to join them and help proliferate their web of deceit to be successful. They pull their followers from a pool of kids who's common background is from broken and dysfunctional homes where drugs and alcohol were prevalent. These types are best for re-indoctrinating into their system. The followers are welcomed into their surrogate family with the hopes of finding a lost love...but in the end are betrayed by the very people whom they trusted.
This is a tactic used by the Communist leaders of totalitarian governments where one of the chief goals is to keep the populous dumbed down...tear families apart by separating at youth...and SUBSTITUTING Real knowledge with a Fake Belief system that APPEASES the spirit insuring against rebellion.
Its all very diabolical...and MOST people never figure it out. IN fact...if you go back and read some of the posts on this thread you can hear the residual ignorance from the time of false hope planted long ago.
As a spin off of 70's psychotropic drug era ...Many Cults and Churches sought to separate from the world and live with great expectancy actually BELIEVING they were chosen by God and instilled with an esoteric knowledge while the rest of the world was just ignorant and damned to hell...this was their only means of self-esteem.
Whoever devised this plan...was very smart...A Brilliant plan!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#300 Apr 2, 2014
...btw, i knew Ben Sapio too. He was "so ego driven, such low-self-esteem, that his WHOLE identity was attached to fancying himself as a "chosen member of God's Family"...a follower of Jesus Christ---that he disowned his own biological daughter.

YEP. Sapio dis-owned his own little daughter 50yrs before i met him and then later, when she was a teenager, meet with her again and told her to accept Christ of have nothing to do with him! Looking back, i didn't realize what an UNSTABLE man this was before me. I don't know ANY MAN who would dis-own their own flesh and blood based on a Bible verse of ",,,come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them" ....but he did!

Myself, coming from a home where my dad's alcoholism prompted me to look for some hope outside of my home. I soon discovered this was a common trait amongst the followers of Christ.
Mark D

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#301 Apr 6, 2014
I meet Ben Too. Truth be told...we shouldn't judge him. No one---absolutely no one - knows Ben's heart but God. He did the best he could given his circumstances and the cards that were dealt.....he did the best he could.

He had his own trials which were very tough. All things are relative to the individual. We are all given this Earthly Flesh that confounds and confuses us. We do things we don't want to do...and end up with regret. Evey one---EVERYONE has done this.

God says forgive...and its a good idea....EVEN if you Don't believe in God. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself...a burden you don't have to live with anymore.

Judge not...least you be judged is really true. Ben taught a lot of good things---and was a good person. He was not perfect, but neither is anyone else. Forgive and release. Ben has left this place and is in a much better place. He was a good man---in spite of his faults.

Love you Ben...forgive me too. I'm not perfect either.

Sulphur Springs, TX

#302 Apr 17, 2014
WTL was a Conservative Christian Church made up of young people committed to Christ. They closed operations in 1978 to pursue formal theological training. Many are serving in ministyr and clergy posions all over the world. They were hip for their time, they were young, they loved Jesus, but they were not a cult.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#303 Jun 18, 2014
I knew Ben too. Unfortunately, he was not perfect. But he was doing the best he could at his level of awareness. Too often ppl seek a leader who is perfect and will show them "the way" give them all the answers to life's problems. What they are looking for is a hero to tell them how to conquer life. We look to our leaders as if they are not human and expect perfection, but they are far from it. The only Hero you will find in this life is the Hero that resides within you. WE too are human, and we make mistakes. Don't put anyone on a pedistal, they will disappoint you. If someone tries to use Manipulation to get you to do something that you don't feel right about "in your heart"....listen to your heart before anyone else. Forgive others...and forgive yourself. You too will make many mistakes in life.

Miami, FL

#304 Nov 3, 2014
dbellerose wrote:
<quoted text>
Jack how do you know that many had a difficult time leaving the group and that some never fully recovered? I'm just wondering where you got that information.
I've met or talked to a lot of my dear brothers and sisters here in Miami don allen my soul brother bob isham the seymours and I talked to big jim and Brenda Wilson adam and penny alex jill danny and danny mickey Sharon and my dear brother and friend andy pastor who is home with the Lord i'm not here to post nothing negative but I thank God for penny any doug who witnessed to me the truth of salvation

Miami, FL

#305 Nov 3, 2014
wasthere2 wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm married to a girl I met there 38 years ago. Does Jody or Steve B mean anything to you? My bride was infuenced to come to Christ by those two. Always has a sweet / bitter memory for us. I wouldn't have heard out the "preacher" boys from Marion. Appreciated the realness of believers there.
steve b and I rode up to nc in his small Honda civic he married angela sister jody was killed in a car accident

Cherokee, NC

#306 Dec 13, 2014
Seems like quite a few people from the WTL died in car wrecks.That's strange!
Robert M

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#307 Dec 16, 2014
Very well written.

