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luv my dog

Herrin, IL

#1 Oct 5, 2012
Do the puppies come from a puppy mill?

Marion, IL

#3 Nov 23, 2012
Has anyone noticed that the TV commercial for Dees Pets has a belly up goldfish in the fish tank?
Dees is Great

Marion, IL

#5 Nov 24, 2012
Dee's does not get their dogs from puppy mills. They get them from private breeders from the midwest. I checked them and several other places out before I purchased my dog from them. Talk to local vets. That's a good place to start background checks. I was specifically looking to avoid puppy mill pets because of all the health issues. I have been very happy with my dog. I recommend them.

Carterville, IL

#6 Nov 26, 2012
Dees is Great wrote:
Dee's does not get their dogs from puppy mills. They get them from private breeders from the midwest. I checked them and several other places out before I purchased my dog from them. Talk to local vets. That's a good place to start background checks. I was specifically looking to avoid puppy mill pets because of all the health issues. I have been very happy with my dog. I recommend them.
if you want a pet go to humane society or a shelter many animals are needing good homes the shelters and hunane society are full please adopt do not buy from individuals or puppy mills or pet shops
look for yourself


#7 Nov 28, 2012
New State law requires them to post a bunch of information. There is a sheet hanging over every pen saying where the dog comes from. Every single dog of every breed (including designer breeds)comes from same large breeder in Mcleansboro.

Saint Louis, MO

#8 Nov 28, 2012
When in doubt, ADOPT!!! It's a bit of a drive but the Humane Society of Missouri facilities in St. Louis and Chesterfield have a lot of great animals who need homes :D The Williamson County Animal Control center has a lot of doggies who need good homes as well!!!

United States

#9 Dec 1, 2012
You know a lot of dogs in shelters come from puppy mills that is a fact. Also, breeders that aren't loving just want money take their pups to shelters too. Show dogs some just get dumped off cuz of their age. People that abandon their pets get theirs picked up too. I saved my dog from a puppy mill yeah that's saving him cuz they were starving him to death. He came with worms and sickness but did that puppy deserve a chance to live, yes!!! I got mine from Craigslist no its not a guaruntee he is going to live but it was a chance at a healthy life getting him the heck away from them. He is a healthy three years old. They had a weird story and his tail wasn't even growing but heck he's one awesome healthy dog now and I saved his life. I prayed and took him to the vet. Saving an animal from dying in any shape or form is the right thing to do. I've gone to Dee's for years just to purchase items she's a great lady and her coworkers too. I can't see her intentionally buying puppy mill dogs and we go and play with her puppies just ask her she doesn't mind to say where hers come from but they all are healthy and clean. A starving sick puppy you will know immediately as when I picked mine up you could feel every tiny bone in his body felt like he'd break by holding him. His tail did not have long hair it was really short. He even wheezed and well I figured if he made it through one night it's better than not having one happy night cuddling.
loves dogs

Cerro Gordo, IL

#11 Dec 23, 2012
i went in there the other day, there was so much poo in one of the puppy cages that he was eating it. i'm not sure why, maybe he thought the turd was a toy. i went to the counter and said "hey guy that puppy is eating his own poop". he said "ya, he will be alright". wtf? clean the freakin cage out man!
Thoughts Today

Marion, IL

#12 Jan 10, 2013
Nasty Nasty place....been in business a long time but very nasty ..always has been and always will be....never would I purchase anything from there.

Marion, IL

#13 Jan 11, 2013
I bought my dog from Dee's pets a couple years ago. He'll be turning four this year and is the best thing that I have ever bought. He was the cheapest dog there because he didn't have papers, and the ugliest little thing ever bless his heart. I would recommend everyone to go to Dee's and buy them one of those little guys.
Mrs NoseyAss

Herrin, IL

#14 Jan 15, 2013
The large breeder in McLeansboro is nothing but a backyard breeder and is in it only for the money!!! You don't know what you are getting or the heritage of the parents of the puppies.....DO NOT patronize Dees!
the M

Carbondale, IL

#15 Jan 18, 2013
I love dee's. That goes out to all the dee hater's out there.

