Just a thank to those who have served or are serving our military. You all deserve more than you get in my book. Not a lot of us would be willing to do what you do for this country. If you ever watched a video of a soldier coming home then you've see the tears of kids/family. So thank you. Everytime I look at my Flag I think of you all and say a prayer. To the firefighters who go into burning buildings and help at accidents. I couldn't do what you do the heat and danger. I'm thankful for you all as well. To the paramedics who work such long hours and save lives everyday they are truly hero's !!! God bless you. The life saving techniques you constantly learn to help all of us thank you!! To anyone who says " this is their job, they're just doing their job"....... What do you do ? Protect our country? Save people from fire? Save lives?...... Probably not. So God bless you all. You see one of these guys or girls say thank you. Shake their hand.