What a shame. God's Last Prophet was a "Narcissistic Homo" who THOUGHT he was ok to suck ding-dong as long as he was doing ...."the Lords work!" Unfortunately, this type of behavior in the church is SO COMMON,.....its a wonder that ANYONE believes anything a Christian says. Too Bad.....
Hannah wrote:
None of the WTL could have happened without the UN-conscious mentality of its followers.
Nearly 100% of the followers of the WTL were out-siders or people who felt like outsiders (or romantically involved with them). Perfect prey for Religious Fanatics BECAUSE using the Church system, as their vehicle, they could develop an Identity----and NOW they now were "children of God." This was their Identity which they would fight for (take a look at the Religious systems of the Radical Muslims----not too much different). Watch the movie Seriana (Clooney). know have a perfectly programmed specimen to do your dirty work and propagate the system and build DOWN LINE. The ultimate goal is Power. Power over the minds of sheep leads to power in numbers. More sheep....more eyes looking....more power.
Ben Sapio "was the WTL" as evidenced by its demise upon his ex-communication by its own members (that's pretty bad when a group you started throws you out for committing Homo-sexual acts within the Flock, especially while you are married).
Ben was a closet narcissistic homo-sexual---a big receipt for disaster. In his mind, he would reason that Homo-sexuality was OK and a "non-judgment behavior by God" as long as he was doing the "lords work" (which was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ). As long as Ben was doing the Lord's work...everything was kewl (including sucking ding-dong).
HOW ANYONE can over-look AND IGNORE this fact, is a problem for the follower...not the Narcissist LEADER!
It took a long time to figure this out---as i came from a broken home (like 90% of the flock). Kids from fragmented Broken homes are typically ignored by their parents and become perfect targets for the predatory Religious Narcissist. AND THE EQUATION IS "You have a passive vulnerable victim...and the predatory Religious Narcissist who's hunger for power over another is their main drive.
I watched this character Manipulate young minds to GIVE UP any future on this planet and join "the none-life"...a life who's whole focus was not life on earth---but a life beyond reality. The victims and outcast are the targets.
IF you are still a follower of any type of commune or religious cult like the WTL, i urge you to seek professional counseling while there is still time to save your mind.
Better yet, do a search for Ben Sapio and read some of the articles written about him and his back ground and how WTL made their money.
If this is not the propagation of Evil, then i don't know what is.
Jessie W

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#308 Jan 5, 2015
Oh my...i just typed this characters name in (i met his Narcissitic Homo Sexual Predator Arse way back when i was a Kid). Yep...God's Last Phrophet alright. He was a "Wing Nut" and the Backbone of a Religious Cult-----PERIOD. You people on this board who think this man had anything to do with a "God in the Sky" or the Son of God, NEED TO HAVE YOUR HEADS EXAMINED...Big Time.
Here's a little article that should enlighten you should you feel so inclined to WAKE UP!
"The Way, The Truth and The Life members were convinced that this was the place where God wanted them to be. This was where they would wait anxiously for and greet that Day of Judgment -- according to Sapio, it could come any day now, maybe tomorrow -when they,'the saints',...(would) climb on up to the Heavenly City,"
LOL....yes...we are all going to be caught up in the the twinkling of an eye....BAHA HAHAHA. is the article.
A local police chief "did some routine checking and discovered Sapio's arrest record...(and) a psychiatric report read at one of Sapio's trials which advised against Sapio's plans for working with young people," Swofford said. His records, according to Swofford's article, indicated that Sapio had twice been arrested on crime against nature charges--"once while he was a house parent at the Kemball Children's Home in Miami." "One of those charges was dismissed," Swofford reports. "The other was reversed by an appeals court on a technicality after Sapio had been convicted by a lower court and sentenced to "5 Years in prison!"
"youngpeople believed they were acting on their own, of their own free will. But they were not. They were doing exactly as Ben Sapio willed - and they didn't realize it." Dr. Georgia the Florida psychiatrist who worked with Miss Lunken r-,d others lold Swofford he believes young people are attracted to The Way, The Truth and The Life because they are looking for an "authoritarian figure like Sapio.''But once they are drawn to this group they become mesmerized," the newspaper account said.
LOL....You still a believer?
Gus and sues Pal Steve