United States

#16 Jan 29, 2013
I have bought several animals from there. not once have I had a problem. Dees is awesome
the L

Anna, IL

#17 Feb 20, 2013
The puppies at no-kill animal shelters are much healthier than Dee's Pets animals. Please don't get one there. And yes, the breeder in McLeansboro is a puppy mill.
Mr T

Marion, IL

#18 Feb 21, 2013
The Marion Animal Shelter has great animals (cats and dogs) available for adoption, too! Check them out!!
animal fan 77

Dexter, KS

#19 Mar 19, 2013
They have a large selection of various animals that seem to be well taken care of, but every time i go in, i see roaches everywhere. i bought my dogs from there, and they are both just fine, but the staff at dee's is pathetic. dee is a wonderful woman, but the tall bald guy is rude and obnoxious. i wont do business there again just because of him.
easy money

Lake Village, AR

#20 Mar 19, 2013
Geez, I go in there, have never seen a roach, maybe a cricket, they do get loose sometimes. Tall bald guy, he says hello, how may I help you, takes my money and says thank you, have a good day. What do want him to do, kiss your arse?
Dog Lover

Herrin, IL

#21 Mar 22, 2013
I would surely hope NO ONE buys from puppy mills!!! The horrible conditions, the poor things are left in cages and never held or loved until they are friend got a dog from a breeder in Zeigler and it STILL is antisocial. The breeders should be shot who do this!!!

Chanhassen, MN

#23 Mar 23, 2013
I wish people would go to St. Francis, or any humane society or animal shelter...sad people still go to pet stores for dogs or cats.
Animal Lover

Paducah, KY

#24 Mar 24, 2013
First of all, Turd Ferguson you're an idiot! but funny. Here's my opinion on the whole deal. We got our 1st pup from my step daughter & she adopted Macy Jane from the Marion dog pound. When we 1st got her you could tell she had a rough beginning of life. she didn't bark, ride in a car & was very standoffish. but she came out of it with time, patience, & alot of love. who knew but she turned out to be a very intelligent dog. We later named her Bullet because she would run circles around you as fast as she could go, ya know, showing her speed. she thought she was fast so my husband named her Bullett...ya know, "Faster than a speeding bullett" Lol. well later we rescued Fred. Freddie was our special project as he had been severely abused & so severely that when we let him out of the truck when we got him home he took off & ran a very wide area around our home for a year. we couldn't catch him, he wouldn't take fopod, water, or anything from us & just 1 day i guess he got tired of running & came up to us. but still no petting. he slept across the road from us in the edge of the woods for a while. to make a long story short, Fred took a while to get him to trust anyone again. he growled for a while & then could only pet him or touch him in certain places. well with time, patience & alot of love he finally got it! He is so full of love for us & we with him. well Bullett & Fred had a litter of our Grand puppies, we kept 2 of them, a boy named Brotherman, his sister named Scruffers. well Scruffers had a litter of our great grandpuppies & we kept 1 boy named Oskar. Now Oskar is "unique" lol. Our pups came from shelters, they are very intelligent dogs & their offspring are so intelligent that if Oskar had thumbs he'd be dangerous. Also he is a talker! He wants to talk to us so badly but it doesn't stop him from getting his point across to us cause he really tells us about it. My point is that sure you have to have something to begin with but it takes time, patience & a whole lot of love before it will work. we treat ours like they are human & talk to them which they love it. They didn't know they were dogs for quite some time lol. Oh by the way, Fred is a full blooded Australian Sheppard & Bullett has a mix in with the Sheppard. The best dogs i have ever had. yes they are a handful at times but we made that decision & no turning back. they are given maw maw kisses each & every time they or i come in the door & told many times a day how much they are loved & they all understand that. Talk to your pets, they absolutely love it!! Oskar is the mean one, he bites, is very spoiled, & mean. we are still working with him as he growls @ Everyone & everything. growls at us, his food, a rock. i mean everything!!! but he's a loving little boy. Just saying go to your shelters & adopt or rescue. abused pets need to be shown love & they will be so very grateful.

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