OutLaw Motorcycle Club in Marion, IL.

Union, KY

#274 Nov 28, 2012
shut up and ride with love and ride with safty in mind of our childern. both party need to understand making it home is priority number one. let our police do their job also for that every call is life threating. west salem is a place of GOD albion is a place of GOD. That crazy road b/t both place needs to be blessed. there is no room to fight. every color should be brighter and understanding that we can become a sharper home. my in-laws are on that road, my kids are on that road i pray you all become mindfull of yourself. everyday...

Union, KY

#275 Nov 28, 2012
a home that remains in-control and not judgmental to others prepares us all for evil tomorrow. live to love live to lead prayer. live to teach and not disagree but to listen an find an answer even if its directons to the one and only mikky d's in town. if one remains lost grb his or her hand and order for them. a riders wisdom is all you have and all you should trust. so while pointing the finger and smashmouthing, ride out to the church. the problem is meth, drinking, law breakers in office, not a child with Gods right to ride. please stop judging others and watch for them even our police. we must grow smartr and grow as one community in order to fight evil that awaits all of us......ride with GOD

Saint Louis, MO

#276 Nov 28, 2012
Michael2559 wrote:
I went to the web site and read about this and it doesnt seem to be a "Hells Angel" group to me, but we dont know for sure. The site says "Marion (prospective)", it may or may not be done and the Outlaws MC was est. 1935. Motor cycles are very popular now and there will be Im sure more and more Chapters made up, I know they are all bad as some may think.
I would say its a good idea to keep an eye on them though and see what happens.
Agreed. Also, with Black Diamond being so popular, it's only going to increase the number of motorcyclists we see. The guys who run B.D. don't seem like the kind of people who would condone criminal activity. I'm sure they'd alert authorities if they thought the town were under attack by hooligans :/
Just thinking

Marion, IL

#277 Nov 29, 2012
If you are performing illegal activity and laundering your money, then there is a pretty good chance that you will be near your money. If you are bank rolling something then you will be near your money. So i guess the question becomes are they present in Southern Illinois? If so, then who is laundering their money?

Benton, IL

#278 Mar 26, 2013
outlaws are actually very involved such has toys for tots and other charity events, i am the nephew and son of outlaw mc members and my son's mother is a child of another member,the club is a family and most are hard workin men who just like to ride and party with brother's, people that assume things should perhaps do research and actually meet one. buissness owners and all are in this group, just cause they ride big loud harleys and have scruffy beards, doesnt make em bad for society, i would rather my child grow up near an outlaw clubhouse then the damn gangs that are rampant in this world. i have grown up around so many outlaws and hung out with the kids of them, they are like family they are no different then any one else except they just dont give a fuck about you and your bullshit. cops and politicians are dirtier then mc members and hells angels, well be glad outlaws are moving into the area, keeps those angels on the other side of the river. ADIOS!!!!!!!!!! IF YOUR CURIOUS LOOK IT UP!!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL OUTLAW CHAPTER

Marion, IL

#279 Mar 28, 2013
What I want to know is, how will they mesh with the deadly world famous Marion EDT?

Pretty sure that was supposed to be EBT, but I digress...

Clinton, MO

#280 Nov 9, 2013
The outlaws are a problem in marion. I see them 1 or 2 time a week

Marion, IL

#281 Nov 9, 2013
THe outlaws are a bunch of wannabees. Anyone can put a patch on a jacket. The ones here are a joke.

Saint Louis, MO

#282 Nov 9, 2013
Whatever wrote:
THe outlaws are a bunch of wannabees. Anyone can put a patch on a jacket. The ones here are a joke.
Your a punk bet you don't have the balls to say that shit to their face! If you did you wouldn't say it behind a keyboard bitch!
johnnie deer

United States

#283 Nov 11, 2013
These guys sound very frightening. I think I'll start packing my bags from these hellions. I mean they have a website and they collect cute patches for their jackets. Get real. I would tell these underwear sniffers to get out of here....however it's cold and they've put the bicycles up for the winter. Guess I'll have to wait
Yea Right

Marion, IL

#284 Nov 11, 2013
really wrote:
<quoted text>
Your a punk bet you don't have the balls to say that shit to their face! If you did you wouldn't say it behind a keyboard bitch!
If they were badasses they wouldn't have torn down their clubhouse north of Marion. What the cops parked down the road scared you off?

United States

#285 Nov 14, 2013
OFFO! Live to Ride, Ride to Live! I support my brothers and sisters! I bet a lot of you would change your mind when an OL lended you a hand! And I'm sure all the poker run charities support OL, as well as lots of children at Christmas time when we freeze our @sses off for a toy drive! Support or not, we're here to stay!

United States

#286 Nov 14, 2013
Riding a Harley does not make you tough it makes you feel tough.My Ford 4X4 over a bike one time nothing left over.....
thump thump

Herrin, IL

#287 Dec 7, 2013
is the sound I hear when I run over one of them.I get an extra thump for a passenger.

Nashville, TN

#288 Aug 31, 2014
GIU wrote:
Hey guys, I cant tell you everything but the OUTLAWS are one of the top 5 most violent MC in the nations. They are currently looking to open an chapter where I live and my job in my county revolves around Gang and MC groups. Please take warning and please remember that the OUTLAWS are on of the Original 1%ter groups, which mean that 1% of their memberships are violent offenders that may or may not have served time for the crime.
GIU(Gang Intelligent Unit)
Good luck.
You are in idiot. That is not what 1% means. Fu% k off you fake pig.
Kenda Cornell

Albuquerque, NM

#289 Sep 4, 2014
would like an address to write to your club. I am currently in prison and have no internet access. could you send me an address?
Brandon Evans
%Kenda Cornell
6251 Edith Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Also looking for Mr Hutchinson (he is the brother of a good friend of mine)
Thank you

Ballwin, MO

#290 Sep 4, 2014
^^then how are you on a website if you don't have Internet? Regardless a prison shouldn't have Internet access

Mchenry, IL

#291 Sep 10, 2014
HMMMM wrote:
I know two of the acronyms but the OFFO ? Is that Old fu#kers fu#king Off?
<quoted text>
Adios angles die in outlaw states

Herrin, IL

#292 Sep 10, 2014
we should pay them to stop activities like what happen in ferguson missouri because the whimpy cops cant handle it or they are afraid to handle it.

did you ever notice muslims or the blacks never confront hells angles or any motorcycle club? thats because they are cowards and they know these people wont put up with there crap.

United States

#293 Sep 18, 2014
I ride and I am not affiliated with any MC I see a lot of assumptions on here...for Jesus sake...wanna know what they are about..ask one...sounds like some of you need to quit watching Sons of Anarchy and get some wind in your face...I see Outlaws regularly..not once have I ever had and Issue with any Outlaw..BP or SR or any club member of the other MC's in the area.....to you keyboard commando's out there...say in you would do this and that, or we should band together and send them pack in..or when I see one you'll do blah blah blah..I have one question for you..why are you talking smack behind an some cutsie name....they have been here for years and the world around us hasn't crumbled...
Batman---SYLO supporter

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