Buffalo Grove, IL

#309 Jan 26, 2015
mailman_305 wrote:
<quoted text>
I've met or talked to a lot of my dear brothers and sisters here in Miami don allen my soul brother bob isham the seymours and I talked to big jim and Brenda Wilson adam and penny alex jill danny and danny mickey Sharon and my dear brother and friend andy pastor who is home with the Lord i'm not here to post nothing negative but I thank God for penny any doug who witnessed to me the truth of salvation
Big Jim and Brenda, Bob Isham, Penny, Jim Alexander, Adam, Don..etc etc, I am in tears. Thank you thank you thank you. Tell them all I have NEVER stopped loving them matter what they thought of me, finest people I had met before or after my adventures with them...from the Miami 'motel' to living above the restaurant in Ashford.
Gus and Sues Pal Steve

Buffalo Grove, IL

#310 Jan 26, 2015
Gus and sues Pal Steve wrote:
<quoted text>
Big Jim and Brenda, Bob Isham, Penny, Jim Alexander, Adam, Don..etc etc, I am in tears. Thank you thank you thank you. Tell them all I have NEVER stopped loving them matter what they thought of me, finest people I had met before or after my adventures with them...from the Miami 'motel' to living above the restaurant in Ashford. =tOo6XyYiKQgXX
Found this it reminded me of their printers work and something Bob would write. Thanks again
Doug McCollum

Arlington, VA

#312 Mar 18, 2015
I live at this Commune for 9 months. It was a time of Joy, Happiness and Christian Education.. I never saw the baby cages many have mentioned. I never saw anything bad but did see alot of bigotted people from Marion who did not understand the group.
I arrived in 1977 after the founder was forced out due to improprieties with a member of the cult. Hard work, dedication and a monk Like environment existed among all members. I do remember a local young woman whos family lived just south of the compound who was removed by a christian Deprogrammer. That was when I began tocask questions aboutthecomments I heard from locals.
Marriage was allowed among members. Grounds work was done as a group. We constructed Stone bridges. Cut trees, painting and anything that was needed. I lived in a clean homewith a wonderful family. The husbands nameif I remember correctly was Charles.
My initial mistake was following a existing member from a christian college in Florida. It was a lonely timevfor me in college in Florida.
Disillusionment was the reason I left. Six months later I had joined the US Army and spent The next several Years fighting the cold war in Europe.
Do not believe everything that is written here.

Since: May 15

Mountain View, CA

#313 May 1, 2015
Hold on! Now I've heard it All!! I was born There... in 1976 along with my sister. I grew up being taught Love Not Devil worship, Forgiveness not Judgement and How to grow organic food, clothing and memedicine!! Yes it was closed down in the early 80's because of rumors like these! I was NEVER PUT IN A CAGE... And for the Love of all that's pure.. My Family NEVER SACRIFICED CHILDREN!! It was a place of peace where we Were and still Are very Spiritual People! We I quess are the rare ones who actually lived by What God told Us! We are given all that we need... In the Earth and Live by Love and these Gifts alone. I'm sorry to Bust This absurd Myth but I'm a very lucky woman to have such LOVING, SPIRITUAL AND OPEN MINDED parents. I am a functional part of my community as are The "OTHER" Crazies born on what we still call "the tomato farm" what Once was "The Truth the Way and the Life" Because in those words...(The Words spoken by Jesus) Is the Truth lived by his way for Life!! I am Not a Dogmatic Christian NO! Or a Satan Worshipper!! Yes I am a very spiritual, loving and forgiving woman! I won't name the people who lived with me or helped raise me but I can vouch for them that I don't know Any Child killers, Child Abusers or Satan Lovers! I Was very Loved and still am And so are Our Children. Whatever you believe as long as it is based upon LOVE AND UNITY WITH WHAT GOD GAVE US... CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL.. CRAZY.. MAYBE... HATERS NONOOOO!!

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