Single speed bicycle should be focus on the ratio that front disc and after fixed gear to their actual situation choice and go to appropriate refit it.My present empirical data is that:tire specification for 26 * 1 3/8 (one and three 8) of the single speed bicycle, fixed gear ratio should be 2.5 as a benchmark. If someone Habit high step frequency lighter power by 2.35 2.5, strength pedal frequency slightly slow can consider 2.5 2.6. This tooth advantage of care shook the bike ride long gentle slope, and even shorter steep slope can also deal with. best step frequency is recreational ride between 75-90, sports ride between 90-100. Wave long gentle slope stepped frequency can also keep in between 50-75. Wave steep slope (such as street overpass) sometimes even step frequency dropped to about 30.

Here give a step frequency:

Formula: speed /(grail tooth/pannikin tooth * wheel circumference * 60 seconds)= per minute (RPM) step frequency

Such as the use of 26 * 1 3/8 tires, shroud 36 t, t fly and 26 normal car, its step frequency calculated as follows: speed of 25000 meters per hour (36 14 x 2.086 x 60 seconds)= 77.68 RPM this is 25 per hour of step frequency, then the speed of 30 of step frequency is how much, speed of 30000 meters per hour (36 14 x 2.086 x 60 seconds)= 93.22 RPM

Commonly used wheel circumference value (unit: m)

26 * 1 2.086 (26 ordinary car tyre)

26 * 1 1.973 (mountain slicks)

26 * 1.5 2.026 (mountain slicks or fine lines tire)

26 * 1.75 2.070 (mountain tooth twins or fine lines tire)
In the mountainous single speed car ride to physical demand is higher, larry technology also need good (the correct posture, the reasonable rhythm and systemic compatibility), on muscle endurance has certain value of exercise. From strengthening fitness, practice technology point of view, with variable speed shop across the even get also has its values, believe can also help to improve the ability to ride a variable speed car.http://www.chinacarbonwhee s-clincher-88mm.html

Maintenance key

In addition to various parts of daily inspection and maintenance outside, and single speed car maintenance is focused on axial and pedal. time out of town to key check its working conditions so that give you flow the road, cry cry not to come out, all; Before and after the brake is key to take care of the object, always ensure the have enough braking dynamics, brake line to year to change in time.